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How do you start network marketing the right way? John Solleder’s guest today is Ramin Mesgarlou, known as “The Forensic Networker.” In this episode, Ramin discusses with John why you need to build trust in your team with constant communication. Then you need to teach them how to evolve. Without new skills, there won’t be new results. Ramin also explains what it means to be a forensic networker. Listen to this episode and learn how to start network marketing the right way!

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Ramin Mesgarlou “The Forensic Networker”

This is going to be a distinct pleasure. My friend for many years, unfortunately, we haven’t seen each other in many years I think but we cross paths all the time in the industry. Ramin, how are you?

I am incredible. It was so good to see you. You haven’t changed the bit. I met you in 1990. How long ago was it?

Were you 20 or 19?

I was twenty years old.

I think back then we spent more time talking about wrestling. If we ever did about this. It’s funny. An old wrestler, I get them on here. It’s like we talked wrestling especially with the Olympics around the corner.

I saw that you saw the trademark. The conversation changed. I will help you make money and you want to talk wrestling.

It’s an amazing sport. I still follow it. I know you do too. Of course, by the time this interview airs, the Olympics will be about wrapping up but it’s going to be an interesting Olympics. Hopefully, everybody will be safe, most importantly with all the other craziness in the world. Let’s start there. You have a very interesting family history. I knew your mom a little bit way back. Would you share a little bit about her because she had such an interesting career?

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She was a diplomat from childhood. We traveled the world then the revolution happened. We were stationed in India at that time. She had to make a decision to go back home. We’re in the middle of a revolution where we’re small or give up everything, come to Canada and get us in school. She decided to do that. That’s our beginning. When we got here, I used to see my mother. I was a diplomat. The embassy car picks her up in the morning. We went to a private school and all of a sudden we come here, she took her money and starts a small business. She’s a cook, dishwasher and all this stuff. We go to school. We do wrestling. For me, I always walked up to me because I didn’t see my mother like that from the type of life she had to where she became. I guess that’s the type of story we need to become more of ourselves.

I know she had a lot to do with motivating you and your brother to achieve and to live in a new country. It’s never easy either you certainly successfully did that and you’ve created that dream for so many other people in your career. I’m proud of all your logic.

I love them because I want to see my mom back in her diplomatic gear not in a white apron. That’s what excites me about this industry because I could see her putting her $10,000 on my coat. Remember the lifestyle where they had this button. They call it a satellite dish. I feel great. Asked me why and people would ask, “You put a hole in a mink coat?” I was like, “It’s $10,000.” She says, “It’s a button that got me the coat.”

She’s an amazing lady and you come from an amazing family. You’ve done some amazing things. I know you got a chance to look I think a little bit at some of the principles in the new book that myself and Foster Owusu put together. Any of those principles something you want to talk about a little bit?

LNC 33 | Forensic Networker

Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century (Think and Grow Rich Series)

There are a few of them because I went through the list. There’s so much to learn. We have the most commit or risk giving up. People generally come to MLM because some of them want to try it. I don’t get that. You couldn’t succeed in anything just trying. Trying a new job or I’ll go give it a try. You’re never going to succeed in it yet people come into this industry. They expect so much and they want to give it a try. I think that’s an important concept. Looking back at your life is another one. It’s incredible how people can make the same mistake, the same result and never learn from it. I don’t understand that. For me, if I get burned once then I would never do that mistake again.

I’m talking about most people who want to change but they’re not willing to learn from previous. I don’t get that because of how you’re brought to where you are. When I saw that, I said, “That’s a very important concept that we need to talk about.” One of the main things I talk a lot about is the give and receive concept. You have one about that which is showing love to others. This business is about giving people what they want and get what you want by Zig Ziglar. It really is that. You can’t get into MLM thinking I want to get into so I can make money. I get it. That’s original but how the mechanics work is different. The mechanics are first give enough people what they want, give them love and then you get what you want.

When I saw that, that’s great because it had to truly is you must care what other people and that’s what makes MLM so great over other types of industries because other types of industries are about you only. In MLM, that doesn’t work. It has to be the other side first before you get there. The last one I saw that I like is basically imagined as it’s your last chance. The first course that I took was the Brian Tracy years ago. What he had done is interviewed the Fortune 500 CEOs and say, “What made you successful?” They said two things. Number one, be able to create a sense of urgency. Number two, be able to prioritize. Here you are, imagine it’s your last chance. If Fortune 500 CEOs got there because of that and the average person, they don’t have a sense of urgency in anything and nothing is a priority. They generally go with what they feel like they want to do. That’s usually as a ticket to where you want to go. It was more than one. I enjoyed looking at the list.

I know self-development. We know each other all these years and even as a young guy, you always had your nose in a book. You were always into self-development but think way back whether it was where we first met many years ago now or even maybe before that. What was the first self-development book that you had that a-ha moment? You read it and you went, “I get it.”

I got a lot of books back then even now, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I think there are two books that pretty much everything stems from those two books. One is Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill. The other one is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. If you know those things, it’s not a one-time rate. It’s an annual thing. Luckily now they have audios and all these things. You need to understand what’s in the Think and Grow Rich. You understand life is beyond money and business. You understand life is spiritual. You’ll change as a person if it hits you in the core.

I interviewed a gentleman named Ben Gay III. He is the last living protege of Dr. Napoleon Hill, the last couple of years of Dr. Hill’s life. He worked at a company together in California. I asked him this question. Think about this. Say a couple of years of conversation, Monday to Friday, with Napoleon Hill. If you could summarize it, what are the three things? He said, “Number one, integrity. Number two, focus and number 3, take action.” If there’s nothing else anybody ever got from any self-development book, the ones you mentioned or the ones that so many of our other people have mentioned. It’s all great books. It’s those three things. First is integrity in everything you do, not just business, every aspect of your life. Focus. Put your head down. You know that certainly in your business life. You do that as an athlete as well and then take action because you can read all this stuff but if you don’t do anything then nothing happens either. It is amazing the power of Dr. Hill to this day. Let me ask you this. Tomorrow, they come along and they say, “Ramin, we’re going to send you to a beautiful deserted island, plenty of food and water but we’re going to limit what you can take. You’re only allowed to take three books with you. What would those three books be?

Two of them were Think and Grow Rich then How to Win Friends and Influence People and the third one could be any good book on the Law of Attraction. People generally know the movie The Secret but there’s a lot of better ones out there that goes before that because if you’re stuck on an island, you better know how to manage your mind because if you want to get so happy, get to where you want to go, achieve and get all of a sudden things in situations, you need to understand the Law of Attraction.

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You’ve been doing this for many years. You’ve had a lot of success personally. You’ve had a lot of people, more important than it becomes successful. How do you get people started in network marketing the right way? They get off of that fast start and gain that confidence that they need to realize that they can do it as you’ve done it and others have done it.

Here’s the thing. We attract a lot of people who are very unsophisticated in our industry. They may be good in other things but not here. It’s imperative that you understand. If we don’t have more of that call, I want in my book the three main areas. The first two areas of success are like and trust. You have to create like and trust with your team and bond with your team because everybody comes in and a lot of it was going to make a lot of money but they do it to go up and down and they’ll quit. It’s imperative that we almost move in with them for twelve months through text messages and constant communication because when they’re not making money, they’ll stay in because of you. If you sell them you first then money becomes secondary.

It’s imperative that you know when you build somebody your like and trust with. They have to understand that they are like you and you have the best interest at heart. That’s the trust part. Once they got that, they stayed with you and will follow you. That’s the first thing. The second thing is you got to teach people how to evolve. I call it evolving because people come in with some skills that didn’t get them to where they want to go. They come into this platform, they still want to use the same set of skills, they don’t want to gain any new skills and then they think they’re going to go a maxi comp plan. It’s not going to happen. People have to understand that they have to evolve and become more.

You will make $1,000 a month. You’re not making that extra $1,000 a month now. That means you got to pick up some new skills. That gives you some new actions to new results. That’s $1,000 a month. If you make $10,000 a month then you have to evolve more. Pick up more skills then more actions and results. If you’ll become a millionaire then you got to evolve. You don’t have to become somebody else. You have to become the best version of yourself. The important part is that people don’t want to evolve, yet they want to maximize the comp plan. I don’t know where that expectation comes in. They will not have this expectation in anything else. If I’m not a swimmer, I’m not going to win the Olympics. I know I’m not going to win the Olympics but when it comes to MLM, I don’t want to change alone anything but I want to max the comp plan.

I don’t know where that comes from. I have to blame the uplines and maybe some of the managing expectations. We have to teach people how to evolve. They have to know that they have to become a better version of themselves. I think we have to teach people how to dream. I have a concept called The Promise List. It’s going to be contradicted level at me and maybe some of the other speakers. I don’t believe in goal lists. I think goals are reasons why people fail because people think goals are like a New Year’s Resolution. I want to quit smoking. How long does that last? Two weeks. I don’t think the word goal has any connection to you. It’s something that’s nice to achieve as a goal. I said, “Don’t set a goal list, set a promise list.” It’s a big difference because most people will do what they can to keep the promise because there’s a personal connection.

It connects to you as a person where a goal list is something nice to achieve. We got to teach people how to dream again to a promise list. The last thing is basically that we should be managing expectations. The peaks and valleys of life in our business. People can go through peaks and valleys in their relationships, health and job, pretty much everything but that’s fine. You ride in it. They go through a valley and then they quit. I don’t understand that either. We’re not always healthy, in good relationships and in a good mood. There were peaks and valleys in life. Once we teach people the concept of peaks and valleys, when they go through it and do MLM business, it’s no different than what they went through their job then people will take that better and ride in it better then quit when things are not going well.

Forensic Networker: The family business environment doesn’t work well with traditional businesses.


I love that promise list. I never thought of it that way. That’s great stuff. Let’s stay on this subject. The world has changed since 2020 when this pandemic has begun. A lot of people’s lives are changed for the worst, not for the better. Some for the better but for the most part for the worst. What that’s done is it puts people in an environment where they’re looking at network marketing maybe for the first time. Let me give you a scenario. I’d love your reaction to this for me. Let’s say there’s a dad and his son. The dad is 60 and he’s been a senior-level manager.

He’s done well. He had a nice retirement plan to put together. He was looking at, “At the end of my work life, I’m going to get to go fish, golf, hunt or whatever it is.” A guy wants to do when he retires. All of a sudden, here comes the pandemic. Maybe now he’s even back to work but whatever business he’s in whether he owns it or he works for somebody else, it’s not what it was. Sales are not what they were circling. He says, “That retirement account is still a little short. I need to shore it up.” Meantime, there are some other unexpected needs in the family. His 25-year-old son is even college-educated.

A good kid went to school, worked hard, started his business career, started his life then all of a sudden he got hit with the pandemic. His life has been usurped as a result. He’s back sleeping on mom and dad’s couch or in a spare bedroom and feeling like, “I’m 25 and I’m back where I was when I was fifteen.” They said, “Ramin has been super successful. Let’s call him up and see if he’s got time. Let’s go over to his office.” They arrived and they sit down at your office. They’ve never been in network marketing. Maybe they even had false information on the industry like it doesn’t work, people don’t make money, all that nonsense that you and I know nonsense and our readers know were nonsense but they’ve never been in it. They’ve never got a response from anybody, never been to a meeting and never seen a product or a company. All they know is that this industry exists. How do you guide them? What do you tell them?

They have no choice. When it comes to something like this, I don’t reach it from an MLM point of view at all. There’s a terminal called a stay-at-home economy. That’s where it’s at. For people who don’t have 50% of COVID travel will never return, companies have learned they don’t need big offices. People can work from home and they don’t need them at all. You’ve got your situation that’s even the people who actually have jobs, 74% said, “They don’t want to go back to an office environment.” They want a change. It’s a stay-at-home economy. Once you understand that, “Home is where business gets done. What are your options then?” You’ve got eCommerce and you’ve got MLM. Both two of the same except MLM is eCommerce squared.

Once we all understand that, I think everybody agrees that home is where the action is. It’s everywhere now. Once you come up to the agreement that eCommerce is where the action is and what’s the best for eCommerce, the one that gives you not just reach a profit but also gives you wholesale profits versus your income. All of a sudden, we’re logical. The next question somebody goes, “What’s the company? What’s the brand?” That’s a whole different conversation. That opened the door to your business. I wrote in my book that the mistake people make is they try to go build a team. That’s not the MLM voice is all about. The first thing you do is you build an industry because we thought in the industry, it doesn’t matter how good your team or your company is.

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Don’t go floppy with your company and your team. Build industry and go eCommerce. Attach MLM to eCommerce. Everybody understands eCommerce. Now attach MLM being eCommerce squared and we can easily make that case then post-MLM industry then builds your company, not your team. It doesn’t matter how good is your team. If the company falters, you all lose. If the industry is bad, all companies go down. If the company is bad, all teams go down. The third is you build your team. Once we get people thinking that way, you’re doing that. You are building the industry. In my Forensic Networker, I built the industry for many years. Talk to people logically. There’s a term stay-at-home economy. That’s not attached to MLM but that might be the future and everyone knows that. MLM has been doing this for decades.

We have the most experience in this. We are the ones that people need to come to and say, ”I need to get into the stay-at-home economy. How do we do this?” Once we talk about the industry, it’s becomes pretty logical for someone to say, “I can do this.” Here’s another thing I love about MLM. I said, “It’s the greatest equalizer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 21-year-old son or it’s a 65-year-old dad.” That doesn’t happen in a job. If I’m going for a senior executive position at that job, a 21-year-old doesn’t have a shot. Let’s face it. Dad will have the shot to get that job. MLM doesn’t have that distinction. You’re coming to the comp plan works for everybody. Those are the things that I talk about.

Another thing I like about this is the family business environment. The family business environment doesn’t work for traditional businesses but it does so well right here because all those family businesses where you’re independent. You don’t have to go by the office rules. It took the concept of the family business and made it work by giving you space and upgrade to this. It’s a very easy conversation in a case like this. Don’t go flopping your products and your company. Talk about the stay-at-home economy. We’re going to have an agreement there. What choices do you have? eCommerce or MLM. What else is there? eCommerce and Amazon. The world’s largest company in the world, what did they do? They give people a platform to do business. Now, dealing with Amazon, you still have to get your own policies, return and products. All of a sudden, MLM gives you Amazon squared because it not only gives you a platform to do eCommerce, they give you the product and training in a dropship. It’s a ready turnkey. You sign up, you’re up and running. It’s an easy conversation.

It’s almost like Amazon for the little guy. A little guy who got done all your shot but he’s got a business. That is very similar to Amazon. You’re absolutely right. Let’s talk about the Forensic Networker. Tell people about the Forensic Networker. I know it’s something you’ve been engaged in and putting together now for many years but I’d love our readers to know about it and how to get information about it, etc.

Forensic started a long time ago. I initially looked to manual what was an independent home businessman and what was the psychology of sales. We’ve come to put it together and it became the Forensic Networker. Chris Gross from Networking Times has been to my 3-day seminars, 12-hour a day. He said, “Forensic Network will be known as the truth in their alum because it’s not an easy seminar to go through. There is no hoopla there. It is pure work. In MLM, I find that there’s too much about how to do MLM. It’s very MLM me.” I said, “What do you mean by that?” To me, MLM means backward where we take somebody who’s never run a business. I try to teach him to become the best trainer, recruiter and closer but they don’t know how to run a business.

Forensic Networker: Don’t focus on the results. Focus on engagements.


It’s like taking somebody who doesn’t have a driver’s license, put them in an F1 car. It’s not going to work well. First, teach them how to drive then teach them the skills of being a race car driver. Forensic got three different parts to it. The first part is personal development. You need longevity to finish anything. If you don’t have longevity, you’re not going to finish anything. It doesn’t matter what it is. Longevity doesn’t come from MLM skills. It comes from internal. We got to develop people. The very first 1/3 offer is personal development. Calgary Tower is 13,000 tons. It the weight of that, John. Seven tons of which are under the ground.

We need a strong foundation. When we get people into MLM, they don’t have a foundation. We go to spend a lot of time on it so 1/3 of that Forensic is personal development, 1/3 is business training. Remember when we used to run the business together and we used to say, “Go for the bank account. Separate your revenues.” Those are the basic stuff that was good and juicy. No one is talking about that anymore. People will come in, use their credit card, take the product, saw the commission goes to the gas station and restaurant then all of a sudden they don’t know three months down the road why the business is not working for them. If you become organized, run an MLM business like a traditional business then it doesn’t matter if your profit was only $500 this month and you’ve got $500 that you did last month. That makes sense. If you’re taking all the money, spending it elsewhere and when the credit card bills come at $3,000, you don’t know where the money went then it doesn’t work. That doesn’t work in any business. The second thing is to teach them how to run a business. The third thing is giving them MLM skills. Forensic is a scientific approach to building an MLM business. It comes with all tracking sheets. It gives you a DMO. We have this box called the MO Box, Method Operation Box. This is known as a Boss Box. This is where we do all our leads.

Basically, on this lead, your part-time 40 engagements. It gets you 100 engagement. It gets you 200 or 300 if you’re full-time. What it does is it takes people off being result and result-oriented, which is the mantra. It takes you from that to become process-oriented. Here’s what I find what happens with people. If you’re so focused on end result-oriented then you’ll wake up in the morning, pick up the phone, do twenty engagements and you get five people who may be interested. It’s a good day but because you ended result-oriented, now you’re disappointed because all of a sudden you didn’t get any sales. If you have process-oriented, meaning that you do the process and you’ll end up with a result. You do the engagements. 1 of 3 things will happen. They become a customer, a distributor or they’re not interested and they are all positive.

Two of the three make you money. If you focus on the process, there’s got to be a result. You could be on the side of the street with a hat eight hours a day, you’re going to get results. Once we get people to engage in the process and not the end result, they never get demotivated. Somebody goes through a full day, makes 50 engagements and they’d go to a bunch of appointments. He didn’t sell anything but it was a good day because the process is working itself. In Forensic, what we have is diamond where it starts with engagement, contact, presentation, customers or distributors and if you follow that process, you never get demotivated.

The Law of Averages is a law. It’s a divine law. It’s not according to me, Forensic or John. If you put in your engagement, you’re going to get the result. There are only three results. Don’t focus on the three results. Focus on engagements. When you are getting the three results, some of that has to skill level but you’re going to get the results. Enough of that will get you repetition, you’re going to increase your efficiency and get better results.

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Tell people how they can get to it.

ForensicNetworker.com, that’s the website. There are lots of stuff to pick up to share with your team. It’s all generic. I think we have 84 companies on there. It’s been around for a long time. Once you join your email, you get my famous Forensic mantra that comes every week. It’s a short story. People say that they love getting that because it’s a story that relates to my son and MLM business. It’s pretty cool. If you go on Instagram, @TheForensicNetworker, we have there Farsi and English. If you want to go on Facebook, it’s @TheForensicNetworkNation. It’s stuff that you could take that you can share with your team and do a quick reset refresh for that day.

I know you’ve written a book as well.

Forensic Networker. I never initially did this because I’d built this for full-time MLM members only. It was very detailed. I felt it was too advanced 40th new person. I had seven versions of it. I provide it only for my seminar attendees that we did once a year but I think MLM needs the system with that stay-at-home economy so we’re going to mass-produce it now and make it available to everybody. Version eight will be coming out later in 2021.

You’ve built an amazing brand with it and it’s incredible. You mentioned Chris Gross. Chris and I talk almost every day. We’ve been friends for years. I’ve written for his magazine off and on for many years. It’s such a small world but I’m personally talking to him and I said, “I just talked to Ramin.” He said, “How do we know all the same people? It’s amazing. There are seven million people in network marketing in America and Canada alone. Not counting all the other countries we know people in and it’s like we all seem to know each other.”

John, we are the blue ocean going in a red-infested ocean with the blue lagoon. This is a good deal here. The environment is worth a billion. Outside these doors and borders of MLM, life is pretty impressive. It is because the media controls all of that. There’s nothing positive outside the borders of MLM. Inside the borders of MLM, all we talk about are personal development, making sales, making money, make this into testimonials and success stories. If we’re down, somebody will lift us up. This doesn’t happen outside the borders of MLM are we need to talk more about those other types of attributes.

I’d love your reaction to this. I think it was Ben Gay who said this or might have been somebody else. It may have been Ron Henley who runs The Network Marketing Historical Society. One of those two guys. I’ve heard this before and I’ve even used this before but not exactly how they said it. They said, “MLM was designed by the guys who designed it way back in the ‘50s and ‘60s to be a self-development business with a payline.” You get to self-development and you get paid but in that order, without the self-development, the pay is limited. With the self-development to pay is unlimited and you’re living testimony to that. It’s amazing that the life, the business and the reputation that you built. Knowing you from when we were in our twenties and here we are now.


You saw my day one in this industry and to see my day one, you were the big guy.

I was and I’ll never forget it because you walked into the room. I think I met your mom maybe the week before. I talked to her. She’s like, “I’m going to bring my sons and my sons wrestled.” That’s all she needed to say. It was like, “I going to meet here now. Start talking.” Here we are all these years later. Let me ask you this as we start to wrap up here, Ramin. You’ve had an amazing life. You’ve been all over the place. You’ve made tremendous amounts of money. As importantly, you’ve helped a lot of other people along the way. What’s ahead for you?

What happened is I built four other businesses for the people and for some reason, it was taken away from me. If you remember, the first MLM company to change the comp plan and all that stuff and then the company was sold and closed. Every time I built it, I thought this was it because to me, the cost of the MLM was what the leaders of the first company like yourself told us, which is work off of 5, get paid for the next 50. I thought that was a good deal. I took that to heart but every time I build, there’s something that happened outside my control. That’s what pushed me to start my own business. When I launched my own business, I understand everybody needs something to keep motivated.

I create a concept for about $1 billion. We do that to $1 billion and people say, “Why do we need $1 billion, Ramin? Your life is pretty good. You got the mansion and cars.” I said, “You don’t understand. I don’t need $1 billion. Even if I had $1 billion, my life wouldn’t change much. Why I put the topic to $1 billion is because I need a target to shoot for.” Other people have a shot at getting to that. If I get comfortable where I’m at, I’m not at work now. I have a son I want to be with. I got a sports car to be on track but I put my word out there in 2005 to $1 billion.

Every single day, I’m motivated on that target to $1 billion. I promised my son when he was four months old. I’m going to hand over a billion-dollar company to him. In MLM, what did we do? The vast majority of our revenue schools back as commissions. You do $1 billion. You’re putting $500 million, $600 million of that into commissions to other people. Part of the ability to the billion concepts was 1,000 millionaires we are going to create. That’s next for us to the billion and creating 1,000 billionaires.

You can do it. I’ve never known anybody who’s driven, hardworking and loved people the way that you have. That’s why you’re successful because I know the way you’ve always run your business, which is other people first. I’ll get mine, you get yours first. The old Zig Ziglar says, “Help other people to get what they want. You get what you want.” You’re a living testimony. Let me say a couple of things and I’m going to give you the last word. Our show is about network marketing. You’ve met some of the leaders in the industry. Some that go back as far as the 1950s, some like remain that are a lot younger that have been doing it for a long time and you hear a lot of success. The name of our book is Leave Nothing to Chance. It’s available in English, Spanish and digital as well. Also, Moving Up: 2020, both were Amazon bestsellers and both are based on 38 years of real experience.


I do this business for a living. Like Ramin, I educated my kids to do this business, not another business. It’s been not a hobby but a serious business for us. It can be for you too or it can be something part-time that you get involved with. You learn the skills. You read our episode. You’ll listen to things like the Forensic Networker. You get the information and you take your time. You’re not in a race with anybody in our industry. That’s one of the things I’ve always loved about it. Ramin, I’d love your comment on that as well. Anyway, I’m John Solleder. Ramin, I’m going to give you the last word.

Thank you for what you do. Here you are building the industry and this industry has got a few hundred million people in it. It will have a couple of billion people in it in the future. They need people like yourself and myself. I know you’ve made so much money in your time and here you are. You’re still doing it after many years. These people like me and you think beyond ourselves because we are thinking of building the industry first. I want to congratulate you and thank you for having me here. We will connect soon then go to the next Olympic trials and watch it together or the World Championship. As far as a message to your readers, two words, keep evolving. How you are all brought to where you are. If that’s not great then you’ll need to evolve so keep evolving.

Thank you. I have to ask this. This is for the sake of my son who, like your son, is going to eventually inherit a business and all that but my son is a car guy. You were the ultimate car guy. When we go to the Olympic trials in Canada, what car are we taking?

In Canada, you’ll have a lineup of whatever you want. We can go with the McLaren, Porsche, Bentleys or Ryan Jarvis, you get sideways. I’m a gear head and the lineup is there. Why don’t we take all of them? Your son takes one, you take one and we have a nice little chain of MLM lifestyle showing.

All those young wrestlers that there is life after wrestling. Thank you, Ramin. This has been a lot of fun.

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About Ramin Mesgarlou

LNC 33 | Forensic NetworkerRamin Mesgarlou has spent more than half of his life as a high-performing direct seller. Ramin started his Direct Sales profession in1990 at age 20 and spent the next 14 years building his home business empires. Ramin explains that building multi-million dollar empires is nice but what he is really proud of is the fact that for 12 of those 14 years he spent in the field working as a full-time high performing and high earning distributor.

Ramin’s success came from the basic principle that direct sales is just like any other business requiring training, discipline and commitment.

Rated as one of the world’s top 3 master trainers and a mentor to thousands, he believes that “As trainers, we should not focus on the potential millions that can be earned in direct sales, our focus should be to help as many people as possible to earn a full time living from home.