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Dr. Hank Seitz is a Vietnam vet who got into a car accident that left him wheelchair-bound. He was paralyzed from the waist down, but he had prayer by his side. He believed not to believe it. And the rule is whatever you’re thinking about, you’ll get it. So Dr. Hank Seitz prayed and prayed about himself walking. And one day, he was able to regain the ability to walk.

Join John Solleder as he talks to success and happiness coach Dr. Hank Seitz about the power of prayer. Learn more about how your thoughts affect your life. Discover how to really pray and why you might be doing it wrong. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want because it’s okay to have what you want. Ask God, and you shall receive. Experience the power of prayer today!

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“The Power Of Prayer” With Dr. Hank Seitz

We have Dr. Hank Seitz, also known as Dr. Hank, the famous doctor. He is a Vietnam vet, Minister, and Doctor of mental science. Where do we start? What a life you have led, my friend. Welcome to the show. We should start there.

John, thank you so much. I appreciate it. You keep on sending out remarkable information for your readers. I appreciate the opportunity. Believe me, everybody reading will be inspired by this. We’re going to have a good time together, John.

You’re considered to be the number one mindset coach in America. How does somebody get their mindset right? We don’t need to tell people what’s going on with the economy, with inflation, and all those wonderful things that you turn on the news for two seconds and get a daily show of it. How did they keep their mind and focus right for their family and business, most importantly? How can they do that now?

It will be helpful for all of us to understand how powerful our thoughts are. I’ve been teaching this for many years. I’ve written sixteen books about it. Your Royal Path to Riches is one of them, Think, FEEL, and Grow Rich, and all kinds of different books about this. In the last few years, all of science has agreed. These are quantum physicists, molecular biologists, and neuroscientists. They’ve all come together and agreed that for us to have any of our dreams come true, it takes three steps. John, you asked, “How to do it for our family? How do we get it better? How do we have our dreams come true? How do we grow our business?” It all boils down to three steps.

According to the scientists, here are the three steps. The first step is powerful thinking, our thoughts. Whatever we’re thinking about, we’re going to get it whether we want it or not. I’m going to explain a little bit more about those thoughts. Those thoughts, according to scientists, create energy. The whole universe is energy. You mentioned that I’m an ordained minister. People say, “What is God?” God is a loving energy and could be defined. Everybody has a different definition of it, but the fact is that our thought is a great energy. What is this energy? It’s our emotions. When we can feel it, having whatever it is, whether it’s something we fear is something that we love, it will open up our eyes, and we’ll be able to experience it.

Our thoughts create our emotion, this energy. According to scientists, energy creates matter. This is why thoughts become things. As I shared with you, John, we need to dig deeper into what are these thoughts because many say to me, “Dr. Hank, I’ve been thinking I want more money, and I’m not getting more money. I want more business. I want a better relationship, all of these things. What’s up with that?” This isn’t true. I don’t believe thoughts become things. The fact is that thoughts do become things. To peel back the onion and understand it more thoroughly, we have 60,000 thoughts every day, each one of us.

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Out of those 60,000 thoughts, about 80% of those thoughts are unwanted or, what most people would say, negative thoughts. It’s things like, “The economy is bad. I hope I don’t get into an accident. I hope I don’t get a file. I hope this guy doesn’t turn me down. I hope my business doesn’t go south.” Whatever we think about grows. Here’s the key to all of life for our dreams to come true. When I’m saying, “Give me more money,” what am I feeling? It’s not so much the words, but what are those words put into feeling, then what am I feeling?

If I’m feeling I don’t have enough money, my prayer is, “Please give me not enough money,” even on my words, “Please give me more money,” then I’m feeling I don’t have enough money. You’ll be amazed how many people think they’re praying for it. They’re asking for it. They’re thinking about what they want when they aren’t. That’s a quick little explanation on understanding how life plays. I didn’t include where God comes in there, but I can. That’s what the scientists say, and that’s how they distill this down to, “We need to be thinking more about what we want and not what we don’t want.”

One easy way to do that is to stop watching the news. They invest millions of dollars in finding unwanted things. You get exposed to those unwanted thoughts and start in your little committee in your head. I call them the committee, that chattering little voice, that drunken monkey that wakes us up in the middle of the night, and what we end up with is more of what we don’t want.

Let’s go in another direction on this. You’ve written sixteen books. The latest of which is Your Royal Path to Riches, I believe.

I just came out with what I think is my best. It is a book, but it’s also a program. It’s called Easy Money, Easy Life. I normally offered these programs created throughout the years for Fortune 100 companies around the world or whatever. Normally, I offer them for $2,500. For your audience, they could have it for $97. It’s a program, Easy Money, Easy Life. That’s three videos that explain to you about life and how you think. It gives you tools like the Joy Shop on what to do every morning and how to improve the way that you think.

It’s a magical statement that will go and penetrate your subconscious mind and create easy money, easy life, and more income within three weeks guaranteed. There’s a meditation by Archangel Michael that came to be in a miraculous way. All that combined was in this magical program, Easy Money, Easy Life. I put it into a book, and it’s on Amazon or whatever. The program is good because it’s videos. It’s the actual meditation. That’s my last book, but which book did you say?

LNC Dr. Hank Seitz | Power Of Prayer

Power Of Prayer: The average human has 60,000 thoughts every day. Out of those 60,000 thoughts, about 80% of those are unwanted or negative. Know that whatever you think about grows.


It’s Your Royal Path to Riches.

That is how to tap into your subconscious mind. I’m going to talk a little about that. In the Bible, it says, “When the two of you are together, it shall be manifested on her.” For most of my life, I thought that it was two people. You and I, John, once we agree on something, we’ll get it, but biblically what we’re talking about is our conscious mind and our subconscious mind. We are the commander of our soul and ship with our conscious mind. What you have shared with all of us has told our subconscious mind with our conscious mind. Let’s use money as an example. There isn’t enough of it. It’s the root of all evil, which is a biblical misunderstanding.

It’s only saying to put God first, and then all the things come to you. Don’t go on something over and above God, such as money, but that got misconstrued as money is the root of all evil. I got a real kick out of that one because, in Christ’s time, one of the ways to measure wealth is the number of sheep you have. When I’m carrying a sheep under my arm, certainly, the sheep isn’t the root of all evil. What we’ve been doing is we’ve been surrounded by these amazing unwanted thoughts like the filthy rich.

We are a little boy or little girl at five years old. We hear filthy rich. “I don’t want to be filthy rich.” We have beliefs that we told from our conscious mind into our subconscious mind, the kingdom within us, and the subconscious mind is, in essence, God in action. It creates whatever we’re thinking about. What goes into the subconscious mind is ultimately our beliefs. This is why it’s done to us as our, “If we believe.”

What do we believe about money? What do we believe about life? You got to work hard. You got to sacrifice and all these things, which aren’t true. We could call it any way that we wanted. I have a way in that book, Easy Money, Easy Life, that will also help you to be able to improve those beliefs that you have or, in fact, overcome those beliefs and put in new, fresh beliefs about what you do and why for your dreams to come true before.

Before I forget, tell them where they can get the course.

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It’s up on my website. I have a couple of different websites, but the easy one is DrHankSeitz.com. If you go up there, Easy Money, Easy Life, it’s there. If you want the direct link to that, it’s DrHankSeitz.com/Easy-Money-Easy-Life. We got this $97 guaranteed. Within three weeks, you’ll increase your income and start seeing the magic happen. All you have to do is follow the easy steps to do that. It takes about twenty minutes a day for us to improve our lives.

Let’s go in another direction on this. You’re a Vietnam vet. Thank you for your service. We need to thank all of our vets, but you guys that went over there never got the proper thank you here at home. Thank you on behalf of our audience because I know they all feel the same way, but let’s talk about overcoming obstacles. You had a horrific car accident a few years ago. It left you wheelchair-bound for a time. Talk about that a little bit and how you applied your training as a mental scientist, thought leader, and man of God. How do you take all that and say, “Now, I’m not teaching it? Now, I’m living it.”

Thank you, and I appreciate all your kind and meaningful words about the United States of America. It’s awesome. Each one of us is awesome. This car accident happened a few years ago. I have a picture of my car that was totaled. My body was also totaled, and I am still smiling, but you can see I have a broken leg. All my teeth were knocked out. It was something else, but the most challenging was I was paralyzed from my waist down.

I’m a disabled Vietnam veteran, and the doctors told me that I would be permanently home-bound and disabled. I decided not to believe them. This is how powerful we are. I used my teaching on myself. I was paralyzed from my waist down. I couldn’t feel anything in my legs. I couldn’t walk. The doctors said they could not operate because of where it was with the nerves and whatever. I decided that with God, all things are possible.

I know that I have to do the asking. Ask, and you shall receive. Our asking are those 60,000 thoughts every day. What are we asking for? In this case, I started to ask, “I love walking.” I could feel it now. It’s back to this feeling, and I would visualize myself walking and being on a beach, enjoying the sun, loving my legs, loving my healthy body, and feeling younger every day. I’d say that now to myself every day, “I feel younger every day.”

People will see me after several years or whatever and go, “You look younger than me.” It all depends on what you’re saying to yourself. Specifically, what I did, I focused on walking, and one day I felt a little energy, a little movement in my right toe. I know that whatever we focus our attention on will grow well. I focus my attention on that movement in my little toe. Day after day, breath after breath, moment after moment that as I continued to focus on my walking and this movement growing, getting better, it then started to go up my foot, my ankle, my leg, across my waist, and down my other leg. Within months, I was able to walk.

LNC Dr. Hank Seitz | Power Of Prayer

Power Of Prayer: It is okay to ask for what you want and have what you want. You are literally here to birth dreams and then have those dreams become a reality.


People will call me the walking miracle. I said, “We all are walking miracles.” We have the power to overcome anything. That’s why I always encourage people not to honor other people’s opinions. It’s not that the doctors are bad or whatever, but when they told me something I didn’t want, I made that a blessing. I said, “That’s what I don’t want. What do I want?” What it did is it enhanced my energy and thoughts towards me walking. Now, I walk at 6:00 morning. At 6:00 in the morning, I did yoga for an hour with a bunch of 20 to 30-year-old girls.

How do you connect with those better angels? That’s something I read a little bit. How do we do that? There are so much good and evil in the world. You want to connect with the good at all times.

What was your question exactly about the angels?

How do we connect with the good angels?

There is so much that isn’t seen. For example, God isn’t seen. You can’t see God. We can’t see thought. You can’t see an emotion. You can see a guy coming out of the gym. When my heart sings, you can’t see a heart singing. There is all the support, all the love, and all the guidance that any of us ever need. It comes from the non-physical. All those things I mentioned are non-physical, including angels. Let me share and give a perspective on that. Through the ages, man has asked for some basic things. In fact, the seven basic things that a man has. It is commonly asked for no matter what was going on with technology or farmers or whatever they were doing in all those that have walked before us.

God, this loving energy, created seven answers, seven loving energies that we call our angels. Our angels are the most powerful energy angels. Archangel Michael is considered the highest power out of all the arch angels. Believe me, they’re not in competition or anything. This is thinking about wings and things like that. It helps us humanize it a little more so we can invite the angels down. Here’s the beauty, and maybe it might be helpful to give you an outline of the angels. I’m considered the Angel Whisperer. I channel with the archangels, and there are seven archangels. The first one is Michael. He is this blue-loving energy. I call it angel dust. It is down to we just need to ask. Ask for what we want.

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For everybody reading, I’m channeling now with the angels that it is okay to ask for what you want, and it is okay to have what you want. We are here to birth dreams and have those dreams become a reality in our experience. Archangel Michael, his angel dust, his blue-loving energy is on me. His wings are wrapping around me. His main focus is to help us manifest and also help rid us of our fear. Archangel Michael shared with me that fear is the number one thing for humanity that has prevented humanity, all of us from having everything we want, which is having our dreams come true.

It’s the things that we feel. For example, number one is fear, and I help a lot of people with this. The number one fear in America is public speaking. Why? It’s because we were told as little kid, “Don’t you be talking to strangers.” It had such emotion in that. It’s like, “What? Are strangers going to kill us?” That’s what our parents were thinking. We picked up that vibration and went, “I’m never talking to any stranger. I don’t want to die.”

What are we doing? We stand up, and we’re in front of supposed strangers. We’re all connected in this together, but we stand up or talk to strangers. This is why I have people that have immense fears about public speaking. When I say public, it can be two people they have to appear on. I help them to realize, and then I call in the archangels. Archangel Michael’s main purpose is to rid us of fear, which will help us to manifest more.

Now, there’s Archangel Raphael. He has his green beautiful emerald energy, and he’s all about health. They call the angels all he and him, but there really isn’t a him and her in that world, but to help all of us understand it and accept that because most of us have also been taught that I’ll believe it when I see it. It is the opposite way. When you believe it, you’ll start seeing it.

I have angels flying with me, and they’d do miracles with me in the morning. I’m sitting out on my porch and breathing in deeply. All of a sudden, about a dozen geese fly over fifteen feet from me, and I can hear their wings go. This is so magical. You can’t plan these things, but when you have faith in God and archangels, these seven divine loving energies can help you with everything you want. I shared with you that manifestation helps. There’s Gabriel. Gabriel helps us with communication. I help people from IBM, the individual entrepreneurs, to be the best salesman in the world. How do you become the best salesman in the world? Call in Archangel Gabriel. He is the Angel of Communication. You have Chamuel, unconditional love.

You have unconditional love for everyone and everything that’s happening in your life, everything that has happened in your life because everything that has happened in your life is a blessing because it got you right here in this red hot moment with John and me to be able to hear the good news that you can make a difference. You can change. You can have your dreams come true and there are all kinds of resources. You don’t need to do this alone.

LNC Dr. Hank Seitz | Power Of Prayer

Power Of Prayer: Write this down and say this every day, “I want a long, happy, healthy, and wealthy life.”


You have Jophiel. Jophiel is amazing. What he does is he illuminates the mind and expands our imagination and creativity. If you expand your imagination and creativity, where are you? Uriel is red and gives you wisdom. He gives me wisdom about situations, life, me, and about who I am. Also, Zadkiel and the beautiful violet color. Every morning, I talk to every one of the angels. I invite them, and all you have to do is ask them to come in.

What Zadkiel does is he gives us compassion every day. I ask to be more compassionate first to myself and then to all situations, people, and circumstances. By the time I get out of bed, talking with God and my archangels, I’m flying with the angels, with my feet rooted to Mother Earth and I have miraculous days, moments continuously. We all can do that. That’s what life was intended to be, to skip along this path, ask for what we want, and we will get it.

I’ll tell you this real fast, and I’ll ask you a question about it. I got a call, and I never talk about myself on these shows, but I will because I have a perfect question for you that’s not in my notes. My daughter, a few years ago, was addicted to crystal meth. For all intents and purposes, she was about to die. When we had tests, we found out what she was on. She was in a bad relationship with a very evil young man and got on the wrong page.

This was a kid that never did this stuff. She never even drank, but she got into this stuff. Through the grace of God, we put her in a great rehab center. They helped her, and thank God, she never relapsed. She committed her life to the Lord here. He got her on the straight and narrow. She called her mother and me to tell us that she’s moving to Los Angeles to work in ministry.

Thousands of people knew that story, including people in Mexico in my business down there. They started to pray for her. They even went online and had a group chat on WhatsApp for her. Here we are now, a few years later, you wouldn’t know this kid was on a drug. She’s clean living. She’s vegan. She’s doing great. It’s that power of prayer. I love your thoughts on people who are reading because this is a show about business. This is a show about equity, making money, and improving ourselves financially.

As I’ve gotten older, Dr. Hank, I realize that’s only part of it. If you have that and nothing else, you’ve got a hollow life. You got to have it all. The power of prayer, talk about it. With your own situation, we talked about the accident and things that you’ve overcome in your life. Whatever you want to comment on that you think can help our audience because everybody’s not where we are. Everybody’s looking for a better place.

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The power of prayer is incredible, and your prayer isn’t only when you’re hands are full and when you’re on your knees. It’s your every moment thought. The good news is you don’t even have to monitor your thoughts just to monitor your feelings. When you feel good, it’s God telling you that you’re thinking about this the way that God is. When you feel bad, it’s God’s communication system through your fields, and then you’re not thinking about this because God is.

You will see it in every circumstance. What your daughter went through is a blessing. Many years ago, I was sure you didn’t think it was a blessing. It was the most awful thing, “How could that be?” All kinds of things went through your committee or your smaller self. Now, we look three years later and see all the blessings in this. Think of the blessing on her now doing greater things than she would have otherwise done because of this situation.

Think about how the power of prayer went, and people can see how prayer works specifically. My dissertation, my PhD was based on, “Is prayer effective in helping people when they don’t even know that they’re being prayed for?” We went to the Moffitt Cancer Center and said, “I have some prayer warriors and thought leaders that would like to pray for a wing of your hospital. There’s another wing we need to compare and make sure the illness is the same in both wings, but we’re only going to pray for these people over here.”

It’s because we wanted to see, “Can it statistically be proven that prayer works?” After nine months of praying ceaselessly for that wing, we didn’t know the people. We prayed for that wing of those people, but God knows those people and knows his way. God, that energy goes to them. This is how powerful we are. It’s a co-creative process with God that we think we want health or someone else. We want well-being for someone else, and whatever your energy is, God will take it and make it even greater. It will impact those people. They won’t even be conscious of it. Statistically, at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, the people who improve their health statistically significantly increased their health on the wing of who we prayed, and they don’t even know it.

Folks, if you’ve got nothing else out of the show, you got your money’s worth because you and I know that, but not everybody knows that.

We’re touching all of you. You mentioned, “This was mainly about business.” This is a business because our lives aren’t about just our business. They impact each other. If I have something going on in my personal life, that impacts my business either negatively or positively, depending on what’s happening in the other parts of my life. I would have everybody write this down. These are the perfect words for what you desire. Write this on a 3X5 card. You put it on your refrigerator or your computer. You say it over and over. You wake up to it and before you go to sleep, say this. “I want a long, happy, healthy, and wealthy life.”

LNC Dr. Hank Seitz | Power Of Prayer

Your Royal Path To Riches: The 7 Steps To Manifesting the Health, Wealth & Success You Want!

When you do that, you do the asking. The father will do the work. You will then receive. We’ve been taught, “You got to go figure it out. You got to work hard. You don’t need to do any of that.” You only need to ask for what you want. “I want a long, happy, healthy, and wealthy life,” and God will deliver you the amazing, miraculous life for you. “I want a million dollars. I want whatever.” Don’t get into the detail. Just leave it to God to do.

Here’s one of the things, and I’ll leave you with that. Our minds are only intended to think about what we want and why we want it. What and why. We think of what and why if you do the five Ws, the Who, When, and Where is God’s business. The what and why. I prayed, “I want to grow business.” Why? “Because I want to provide more services, to share my talents to whatever service product I have. I want to make more money.” It’s okay to ask for that. Money is the divine, loving energy that God has given us.

You can be open to this. A lot of people say, “That’s selfish.” When you thrive, the whole world thrives, and everybody around you thrives. None of us can think for another person or feel for another person, but we can think and feel for ourselves. When we feel good, we come connected with God. We feel good because that’s what God is enjoying. When we feel good with life, in ourselves, everyone else, and in every circumstance, what will happen is the entire world will thrive. You become the light of the world.

As you think about what you want and why you want it, and let God figure out the how, you will see the magical geese fly over you. You will see the daughter being healed and then going out and blessing the world more and how she has inspired thousands of people. The power of prayer has changed and improved her. John, your story and you’re daughter are amazing. It’s the blessing that it all was. We couldn’t see it a few years ago. That’s why you have to accept and know that everything you’ve been through that you’re going through now is a blessing to take you to a brighter future.

It goes back to that whole thing of James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh 100 and whatever years ago. It’s that first little tiny book. I often forget whether it was that one or Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking. It’s one of the two. I’ll share my story on your show about my spinal surgery. We got a lot more in common than we discussed here now. Who wants to be around miserable, unhappy and negative people are people that are miserable and unhappy? You don’t want them joining your business, but if you’re happy and you’re that light and beacon, what do you attract?

That’s what you attract. It’s as easy as that.

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Doctor, in closing, I want to make sure everybody knows a couple of things. We mentioned sixteen books. Is that all available on Amazon?


Is the course available on Amazon?

The Easy Money, Easy Life is available on my website.

Give them the give the website again and spell your last name too.

It’s DrHankSeitz.com/Easy-Money-Easy-Life.

LNC Dr. Hank Seitz | Power Of Prayer

Easy Money, Easy Life

I know you have a podcast that I’m going to be a guest on it. Tell us about your podcast.

It’s The Dr. Hank Show. We have been inspiring and uplifting people. John, you’ve already heard one of the testimonials. It’s amazing. We uplift people and help people show them the way to have more, their dreams come true, and become their great responsibility.

I want to thank you. You’re an inspiring human being. You have had such an inspirational life. Thank you for your service to humanity. Thank you for your service to our country, to the United States. This has been an awesome interview. I learned a lot. You noticed that I make notes because somebody said to me, “You’re doing this show. You make money from it.” I go, “No. I spend money to do this show.”

I sell a book, Leave Nothing to Chance or Moving Up. You can go to Amazon and buy my stuff if you’re not a regular reader. If you’re in network marketing, my stuff’s geared for the network marketing industry. Having said that, when you come to my office, Doc, I got notes everywhere. You’ll learn by listening to people with different experiences, life stories, and circumstances. You’ll learn so much.

Let me share it with you. Writing it down helps it get into the subconscious mind. Most people, when I give a talk to 1,000 people or whatever, three days later, people don’t even remember what topic I talked about unless you write it down. It makes it stick. It will change your thinking and improve your life.

Doctor, once again, this has been a privilege. It’s been an honor. I’d love to have you back on the show again at some point.

I’d love to be back and tell all of you that your dreams can come through. It’s easy. Whatever barrier you have and why you think you can’t have this, you can. You can get ahold of me. In fact, I’ll give everybody my cell. It’s (214) 753-7204. If I can help you in any way, give me a call. You’ll be surprised to the magic that will happen.

I got to tell you. You let the cat out of the bag because I get about 8,000 people to read the show, and about 7,999 are in network marketing. You’re going to be pitched vitamins, supplements, and skincare. You’re going to get more sales pitches than you’ve ever gotten. In all candor, folks, Dr. Hank can help you. He’s helped countless people, most importantly. Once again, you know where you are now. Take Dr. Hank’s offer. It’s $97 for the course. You spend more than that on a good meal.

Thanks again, John. Thank you, everybody. I know that everything is getting better for all of us.


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