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When you’re getting started on something, you have to constantly work on yourself. As a leader, you can’t just be successful right off the bat. You need to start with the basics and work your way to the top. This is what Network Marketer and Founder at Global Wealth Trade, Reza Mesgarlou, does with all his clients. Reza treats every newcomer as babies. They have to learn how to walk before they can run a business. Join John Solleder as he talks to Reza about how he’s influencing leadership across the world. Learn the two most important things in network marketing—how to sell and build a team. Discover how you can be in control of your life and income. And, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are millions of great mentors out there. Become a world-class leader today!

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Reza Mesgarlou Influencing Leadership On 204 Nations And Counting

It is my privilege to welcome my friend, Reza Mesgarlou, from beautiful Ottawa, Canada. One of my favorite cities in the world. Reza, how are you?

I’m doing great. How are you doing?

I’m great. We know each other for a long time but for a lot of our readers, this is the first opportunity they’re going to have to meet you. How long have you been in the industry?

I went to my very first meeting back in 1992. Even though my brother was already involved with that very first program, which you were a part of. I’ve been around since 1992 fully in this industry.

It seems like yesterday. You’ve had a lot of success. How many countries now where you have a downline operating?

In about 204 countries and territories.

How many are there in the world? I’m not even sure anymore about all the countries or new names and things.

Some countries are trying to get the ones they lost in the past back. It’s always fluctuating.

Tell me what’s been your best experience in the industry. If there are a couple of them feel free to elaborate.

That is a tough question because, in this industry, it has a lot to offer as you know. I was in a restaurant franchise. I was this teenager from the outside who looked very successful but I work eight days a week. I worked a lot. When I heard about the concept, it appealed to me. Good experiences are a lot but if I was to sum it up in one, it would be freedom because I’ve been to 123 countries and I’ve seen a lot. The freedom of being able to pick up and go during COVID or the lockdowns. Being able to see things that otherwise, if I was not in this industry, I’d never see is priceless.

LNC 66 | Leadership Influence

Leadership Influence: Whenever you bring someone new into whatever program, treat them as a baby. Teach them how to crawl, stand up, and take baby steps until they perfect that art.


Another thing is the experience of seeing people going from zero to hero whether it’s in 6 months or 6 years is unbelievable. That is so inspiring to go and see. For instance someone says, “Our industry doesn’t work in Africa.” Giving them the right gig and seeing them raising to incomes unimaginable, that experience just puts a smile on my face from ear to ear. It’s insane and incredible. I can go on and on about the experiences.

I remember when I was a kid I’d be driving by dealerships. I’d be going into showrooms and trying to sneak in a test drive. I knew I couldn’t afford it. I’d be driving in the expensive neighborhoods, looking at these big mansions. I was getting a car and I was driving by these dealerships. In Toronto, they have a lot of dealerships. I said, “I don’t want this car. I don’t want that car. Mercedes S Class is nice but I already have a Mercedes Benz. I don’t know Ferrari. It comes down to a choice. He’s like, “You become so picky.” It’s like, “What is it that you want versus what can I afford?” If that’s not freedom, I don’t know what freedom is.

You see so much when you travel 123 countries. I’ve been in 61 or 63 and I thought that was a lot. You’re the third guy I’ve interviewed that’s been in over 100 countries. I still have a long way to go. I have to live another 40 years to catch up with you. Without offending any of the people in the other 122 countries, what’s been your favorite place to go?

I love the Caribbean. I have a place in St. Martin. That was an experience by itself. Talking about experiences, we’re middle of a meeting and my brother says, “You got to get away from the meeting.” I’m like, “How is it that you’re telling me to get away from a meeting?” He says, “It’s going to take one of you an hour,” and an hour became three.

They were building this beautiful place by the water as a gated community. I absolutely love St. Martin. In Africa, I love Kenya and Rwanda. Those places are great. If I was to speak about, Asia, it would be a tossup between Thailand and South Korea. It’s hard to have one favorite. It’s difficult but we have a lot of favorite places that we can go to but if I was to settle down, it’d be Grand Cayman Island.

Not a bad spot especially when you’re in Ottawa. It’s a little cool, I bet.

It’s warming up. We’re in the plus.

Let me ask you this. We know each other all these years but you’ve been a student of self-development. Let me give you a hypothetical. They knock on your door this afternoon and they say, “We want to take you to a beautiful island, plenty of food and water, you don’t need to worry about any sustenance but you’re limited on what you could bring. You can only bring three books with you. Of all the books in your library, what would those three books be?

It’s going to be the ones that I promote, talk about, learned the most from and I don’t get bored reading. First of all, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. John Solleder was the massive distributor of my very first program. I met him in Ottawa. He was quite a gentleman. I don’t want to get off-topic but the hardest part of getting someone to become successful is them being coachable. I was not very coaching at the beginning. I was stubborn. I thought, “I’m going to make it through however I can,” but then I realized I was forced into it. I was told to read this book.

I don’t like to read books. I’m an audio guy back then you had to read the damn book. I did that. That’s one of the books. The second would be How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. That was all in the same era that I got introduced to them. The last one was early on in my career was by none other than Mr. Mark Yarnell who is saying it from his perspective.

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Two people who are the opposites in a lot of things they say but I chose them as mentors. One was a Mark Yarnell and the other was Larry Thompson. I love their content. The third book was Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell. That’s an amazing and awesome book. Those are the three I would take with me.

How would you say self-development has guided you along the way? You’ve had super success. You’ve been all over the world. You’ve influenced tens of thousands of people. Lots of people in the world look at you as a mentor and a role model. How would you say that self-development has guided the process for you to grow into the leadership role? Not only that you’re into your company but in leading countless other people to the proverbial promised land in network marketing?

Let me go back to the beginning of 1992. It was my first year. The vice president of our company, we didn’t see eye to eye right from the get-go. To make the long story short, my brother and everybody else said, “You got to go to this seminar.” I’m like, “Okay.” They said, “It’s twelve hours a day for two days straight.” I’m like, “To do what?” “To teach you time management. You need it.” I took offense to it. “What are you talking about, I need to go for time management?”

They say, “Trust me, you need it. You rather work on your car and miss on $300, $400, $500 an hour or you rather cut your own grass or clean your own snow than pay someone $5 an hour to do it for you while you’re missing this value. You need the time management.” I was not going to go. Our president at the time, I ran into him at a meeting. Maybe they had a conversation behind the scene. They said, “You got to buy the ticket.” I look at the ticket, it was $800 back in ’92. I said, “You want me to pay $800 for a ticket to sit two twelve-hour days in one chair, listening to one guy to tell me how to manage my time? You’re crazy. I’m not going.”

Our president which I was not getting along with at the time came up. We were in the room in a hotel at the meeting and he says to me, “Rez, how you doing?” I look at him. I’m like, “Okay.” He says, “I got something for you.” I’m like, “What does he have for me now?” He and I are not buddies. He gave me an envelope. He says, “It’s for you.” I opened it up and look, he has the tickets in there. I looked at him. I was not expecting that. I’m like, “This guy spent $800 for me to make sure I go. I have to go. I have no choice. I have to go to this seminar.” He invested $800 in me.

I went and ten minutes into it, I was so happy that I went. I heard the stuff that I needed to hear and I never stopped since. Back then were cassettes. I’m more of an audio guy than a reader. I would have cassettes galore. I still have them as a matter of fact. I want to convert them to digital. I’d be listening to the cassettes as I’m driving long distances. As time went by, CDs. As time went by now, I have unlimited data and I got free access to YouTube and a lot of content there that I’m on constantly on a daily basis.

I know what I like to listen to in the morning or when I’m driving and before I go to sleep. There’s a variety of different things. It’s a constant process and development that you cannot stop. It’s highly recommended. It’s done a lot for me. When I start to get rusty in some areas, these audios touch on it. Maybe I’ve heard it before but when I hear it again, it touches on it. There’s a lot of great new content and it’s for free. This is priceless as well. It’s very important to my progress, growth, development and involvement.

It is amazing how much stuff there is out there that you can learn from that doesn’t cost us a dime, including putting our show. We have it and I know your brother’s got his show. I know other people in the industry that do have been very successful. It’s like feeding that next generation the knowledge that we’ve accumulated that we accumulated from others who in some cases weren’t necessarily on video or YouTube. There’s video existed but are packed away in boxes somewhere or they’re in a landfill.

Let’s talk about something else here. Let’s say you are going to get a new person started. It’s so important to get a new person started right so that they gain that confidence. They say, “I can do what Rez and John are doing.” What’s your secret? What’s your magic there and getting that person started off to a flying start so that they gain that valuable confidence to go forward?

Every company has a system. I’m sure they’re successful that’s why they’re around. I used to think that I bring someone into the business and people claim or maybe it’s true that they’ve been in so many different programs. They have been in the industry for a long time. They have the experience, they are successful business people or have a PhD in this and XYZ in that. I used to treat them as if they don’t need the care they should be given.

LNC 66 | Leadership Influence

Leadership Influence: If you want to be in this industry and be successful, don’t lose focus on the basics.


Somewhere along the way, they would not have the success they’re looking for because they’re not doing the right things. Maybe they’re doing a whole bunch of wrong things and they would fall off. What I learned over the years is that whoever I bring into whatever program I’m in, I treat them like babies. They come in, I’m going to teach them how to crawl, stand up and take baby steps until they perfect that art.

What do babies do when they start? We wish for them to start to walk. When they start to walk, they start to get into everything. They start to run. We wish maybe they shouldn’t have started to walk so fast. This is the same with a new member or new distributors. I treat them like babies. I hold their hands. One of our great friends said, “They should be your best friends but not your buddies.” I’d make them my best friends. I make sure I’m with them and I’m there for them.

Depending on their targets or goals of what they want to accomplish, I give them the time they needed for them to master the basics. I went to Olympic trials for wrestling. At the highest level or when you go watch Olympic games wrestling or when you watch world championships, what wins is not the fancy moves or the rare fancy somebody perfected. What wins at that level are the basics, single-leg, double-leg and takedowns. The stuff like that. It’s the same with our industry. I got to teach the new person that I brought into this industry how to master the baby steps. Once they master the baby steps, they will add on their own variance or we take them to the next level.

I used to wrestle in Ottawa. I used to go to high school and practice after school. After that, I used to go to National Capital Wrestling Club where they had Olympians there. I used to go to both practices on the same day because I needed both. When you go to the high levels in our industry, it’s the same thing. All those who have great success are the ones who are great leaders and teachers. They were great students and they are good at teaching those baby steps to a new person.

What you said is invaluable. It’s such a great analogy to our common roots of wrestling. I’ll never forget when you, me and your brother first met. I was talking to your brother about that a few months ago. The first time we ever met, we knew we were on the same page. We all had those goofy ears, it was like, “You guys are wrestlers,” and it was like we were a family.

I don’t want our audience to lose what you said there because there’s a lot of magic to that. Take those baby steps and be willing to be mentored by people who will walk the walk that you want to walk. The great thing about network marketing and I’m sure you agree with this or else we’ll have your thoughts on it. Our industry has been around for many years. There’s been a generational success in our industry starting with the first group of guys back in the ’50s and ’60s. Jay and Rich with Amway and Dr. Shaklee with Shaklee, Mary Kay with Mary Kay.

A few years later, Herbalife with Mark Hughes, Larry Thompson and Jim Rohn. You had companies like Slendernow. You had all of these people, many of which are now passed on to the next life. That first generation went through the baptism of fire of network marketing. You had that second generation, which was the generation where you had Les Brown, Larry Thompson, Bobby DePew, Jim Rohn and the guys like that a lot of which we learned from directly and indirectly.

You had the third generation, which is you, me, a lot of the people that we’ve interviewed on this show, your brother, people like Dan McCormick and Joe Garcia, who I interviewed, a neighbor of yours in Toronto. Dan Catto, who’s sometimes in Toronto, he’s in Florida now, enjoying the sunshine. Jeff Roberti and Dan Stammen and so many others. I can’t name everybody.

Now, there’s this fourth generation. These young guys are coming up the food chain that is in their 20s and 30s, in some cases. What my question on this is what have we learned historically that if you had to take a couple of things and say to that next generation, your next generation, your young guys, your downline all over the world that are reading this, what advice could you give them?

If you want to be in this industry and be successful, don’t lose focus on what we talked about which are the basics. We get paid in our industry for two things. Everything else is trimmings and extras. We get paid for two things, sell products and build a team. Sell the products, become fancy, go nuts and crazy. Do what you want to do within your company’s regulations. Go ahead and sell the products. Whether it’s online or in-person, the more you sell, the more you get paid. That’s great for you.

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Things have changed but are still the same. To build a team, you need to get people’s attention. You need to show them what this industry stands for because you’d be surprised a lot of people are still ignorant to the fact of direct sales and network marketing. They’re still not understanding what it is, even though there is a lot more understanding of it.

These are two things you’ve got to keep as your top priorities. I see a lot of people do a lot of administrative work, spending a lot of time on social media and stuff that I don’t consider as IGA or income-generating activities. All of a sudden, they have all these fancy great things, awesome blogs and other great different things but they don’t have the income to match it. If you want your income and team to grow, you want to create generational wealth in your awesome company, you need to stick to the two main things that make you money. One is selling your products. The second one is how to develop a large massive team that has retention that’s going to duplicate that process.

You got to focus on those two things. I teach that to my people all the time or people all over the world. Regardless of the product, I assumed to have some product, otherwise, I wouldn’t be in business. Focus on the product side of things as well as building a team part. I understand that some people are happy making $3,000, $4,000, 5,000 a month retailing. No problem. There’s nothing wrong with it but those who want to build a team, magic income and ongoing generational wealth, need repetition. You got to keep doing that process over and over.

Like when we did the single leg, we got to practice. It’s the simplest and easiest move, yet we practice it on a daily basis. Ten on this leg and ten on that leg. It’ll become boring if you let it and that’s when your business starts to take a dip when you become bored from doing a tour, presentation, talking about your products and promoting it. You cannot get bored.

Every time you sit to do a presentation, it has to be as if someone else is doing a presentation, you’re part of the audience and you want to be glued to this presentation like it’s your first time seeing it. When you present it, you want to present it like it’s your first time with extreme excitement. Those two things are my biggest advice. Focus on those two things. Everything else is great but these two are a must.

Let’s go one step further. You mentioned the word generational. You and I have both been doing this for a long time. We met when we were kids. We thought we were adults.

I remember that. Piero, it was him. I said, “Who’s John Solleder?” He said, “This kid from the US. I said, “What do you mean this kid from the US?” He says, “He’s coming. He’s the master distributor and you want to listen to this kid.” I’m like, “What do you mean kid?” He goes, “He’s probably about your age. Maybe a couple of years older.” I’m like, “Seriously. He’s your upline too?” He goes, “He is everyone’s upline. He’s the first one there. We all fall under him and he’s got some amazing skills to listen to.” That’s how you were introduced to me. When I saw you the first time, I didn’t know how old you were but I knew you were close to our age at the time.

I was in my late twenties when I met you. It seems like yesterday. Sometimes I think, “How in the world is it 2022?” I’m still living in the ’90s. The movies I watched and things I listened to, the music and everything. I do have a question for you. I was doing a consulting job for an old company, one of the older companies in the industry years ago. I’ll share this experience with you. I’d love your reaction to it because we’re getting up there now. We’re on the other side of the pendulum now. Not only are we fathers ourselves but we have distributors that are the ages that we were when we met years ago.

I was doing this job and it happened to be a company out in California. One of my clients bought the company. He invited me out to the very first meeting that he was doing to get introduced to the field and all of that thing. It was a remarkable experience in a couple of ways. One way is that he had Tony Robbins speak at the meeting and that was awesome.

He’s like, “I’m going to lunch with Tony.” I go, “Who do I go to lunch with?” He goes, “I don’t know. Just go to lunch. One of my distributors is here. Figure it out.” I’m like, “Okay.” I go out. I don’t know a soul in that company. It’s a unique experience. I know the owner and I don’t know one distributor, which is unusual because normally somebody in about every company.

LNC 66 | Leadership Influence

Leadership Influence: The industry itself is great, but there are other things you need within that industry to have that generational income and pour all into it.


Long story short, I go out and picked a seat, sit down and eat lunch. I sit there at these luncheons at these events but 12, 14 people sitting at the table. I don’t have a name tag on. They’re like, “Are you a prospect?” I’m like, “Not really.” I can’t tell them the role that I had and how all this happened. I’m playing a little coy with them.

I’ve turned the tables. I said, “You guys tell me your stories if I was considering joining your company.” I went around the table. There was a couple that had shared with me that they had an income in this company since 1959. I was born in ’61. This is about several years ago. It’s a while ago. They were an older couple.

During the course of that next week, I spent in their home office and I met with some of their senior-level sales management. A lot of them shared that they were legacy distributors. I had never heard that term before. Legacy in the respect that either their mom and dad or their grandparents in some cases had started that distributorship back in the ’50s. All of a sudden, the financial guy in me started to go, “We see traditional business. If your dad had a lumberyard or a local great restaurant in town and he passed. You would inherit that business and maybe you’d keep it or sell it.

A lot of times you walked into a business anywhere in Ottawa, Dallas or anywhere else in the world and it’s the second, third, fourth generation of a family running that business. All of a sudden it started to dawn on me that network marketing is my family business. It’s your family business. I’m not going to talk about that for a minute from a financial standpoint. The business that we build while we were in the here and now will ultimately be owned in a good company, you’re in or I’m in will ultimately be owned by our kids. Maybe even our grandkids down the road. I want you to share your thoughts on that.

The promise of the industry is massive. There are a lot of little things when someone new gets in is not told or they give them the good stuff, not the parts that what it takes to land into something like that. The industry itself is great but there are other things you need within that industry to be able to have that generational income and pour all into it.

Some of us maybe go to 1, 2, 3 different companies in order to find a final home. Hopefully, we all have that final home but the promise is always been build it once and get paid for life. Once you passed some companies said, you can pass it on to your children and their children. It was hard to believe such things. On paper, it looked great but in reality, it wasn’t happening.

As you said, you called us the third generation in this great industry. I was starting to notice suddenly, unfortunately, someone would pass and the wife would continue receiving what he had built or someone would retire but they keep getting paid. I’ve seen, as you said, the second generation that got their business from the parents. Some of them actively building and some of them are not but they’re still getting paid. These are the things that were always the promise of the industry. There is nothing like it out there.

I don’t know if you know Michael Saylor or not. He’s talking about if your grandparents bought some properties in Manhattan some hundred years ago, imagine what will you be now? Imagine if our parents or grandparents bought X, Y and Z. They wouldn’t be buying some shares in some company. It’s the same thing over here, except what sits at the side from all the other stuff is that the initial investment is very small.

Some people say, “I got to spend $2,000.” I said, “Yes isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that unbelievable? It’s almost too good to be true that you can start a business with $2,000 and create generational wealth and make unlimited potential income. Isn’t that insane?” They look at me the other way around. “I’m saying it’s too expensive. He’s telling me that’s a gift,” then they start to listen. They start to understand. It’s truly what it is. The only investment that we got to put into is our elbow grease or our time.

I got to get in there and listen to great people, such as yourself, read books if you like reading books or audios available, listen to the audio and get on these podcasts. It’s not a one-time deal. It’s not like you go to one training and you’re done or, “I listened to Solleder already. I know what he’s going to say.” “You don’t.” What’s gathered between his two ears are many years of experience. Larry is still doing stuff. There are a lot of great trainers and people out there with a lot of experience.

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Never stop that personal development. Keep doing it because it’s truly that. What’s got me to appreciate this industry is the event of the past few years. Let’s look at what it is and what it is I have total control over my destiny. I’m so glad I’m in the industry I’m in. My income, not only sustain they grew by over 400% during the pandemic because people couldn’t leave their homes. They couldn’t have large gatherings.

We put it all into eCommerce. People all over the world want great things, life and income. This is where I appreciate our industry. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Forget about on and offs. I’ve had a great experience since 1992 but with my present company, I have not had a job since 2008. I’ve been traveling all throughout the pandemic. Traveling 6 countries 4 continents and all over the place, going back and forth. It’s priceless. It is highly recommended.

Is it for everyone? It’s for you to make a call. Is it for you? I don’t know. Maybe you’re geared to work until you’re 65 years old and live on a pension and downsize. That’s up to you. That’s your call. It’s out there for everyone. You choose if it’s for you or not. If it is for you, you can do it. Get on there, get it done and change your future. It’s not too late. Some people say, “I wish I joined when Solleder or Reza started.” People always justify. Put the justification aside. It’s within you. I don’t care if you’re 60 or 70 or 80. You can do this. Get into it, get started, ask for help and there are a lot of great people out there in this industry that is ready to help you.

You mentioned books. Let me mention a couple because I’ve written four. My first one is Moving Up: 2020 was the third book I wrote in the Moving Up series and these are available on Amazon. Leave Nothing to Chance is the name of my last book. In those books, you’re going to find a lot of stories of people that have been successful in a lot of concepts. They’re available on Amazon and digital. You can download them to your Kindle. They’re not expensive folks. I haven’t made a dime writing in books but I’ve written them because I want to leave that legacy behind.

When I’m gone, I want my kids to be able to say, “Here’s what my dad did and here was his influence. He’s helped to influence people.” Let me ask you this in closing, it could be hypothetical and you answered it but let’s go one step further. There are a lot of people that read my show that is either new to network marketing or they’re still kicking the tires. They’re in but they’re not in. Once in a while, because we do a lot of promotion in social media, I get people that read to their show that aren’t even in the industry. They’re evaluating the industry.

They’re saying, “Hey.” Let me give you a hypothetical. Before the pandemic, now a 25-year-old kid who got out of college and did all the right things. He is a good kid. He went to school, got good grades, worked hard in the classroom, did everything mom and dad wanted him to do. His dad was a little bit older. Let’s say a guy that’s about the age that was looking and saying, “I’m getting to the end of the work-life. It’s time to hit the golf balls or catch the fish or do whatever it is that you worked all those years so you could have more time and more money to do those other things.

All of a sudden, you know what hits the fan here now, a few years ago, the world changes. We’ve got this other situation going on over in Ukraine and who knows how that’s going to turn out. All of that said, they looked at the industry maybe a couple of years ago, they heard about it, they had a well-meaning friend or relative that told them about a company or an opportunity or product. They said, “That’s not for me. I got a college education. I’m successful in business already.”

All of a sudden, their circumstances changed and they didn’t do anything for that circumstance to change. They’re a victim of what happened because they weren’t in network marketing. To your point, most of our businesses have grown these last few years because of things like Zoom where we’ve been able to have continuity to our business. It is not the case for most people, unfortunately.

They say, “Rez is home from his vacation and he lives down the street. Let’s take a walk down there because we’ve heard about XYZ company. We’re interested now in finding out somebody who’s been successful.” Why in April of 2022 they should get involved in network marketing for the first time? Be it the 25-five-year old or the 60-year-old or both. What would you tell those guys if they stop into your house?

I have tried it all. I have been in the traditional business. I have had jobs over the years. Sometimes in between programs. There was one company where something happened and I didn’t want to jump into another company until I did my due diligence and I got a job. Some referred to them as good jobs because I worked for the government. “You’re crazy if you want to quit a government job to go do these things.” There is almost nothing out there that will enable you to control your future, income, how hard you want to work, how much you want to make or where do you want to go with it. There’s not too much out there.

Leadership Influence: Network marketing is a wonderful and amazing industry. It allows you to take control of your future and your business.


We have businesses that were flourishing a few years ago. They’re obsolete now. They’re closed. They shut down. What happened to them? What is going on? Small moms and pops shops are closing all the time. Why? It’s because the giants are pouring in. I am guilty of that too. If I show you all these boxes sitting over here, you’d be like, “What do you keep buying?” Almost everything. Not that I want to, not because it’s cheaper but because it’s convenient to my lifestyle.

I order whatever I want almost everything from Amazon. It gets delivered to my door. Getting in my car, going in the snow, going to the shop and buy these heavy bags. I have two of them and bring them back in. I’m paying 30% more money when I get it delivered to my door. Moms and pop shops, I’m trying to support them. I try to give them business, even if they’re more money, I don’t care but they’re disappearing. Jobs are disappearing.

They’re constantly looking for new qualifications in people. You went to college and you got this degree, which is obsolete. I know a lot of them myself. My ex went to university, all those loans and grants and whatever it is. She graduated with the highest honor. Except she’s doing a job for the last ten years that has nothing to do with her degree. Why do you even get the degree? Just to say I have it. I don’t know. You have no control. We can only make the best of what’s there for us. There are things we have control over and no control over.

We’re not going to worry too much about the things we don’t have control over but we can do our due diligence and research. I like to be in control of my life and my future, as much as I possibly can especially when it comes to finances, my kids’ future and so on and so forth. I’m always evolving with the world. Network marketing allows you to go out there. Do your due diligence, look at a company’s history and don’t listen to the person telling you, “My company is the best.” Understand the basics of what is needed to have a successful network marketing business.

There are a lot of different ingredients out there. I’ve done some training. The first time I did it was in 2008. It’s called the Tripod of Belief. That tripod is so important to anyone’s success in any company. It doesn’t matter. You’ve done it. This is the industry. What’s left out there? You have every reason with very minimal investment on a part-time basis, along with whatever you’re doing right now, create something that you don’t have to depend on a job or your local economy with your business.

There are a lot of businesses that are not going to be around given the next 3 to 5 years. It’s been happening already but more so now than ever before. People are going to be pouring into this industry because there’s nothing much out there. It is a wonderful and amazing industry. It allows you to take control of your future and your business.

This has been a pleasure, my friend. Continued success as always. It’s always a pleasure to get together.

Likewise, John. Keep up your great work. I don’t have one of your books. I’m going to contact you and show me where to go get this book because I want to get it.

Everything’s on Amazon now. Amazon light it up and it’ll be there or they’ll send it to your Kindle and you’ll have it in two minutes. That’s why we named the show that too because being an athlete, preparation is everything. My son had not made a particular hockey team that he wanted to make back when he was ten. My daughter had skated in a figure skating competition and she didn’t do as well as she wanted to do. I had two disappointed little kids at home.

I went to a friend of mine who was a graphic artist. I shared that with him. He came up with this idea of “Leave nothing to chance,” in terms of preparation. I came back and I started telling the kids. I had shirts made that said, “Leave nothing to chance.” I had a picture of a guy that looked like General MacArthur on saying, “Leave nothing to chance.”

Don't worry too much about the things you can't control. Make the best of what's there for you to control and do your due diligence. Click To Tweet

What that became was a motto for my kids in terms of preparation, be it in their athletic pursuits. My daughter has done some acting, in her acting pursuits and most importantly, in your scholastic pursuits. “Don’t wait until the term papers are due tomorrow morning. Don’t wait until 9:00 the night before to write it. You got two weeks to write it. Take the full-time. Do it right and get them correct.”

That became a motto. All of a sudden, I said, “I need to write a book on that for network marketing.” That’s how the Leave Nothing to Chance came about. I teamed up with a fellow named Foster Owusu who’s originally from Ghana. They’re in Toronto like everybody lives in Toronto or Ontario it seems but I’d love if you read it. I love to hear your thoughts on it.

I’m going to because I know there’s going to be a lot of nuggets in there. There’s a lot of stuff maybe I knew a long time ago and I need refreshing. I always do that. It’s like, “How did I stop doing this?” How did I not emphasize more on this by listening to people such as yourself or people that initially I got into it or people that for a while?” I’m looking forward to it, John.

Thank you again, my friend and I appreciate it. I know you got back from vacation and you’ve probably got nineteen other things on your desk there. I appreciate you being on the show and continued great success.

We started our live tours, meetings and presentations. We’re going to market to market. There are a lot of people who became very lazy over the last few years. Why? It’s because they were forced to work from home. Now that things are opened up, they still want to stay at home. This is a home-based business but if you have your live tour. You used to get to your car, get out there and meet people. I used to go on Mondays. I used to go to East on Wednesday. I used to go to Montreal. On Thursdays, I used to go to Toronto. I used to be back here by Friday night. This was every week. I did that for many years, every week with the same lifestyle.

Folks get out of your houses or do what you used to do. Invite people into your homes. Go to their homes. Meet them at coffee shops. Get on to your weekly tours, if you have weekly meetings as well as eCommerce. Get out there and do what brought you success. Do it again. This is a great opportunity to get back on top of things. Thank you very much, John, for having me. It’s always a pleasure spending time with you and God bless. All the best to you and the family. Hopefully, the boy and the girl will become part of the team they dream of.

I hope so too. Thank you so much.

Thank you very much.


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