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Do you yearn for a life rich with deeper connections, financial abundance, and the resilience to conquer any obstacle? Today, Dan McCormick, host of The Greatest Salesman Podcast, shares his inspiring journey of transformation and the power he calls the “magnet for miracles.” Unlock the power of “I Am” affirmations to ignite miracles in your life. Dan will guide you on harnessing the power of co-creation and becoming an active participant in your transformation. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and ignite the power of miracles within yourself.

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What Follows I Am, Follows You With Dan McCormick

This is going to be a privilege. This is one of my best friends in the industry. One of my best friends in the world for that matter, just a standup guy. I was just saying to Dan that because I know him so well, sometimes you take things for granted. Sometimes when I interview somebody that I don’t know well, I’ll do a better job. I want to do a great job because Dan has been working hard to put a tool together for all of us.

Let me tell you a little bit about Dan professionally. Dan McCormick began in the direct selling industry more than 40 years ago. Throughout his career, he has recruited and instructed thousands of sales professionals, done more than a billion dollars of revenue that has flowed through him and his teams, and generated tens of millions of dollars in commissions. Dan has consistently held the number one distributor title in a company of more than 100,000 distributors.

Over his 40-year career, Dan has delivered speeches on thousands of stages. Today, Dan is on a mission to help individuals like us to unlock their potential through the power of I am. Dan, I love that title. If you feel this message would benefit you, your sales team, or the audience that you’re hosting, give Dan a call. He’s got expertise in educating, coaching, and instructing audiences. If you want Dan’s help for your sales team or your company, unlock their ability to sell by transforming their journey. Be sure to include a note about your sales experience and position when you submit an inquiry.

All of this, by the way, is going to be in the show notes, so you can do that then. Reach out using any of the following methods, including the phrase, “I am the greatest salesman in the world,” in your submission form, or let his team know that you’re interested in Dan coaching or speaking with your team when you do. With that, I want to welcome to the show, my good friend, Mr. Dan McCormick. How are you, Dan?

God, it’s always great to be with you, and I know that you put a lot of time and energy into this. We’ve talked about this and it’s just awesome that you have felt this calling to serve other people. It’s beautiful to be with you. Thank you for the introduction.

Thank you, Dan. Welcome back. What keeps you so enthusiastic about direct selling these days?

I have this paradigm shift that there’s always going to be a bull market in the industry. It’s just one distributor, it’s one system, it’s one idea that gets put down, gets executed, and then changes the lives of who knows how many hundreds or thousands of people. I’m always of the framework that the mission-driven entrepreneur is always working on something to make simpler, faster, and better products that can change people’s lives at any number of levels in the industry. Many different categories do that and that’s what keeps me excited is the human spirit and the idea that somebody’s out there right now, if not hundreds or thousands of people, creating the next best system to onboard the masses to change their lives.

Dan, after 40 years, what was the spark that inspired you to put together your new book?

It’s a really interesting story because a year and a half ago, my wife and I were scheduled to fly from our home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, to the Spokane, Washington area, down to Utah to visit a granddaughter, to go to a family event, to go to a corporate event with many different speakers that you and I have seen and heard. I said to my wife, “Honey, I don’t want to go.” She looked at me and she said, “You’re going. This is your granddaughter. These are people you associate with, you work with. You’re going.” I had been on a selfish plateau, John.

I like to tell people that, for me, people on the outside would say, “Dan and Marilyn are fine. They have four married daughters. They have four great-son-in-laws. They have 14 grandkids. The journey has treated them well. They’ve been blessed.” Yet, inside, I was just existing. I was just on a plateau. You and I could chat and you and I could fire each other up and we could be all excited about it but at the end of the day, I wasn’t doing anything except living on the plateau. I went to that event. I walked in, lo and behold, my assistant and another gal were behind the counter and I was going to register and they were selling a book and a workbook.

It was sitting there called Miracle Morning. I said, “ I’ll buy the book, I’ll buy the workbook. I probably won’t read it.” This lady leaned across the table and she said, “Dan McCormick hasn’t read Miracle Morning?” I thought I’d been at this game for 40-ish years. I have my rhythm. I get up and do my workout, I do my reading, I do my writing, and I go to the golf course, workout, ride bikes, and paddleboard, like you. You got your things.

I literally bought the book, bought the workbook, went home, I’m laying in bed, and I said to my wife, I said, “Why don’t we watch his documentary on Amazon? Hal Elrod, let’s watch it.” We watch the documentary, and the next morning I’m up at 5:00 AM. How is it that when you find something new that triggers you, there’s adrenaline?

There’s even for you and me at the age and the experience we have, there was just this adrenaline and I felt like this aura come over me to say, “This is what you’ve been waiting for.” I got excited about Miracle Morning. I believe by the way that Hal created the greatest acronym in self-help history called the SAVERS. We can talk more about that if you like.

I got into my rhythm. When we get excited, John, there’s this thing called the phone and we have thousands of names in our phone. I start calling you and I start calling friends and I start calling family. I start calling Olympic athletes and top speakers. I asked, “Do you guys know this Hal Elrod guy?” Nobody knew Hal.

Finally, after a month, two months of doing this energy of how incredible my mornings have taken on, I jumped off the plateau and started a little mini-podcast, if you will, just a private group page with, a few hundred people. Every Thursday morning we gather and talk about this miracle morning. It just fired me up and it led me to meet Hal. It led me to have him on my show. It led me to have him come to our company and speak.

It led to him becoming a great friend and it led to him endorsing and writing the foreword to my book. That was the beginning point, John. I know that people reading this that are existing and they’re not thriving. It’s one decision that can change your life to think that you are a magnet for miracles. We’ll come back to that one.

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Let’s talk about SAVERS for a minute.

It’s insane. Here’s a guy that has a head-on collision. He’s pronounced dead, 11 broken bones. They said his brain may never work properly again before. He may never walk again. His dad comes in and says, “Son, the doctors don’t think you’re hearing them.” Hal says to his dad, “No, Dad, I’m hearing them.” “No, they say you may never walk again.” Lo and behold, he has this book called Miracle Morning. He is incorporating these SAVERS that become so personal, and simple. Simple is always good, Silence, Affirmation, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing. That’s his acronym for the SAVERS, and now he’s sold 3 million to 4 million copies around the world. He has apps, he has groups, and he has people like me who are ambassadors for the cause and he just tried to incorporate it all. You can do it in five minutes, you can do it in 50 minutes, whatever period you want. It’s just been a part of my life every day with greater intention than anything I’ve ever done in my life. Truly all in, not 98%, 100%. I like to say that 100% is easier than 98%.

How did you attract all the pieces to write a book, a guy with a high school education, or a guy who finished college in two weeks? All the stuff you don’t tell your grandchildren.

The Greatest Salesman In The World

I had that introduction to Hal and I had the idea of writing a book about these I am affirmations. Now I can take you back to where it originally came from. It was 40 years ago when I read Og Mandino’s book, The Greatest Salesman in the World. You and I have talked about it. You were on my podcast years ago. I’ve been to yours before, and when Og wrote those words, “I am nature’s greatest miracle.”

Leaving Nothing To Chance | Dan McCormick | Magnet For Miracles

The Greatest Salesman in the World

It was the first I am statement, even though he didn’t write it as an affirmation. It was more of a scroll. I had this idea. I called an old friend of mine who was a former president of the World Direct Selling Association. I said, “Look, I got this idea.” He says, “Have you ever heard of Ken Shelton?” I said that I had never heard of Ken Shelton. He said that Ken Shelton worked with Covey, wrote everything for Covey for The Seven Habits, The Principle-Centered Leadership, and did a bunch of magazines and all kinds of work with him.

I have all of Covey’s books up on my desk behind me up there, and I’m a huge Covey fan. My wife had Covey as a professor in college. I called Ken up and I said, “I have this idea of this book that I’m working on and it’s Awakening Who “I Am”. Lo and behold, the next day, he had 1,200 words on my desk. The next day I gave him another interview.

You know that I’m a mouth-to-mind guy. I speak things and then they get written. Then he wrote, and then I gave him more ideas and then he wrote, and then I interviewed people and then he wrote. Here we are today with all of these miracles that happen. Someone who could write as beautifully as the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Someone who could be a sounding board to make it my story, to work with me.

I just had just miracle after miracle. Here we sit today on the precipice of Awakening Who “I Am”. The key here is the subtitle and that is two words that will ignite your transformation. I am just extremely excited because it changed my life by a level. It moved me off of the plateau and it took me to new levels of personal development, self-help, and self-worth, my life literally 10X’d in every category in this process, and miracle after miracle happened to make it happen.

What happened in August 2023, that got a unit position to have the great Dr. Ben Hardy write the afterword to your new book?

Here I am in the process of writing the book. I’ve developed this relationship and friendship with Hal. I see that one of my groups that I’m in has a book of the month, and it was called 10X is easier than 2X. I reached out to Hal and I said, “I know I have friends that know Ben, but I’m not getting through. Can you help me meet Dr. Benjamin Hardy?” He said, “Of course.” In a matter of 72 hours, I’ve got a group text and a feed going with Dr. Benjamin Hardy. Amazing story. He’s got many, many books out there and he talks about your future self. It’s a very powerful concept to where I think I was at. I was stuck in my present because I was busy looking at my past. Dr. Benjamin Hardy said to me when we got on the phone, “Dan, I promise you that if you read the introduction, it’ll change your life.”

Here’s a guy who grew up in Salt Lake City, his dad is an addict, he has a sputtering start to life, something triggers him to make a change in his own life, and he has a vision of saying, “Why don’t I become an organizational psychologist?” “Why don’t I become a writer?” “Why don’t I become a leader, a thought leader?” Lo and behold, he goes to, I think he went to Brigham Young University, then went to Clemson University, then he started writing on Medium.com, 100 million views, I believe on his blogs, and he became a friend.

I was talking to him, and I always am an ambassador first. I want to help, I want to serve, I want to love, I want to help their cause. I never asked for anything from Hal because he gave so much to me until it came to that point. I didn’t ask for anything from Ben until I served him and was able to sell thousands of copies of his book.

What changed was this. I said that you are so clear on identity and nothing is more specific about identity than the two words, “I am.” I said, “It’d be unbelievable if you wrote the afterword to the book.” Now the way I look at it is I have this crescendo of books that I have right here and then Awakening Who “I Am” fits right in the middle and I’ve got Hal at the beginning and I’ve got Ben at the afterward.

For me, it’s a powerful, powerful thing to associate with like-minded people who love people who are genuine, and authentic, and they live it. John, you and I know, that when somebody lives the mission, in other words, I use a quote in the book that says, “No one will ever know if John’s working or playing. “No one knows if Dan is working or playing. No one knows if Hal’s working or playing, or Dr. Ben because it’s who we are. We are just living the mission all the time.” That’s James Michener’s quote, by the way. “No one will ever know because you’re just loving life so much.”

Leaving Nothing To Chance | Dan McCormick | Magnet For Miracles

Magnet For Miracles: We are just living the mission all the time.


Getting it done. Talk about Atomic Habits. How did that inspire you to go deeper?

The Atomic Habits

Here we got the book ready. We have the ideas ready and so here’s this idea. It all came together. The book’s not done, as you know, a book has a life of its own. It’s got a timetable of its own. It’s got endorsements to be done and prints and labels and covers and websites. There’s a there’s a lot of things that I’m starting from scratch. I’m listening to James Clear or rereading the book. It’s in Q4 of 2023.

He makes this comment that if your readers are dialed in on life, this is going to jolt anyone out of their chair. He simply said, “In order to write the book, you have to become the book.” I just stopped right then and there. I had been working on an 18-minute companion you used at the beginning of the introduction. You talked about the tools that we’re creating.

Well, we created a tool and the tool is an 18-minute affirmation video that goes through the sequences of the minimum of seven affirmations that are in the book. I knew that I had to go deeper than I’d ever been. I had to be as intense and intentional as I’d ever been. I had to live by the Law of Attraction. As I created this video, I hired this lady, I wrote the script, I wanted these beautiful pictures, I wanted this amazing feeling.

It’s an interesting thing because when it first came back to me, it was 14 minutes long. I said, “This is good. I like it but there was just something that wasn’t right.” I went back to her and you’re going to see some magic happen here. This is why I am a magnet for miracles. I said, “I think we just need a little more time, a little more space between the I am affirmations.” It comes back to me and it’s 18 minutes.

I’m on our friend’s podcast recently, Tom Chenault and this gentleman says, “I’ve always been looking for a way to start my day.” I give away this free eighteen-minute affirmation video on my website at AffirmIAm.com and he said, “Do you realize in Hebrew that eighteen is symbolic in my life?” “How did you pick eighteen?” I said, “Isn’t that interesting?” “Eighteen minutes is a little over 1% of your life.” 1% of your day.

Are you willing to give 1% of your day to increase the law of attraction in your life, to become the creator that you want to create, be as intentional as you want to be, be as present, worthy, capable, compassionate, and being a finisher that can change your life in seven days? In seven days, you’re going to see miracles in your life if you do this and commit to it. Then finally, if you’re invited to speak at a TED Talk, they encourage it to be eighteen minutes. That’s why I had all these eighteens lining up.

Eighteen minutes is a little over 1% of your life, 1% of your day. Are you willing to give 1% of your day to increase the Law of Attraction to become the creator you want to create? Share on X

People started texting me their miracles. They were texting me miracles from day one to day seven. I have 53 days and 73 days. I have people texting me their miracles and I encourage your readers to take the invitation. If they go to AffirmIam.com, they can get the book and some of the other tools we’ll talk about, but they can get the downloaded version of Awakening Who “I Am.” If they’ll commit to it, they will see in their own lives, miracles. That’s what happened to me in writing this book. People just kept lining up and the miracles are astounding. I’ve got more if you want if you have more time.

What’s happened to your end since you made this commitment? Have you seen any personal miracles?

A lot like personally, Dan and Marilyn married 40 years, had 14 grandkids, and a life that looked all good just changed. There was something so powerful that my listening skills improved by 10x, my relationships, my understanding of compassion and empathy, and my friendships in some cases to where I’ve been able to dive deeper with people that are going through gut-wrenching challenges and setbacks and my own financial life.

Investments just started happening, the explosion of results in some categories. I have just seen miracle after miracle. I’ll share one with you. I’m sitting at my desk right here. I was at this very intense time. It’s the beginning of 2024. I can see out my door here, the cul-de-sac that I live in. I see the FedEx truck pull up. I see them deliver this big box. I go out there and I bring it in. I look at the name. I have all kinds of projects going on at my desk. I didn’t recognize the name.

The box weighed like 40 pounds and lo and behold, two hours later, my wife opened the box. She says, “Dan, stop. You’ve got to come here. You’ve got to look at this.” A gift was sent to me. Now, inside the affirmation video, when it’s concluding, it says, “You’ve done the work, be prepared for unexpected gifts, favors, and blessings.” John, I haven’t shared this with you yet, but Hal was one of the top salesmen at Cutco Knives. John Ruhlin is one of his buddies who wrote the book, Giftology.

What John specializes in is how to take the gift of Cutco knives and make it unlike anything ever. We went out and I helped Hal, I was on his launch team, become a USA Today bestseller in December of 2023 when this relaunched, updated revision. My wife opens the box. It’s like this durable, sunken treasure box of something that’s hundreds of years old that’s been under the sea.

The minute you open the box, a video from Hal. “Dan, I want to thank you.” I thought I would get something like in a box that has a history, that has a meaning, that has real oomph behind it. He says, “A few people in the world, Dan, care about people like you do. I just thought I would get something for you and Marilyn, the kids and the grandkids, that would sit in the kitchen, that would always be symbolic of what you represent.”

Then we open the box and there’s this entire set of brand new 40 cut co knives. Wait till you hear this. Each knife, John, is engraved on one side that says, “The McCormick family,” but on the other side, John’s team does the research. John had engraved Og Mandino quotes, Jim Rohn quotes, and different scriptures from the Bible and other places.

It was amazing and it’s now a story of somebody that gave back to me and all I did was try to help him because he changed my life so substantially. Miracles are everywhere. You just have to become aware of who they are, and where they are, and it doesn’t have to be a several thousand-dollar gift set. It can be something as simple as a phone call and a prayer and, “Hey, how can I help you?”

How can our listeners partake of all these miracles, Dan? This is too good to be true, but we both know it’s not because we both see miracles regularly basis in our lives. If you do the work, it’s there.

You do the work. I’m telling you, it’s fascinating when you find deep flow. It’s a new word that Dr. Ben taught me. Cal Newport writes about it in his book, Deep Flow. How do you get into deep flow? You have to find time and space and that’s how you’ve made Leaving Nothing To Chance work. That’s how you’ve made the book work, the audience work, and the continual, extremely balanced, and helpful content that you put out.

Since I mentioned that, let’s just talk about that. The content creation business is largely what the direct sales industry has worked towards. With the way Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and TikTok, you name it. There’s so much to be created but do you realize the content creation business is about a $250 billion marketplace?

It’s growing to over 500 billion in the next five to seven years. It’s going to have legs forever. When you create content like this and you want to give it to somebody. That’s really what I want it’s like, “How can I serve somebody else?” When they go to AffirmIam.com, they can download the video, and they can get the book, but we’ve also created other tools. I thought, what is the visual, the auditorial, the kinesthetic?

How do I help people live it? How do I have this multi-sensory stacking approach? Literally every sense in your body to make it happen. I created a coin because not only do I want you to experience the book, but I want you to be able to experience the things that I went through. Number one you and I can talk about the great Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich. What does he talk about?

He talks about desire, but then it goes to auto-suggestion. You have to have the thought, then you say it, and then you write it because you want all these things to stack for you. You can just say it and it can happen but if you think it, say it, write it, and then my coin says, “I am a magnet for miracles.” You and I have talked about this before. I had a life-changing event with one of my interviews in my book.

This individual in my book, was a very challenged individual, with a drug addiction, at a level that every pharmacy in Orange County, California had a note on the cash register, “Do not sell drugs to Xander Clark.” His habit was $500 a day and what I learned by going to the addiction recovery program with him is that when someone goes to that AA program, you’re battling, you want to overcome, you want help.

When you stand up and say, “I’m here tonight for my first time, I’m 24 hours sober, 30 days or one year, etc.,” you get a chip. I thought why not create a coin that is “I am a magnet for miracles,” but there’s a phrase that I hope everybody can write down in their journal today, maybe the first time they hear this because it sits at the top of my website. That is, “What follows I am, follows you.” If you think about it, John, most people wake up on a Monday morning, I monitor this closer than ever before now. When you get out into the world, the non-mission-driven entrepreneurs, the world is, “My gosh, it’s Monday.” “Thank God it’s Friday.” It’s always something that is not moving you towards becoming a magnet for miracles.

What the coin is designed to do is to have the affirmations on the coin, to have, “I am a magnet for miracles.” Then, “What follows I am, follows you.” It’s always triggering you to be the best you. If I can wake up on Sunday morning, the first day of the week, which we talk about in the book, we go through it. We walk you through a day-by-day on how the week flows.

The first day of the week is Sunday. Most people think Sunday fun day. I’m okay, we had a great time here at our house yesterday with all the kids and the grandkids, but it was also educational and inspirational for my grandkids to be able to gather around. We try to get five minutes of quiet time. That is like moving mountains. We’re stacking, John, all of these things. I believe that the tools can help you notice a difference. If you do it for seven days, you’ll be texting me your miracles.

I got a comment here, and I rarely do this on the show, but Dan, as I said, is such a close friend. I love the fact of the coin because Jose and I have been involved with a ministry called Celebrate Recovery that our friend Rick Warren started in California. One of his leaders who passed away started it, who had been in AA. Father, older sister, proud members of AA, even though it’s anonymous, my dad’s dead, and my sister would be glad to share that with anybody. In all these programs, and probably one is to stop gambling, and stop abusing drugs, as you referenced to the other gentlemen, sometimes it’s just that reminder.

You look at that coin and you say, “I did 30 days, whatever.” I was just watching the Olympic trials and wrestling this weekend. It was a young lady who came out of retirement and the biggest thing to her when he interviewed her was that she’d hit 200 days sober. Girls wrestling in the Olympic trials. She said, “Hey, 200 days sober.” Both are important life events, but that 200 days sober is going to affect her for the rest of her life. The Olympics are a fleeting thing.

John, before you go to the next question, maybe I’ll just bring up one more thing about Xander in the book because it’s a powerful thing. His I am affirmation became something very unique. The book is built so that it’s never finished. When you open the book, there’ll be a QR code because there’ll be a page for you to sign as my co-creator. In other words, not only are Dan McCormick and Ken Shelton the co-authors, but you the reader, it becomes your book.

It’s a book that’s never done because of your affirmation, and I’ll give you the example of this, of what I mean, becomes your big wow, like the gal, the story you just told. She probably has some mantra in her head that helped her with that. It could be the AA program, the addiction recovery program, and so on. What Zander had somebody sit down and say to him, “You like business, don’t you?” This is when he’s full-on trying to become sober.

You like business and he and his dad had had different businesses, Christmas tree lots to trinkets, and all kinds of things. Today he’s a multimillionaire. We’re talking about a humongous success. This guy says, “Zander, I have an idea for you since you like business so much.” He says, “Why don’t you go into business and partnership with God? He says, “What do you mean?” “Why don’t you give God 51%? You take 49 and you see what he can make out of your life.”

It changed his life. He became a magnet for miracles. He executed business ideas. He attracted the right partners, friends, and businesses. John, it’s been unbelievable to see this man lead hundreds and thousands of people in Orange County, California today as an example of how you can become sober and let I am affirmation. I am partnered with God is his thing.

Leaving Nothing To Chance | Dan McCormick | Magnet For Miracles

Magnet For Miracles: When you give God 51% and you take 49%, look at how He can change your life.


Can’t have a better partner than that. What I love about that is the book becomes an organism. It’s a living, breathing thing like the Bible, Think and Grow Rich, like so many other great works that if you’re in self-development, you’re aware of. I love that. That’s a great idea.

Interestingly, you say that because in the book, there’s a quote that moved me years ago, Sterling W. Sill, and I’m trying to remember where the quote came from, it’s escaping me right now, it’s in my book. I’ve used it for years and that is, “Everyone should always have two books with them, one to read and one to write in.” We just created it so you can write in it. We give you space to write. That’s one of the most critical things.

If we’re going to truly awaken who we are, we need time, we need space. I did something last week, John, this is crazy. I thought I was having so many people send me their miracles. I said, “Why don’t we start a Zoom masterclass on the eighteen-minute affirmation video? We had a nice audience show up on our very first Zoom and people were sharing and they were in tears. Their lives are changing. We’re there to create tools that can help and assist people become more aware of the power and how those two words can ignite a full transformation in your life.

Dan, you’re going to change millions of lives. You’ve already changed millions of lives in your network marketing career, but that book, this is special folks. This is get this book, get to work on this stuff. I’ve watched you even transform and you’re like the most positive guy I know. I mean, if I’m down, I call Dan McCormick. We might talk about absolutely nothing, but it’s like I get off the call saying, “I’m good again, I’m good.”

I’ve watched the transformation in you this last year doing this, but let’s stay on the topic though, because how can someone follow you to experience the taste of what you’re feeling? Like I said, I have known Dan for a long time. Dan’s a super, believe me, most people on this call, would love to be Dan McCormick and live his lifestyle and have his income, but it’s not just about the income. It’s like our friend Jim Rohn said, “It’s what you become in the process.” You’re going to change a lot of lives, Dan. How do they follow you?

Affirmation Video

Affirmiam.com is the website, just because it’s a simple short website. They can put their email in there, they’ll get the affirmation video, they can get the book, they can get the tools. I want to come back to what you just said. Have we got another few minutes? I want to come back to what you just said because think about how many people have been exposed to Jim Rohn. You think about the quotes and the philosophical genius and the history and the love and what people feel.

I know you and I had a chance to know him and travel with him. I had a chance to be with him on cruises and islands, mastermind groups, and goal-setting sessions. It was amazing but I didn’t fully appreciate what you just said. When I was on my struggle bus, when I was on my plateau, yes, I had a nice net worth, but I didn’t fully appreciate what you just said until all of this started coming together.

Until I started to program the brain every day that I am a magnet for miracles. I can serve more people. I can be more, I can create more, I can finish better, and be a better listener, a better husband, a better grandpa, and a better spouse. It just had this truly unbelievable feeling to me to be able to say, “I am a finisher.” In that affirmation in the book, my friend Nathan Ricks, who died in his plane crash, on January 2nd of 2023, gave a very famous speech called, Be A Finisher.

I’ve never thought about my workouts the same, my projects the same, my relationships the same. When you say, “I am a finisher,” essentially you’re borrowing from the savior in the New Testament when he says, I am the author and the finisher. We talk about that at the beginning of the book. You’re going to author your canvas. You’re going to paint on that blank canvas and you’re going to go where you’ve never been before.

I am confident that seven days from the time you start, download, and start doing the affirmation video, it’ll change your life, it’ll awaken you and you will appreciate Jim Rohn’s comment more than ever before. That is to become the person that feels like you’re contributing and serving and loving and it is just an awesome journey to be on.

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Well, it’s funny, but you think about all the people that you and I have known or known of that have affected us. The thing that always sticks with me about Jim is when he talks about seeds, soil, sunshine, rain, and miracles of life. You, Dan McCormick, have taken those five elements that have been here since the day we began in life, and you’ve done something special here. Let me ask you this question. You’re saying in eighteen minutes a day or less than 1% of a person’s day. They can make some of these changes.

Unquestionably. John, I can look over the shoulder at my bookshelf and I can say there’s been a lot of books written. There’s been a lot of people that have truly put their life into their work but I can say nothing has moved me. I put my life 40 years into The Greatest Salesman In The World. Forever grateful, like off the charts, unbelievably grateful.

I could go through a litany of other books and materials that had this gigantic impact, but I can say nothing moved the needle farther and faster than Awakening Who “I Am” because of that James Clear comment, because of that commitment that I made, and because of the magic of the spirit of I am. When you truly appreciate I mean exist, am means with God.

Truly, if you truly can feel that what follows “I am” follows you, you’ll be more acutely aware of every investment you make in a relationship and it starts with you. I am a child of God. I am a creator. I am intentional. I am present. I am worthy. I am capable. I am compassionate. I am a finisher. I believe it because I’ve seen it and I’ve lived it.

Dan, this has been an amazing interview, life-changing, and I could see just since you’ve done this, you’re a different guy. Folks, Dan McCormick doesn’t need to make more money. He doesn’t mind making more money. He’s a business guy. He’s an entrepreneur but at the end of the day, this was not a money motivation for Dan. This was something that he wanted to do to contribute back to people like our readers who aren’t necessarily where Dan is in his life.

Whether it’s financially, that’s the only part of it. When you don’t have money, you think it’s all financial. Then you get the money and you realize, “There’s so many other things I got to work on.” “I got to work on my health.” “I got to work on my spiritual life.” “I got to work on my family life.” “I got to work on my relationship with my friends.” There are so many other things on that list.

Dan, we can fill notebooks with that list alone but you’ve done this work. I admire you for doing it. Thank you for doing it. You’re going to bless tens of thousands of people around the world. If they want to reach you, reach out to you, I know you’ve given it a couple of times, but give all the places that they can get the book, get the work, and start to follow it because I’ve seen the changes in Dan. I know what’s going on in his business as well. It’s growing exponentially. All of these miracles that he’s sharing are things that you can have too. How do you get all this Dan?

Affirm I Am is the YouTube channel. AffirmIAm.com is the website. Dan McCormick, you’ll see me pre-active on Facebook. Now you type in Dan McCormick on search and Awakening Who “I Am” you’re going to find me. I look forward to sharing the journey with you. It’s one more story. It’s one more person whose life is going to jump off the plateau. It happens every day. I know seven days from now, it’ll happen for you.

I just have to have a closing note here because I’ve known Dan for a long time. Recently I was recognized by my company for the highest level of achievement in our company. It was a great moment. I went back to my hotel exhausted. I took over 4,000 Facebook pictures that night. 4,000 individuals.

It was like being a rock star, which told me all the reasons why I never wanted to be a rock star. The next day I’m leaving Mexico City and I’m waiting for an Uber across the street from the hotel with my wife. All of a sudden a lady comes up and says, “Can I have your picture?” I’m like, “Well, this is amazing.” American Airlines on the way back recognized me.

My wife had told them like, anyway, it was crazy but when I got back to my hotel that night, it gave me a couple of minutes to think about all the people who’ve impacted me. Dan and I are not in the same company. He’s not my upline. I’m not his upline. I wish I was Dan, but didn’t work out that way in life. We wound up at two different companies. We’ve both been in leadership and both of those companies, two great companies in our industry.

When I thank people, Dan McCormick is on my list because Dan is a guy who lives what he talks about. If I reach out to him and say, “Hey, I got a problem.” “What is it? Let’s diagnose it, let’s look at it.” That’s the help that you want. You want friends like that. Now everybody can’t be Dan’s friend, he’s a busy guy, but you can read this work and by extension know some of the stuff that he knows. Dan, I’m going to give you the last word. How do you want to encourage this group?

I just want to thank people for being here because if you invest in yourself and you make space and time for yourself today, then the next step is to go to the two most important words in the history of the English language, and that is, “I am.” It is the ignition switch that will transform you. It comes from Romans 12:2, when Paul says, “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” What we’re doing is we’re transforming and letting that you are a magnet for miracles.

It doesn’t matter how deep and how dark the setbacks have been. Wait until you read the interviews in the book. It is staggering to see where people can come from, and how deep and dark and debt-laden and drug-addicted you can be. You can change your life. You can do it now. I hope I get to share that journey with you. I like to say that the affirmation video and the multi-sensory stacking if you will, it’s the way to seven days from healing to abundance.

God bless everybody. Thank you for being here. Thank you for the opportunity. Mega congrats and thank you again for your friendship and kindness, and you’re going to continue to bless a lot of people’s lives with Leave Nothing To Chance. Hope everybody reads that book as well because there are a lot of really cool things in that book that everybody needs to have and have it highlighted, not just a book on your shelf.

Dan, I can’t thank you enough. Once again, congratulations on doing this work. I know it wasn’t easy. I know you spent the hours but the dedication and it certainly is something that’s going to be life-changing. You know what? It may not even be life-changing financially, but here’s I think what it’s going to be. There’s going to be that person sitting in row 4,000 at an event somewhere that comes up to Dan McCormick and says, “Let me tell you who I was and now let me tell you who I am.” That’s life-changing.

Jump off the plateau, everybody. You can do it. Let’s go. Let’s grow together. Thanks, John.

Thanks, Dan.

Do well, everybody.


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