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The greatest investment in life is in yourself because as you double your self-worth, you double your income. How do you do that exactly? Join Joe Garcia, global marketing expert and entrepreneur, as he delves into the concept of Identity Hacking and how it can be a game-changer for your business and your life. Uncover the three key strategies to initiate impactful change and learn about the Identity Biohacking Action that can reshape your mindset. Joe emphasizes the critical link between actions and their frequencies, illustrating how they reverberate in your life. If you’re seeking positive transformations in both life and business, don’t miss out on the insights shared in this episode. Tune in and let Joe Garcia guide you on a journey toward lasting change.

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The Game Changer To Your Life And Business With Joe Garcia

I have a several-time guest here on the show. He’s my good friend, Mr. Joe Garcia, a top distributor in his company and an industry icon. He speaks and trains people around the world, not only in his company but a lot of people in other companies who follow Joe because he’s so good at what he does. Joe and I were having breakfast in Toronto. He shared some things with me about some game-changing self-development ideologies and things that can be done in your business. Joe, I want to turn the call over to you and welcome you, first of all. Thank you so much for your time. It was so good to see you.

John, thank you for paying for breakfast. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t pay for breakfast.

It’s because you weren’t out with your downline. Joe, what you were sharing with me was so compelling. I said we’ve got to do a show on this so no time like the present. I thought what you were talking about was so insightful. I’m going to be quiet, turn it to you, and let you get started. I’ll jump in when it’s relevant.

I’m excited about sharing this because it is a game changer for our business and life, John. Let’s face it. With us as leaders, and the leaders are going to be reading this blog, the number one thing that we have to do in our daily lives is attract leaders and build leadership. You have to have a system in place that builds leadership and that’s difficult to do. Since I started in the industry many years ago, I’ve always looked for that hack, that faster, better, and quicker way to success.

How can I get someone from point A to point B and help them overcome their programming and get them to success? This is why people know what to do. There is so much information on what to do compared to when we got started. It’s how to contact and invite, set up meetings, do a presentation, follow up, and leadership training. There’s so much training out there but the issue is not training. One of my team members came to me and said, “Joe, I need to do a training for my team in this.” I go, “It’s not the training that’s going to be the magic bullet in your business.” There’s so much information out there. People know what to do but don’t do what they know. It’s the most frustrating thing.

Over the years, I’ve used things. I know if I can help someone double their self-worth, they’re going to double their income. How do we do that? We do that with personal development. When I get someone started, I get them on reading, The Science of Getting Rich, for example. I need to get into their mind to overcome everything that they’ve had in their past and help them be consistent in that area. Falling in love with your dream is another major tool. If you don’t have a destination in life and you’re not in love with your dream, it’s not going to happen. You’re more than likely going to be out of the business 1 month or 2 months down the road, even tomorrow after you get the first rejection. Those are tools.

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Let me give you a great analogy. If you look at the first generation iPad, and I’ve got one of those, and I want to upload one of the new apps in the hardware on the iPad, it’s not going to work. The software is not compatible with the hardware. For most people in our business who get started, the success software that we give them are tools that can work long-term. For the most part, it won’t work with most people because the hardware is so messed up in the areas of money, success, and what we can do personally.

There are three ways to change in life. The first way is through an outcome. I get you started. My focus is on helping you get to the first rank. Typically most compensation and recognition plans are all about getting people to the first rank. If you get people to the first rank and you’re successful in doing that, you’re going to move up in rank and everybody else moves up in rank. You’re going to be able to get to the top. Your goal is to get to the first rank. That’s an outcome. You’ve set a goal like, “At the end of the month, I’m going to get to the first rank.”

Here’s the challenge with this. A couple of years ago, and everyone who’s reading this knows this, we all know there’s a learning curve in our industry in self-help and business development but there’s also a quitting curve. These researchers have found that day nineteen is when people typically quit. We’re starting New Year’s resolution. I used to be in the gym business in my early twenties before I got started in this industry, the last job I ever had. I knew by January 25th, there was nobody in the gym anymore. The gym was full up until that point but then you saw the reality of the quitting curve. There is a quitting curve on day nineteen. Anyone who’s been in our industry long enough recognizes that. There is a quitting curve with everything, particularly with success.

The outcome can be effective but for only a small percentage of people, provided they are doing the personal development and they fall in love with their dream. The second way is process. What the process means is at the end of the month, I’m going to help you become first rank but to do that, you’re going to talk to two new people a day about the business. The process comes with an activity plan. You’re going to have better results doing that but the quitting curve always comes into play for most people. They get distracted and life happens.

We all know people set goals, have a process behind them, or have an action plan, and something happens in their lives. It takes them off track. “I got to remember about that goal the next month.” Life always happens. Typically with those people, they don’t have a dream. They’re not working on themselves every day so it’s easy to get distracted. The process gets you as much more effective as the outcome but it’s not the number one way that you can change yourself.

The third way, which I found for decades, is if I can change one’s identity, I can change their life. That comes down to our self-worth. Here’s the thing. For those who haven’t read my book, Your Best Year Ever, you can go onto my website, WhyJoeGarcia.com. It’s a free download. It’s closing in on a million downloads. I don’t even ask for an email. I’m just paying it forward. In there, I have a strategy of manifesting your best year.

One of them is affirmations. Affirmations have worked incredibly for me. It’s been a game-changer for me. I’m not going to tell most people that it’s not going to work but for most people, it’s not going to work. Why? It’s their hardware. For example, their dream is a house. “I’m so happy and grateful to purchase this home. Thank you, God.” Immediately in the back of their mind is their negative mind or programming that says, “John, you’ve never made more than $2,000 a month. How can you get a house? You’ve always rented.” That cancels out the affirmation and the affirmation is never going to work.

How do we overcome the programming and the self-limited beliefs? One of the beliefs that we have in our industry is if we can get people to talk to one new person a day, it’s easy to do. As Jim Rohn says, “But it’s easy not to do.” What stops people from doing 1 or 2 people a day? “John, I’m building a business in your area and I thought of you. I am involved in an incredible eCommerce global business model and business people like you are doubling their income within the next two years. I don’t know if this is for you but would you be open to taking a look?” Great approach. It’s easy to do. It bypasses the sales filter. Why don’t people do that? It’s because of their limited beliefs.

Another example is I have a gentleman in Columbia and we’re launching in Columbia. I don’t speak Spanish but if there’s a will, there’s a way. I’m building globally. I can use technology to communicate with people. I get this pro involved in the business. He tells me that none of the people in his previous company will listen to him anymore. He’s been to a number of cryptos. He has this limited belief that he has no friends left so he won’t even approach them.

I talked about this limited belief. It’s not our job to decide for people. Our job is to share it with as much enthusiasm and let them decide if this is for them or not, or even if they want to take a look. He says, “No, Joe. I’m not going to even approach.” There was one guy on his list who was an A player and gone on to be a successful entrepreneur in other industries. He wouldn’t approach this gentleman because of that limited belief. I said, “Why don’t you introduce me to him?” He wouldn’t even do that. We’re doing a prelaunch event in Bogotá. This gentleman came into this event. That gentleman on his list came into the meeting, invited by someone else. Good lesson, it’s because of his limited beliefs.

This programming that we have stops people from taking action and believing in themselves. If we can change someone’s identity, we can change their life. Changing identity through personal development and falling in love with your dream, those tools do work over time. It takes time depending on the person’s background and programming, how emotional it is, and the emotional attachments they have to their past failures.

I have been experimenting for years about how I can get to that part of their brain that will hack into that brain and change instantly. I’ve been experimenting with it in numerous ways. I know it works because I’ve tested it myself. Before I get into that, I want to share with everybody why this is a game changer. I’m going to give everyone some studies.

When you present a new idea to people, what you want to do is come up with proof that it works. Why it works? Most people in the back of my wall say, “This would never work for me. This is too simple.” The first study was done in 1969. It’s a very famous study. It’s called the Pygmalion effect. You can google it. It was done in the US.

They took this teacher and they had these three students coming to her class, these researchers. They told the teacher that these three students were in the top 1% of the country. They were brilliant. They told the teacher not to tell anybody in the class or any of their parents, and treat them like they were every other day’s students. Those students were not in the top 1% in the country. They weren’t brilliant. They were below-average and average students.

Six months later, after the school year finished, the researchers came back. Those students ranked in the top 1% of the country. How is that possible? The belief that the teacher had in those students transferred into them and they were able to change their identity and what they could accomplish. If you change your identity, you change your life. This is why this is a very important lesson for parents, coaches, and all backgrounds when you have legitimate beliefs about people.

Leaving Nothing To Chance | Joe Garcia | Identity Hacking

Identity Hacking: Change your identity. Change your life.


With my people around the globe, my leaders, I’m always telling them that I believe in them. “You’re going to have greatness here in the near future.” I’m constantly telling them all the time this one statement because I understand the Pygmalion effect. If I can transfer my belief into them, slowly but surely, they’re going to change their identity. That’s what happened with those students.

I’ve got hundreds of these examples but there’s another study where they took 1,000 men and split them up in 2, 500 in groups of 500. They were all average-looking men of all kinds of different ages. In the first group of 500 men, they told those men that they were spraying a specific cologne, the most expensive cologne ever made on them, and it drove women crazy. You would be immediately attractive to anyone. With the other 500 men, they didn’t do anything.

They had these men parade into a room and introduce themselves to the camera. On the other side of the camera in another room, there were thousands of women. All they had to do was rate them attractive or not attractive. In the first group of 500 men, over 96% of the women ranked them as attractive. What happened? When the researchers told them about this cologne that they were spraying, they believed it. It changed their identity. They were walking into the room and felt different about themselves. They were more confident and the women picked it up.

Identity changes live and we’ve all experienced this. My dad used to tell me when I was a teenager that we were buying suits for weddings and things like that. He would pay for them. He would say, “Joe, a $100 suit is the same as a $2,000 suit. All you’re paying for is the brand name.” I grew up believing in this statement but when I bought my first $2,000 suit, it was all over. My identity changed.

I walked differently and was more confident. My body posture was different. I was more enthusiastic. I felt different. What changed there? My identity changed. People always ask me, “Joe, why are you always standing up in training on Zoom?” I tell them, “When I stand up, I have more energy and I’m more confident. My identity becomes different and voila, I get the results because of it.” When you change your identity, you change your life.

The third example will blow you away. When I first saw this, I was like, “How is this possible?” It’s this big reason why when you change your identity, even your body follows. Before COVID, they did research on the top ten most unhealthy professions in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Number three were doctors. Number four on the list were nurses. Number one on the list was hotel mates. They had the most obesity and the most health challenges.

They got together 1,000 hotel maids in these 3 countries. The researchers sat down with these hotel maids. It wasn’t logical that these women were in such poor health because they ranked in the top 1% of exercise. They had over 10,000 steps a day, which is significant in exercise. They were moving mattresses and heavy furniture. They were walking up and down stairs. These researchers went to these hotel maids and told them, “Here are the statistics of health. Look what your job is giving you every day.”

Six months later, they brought these hotel maids back to test them. Ninety-six percent of them lost weight and health challenges went away. What changed? It was their identity. They saw their job as in the top 1% tile of exercise and their bodies followed through. We have all these examples in life and also anyone who’s had any kind of success like professional athletes. When you were going to compete, and I hope you had a coach that understood this, if I could get John in the zone, what does the zone mean? He changes his identity and removes all his preconceived notions and programming. It’s always there but installs software into him that he can perform like that.

You bring up so many different things here touching so many different points, Joe, and this is amazing. That’s a good example right there. You don’t tell a kid when he’s going to get on the mat, ice, court, or field, “You’re going to lose.” If you tell a kid that, they will lose. Tell him, “You’re a winner. Whether you win or not, I’m going to be proud of you but you do the very best that you can do.” It’s amazing how kids will rise to that level of performance and then so many other intangibles and tangibles that they get dedicated to the sport that they’re in and all of that.

It’s so funny you say that. I had lunch with a buddy of mine who was on the Iranian National Wrestling team. He’s been a friend of mine for many years here. We used to train together. His name is Yusuf and we were talking about that at lunch. He’s got a daughter. I’ve got three kids. My son was not a good student. He wasn’t a bad student but he was like, “If I’m interested, I’ll do my homework. If I’m not, I won’t.”

In the first semester of college, he dropped out. All of a sudden, he finds coding. He goes to SMU, one of the premier schools in the world, not just in the United States. He goes there for a Coding course. He falls in love with it, graduates at the top of his class, and then becomes a full-stack coder. I said to him, “Fred, what changed?” He said, “The fact that the teacher believed I could do it.” On day one, the teacher said, “You’ve done all of this already.” He’s been tooling around with our industry and had a little bit of success with some things he does online. He told the teacher that. He’s in there with graduate students, people in their 40s. He was nineteen. That’s a case in point.

Another point is Maxwell Maltz wrote a book called Psycho-Cybernetics that you’ve probably read. He worked with people who had plastic surgery. They had a crooked nose, a bad eyebrow, or something. They came out and this plastic surgeon fixed whatever it was. They said, “I don’t see any difference.” Their spouse may have said, “You look great.” Their kids may have said, “You look great.” Their neighbor must have said, “You look terrific.” They didn’t see it until they changed that negative self-image to say this thing that maybe people were laughing at them or looking the other way, they had to get in that comfort zone.

Leaving Nothing To Chance | Joe Garcia | Identity Hacking

Psycho-Cybernetics, A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life

That’s the identity. Change your identity and you can do that very quickly but we have to understand those programs. I have two examples personally. When I got started in the industry, my upline would tell me, “Joe, the person with the pen is going to make the most amount of money. You got to get up on stage and present in front of big groups.” I was doing well. There was a meeting here on the East end of Toronto that was having about 250 people a week, which was one I was attending every week bringing guests. The leader who was running that meeting called me up once and said, “Joe, I would love you to do a presentation.” Cheapishly, I said, “Yes.”

John, I had so much fear after I hung up. I was sick. I didn’t know where that was coming from. Why was I scared like this? The most fear I’ve ever felt in my life is to stand up in front of a room of my peers. The day before, I’m sweating buckets. I must’ve lost 20 pounds in a week. It took over my life and I’m going back and forth, “I’m going to cancel out. I can’t do this. I’m going to make a fool of myself.” I’m in my mid-twenties and the other side of me said, “Joe, you got to do it and breakthrough.”

In the morning, the fear was so much. I made myself sick to the point where I called the leader up. His name was Bill Dutrick. I remember it like it was yesterday. I lied to him. I said, “I can’t do it. I’m sick.” Meanwhile, for 26 weeks in a row, I was going to that meeting and he knew that I was lying for whatever reason. I thought to myself, “It was the worst day of my life.” I succumbed to fear. I promised myself that I would never allow that to happen again, no matter what.

The thing is I never overcame that fear of speaking in front of people. Where did it come from? What was happening was that there was a program back in my mind, which I forgot. When I was in high school, I was to do a class presentation and I froze to the point where I couldn’t do it. My whole student classmates laughed at me. I was bullied for the next few weeks because of that. I wasn’t grown throughout the whole school. I forgot about that situation but my subconscious mind never did.

That helped me. I said, “I wish I had known this tool to do that at that time but I got to change my identity. I’m going to do it.” I plowed through. My dream was so vivid. Fall in love with your dream and it overcomes any fear. That Joe who was in high school sometimes comes out. A few years ago, I was doing a meeting in front of 25,000 people. I’m up in a huge stadium. Lights were on me and a translator was beside me. For a brief moment, Joe in high school showed up. I too anchor myself. That programming is always there.

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The second situation is on my dad’s side, everyone has diabetes, from him to his brother, his two sisters, his parents, aunts, and uncles down the line. From the time I was born, all I can remember is being fed that I was eventually going to get diabetes. You have to watch what you eat. Don’t eat too much sugar. Anytime you feel sick, they’re like, “Maybe you have diabetes. Let’s get yourself tested.”

This was pounded into my subconscious but over the years, I assumed that I got rid of it. I’ve been getting my blood tests every year and also my physicals because I want to be proactive. I work out every day. I try to eat healthy. I live a very balanced life in many aspects but I wasn’t able to do my blood tests during COVID. I went to my first blood test since COVID and my doctor called me two days later.

When the doctor’s office calls after you do tests, it’s not good news. The secretary makes an appointment for me to get back in to see him. I immediately go online to see my numbers. I was shocked. My numbers were pointing in the wrong direction like crazy. I’ve never seen it before in my life. It concerned me. Immediately at that moment, I recognized that the identity of diabetes was still playing within me.

I made up my mind and going to get retested. I went to see him. He says, “Joe, if you trend this way, there’s medication in your future.” He’s not a doctor who wants to put medication, especially with diabetes and stuff. I determined I was going to beat this in 90 days. That was my goal. I set an outcome and a process. “This is what I’m going to do. I’m going to do an extra 10 minutes of cardio and 20 more reps. I wanted to change a little bit of my workout.”

The third thing I did was how I hacked into my hardware to change the momentum. By doing that in 90 days, I went back on my blood tests and it was like a 25-year-old professional athlete. It was incredible, the transformation in 90 days. What happens? I was able to change a little bit of my activity. The big game changer is I changed my identity. It’s like that computer virus that goes in.

A good example is here in Toronto, the SickKids Hospital, developed a new technology. This is brilliant. It’s for kids who cannot hear or are deaf. They put in this specific virus. This virus entered the hardware behind the eardrum. They took the eardrum out and put this virus in that triggers the synopsis of the ear, and made these kids hear again for the first time in their lives.

It’s the same thing. When you hack your brain, you’re able to overcome the programming and the limited beliefs that continue to go on. Here’s the number one. As leaders for anyone who’s built a sizable group in the industry, you know what happens is you get people that struggle and leaders that plateau and say, “John, I don’t understand. I’m doing all the right things but my team’s not working. My sales have dropped 50%. I’m getting concerned. What can I do? Can you help me?”

Here’s the thing, John. There’s a law called the Law of Resonance. It’s more powerful than the Law of Attraction. One thing we all have to understand with these universal laws that God created is you can’t change them. They’re imprinted into the DNA fabric of this universe. The Law of Resonance, when you google the definition and I’m going to paraphrase, is how you see the world, the world or universe will respond to it.

Leaving Nothing To Chance | Joe Garcia | Identity Hacking

Identity Hacking: How you see the world, the world will respond back to you, or your universe respond to it.


For example, if you feel that your wife is lazy, what’s going to happen is over the next several weeks, the universe is going to continue to give you more things to show you that she is lazy and you’re going to be convinced of it. It’s like a lot of the political stuff in the US, even here in Canada and globally, where people are calling themselves left or right. When you merely put a label on something, you limit your beliefs. What happens is the universe will always give you how you see the world. You’re never able to grow outside of those paradigms, the Law of Resonance.

In network marketing and building our teams, people can prospect, build teams very fast, and sell a lot of products but a huge percentage in this industry of leaders after two years, things fall apart. It’s because of their limited beliefs in so many areas, like confrontation. If you have a confrontation with one of your team members, it happens all the time. Would you rather be right or rich? When someone’s yelling at me or is very strong in their opinions of something, and they want to chew me out or send me a long email, I’m always asking myself, “Do I want to be right or rich?” They can hammer me left and right. I’m not going to create enough drama where it takes them out of the business. I’m going to look for solutions. It’s because it’s how they see themselves in the world.

Another great example is when one of my leaders came to me and said, “Joe, I need your opinion. I’m thinking of divorcing my husband.” My mistake was I said, “Why?” I thought they were a great couple and everything else. There’s no way. She asked, “What do you think?” There’s no way I’m ever going to break up a marriage or a family because commitment and loyalty are 2 of my top 5 values. I honor them.  When I asked her why, she came up with hundreds of reasons, one by one. After she was finished, I said, “Here’s what I’d like you to do.” She was convinced.

The world was showing her constantly, the universe, all those things the reasons why she should divorce him. “All I want you to do in the next 30 days is find one good thing about him every single day. Why did you fall in love with him? Just one good thing and start adding them to the list.” 30 days later, she came back to me and said, “Joe, you saved my marriage. You changed my life.” I understood the process of changing one’s identity. All I did was change her identity and how she saw her husband. She was so focused on him not cleaning dishes, not emptying the dishwasher, not supporting her when she needed him in the business, not growing enough, and those kinds of things.

When you ask the right questions to this perfect universe that God created, the universe will always start searching for the right answers for you but if you ask the wrong question like, “Why isn’t my team growing? Why can’t I sell more products? Why can’t I recruit more people? Why is my team lazy? Why did my team only have five people in the event,” you’re going to get more of that. The way you see the world is how the world’s going to respond. I’m going to show you a technique. In asking those right questions at the right time, you’re going to be able to hack into your hardware and change your identity in these areas.

When you mentioned belief, and I’d like you to talk about this for a minute, I think of Man’s Search for Meaning. It’s a great book by Viktor Frankl about the Holocaust. The people who survived and had that belief system, “I’m going to see my kids, my mother, or my dog again,” whether they did or didn’t, they were the ones who per capita survived that horror versus the ones who just went in and said, “Kill me now.” I’m paraphrasing it. Maybe that’s not the right thing to do but if we take the worst of humanity as an example like that, all we’re doing is building a business. How does somebody get through all the stuff you mentioned, all those negatives? We’ve all been there. I’ve asked myself those questions. You’ve asked yourself those questions.

Stop asking those questions. Let me give you some questions that are a game changer. For those of you who are Christians or even non-Christians, inarguably, Jesus Christ was the most impactful person who’s lived on this planet. Muhammad, based on the numbers, is maybe the second. Matthew 7:7, and I’m paraphrasing, says, “Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find it. Knock on the door and the door will be open to you.” He didn’t say to make sure you’re going to not say negative questions because he understood that if you ask the wrong questions, the universe is going to give you more of that because of our belief systems.

Anthony Robbins’ book, Unlimited Power, was my first personal development book ever. He has a whole chapter in there on asking the right questions. In his show on Netflix called I’m Not Your Guru, it shows him in front of the mirror. This is how he gets himself up. He says, “Why is a massive abundance coming down on me for my dreams, goals, and intentions?” He’s asking that caution but that’s how we’re getting him in that state.

What I’ve done is I’ve been experimenting with this for a few years. These are things I’ve trained on the higher leadership because it’s important to understand the awareness. That’s why I give people all these examples and research of identity and how that plays in our lives. Our income in life will never outgrow our self-worth. How we change our self-worth is by changing our identity in so many areas. Like those men with the perfume, they were changed immediately.

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What I do is in the mornings, I do this ritual. I tape my voice on my iPhone. I have these questions put into my iPhone for two minutes. I put on the earphones. What I do is get myself in a meditative state. I turn on some meditating music to get myself calm. I count from 10 down to 1. For those of you who meditate or are good at that, you can get yourself in that meditative voice and then turn on the music. Turn on your audio and then repeat those questions to yourself all the time before you fall asleep as you’re going into that theta level.

That theta level is where your mind is most programmable. Before you fall asleep, start asking yourself those questions. What happens is your mind during that whole night is working on, with the universe, giving you what you want. This is why when you even use it in prayer, it becomes very powerful. Most people in prayer are asking God the wrong questions. “Why am I poor? Why am I struggling? Why do I always have too much month at the end of the money?” Sure enough, they’re going to consistently get more of that constantly. You ask the right questions, they think so.

For money, “Why am I so great at making, keeping, and multiplying money?” For dreams and goals, “Why do my dreams and goals come to me with ease and speed? Why am I so great at attracting and building leaders in my organization every day and helping my team do this same thing? What’s better than that or why is it that my team not growing?”

For fitness, this is what I said to overcome my hacking diabetes. “Why am I so fit, muscular, and healthy like a professional athlete?” The body responded. The difference between that and, “I am so happy and grateful I purchased a home,” is you’re creating a statement that your programming immediately cancels out it. What I find is you do this, along with determining what you want in life, your destination. What’s the first thing you do when you go to a place, John?

When you’re in Toronto, you need to go to that hotel. You went to the wrong hotel and so did I. You put in the coordinates in the GPS and it takes you there. Without it, we’re going to end up at the wrong destination usually. In the old days, we would use a map and read maps. This is how we get that there. Our lives are built the same way. This is why so many people continue to struggle in life. They’re paddling upstream. You know what happens when you paddle upstream? You never get up there. What you want to do is paddle downstream where all the momentum is.

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Hacking in this area has been a game changer for me and a lot of the team members that I’ve helped in this area. It’s logical. We know that for everyone that we get started that’s interested in building a business, it’s changing their identity. Every coach should know that. “I got to change that identity.” Kobe Bryant did it because he had the hunger and desire. How did he change his identity to become the best he could be? He figured that he would get up at 5:00 in the morning to do his workouts and that everybody else, his peers, was getting up at 8:00. He figured he had three hours on them shooting baskets. In those three hours, over time, he created the belief that he would become better than everybody else. That’s how he changed his identity.

I think of Dan Gable, the 1972 Olympic champion and the icon of the sport of wrestling in the United States and even around the world. That’s what he used to do. He trained seven hours a day to prepare for the Olympics. He would not quit a workout until he could psychologically see his opponent from Russia because he beat the rest of the Russians in the finals, which he did.

When he could see that guy in the shower, putting his stuff on to go home, he wouldn’t get off the exercise bike. He’d push it harder. Whether it was Bryant, Gable, or anyone great in anything, business, the arts, athletics, or whatever you want to look at, that’s the difference between the people who make it and the people who get to day nineteen and say, “This didn’t work out.”

I think of that great scene in Rocky Round 14. David Goggins talks about this a lot. I love this analogy. You watch that scene. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, pull it up from Google or YouTube. It’s the scene where Carl Weathers is hitting Rocky Balboa or Sylvester Stallone killing him. He knocked him down 3 or 4 times. All of a sudden, you look at Stallone and he’s beating and he’s beat up. He wants to quit. All of a sudden, he gets up and you can see in Carl Weathers’s eyes, the guy who played Apollo Creed, “This guy’s insane. It’s going to take a lot to beat him.”

That’s how we got to get ourselves in our industry. It’s something you say that I love, Joe. You love your dream. Why you’ve been successful? You’ve done everything else to become successful but more than anything else, there is nothing that’s going to stop Joe Garcia from the dream that Joe Garcia had many years ago about the life that you wanted to create for yourself, your wife, and your kids. Nothing was going to stop you. You got a lot of things that have been in the way but you’ve overcome them. How have you done that?

It’s my dream. I was asking myself the right questions. Most people would say I’m very positive. I don’t accept defeat in anything. Commitment and loyalty are two of my strongest values in life. I exhibit it in everything I do. I used to remember as a kid that I believed that in any fist fight I got involved in, I would win no matter how big the guy was because he would never outlast me, no matter how many times I got hit. That was a belief that I had.

What happens when you’re following all of your dreams and you work on yourself every day, not every other day, once a week, or twice a week, every day becomes your habit and part of your lifestyle. By doing that, you’re going to grow your mind and beliefs. The other thing that’s happened to me is I’ve grown globally and visited globally. My religious beliefs have changed. The spiritual part of myself has grown being exposed to so many different cultures.

Leaving Nothing To Chance | Joe Garcia | Identity Hacking

Identity Hacking: Work on yourself every day, not every other day, not once a week, not twice a week. Every day becomes a habit of yours and part of your lifestyle. Just by doing that, you’re going to grow your mind and grow your beliefs.


One of the questions that I ask constantly is, what are some of the beliefs that I have that are holding me back? It’s powerful to attain what you want in life. I’d rather be rich than win. That’s a belief. Winning is not important in an argument. It’s seeing past that forest or jungle to get to your destination. The biggest thing that we all have to overcome is those deep programming. The ones that are most emotional, anything surrounding finances and relationships, are the two areas that we have the most difficulty with because of the deep programming.

You referenced this with your diabetes situation. How important is self-positive talk?

The negative talk is all the programming. It’s almost impossible to manage your thoughts. Researchers have found that we think about 80,000 thoughts a day or whatever it is. It’s better to manage your feelings because when you’re off track, you’re thinking about everything that you don’t want. If you’re feeling bad, you’re thinking about everything that you don’t want. It’s a feeling of joy. When you’re joyful, you’re thinking about everything that you want. If you learn how to manage your feelings, which I’ve gotten good at over the years, no matter what the situation is, I’m always in a calming situation.

When my dad passed away, I knew I needed to be there for my family. I focus on gratitude. That helped me with the mourning process, on the day of the funeral, and all those things that I had to do for my mother. I focused on gratitude rather than all the crying and drama around that. By handling your emotions as a leader, it’s important. You’ve seen it in our business. The leaders who can’t handle their emotions and work with their teams create major issues. You can destroy a team overnight.

Joe, in wrapping up, one thing people can change, reading this blog, what would it be?

I’m having déjà vu here many times over. One thing is you have to fall in love with your dream. That’s the secret to life. These hacks and software that I’ve given you will work on your hardware because you want it. You’ll overcome the nineteenth-day quitting curve. My recommendation to everybody is to try this hack for 30 days. Make sure you do that every single day, exactly the way I’ve shown you. If you want the notes to this, I’ll send them to you so people can download them.

Try it for 30 days. Every day, twice a day, be disciplined. Overcome that nineteenth day and start writing down little things that are showing up in your life because this will help you in the belief that things are happening. It’s like when you get on your product, John. You got an incredible product and people are so sick. They have all these ailments and they start to feel good. They forget how they felt when their knees or ankles were hurting. They had a hard time waking up. As a reminder, this is how I feel now and then 5 or 10 days later, this is how I feel. It’s documentation.

Joe, this has been amazing as always. Tell them again where to get that booklet because I read that when we first met a few years ago. It’s amazing. Tell them once again so it’s fresh in their mind.


Joe, thank you so much. You’re traveling a great deal here the next little time.

This came up to me on the feeling of identity. I bet you’ll recruit more people doing that pool than in front of the stage because you change your identity. If you know that you have a belief, 100%, that’s helping you with your health. That’s a personal observation about you.

Thank you and it’s right. When I started to go into cold water, it did. It was a game-changer in my inflammation but it was mentally a game-changer. When you do that early in the day, the rest of the day is easy. What else am I going to do but go in 45, 41, or 39-degree water first thing in the morning? What else that day is going to be that challenging? Not a whole lot, hopefully. It’s a mental game.

You changed your identity and built it up so strong that it’s helped you in so many other areas and your body followed. The key part is if you didn’t change your identity during that process, you would not get the benefits. It’s like the people that were fearful of COVID and they ended up getting COVID because of their identity. I don’t think I got sick during that time or even had the illness. Even if I had, and chances are I did, it did not do anything in my body because of my identity and health. It’s important to understand this part of ourselves. It is a game-changer. If you take this blog and re-read it over and over again, and develop the belief of identity change, you can do it very quickly. Great things will happen in your life.

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Joe, as always, I learned so much listening to you. You were a great mentor, teacher, leader, and thought leader. Folks, read the stuff that Joe shared with you. He shared in less than an hour wisdom that not only going to change your business, which is important, but your life is 100 times more important than your business. Your business is part of your life, not the other way around. Everything he talked about with belief and changing identity are game-changers with your spouse, children, grandchildren, neighbors, and community. Listen to what he shared, re-read this blog, download it, and have your families read it because it’s a life changer, as well as a business changer.

Leave nothing to chance.

Thank you so much, Joe.


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