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Sandy Chambers shares her journey of learning, traveling, and constantly finding ways to improve. Known to be the best “closer” and an inspiring leader, she also shares insights on how you can build your network through connections, turn prospects into clients, find opportunities in every situation, the importance of being coachable, and how recognition plays into motivating employees to keep going and further reach their goals. As a bonus, Sandy tells us how you can effectively market your business even from the comforts of your home.

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Sandy Chambers On “Legendary Leadership Of Over 4 Decades And Counting”

This is going to be a fun interview because nobody laughs more than Sandy Chambers. I’ve known this lady now for many years and she’s always had a great attitude. She has always been a pleasure to be around, to work with, and always has a smile for me. Sandy, we’ve known each other so long. I will never forget going to the car wash with you. It was April and there was still 2-feet of snow in winter. You had just got a BMW Convertible. We pulled it into the carwash and something happened with my car window and the passenger side.

The carwash wouldn’t start. We sat there and it didn’t move. I said, “Johnny, pull down your window. Why it’s not moving?”

It could still be a little bit cold.

As you stuck your head out the window, all the snow started to come off.

I got a shower. That was so funny but one of many things. Sandy, how long are you in the industry?

Many years. I started as a baby.

You were young when you started like a lot of young parents. They started to make supplemental money. Sandy was featured in Leave Nothing to Chance. In that book, was there a favorite principle that you like?

One of my favorite principles is to be coachable. It never ceases to amaze me how people come into network marketing. They always think that they know everything and that they don’t have to learn anything. Between you and me, I don’t know about a profession or a job that you don’t get trained to do something. Many people come in, they bomb and get out as fast as they get in because they are not coachable. They don’t think they need to learn. To me, the most important is to learn all that you can learn. Network Marketing is the best professional and personal development course you can take, and you will grow as a person, as a business person and it will grow your business.

It’s important to get yourself a mentor to be open to learning. I was one of them. I thought I knew everything. I was a teacher. I had a university degree. I thought I could teach my owner of the business of thing or two, bring her up to date. She had been many years in the business. What does she know? For three weeks, I did reasonably well. I was very lucky. My friends said, “I want to put you together with seven people.” I booked from those people for three months then all of a sudden, my business came to a halt. I would not be here if I had stopped going to meetings. I went to every event, every meeting, and I was fully convinced that nobody was wearing skincare anymore.

They weren’t buying it from me, therefore nobody was buying it. When I went to those classes, and Monday night meetings, people would be rushing up. The recognition was very big with that company and they would tell you how much they sold that week. I had to look at myself and say, “What’s wrong with me? It’s not this product or the business. It’s me.” That’s when I started going to everything. I went to things that are outside the company.

I read books such as Leave Nothing To Chance, Think and Grow Rich, and all those great books. I took courses in Personal Development. That is why I became successful in network marketing. I invested in myself. I recommend that to everybody that does that. When I go to a banquet, I try to sit beside the most successful person I could find and ask some questions, “What makes you great? What did you do that led you to your success?” That’s important, always learning and be coachable.

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You make great points there. One of which has mentorship because you’ve mentored many people who were extremely successful in the industry. The fact that you are many years in the business. You have been super successful. You have been around the world but are still willing to say, “I don’t know at all. Let me sit with somebody and get their perspective or what they are doing now that may be is working that I haven’t thought of or exposed to.” Success leaves clues. Somebody like Sandy Chambers understands that we can never know it all. Let’s face it, technology wasn’t there when we started.

We didn’t have a fax machine when I started.

For anybody under 40, we used to have to mail things to companies. You would sign somebody up, you get so excited, then you go stand in the line in the post office. Somewhere on my desk and said, “It’s a real mess.” When I started my company years ago, I did a cassette tape. I’ve shared this story with Randy Gage, Larry Thompson, Dan McCormick, Jeff Weisberg, and all the other old-timers that I talked to in the industry. My son, a few two years ago is cleaning the garage. He found a cassette tape and he comes into the house. He says, “Dad, what is this?”

“I start the sales pitch because I had interviewed the two doctors between the product. This is where we started.” He goes, “I don’t care about that. What is this?” He has never seen a cassette tape before. I’m thinking, “Wow. How do we evolve?” Now, we just hit it on our phone and there it goes, all the information you would ever want to know about whatever it is we are marketing. You have been to a lot of places. I know you’ve done a lot of traveling over the years. Have you ever sat down and added up all the countries you have been to?

When you asked me how many countries, I got out of the map and stopped at fifteen. There are at least fifteen countries I have been in repeatedly. There have been some that I would never believe I would ever have had an opportunity to go to like Estonia, Croatia, and Russia. I’m glad I went there when I did, not now. I have had this business, that network marketing has been so wonderful to me because I had an opportunity to travel the world, take my kids with me and see the world. When you are seeing it with friends, particularly, you become good friends. You and I have known each other for many years, we can pick up the phone at any time. That’s what lifelong friends are. You get so many of them in this industry but to travel with them is amazing.

One of the most memorable nights I ever had was in Venice. I saw a couple of little tables by the canal. It was a tiny little restaurant. I said, “I want to eat here tonight.” They had crisp white tablecloth roses on the table. You know me and the ambiance, I love it. As we are sitting there, the look goes by, the sun is setting and the guy is singing that famous opera song that you hear on the Gondola we said, “Isn’t this surreal?” I will always remember that night. That was so cool.

Is there a second one you can think of?

Russia was interesting to me more because we had an opportunity to sit and talk to our tourist guide. You are not allowed in Russia unless you have a guide or a Russian visa. To get a Russian visa, you have to give up your visa for half a year while they investigate you and then send you a Russian visa back. We had an opportunity to talk to her and it was very interesting to see how they live, and their cultures. I’m always fascinated with the cultures of other people. In traveling, you get to understand people on a deeper level.

You don’t resent their culture or their accents. If you have been there and you know what they’ve gone through and how they live, it has been amazing. Going to Russia and seeing the cathedrals and the palace is dripping in gold and thinking a lot of that was built after the Second World War. Their people are starving to death. It was something to see and experience.

Let’s talk about this a little bit because you’ve had a great life because of network marketing. You’ve also raised three kids that are all doing well as well. They will get their educations paid for by indirectly network marketing. They are all doing great. I know they are doing different things in their own professional lives. We are living in a weird time, and you just referenced what’s going on in Russia, Ukraine, and the economy there in Canada, the United States, and the rest of the world.

We do have people listen to us in about 70 countries. Before the pandemic, let’s say there was a family, a mom, and a daughter. They lived down the street from me there in Winnipeg. They were doing well. Let’s say that the daughter is now about 25 years old that she went to school, did her job, got good grades, and did everything that a parent wants their kid to do. She did everything right, came out of school, got that first job, was doing well, then all of a sudden endemic comes, go home, no work.

LNC 77 | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: Some people retire and sit in front of the television sets, and that’s their day and night. We’re not static people; we’re either growing or decaying. So, which would you rather be?


Let’s say the mom is about 60 or 65. The mom did the same thing. She raised her family, spent years working in the industry, whatever it happened to be, upper-level management, did well and was starting to say, “Kids are grown. Maybe it’s time to put my feet up.” All of a sudden here comes the pandemic and things change. Prior to the pandemic, mom and daughter probably had not considered our type of business as something that they wanted to do. Not that they necessarily were up or down on it.

They didn’t consider it because they were doing their own thing and do it reasonably well. All of a sudden, we have this environment where we’ve got tens of millions of people throughout the world who have either been displaced by the pandemic or replaced because of the pandemic. All of a sudden, the boss said, “I had twenty people doing this. I can get away with five doing it from home. You fifteen go figure out something else,” whatever the circumstance was. They are walking down the street there and it’s a nice day in Winnipeg.

They say, “Sandy has been in that type of business for decades. She has been successful at it. She lives a nice life. She’s a nice lady.” They come over and knock on your door and they say, “Sandy, can we sit with you for 30 or 45 minutes and pick, your brain because we are thinking of getting involved. We don’t have a company necessarily in mind but the business model, all of a sudden appeals to us.” A 25-year-old has all the internet skills, IT skills and everything else as well that they can utilize in our business now.

The 65-year-old has tremendous contact capital because she has been in business a long time here in Winnipeg. She knows everybody from the mayor to the police chief, etc. They both have all the things that you and I know are tangible assets. How do you get that in their thinking so that they act on it and get involved in our great industry?

When you are talking to a 25-year-old, do you want to kind of use their language? I don’t refer to it as network marketing with them. I refer to them as an online eCommerce platform. They understand that. I talk to them about how they can develop their own team of people that are networking online. That seems to appeal to them.

What is nice is a lot of 25-year-olds don’t have the financial responsibilities that an older person has, so they might have more time and ability to build their business. With training, they can go right to the top. Some young people think it’s a disadvantage but I have seen 25-year-olds be number one in their company. With that advantage of technology, it’s amazing what they can do. They seem to understand about all the things that you and I struggle with.

I remember one young girl said, “I’m putting this on this platform.” I’m thinking, “What?” They have a golden opportunity to be their own boss. What appealed to me personally, when I looked at network marketing was there’s no ceiling to what you can make. In my day being a woman, if I took the same job as a man, that man got paid more for doing the same job, the same length of time of experience, and everything else. To me, network marketing is very fair to both sexist. Women do very well in network marketing as you well know. What I love for 25-year-olds is they can create their own paycheck. They can go right to the top. They don’t have to start at minimum wage.

When life throws you something like a pandemic, many people were caught with no job or sitting at home and the government paying them to just stay at home. That would have been a perfect time to network. I found that the pandemic didn’t change my life that much because I’m used to working from home and on the phone. The only thing was that it was easier to find everybody because they were at home. It was a very positive thing for me. For the older person being 65, I can personally tell you that I would much rather spend the money that I’m making as commissions than spend my savings. To me, I liked the new money flowing in every day. That’s what I spend. I don’t spend my savings.

I want to invest that, and keep that going because, in my family, everybody lasts from 96 to 100 years old. I got a long way to go yet to support myself. The other thing that’s very attractive to 65-year-olds, they are very well-connected. They probably know that everybody is in this together. The interesting thing about network marketing I find is when the economy is struggling, MLM thrives.

People are all looking for a plan B, including the new retiree or the person that was forced to retire early. It’s an awesome opportunity to take that and to make it be a positive for you in adding your income to what you are taking home if you are taking home anything. The other thing I’ve found is the tax benefits. I don’t know about other countries but in Canada, you have to sell your REITs and retired savings income, and you get to pay tax on it.

What’s better than having all the tax benefits of a home-based business is to offset that. The other thing that people may not be thinking about is I think I’m mentally more adaptable than a lot of people my age. I find that some of my friends repeat themselves or can’t remember things, and there’s the odd word I don’t remember either but I’m so mentally alert because I’m in business. Some people retire. They sit in front of the television set. That’s their day and night.

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We are not static people. We are either growing or predecaying. Which would you rather be? I find that I’m living the perfect life because I’m now getting a residual income from my company. I do put in a few hours every day when I have time to go to a garden party that I told you about or go golfing and meet other people. That’s the other thing about network marketing. Never feel guilty about going golfing, having a hobby or a club because that’s where you are going to meet people. It increases your business by getting out there and meeting people.

You made a lot of great points but there are two I want to pick up on. One of which is for anybody in our age group, over 60, we don’t know how long we are going to live, first of all. My father’s family dies young. My mother died at 92. My aunt is about to be 92 or her sister. We don’t know. There’s no crystal ball but along those lines, no matter how long you are going to live, the longer you don’t start to take your Social Security or your social insurance in Canada, the longer you don’t take it, the more it is when you do take it, when you have to take it. Statistically, here in the US it’s up to 72 and you have to take it away or they penalize you. The longer you don’t take it for it, every year, it goes up.

You have an active income from MLM, network marketing, party plan or any kind of a direct selling entity like you and I are involved. The longer you don’t touch that money, the greater the money is when you ultimately need it. You can push it off much longer. That’s one thing. The other thing is the social aspect. We talked about this before the show. Sandy is very involved with a lot of different things in her community. You mentioned golf, for example.

In our business, we tell our distributors, “Go golf. Go get a foursome with 3 guys or 3 women you don’t know because what are they? They are new contacts.” Whether it’s golfing, gardening, fishing, or whatever it is as long as it’s not a solitary thing, you are always going to be meeting new people with that you can share your product, “How come you feel great today and I don’t. It’s 100 degrees?” “I’m thinking of investing.” Let’s get off network marketing and we will come back. I got a couple of network marketing questions for you. Along those lines, you started a second career as an actress.

It’s connections. My girlfriend dragged me into it. Her husband owns the whole block of commercial buildings. One of them, he rented to Hallmark. Two other film companies had come to him earlier and he had paid for his legal fees. His lawyers set up the lease. At the last minute, they bailed on him. He wasn’t excited when Hallmark came knocking. He says, “My wife wants to play in one of your movies. That’s the deal-breaker, and she has a friend.” “It’s done. They are in.”

We were extras on the set. When you see all those beautiful Christmas lights, you have to have darkness to see those lights. In Winnipeg, it doesn’t get dark until 10:30 at night. Here we are playing, we are called in at 3:00 in the afternoon, and we are out at 5:00 in the morning. 2 or 3 nights of that and I had to be cooped. It was a lot of fun.

I met an old networking friend that I’ve never seen before but we have been on the phone a lot. He sat down at the table with me and started to mention networking and whatnot. I said, “What’s your last name? Many years ago, we were at each other, trying to get each other in our businesses, and never did but here it is, acting.”

I met a lot of people from a lot of different backgrounds. It would be a very good networking experience. I know the hairdresser was very interested in hearing about what we had to offer. She was one that I got back to. In every experience, I always say, “Go for everything that comes your way.” It’s living a fuller life and it’s fun. Now I have a clear understanding of what goes on in the movies. I’m now watching the background more than I’m watching what it’s supposed to be seeing.

What’s the name of the movie?

Christmas Disconnect.

Will it be out this 2022?

LNC 77 | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: Never feel guilty about having a hobby or a club because that’s where you’re going to meet people. It just increases your business by getting out there and meeting people.


Probably, December 2022 on Hallmark. I got a talking part. My girlfriend kept saying, “I wonder if I recognize the actors. I hope we get to meet them.” They separated us and I got to be on the street. I’m his clue. When I start walking, that’s when he walks. When he met me on the street, he says, “Merry Christmas.” They told me not to open my mouth because my voice will carry on his mic. What do I say? The twentieth time going back and forth, I’m like, “Merry Christmas.” I come back to my friend and said, “I’ve got a speaking part with the actor,” just to get a rise out of it. She’s like, “We could do this twice a week, that would be awesome.”

Think of all these networkers reading our show around the world, and Hallmark is going to go, “We got to have those women again.”

We are advertising for them. They are one of the best companies to ever work for. They were so considerate and looking after you every step of the way and were always pleased that we came. It was quite nice.

I like their movies. They make nice and clean movies. Before my mom passed away, I used to watch Hallmark movies through the nursing home. We got to go up and watched them. Some she had already seen 4 or 5 times. Unfortunately, she forgot she had seen them but we would watch them. I was like, “It’s nice to hold some stories.”

The decorations are unbelievable. When the darkness descendant on that little town, because we had to go to Carmen, which is a little tiny town, one hour West of Winnipeg. When the lights went down, it came up like brilliant. The whole block was decorated with lights.

Let’s go back to networking. You started so many people over these many years. What’s your secret? What’s your magic? You get me started. What are you telling me? How do you guide me?

I get them to tell me a lot of things. The number one thing is to not see this person. Sometimes people will sign them up and say, “My job is done.” That’s when your job begins. I call it 48-hour training but I like to start the training long before the 48 hours. Everybody is excited when they first start. They might be a bit nervous as well as I was when I started but the excitement level is at the highest level it ever going to be. That’s when you want them to start working. Every day that passes, that excitement is dropping until they get their first sale or the first person to come in then the excitement level goes back up.

What I like to do right away, as soon as I signed them up, I want to know their why, “What is it that you expect from this business? How do you see your life-changing with this business?” I found it interesting early in my career. People rarely work for money. A lot of people will work for recognition and for what money can buy them, not the particular dollar.

I want to know what is it that they expect and want? I even talked to them about doing vision boards. I took a lot of courses on vision boards one time and did leadership training with it. It’s a magical thing that what you put on that board and you look at every single day, you’ve got a 90% chance of achieving it. If it’s a car you want, you go to the dealership, get the pitch share, have exactly the model you want, and put it on your board.

If it’s travel you want, where do you want to go? What style of travel do you want to do? Put it on your board and look at it every single day. The mind is the most important thing in networking. Whatever you can think about, you can create and achieve. If you think you can’t, you can’t. It’s important to make a vision board. I want to know what their first goals are. I will set them up with a small goal, to begin with. I want them to feel some success right away. It might be, “Make a list of 10, 15 or 20 people that you would like to work with, have fun working with or people that have a need that they’ve told you about. Make a list and I want to see you tomorrow.”

If they don’t come, I give them another chance. Three chances and they are out because you also don’t want to waste your time. Some people are never going to do it. Some people will. What I do is I set them up to win, and so that they feel some success. What we have been doing a lot is doing business launches. I like them to be casual, small, and comfortable. They are scared to talk to their people about this. They are afraid of them saying no and whatnot. Let’s get them together for a coffee around the kitchen table, 4 or 5 people. Let’s have a launch in your house. I will come and be the speaker. It won’t be like a big meeting or anything else.

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These people are usually their best friends and say, “This is what we want to do as a team.” Quite often, all of them join. Now I’ve got five business launches to do. When it gets out of hand, I will have them all. I remember one group, she had six people come. All six joined. The next week we decided to have another launch in somebody’s house and they brought eighteen people.

Everybody brought their people and then it went to 30, 40 and 50. We had momentum going very quickly. That is what you are trying to achieve. Momentum is key. These launches have worked very well. it doesn’t cost much to put on a cup of coffee. Even during the pandemic, you can do it online like we are doing on Zoom. Have your launch like that.

That’s basically how I like to get them started. I asked them to be coachable. I asked permission to coach them because if you start telling people, “It would be better to do it this way,” A lot of people might take that as you criticizing them. If you’ve asked, “Is it okay to give you a tip or would you allow me to coach you?” They say yes, then everything you say will be taken properly.

It would be taken as it was intended to help them grow. I learned this from my very first company. If you have to critique somebody, you could treat them between two thick slabs of praise. It’s like a sandwich, praise, critique, praise. It would go something like, “John, you are a master at this business but if you just tweaked this a little bit, I bet you would have the best invitation going,” so that they feel good when you are finished talking to them.

You want to know what their goal is as well because if you are talking about them making $5,000 a month but they are looking at $500 a month, they don’t think $5,000 is believable and vice versa it’s an insult. If somebody wants big bucks that you are talking to them about an extra hundred dollars, that’s insulting. You want to know where they are at. You want to make sure that their goals are realistic. How much time do they have? What I like to do is set them up for a roadmap. We know our comp plans of the companies that we are in. Most comp plans are a good road map. This is what you do first. This is what you achieve, then you move along.

You want them to have their expectations in check so that they are not disappointed right away. The one good thing and bad thing about network marketing are it’s the cheapest business to get into. Nowhere else can you get in for less money into your own business. Yet the bad thing about it is it’s easy to leave because you don’t have much money on the line. If you had bought a franchise that millions of dollars, you wouldn’t be out the door with the first no.

You would be learning over and over what it takes to make it a success. What we hope to do is by showing and leading them from one small success to the next right to the top. That’s how I get my people started. I show them that, “This rank is where you want to be but this is what we have to do to get there. This is going to be about the amount of time it’s going to take you and I’m with you every step of the way.”

What’s so nice about that is you give them a roadmap and they also know what predictable income is. As they achieve those ranks, “This is what you are going to make,” then they can find that time and not watch the hockey game on the night, the baseball game or whatever else it is that they got to sacrifice to put the time in.

I had a lady once. She had a handicapped child and had a very good full-time job with the Post Office. She noticed that the children did better when their mothers were stay-at-home moms than when they were working moms. Her goal was to make as much money to replace her income, so she could stay at home. She said she put her child to bed at 9:00 every night. It was easy just to collapse and go to bed herself after she got her child in bed. It was not knowing, “If I do this, I will be at the next level. I can make this. I’m this much closer to staying at home with my daughter.” That is what kept her going over the months and finally didn’t leave.

Let’s go back to something you mentioned, recognition. I don’t know if you remember this or not but you probably do. You and I were in Vancouver together when we were working together in a company many moons ago.

It’s not the time that you gave me the hairdryer and it was actually a towel?

LNC 77 | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: The mind is the most important thing in networking. Whatever you can think about, you can create and achieve. If you think you can’t, you can’t.


I had two older sisters. You, Arlene, Joan, and all the women I worked with were like my sisters. Tell us about that story. Let’s go back to that because you sponsored the company we were in there. You sponsored a guy who had been the top recognition, one year for the company that you were in prior. It was a female-dominated company. We sat down and he shared with us his strategy along with everything that you shared there about recognition of how he would buy inexpensive jewelry as an incentive.

This was eye-opening to me. I wasn’t a lot younger but I didn’t have the experience that I have now. It’s not all about the money. As a guy, it was almost about the check, honestly. It was like, “I get rewarded. I don’t care about it.” You will appreciate this because you know me so well. I stayed at your house so many times. I can’t lose anything. I had so many pins through the years from different companies. At the last event, I was supposed to go to, I was supposed to wear my pin for being the top rank and the grand pool bought all stuff. I had to borrow one from my friend, Sandy Walper. I called her, “Do you have an extra one?” She’s like, “Yeah. Where’s yours?” “I don’t know but I know my last check was.”

I don’t know whether that’s a male perspective or a me-perspective. It’s probably my me-perspective as much as there’s anything. Let’s go back to that because he and you made an interesting point on recognition. You have been so good at it. You grew up in an industry and a company that was good at it and your company now. I understand you are good at but talk about that a little bit that not everybody works for the check. We all want the check but there’s more to this to get somebody to reach those incremental steps that will eventually lead to the income perhaps that they want. Talk about that a little bit.

When you think about it, not everybody gets recognized. Very few people get recognized. For example, if you are working in a job for somebody else, how often does your boss come and say, “What a super job you are doing, John.” He probably will come and say, “Did you get this or that done yet?” People are seldom recognized. I know the business that I was in there was always looking for housewives to enter the field of direct sales.

I would clean the entire house but my husband noticed no. I would spend the whole day. Everything was immaculate. It was beautiful. He wouldn’t notice it. Very few people got recognized ever in their life. The whole thing is when people are recognized, they want to do more recognition, and then it promotes them right through the ranks to the top because they want to be on stage.

They want that trip. More important than the trip, they want people to know they are taking that trip. I know when Rob, the man you were talking about, we used to have gold rings. You had to do something to get the gold ring, and then you would add a diamond for everything that you did. It was called an added diamond ring. People would turn themselves inside out to get the diamond to go with that ring. That didn’t cost as much. It was more like caution jewelry. It looked like good stuff but it didn’t sparkle like the real thing. They were real diamonds but low grade. It didn’t cost as much to give them out. We made a lot of money from what they had to do to get it.

It was a win-win for everybody because they were so excited to be wearing all this jewelry but it was mainly the recognition that people were dying for. Before a big event, most of your people, I know I teach it and say, “We are going to have a big convention. Where do you want to be on stage? Are you going to be in the back row watching or are you going to be on stage getting recognized for something?” Even myself, I’ve worked hard to be on that stage for that particular convention. This is the rank I want to be at.

I interviewed about 80 people on this show and one of them was Paul Blanchard. Paul is now the President of the Og Mandino Foundation. He helped start that. They do a lot of work with the Og Mandino Foundation and Og’s books. Prior to that, he was in the registration office and process for Jack Welch Management Institute. They are CEOs and CFOs, super high-level management people in corporations. I asked him that same question about that in reference to Jack Welch. I said, “What kind of guy was he?” He said, “He was big on recognition.” I said, “How so?”

He was running the largest corporation on the planet at the time. He would get word that this department had saved the company $0.05 on screws or something that they were using for whatever it was they were making. He would stop a board meeting. He would say, “I got to make a call.” He called that manager. He would say, “Get your team around.” They get their team around and all of a sudden, they had the CEO of the company on the phone. Yell and scream, “Great job. You all did great.” What are those guys and women feel like when they went home and told their spouses and their kids, “I talked to Jack Welch. Jack Welch called me.”

You may have been 1 of 100 people that he called in the room or 1,000 but to your point, how important that is from a humanity standpoint because most people don’t get recognized enough. They don’t get recognized at home. Their spouse doesn’t thank them for cleaning the house or making dinner. Their kids don’t thank them for taking care of them and driving them to school.

Their boss doesn’t thank them for showing up. All of a sudden, in our industry, it’s the reverse, “You did a good job. Here’s a trinket. Here’s a plaque.” It’s important to build people until they get ultimately to the point where you, I, and some of our colleagues are at that we are okay. Now it is about the paycheck. In those smaller steps, it’s so important.

People are rarely recognized. But when they are, they want to do more, and it promotes them right through the ranks to the top because they want to be on stage. Click To Tweet

That was the recognition that kept me going because when I thought nobody was buying skincare anymore, I would go to the meetings. They are recognizing people for $500 or $1,000 a week. I’m thinking, “It’s real.” You people on stage becoming diamonds, sapphires, and stuff like that you think, “What makes her so special? How did he or she get to that level?” My girlfriend once said, “The best part of the convention is listening to these people get recognized and how they did it.”

To that point, another clue to Sandy’s amazing success all these years, go to the meeting. Why? It’s because if you are up, you can bring other people up but if you are down and many years plus in part our in the industry, there’s time for you. You just have to get the job done for whatever reason and the thing is. You hear some distributors have been into business six months and you go, “What’s that guy doing it I’m not doing? What’s he waking up and eating in the morning?”

You hear fifteen of them and go, “It’s me. I’m not working. I’m not doing what I know I should do.” We have very experienced people reading this, you know what to do. If you are inexperienced and fairly new to the industry. Do what got you started that worked and go repeat it. Read good books like Leave Nothing To Chance, where you could read Sandy’s story or my prior book, Moving Up: 2020.

In these books, you’ve got about between 30 to 35 stories of people, including Sandy and other people that have walked the walk, talk the talk, warm the distributor’s shoes. This is about distributors. This is about free enterprise, capitalism, and all those other great things but it’s about you as an individual growing your best product. Sandy, I’m going to give you the last word, talking to all the people who are reading all your experience for many years, all your success.

You look great. In case you don’t think skincare products work, I’m not going to say but when I realized your oldest kid who I know is 52, I can do math somewhat. Skincare definitely works. You look great. I’m blessed that we can even spend this time again because you are so knowledgeable and you always have been. You have many gifts to give.

The knowledge comes from being in the troops and doing it. What advice I would give people is to keep learning and working on it. I always read a motivational book in one month, that’s my goal to keep me on top of things. I don’t know what it is but when I’m reading motivational books, my mind gets far more creative and more up. It puts me in a better place to do business. If you keep working at it and critiquing yourself, I know that after every opportunity meeting I would do, I would drive home thinking about what I could’ve said, should’ve said, not beating myself up but thinking, “What worked and what didn’t work.”

I would record it afterward. Write down a turn of phrase that was good or good close at. That was another thing. I learned how to close people. I’m known as the closer in my group. I found that if without a close, you’ve got nothing. Keep tweaking what you are doing so that you become better and better. Make your batting average better on how many calls you have to do to get a yes.

What’s next for you? You get your acting career and network marketing business.

I’m still thinking about that since the pandemic. I lost my desire to travel during the pandemic. I’m thinking that maybe now that things are lightening up, it’s time to get back on the road again and do something. I’m still at it. I’m at the retirement age but I still put in a few hours every day at my computer, working the business, and then the rest is fun.

The golf games getting good.

I keep trying. That’s what keeps you coming back. One good shot.

LNC 77 | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: If you have to critique somebody, you could treat them between two thick slabs of praise. It’s like a sandwich, praise, critique, praise.


I tried to play golf. My whole life has been around aggressive sports. I know wrestling, judo, jujitsu, and everything. I tried in Florida a couple of years ago and hit the ball. It rolls down by the water. That was in Orlando. I go down and get the ball but think of, “I’m going to go get the ball and hit it.” A crocodile looks at me from about 2 feet away from the ball. I’m like, “I think I’m going to let that crocodile have the ball.” That was the end of my golf game. I’ve played putt-putts since with my kids but I’ve never played again because I had this crocodile.

We were in the Kutenai’s one day, golfing and we heard the rustle up around our ball in the woods and it wasn’t there. That’s the only couple of bucks.

This has been a privilege and a pleasure to get together with you.

It’s fun reconnecting with you.

There’s so much insight. From the first time that we met all those years ago, you always had an amazing ability to teach and in this show, there are many things that you’ve taught. As I tell the readers, take notes because everything Sandy said, once it goes into your notebook, you own it. Thanks so much.

Thanks for having me. It was great.


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