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What are the keys to long-term success? Join your host John Solleder as he interviews Joe Garcia about how critical consistency is in developing any momentum in life. Joe explains the importance of those simple disciplines repeated over time and developing the right mindset to achieve significant results in different areas in your life. He also dives deep into leadership skills, especially how to respond when dealing with people in all environmental situations. It’s the perfect time to fall in love with your dream and build that foundation for long-term success, so don’t miss this episode!

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“Mr. Consistency” With Joe Garcia

Here’s a repeat guest on the show, Mr. Joe Garcia from beautiful Toronto, Canada. Joe, how are you?

I am flourishing, John.

I love that word, Joe. Talk about flourishing for a minute. How are you flourishing?

I’m always planting great seeds and my flowers are always harvested every single day.

That is a perfect segue into my first question for you because one of the things I admire so much about you and your distributorship and how you’ve built is the amazing consistency that you have in the business. No matter what the season is, no matter what the circumstance is, whether it was the COVID period, which hopefully is behind us all, whether it’s economic upturns, downturns, inflation and everything else that’s going on in the economy. You always stay the course. Talk about that. How do you do that?

It was a philosophy change, John. Not as much as you change but in my teenage years while I was playing a high level of soccer and hockey. It was at age of fifteen. I had a great soccer coach who talked about simple disciplines. He saw that I was the most talented player on the team and I had the potential of getting a major scholarship. He put me under his wing. Up until that point in my career back then, it was all about talent.

LNC 1 | Consistency

Consistency: Learning how to be consistent with your emotions could be a challenge. Most people struggle with that area because it’s not something that we’re taught to do. As an entrepreneur, it takes work in developing that emotional IQ.


He said, “Joe, you have to be a lot more discipline in some of your skillsets but disciplined in what you eat and on your mindset.” At the age of fifteen, I ignored him for a little while but he kept on with me every practice. He has given me some homework every single day for me to accomplish some of the activity goals that I had. Sure enough, over a year, I saw major results in so many areas and those simple disciplines.

Typically, back then, you would work out very little in the off-season. I played hockey still. For any athlete, you’d wait until a month before you start to work out. He was one of the pioneers talking about being in shape all year round. That way you don’t inbuild the momentum where you’re always at that level where you take another step and you’re in the top 1%.

Consistency was drilled into me, thankfully, at that time. The biggest challenge that I had at that time was learning how to be consistent with my emotions. Most people struggled in that area because it’s not something that we’re taught to do. As an entrepreneur, handling your emotions to not get too high or down takes work in developing that emotional IQ.

Joe, along those lines, are there people that you look at, whether they’re athletes, coaches or entrepreneurs that you admire that is the picture of that where they don’t get too up or too down and they know how to manage both themselves and their teams in their respective careers?

I got started in the industry in 1993. I can’t remember even back then someone that I wanted to emulate in that area. I was married in my early 20s and became a father by the time I was 24. I had to mature very quickly but I recognized my superpower needed to be when I led consistently with not only my actions but my emotional IQ. Here’s what you see. One of the great skillsets that I’ve developed over the years is observation.

When you go on social media, you see lots of people get excited and share with the world that they are number one in their company or they’re going ahead. They’re exploding in the last 90 days or, “I’ve had my biggest month ever.” You see a period where they’re constantly sharing the accolades but then you hear nothing from them along that side. You know full well what’s happened because it’s not possible to stay in momentum long-term. It’s reality.

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In network marketing, especially in leadership, we get addicted to momentum and that’s a whole other show altogether. That addiction hurts our emotional IQ when it comes to decision-making. I learned early on there were going to be ups and downs and that I needed to be consistent with my emotions, especially when you’re dealing with people. My model was that I could not let my leader see me down. They had to see the real Joe, which was always up and positive every single day.

I read a book number of years ago by Art Williams and it was called All You Can Do Is All You Can Do But All You Can Do Is Enough!. It’s somewhere behind me on these bookshelves. One of the points he made there was what you illustrate, which was a leader feels pain like any other human being and is disappointed. Somebody doesn’t show up for the meeting, in the Zoom call, for the event and convention.

You’re no different than your distributor who’s got 50 guys on his team, even though you’ve got 1 million guys on your team. You feel the same thing like, “I wish so-and-so had been here.” How do you handle that emotionally? How do you keep it from getting into your mind space where you lose that productivity for that hour, day, week or period where you get disappointed? You feel it like the new distributor does or the smaller distributor does but how do you handle it so well? That’s one of the keys to your long-term success.

The great German Rome talks about the best definition of success. He stated that its simple disciplines repeated over time. People who do great with regards to skillsets and daily disciplines fail in the emotional IQ area. I’ll give you a great example. I’m in Saint Petersburg, Russia. In the lobby of a beautiful hotel, we had done a morning session and had thousands of people there from all over the former CAS markets.

I’m in the lobby having a little coffee and sitting down. The leaders are doing these breakout sessions. Ninety-nine percent of the distributed race at that event was women. I’m hearing this commotion in this room that I’m facing. I go, “What’s going on?” In a matter of a couple of minutes, one by one, these women are coming up, storming out of the room, furious. One of them sees me in the lobby and it was an exodus to me.

What happened is the leader of that group upset some of the leaders in that room. She did a poor job in handling something that was happening in the room. She offended a whole bunch of her leaders and they were attacking me left and right. My Russian was about 20%. I could get a little bit of it and I was like, “Hold on.” At that moment, I had to get my emotions in check. We were able to handle the situation very well with little damage.

LNC 1 | Consistency

Consistency: Never react in leadership. We’ve all had cases where we wanted to get in there and made situations worse off.


That had to do with the number one rule. I’ve got a few emotional rules here when it comes to IQ. Number one, never react. For example, our ego. There are two parts of ourselves. We’ve got the ego part of herself, which is manmade. We’ve got our internal guidance system. Christians call it the holy spirit. Whatever you want to call it that knows everything there is to know. Our ego ends up tricking us into believing it has all the power. When you get a nasty email from a distributor or something happens in your organization where you want to react, that’s your ego saying, “John, get in there and start punching because everything’s going to be destroyed at that moment.”

I’ve learned to never react in leadership. We’ve all had cases where we wanted to get in there in an I’m-right-you’re-wrong kind of situation that make situations worse off. For example, I had this nasty email. You know it’s a nasty email when it’s five pages long. People will say things on paper or in an email compared to more than what they would do face-to-face in a lot of cases. They’d drum up all kinds of feelings. She wasn’t happy with the situation which I had little to do with.

The issue was she wanted more support from me, that she was right and we should listen to her. She said some nasty things in that email. I knew it was anger. She had a lot of things going on in her life, transfer of anger and everything else. It was easy for me as a leader to go in there and give it to her. She drummed up some emotions and I didn’t want to say the wrong thing so I waited 48 hours. In leadership, it’s so important to not react. That’s rule number one.

Number two, when there is conflict and emotions are high, it’s always best to lead the situation for a week. You can never get an answer or find a solution when emotions are high. I’ve seen organizations topple overnight because of these leaders reacting when not doing the right thing. What happens is after 48 hours, your mind is clear and the emotions have left you. You can then think properly, “What do I need to do next on a leadership level?”

I’ve extended that to family situations, in particular, my relationship with my wife. We never let it get too heated. I never react anymore. From the beginning of our marriage, one of the things that I learned in leadership and as a husband and as a father is the reaction part. That’s consistency. How do I get there, John? The number one consistent habit that we need to have in leadership or network marketing if you’re running any other type of business is you got to continue to feed your mind daily.

I spend an hour a day feeding my mind with prosperity, abundance, hope and love. I’m consistently doing that daily. It’s been a habit that I don’t even think about anymore. It’s something I do. I’ll pick up a book or go on a podcast. I’m always listening to podcasts. I’ve learned to listen to podcasts at 1.5 speed that shows become 25 minutes. I’m able to do more than one podcast. That’s a consistent habit that has helped my emotional IQ incredibly.

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Joe, I want to say one thing about that because years ago, I was asked by a company to be part of a CEO search. I don’t know if you’ve ever done this thing. I was out of my element of what I know how to do for the most part but the company said, “Let’s put you on this committee.” Ironically, I was at a DSA function in Florida. Tom Peters was the guest speaker. The guy is a management guru and has written Lord knows how many books. He’s a nice guy.

It was about 40 or 50 of us in this room. I raised my hand at the breakout time and said, “Mr. Peters, how do you hire a CEO for your business? What’s the profile?” Something you said there that made so much sense and struck a nerve with me and hopefully, with our readers is the fact that Tom Peters said he hires lawyers for the most part because they’re devoid of emotion.

It doesn’t mean that they don’t have them. A lawyer doesn’t get into a courtroom and show his personal emotion about what’s going on. He’s like, “Here are the facts.” He’s defending you or prosecute you. What you said made so much sense because they are trained not to have emotion professionally. When you think about what you said, you could have taken that five-page email and ripped this person apart and maybe lost their distributorship.

Maybe they’d be in another company or slandering you or the company. By stepping back and saying, “Maybe this person’s fighting with their spouse. Maybe their child’s sick. Maybe there’s some other thing. Let me step back.” The answer is, “Here are the facts about whatever it is that you had to do.” He’s so smart. It’s been one of the keys to what’s keeping your business going and growing. Frankly, a lot of businesses are going but not growing. You’re still growing, which is how you manage things.

The ending of that story is after a couple of days because one of my other rules in leadership is you got to respond quickly. That’s a contradiction of what I shared. In that situation, I had to hold back because my ego was screaming, “Go in there and battle with her.” After a couple of days, I got another email. She started getting very angry. I got on the phone with her the next day because the situation was escalating. Her emotions are so out of control. In those fifteen minutes, she was not willing to listen and she hammered me.

I said, “This is not a good time. I’m here to talk to you about a solution. You’re so angry. I need you to wait 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours, no matter how long it takes and then we’ll get back on the line. You have to promise me that your level of emotions are down to a level where you’re able to listen and we can find a solution.” This is why it took me 48 hours. I was honest with her. What happened is she still wanted to get in there. I said, “I’m going to hang up. Please understand. Let’s follow my advice. I’ve done this over and over again.”

LNC 1 | Consistency

Consistency: As a leader, you don’t always have to win. The bigger vision is most important. Most people in our business, they’re only looking at the trees in front of them. You have to learn how to look past the forest to the jungle and more and beyond that.


She still was in that mode of anger. I hung up on her politely, if you can. That got her angry initially but she took my advice. We waited 48 hours to 72 hours. I called her back and she thanked me because we were able to find a solution. She was in tears and thanked me for one of the greatest lessons in her life. For me, it wasn’t about winning because our ego is always telling us, “Joe, you got to win.”

You and I are very competitive, John. We don’t like to lose. It’s embedded in us. I’m competitive but, at that moment, I’ve learned in leadership that with your consistent motions, you don’t always have to win. The bigger vision is most important. Most people in our business are only looking at the trees in front of them. I’ve learned how to look past the forest to the jungle and beyond that.

Normally, we go by questions but Joe and I become such good friends. He’s such an interesting guy and a great leader that we’re ad-libbing if you can’t tell. I interviewed two people on this show that had thought about ending their lives. They were in circumstances. The one lady’s daughter had been unfortunately murdered and her boss wouldn’t let her go. Believe it or not. It’s in the trial of the person who did it and she had a government job at the time.

He couldn’t let her off. She was driving home and thought about it. Looked in her rearview mirror, saw a family in an SUV and said, “If I do this, it’s probably going to kill them too.” She chose not to, wisely. Thank the good Lord. Second to that, believe it or not, was a gentleman who runs a very big company, not in our industry but support to our industry with a book that was written by the great Og Mandino. It was a similar thing. He’d lost a bunch of money and said, “Maybe my family would be better off getting the life insurance. I’m out of here.”

Once again, he wisely decided not to. Both of these people become great leaders in their respective organizations and with their families and communities. They both used a term that I never heard. It was 12:00:01. I’ve shared this with some guys that I do a Bible class on Sunday afternoons and some other friends of mine that are in programs to stop drinking and such. 12:00:01 is that one second past midnight when it becomes a new day.

You and I deal more normally with, “There’s a company issue, a back-order issue, a product issue, something is delayed, my check was wrong and the back office didn’t work right.” We deal with stuff that’s all solvable. It’s all got an answer, most of the time. Some people who read our show sometimes find themselves in circumstances where they say, “I’m ready to quit at life.” Joe, I love your response to this because you’re such a great leader in so many areas, not just in business.

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It’s to that person who’s on the edge and maybe that person that wrote you that nasty email at that time and had nothing to do with your business because it had to do with some other thing that they weren’t relating to. When we deal with so many people like you and I do around the world, we’ve got to take into account that we don’t know what the backstory is that they’re not telling us. We don’t know it but we need to keep in mind when we’re dealing with people that we don’t know what’s going on in their life. Let me respond to that from a leadership standpoint because what you said can help people govern themselves dealing with people with all different kinds of environmental situations, not just in your network marketing business.

I’m a very empathetic leader. I like to help everybody. Over the years, I’ve learned that there are certain situations that you can’t help. The ego wants to tell you, “You’re so great. You can help everybody in whatever the situation it is.” The first question that people need to understand is they need to learn how to protect their energy. This is something that I never gave thought to until years ago. If you’re on stage or you’re helping thousands of distributors and you get all this stuff coming towards you and people want to party you, you have to learn how to protect your energy from negativity and the vampires out there that suck the life out of you.

That’s one area in that I’ve learned how to do it and what to do. Within that, what I do is I have a question I ask myself. What does this have to do with building more leadership? In our business, to build a gigantic business, you can get to $10,000 a month by yourself with your work ethic if you’re willing to bang it out and go into events. With your charisma, you close. What happens is to get to $20,000 a month, $50,000 a month or $100,000 a month and scale your business, it can’t be about you anymore. You need other leaders that are duplicating you.

My question always is what does this have to do with leadership? It’s either attracting more leaders or creating more leaders. If it doesn’t, I turn it over to someone else and a lot of the stuff. When it comes to the big emotional stuff and I’ve gotten good at that over the years in helping people, most people have gotten into poor disciplines that have allowed their minds in situations to get to a point where this happens.

I remember Paul Pritchard. I was talking to her back in the ‘90s when I got started. She had told me or maybe I heard her on stage say this, “When I stopped listening and doing the daily disciplines for my mind, 1 week or 2 weeks later, I could see the difference in me. The seeds are starting to take control,” as Jim Rohn states. If you look back to Jesus, the parable of the farmer, wasn’t about farming. That was about our minds. If you read a great book by James Allen, he talks about planting great seeds every day.

When it comes to mental health in that area, it goes back to me helping the basics of these people get back to having a discipline of feeding their minds. Do it for 30 days and see what happens. A lot of people have gotten away from that, even leadership. They stopped doing the things that got them there. When we’d start to come in, you’re in trouble. I had a situation in the team where one of the leaders was hurting her business in a very big way. I knew her story, not to get personal here but she was sexually assaulted in her early teens, 11 or 12 years old.

LNC 1 | Consistency

Consistency: You have to learn how to protect your energy from negativity, from the vampires out there that suck the life out of you.


She’s an achiever. Her work ethic is incredible but she’s always having conflicts every day. There’s always a time when she’s angry. I realize over time what her situation was dealing with that anger. We have another person who was in the same situation and story but she’s flourishing. What’s the difference between both of them? The first woman, that moment in time in her life, she’s still experiencing it as a child, no longer as an adult.

The second person is experiencing that as an adult. That it wasn’t her fault. It was her mom’s fault for not supporting her but she was looking at it as an adult. I may be getting off topic here but ultimately with your question, one of the things that we need to do in helping people is having them get back to the basics because a lot of that will go away.

We’ve seen as long as we have both been doing the transformation in people, growing their distributorship but not growing their distributorship. They think they’re going to distributorship because their check was $4,000 and that was $13,000, $17,000 or whatever the number is. They think, “I’m growing,” but what they don’t realize is they’re growing themselves if they keep those daily good disciplines of self-development, spiritual pursuits and taking care of their bodies.

Not just their business health but taking care of their health. Take a walk around the block or go to the gym. Doing all those basic fundamental things that are important to have a successful life. All of a sudden, their income is growing. They think it’s because of one thing and they don’t realize it’s because of the collection of all of those good things put together.

In network marketing, as your team and income grow, there are a lot more challenges you have to deal with. With the size of your group, there are ten times more challenges. A hundred times more challenging is how you deal with them. That’s the emotional IQ. Let’s face it. Companies fail within the first five years by 95% or 96%. By the year ten, only 1% make it. It’s just not network marketing but all. The reason companies fail is because of leadership challenges in the field and leadership issues at a corporate level.

It’s interesting to watch the companies that do make it. Your company, my company and some of the companies that some of our friends are in that make it all have strong core leadership and core values. They have a value system within the company where if you walked in, you and I are strangers in any of our friend’s companies but the value system is consistent with our company’s self-development. Generally, empathy for people between the field and the corporation.

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Let me ask you this, Joe. As we go back to the last years, COVID is a thing that launched so many things and we’re going through an economic situation around the world. A lot of people have been on pause, not just in our industry but in the real world too. My sister works for the City of Dallas. She’s finally back to her office after twenty-some-odd months of not going to her office. Even at that, it’s 2 or 3 days a week.

The point being is a lot of people have been on pause. How did it hit reset where they say, “I want to get my check back to where it was at this time or that time in the past,” that their check is dipped or maybe their check has been nice and stable but they say, ‘It’s time?’” We have millions of people around the world looking for that plan B, side gig, side hustle or whatever you want to refer to it as. A lot of people are looking and they want to get back into action but they’ve been sitting around a long time. How did they get off the couch and back on the field?

Let’s talk about consistency and why it’s so important. We’ve been taught in their industry that we’ve got to pay the price for success. I never bought into that as a belief. The second thing is the addiction to momentum. When people are ranking, new people are coming into the company with roles, great things are happening and everything seems great, there is going to be a period that it’s not that way. The reset issue, which you’re talking about where people have gone away, not doing anything or whatever’s happening in their lives.

All distractions are equal. We’ve heard that 1,000 times. Consistency is critical to developing any momentum in life. It’s so hard to restart. It takes a lot of discipline, faith and courage. What happens is when you’re doing the stopping and starting all your life, it takes an emotional toll on many people. Consistency, years ago, I saw a study by NASA, the North American Space Agency. I may have shared this in a previous episode but it’s important to understand in this area.

They took a bunch of astronauts and put these concave glasses on these astronauts. What these concave glasses did is it make the astronauts look upside down. They wanted to observe how their bodies would work. These astronauts had to keep them on 24/7 in their daily lives. In that first study, by day 26, every single astronaut with the glasses on started seeing right side up. I’ll explain why that happened.

They did a second study a few weeks later with different astronauts. They took a bunch of astronauts and changed the study by 1 day, which was day 15. On day 15, they had the ability and opportunity to take the glasses off for 24 hours but they had to put them back on again once the 24 hours was completed. In that 2nd study, after they took the glasses off, it took an additional 26, 27 days for all of them to start seeing right side up. Missing one day changed the momentum. It was like they started all over again.

LNC 1 | Consistency

Consistency: Addiction to momentum is when people are ranking, new people are coming into the company and roles, great things are happening. Everything seems great.


Think about it. You’re in this study. What’s the number one thought you’re going to have every day wearing these glasses? You’re thinking, “I can’t wait until this is over. This is making me sick. I get functioned.” It’s all these feelings. What happens is your brain is developing enough neuropathways to get what you want because that’s all you’re thinking about. “I can’t wait until this is over.”

By days 26 and 27, the neuropathways in your brain have developed enough that you get what you want. It’s the power of consistency but in the 2nd study, you take it off by 24 hours and it changes and resets everything. It took an additional 26 days in that 2nd study. I recognize this. When I saw that study, I was so excited. I realized it in my life because I was so consistent in all my areas. That’s where I got my results. I never needed to go and say, “I’m going to go hit it for six months straight. I’m going to do this massive action. My business is going to massively explode.”

I have picked up the activity but I stayed consistent in my other areas. I was working out and feeding my mind every day. At the same time. I visualize as a share my book every day at the same time. I have certain hours during the day when I recruit. Even at my level, I’m still spending two hours a day so I can enroll new people myself because I have to lead by example. I cannot continue to teach people what to do and get up on stage if I’m not doing it. I’ve been doing those consistent habits all the time.

When I get up in the morning, I write down the top things I would need to accomplish that day. It can be monotonous and routine but those are the results that you get. Over time, what happens, I will tweak a little bit this. In the early days, I was doing a half-hour reading a day. I moved it up for 45 minutes and then I moved it up to 1 hour and I felt, “That was perfect.” Other times in my personal development, I realized in 1998 and 1999 that every book sounded and looked the same to me.

I was reading but I wasn’t internalizing. What I did is I started to read books that resonated with me and I said, “This is what I need.” It’s an ah-a moment. I would read it over and over again. I would pick 3 or 4 books. I still get to do that and study it. As Bob Proctor talks about in his The Secret of The Science of Getting Rich book and Think and Grow Rich. He has it in his hand and he’s reading it every day all his adult life. Those consistent habits related to the NASA experiment is so incredible in terms of the results.

For example, here’s one of the things that I’ve done in my marriage. I’ve shared with my wife what I thought about her every single day of my marriage. It was a conscious decision. There are some days you don’t feel like it but I still do it because those simple disciplines create the results in relationships. I started sharing that with my family members and doing these little things. As my kids were growing up, another discipline I did was I would give all the family a gift once a month.

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If they had great report cards, I would double it up. It became a time when my ten-year-old kid said, “What are you getting for me this month, dad?” “If you do these disciplines, I’m going to continue.” Another thing that I did is I would give them $20 to read a book. I started doing that when they became teenagers. Another thing I’ve done globally that’s been consistent in the spiritual part of my life is when I see a kid, I’m always giving them cash. Some kid comes to one of my events, I’ll circle them, talk to them, find a $20 US dollar and give it to them. I’ve been doing that for years.

I got a cool story regarding that. Around 2011 and 2012, I was in Rome. I hear my name being said loudly in the airport. I’m doing a connection. I turned around and I see this beautiful young lady running towards me. I’m thinking, “Who is this person?” I’m thinking she’s going to someone else. She has her eyes set on me. She runs and gives me a nice hug and kiss.

She said, “Joe, don’t you remember me? Years ago, you were in Lake Como doing an event. My dad brought me to an event. You centered me out at the end of the meeting, gave me €20 and said some words going after my dream.” She was a supermodel. She said, “You changed my life at that moment.” She remembered what I talked about all because of that €20 bill. These little disciplines that I’ve done over the years have the seeds and that’s all they are, that harvest because you’re watering them all the time.

You’ve been with your company for how many years?

We started in January 2021 but I was with the sister company since 1996. We decided to start a brand-new company in 2021.

It’s the same organization. Did you sponsor two people in a month?

LNC 1 | Consistency

The Secret of The Science of Getting Rich

A little bit more than that but it’s been the last couple of hours on my recruiting prospecting.

I want to make a point, folks. If you’re reading this, Joe is number one in this company. We don’t talk about specific companies here as a rule but it’s a big and successful company. It’s a company with a long track record and you’re still sponsoring people. Guess who else is, Joe?

You too.

People say to me all the time, “You still have to sponsor people?” You don’t have to sponsor people. I don’t have to sponsor people to make an income but to lead by example. David Goggins is a guy that I listened to from time to time. He’s a little foul mouth but he wrote a book called Can’t Hurt Me. He’s an amazing guy if anybody has ever heard of them. Goggins talks about a lot of people in the “self-development world” that is full of you-know-what.

They’re living in a mansion. They haven’t done what you’re talking about in several years and they’re telling you how to do it. He goes, “I’ve been hungry and I haven’t missed a meal in 30 years.” He’s right. What I love about you and some of the other leaders that I interviewed on this show is they’re still doing it. Dan McCormick, as one of many people that we’ve interviewed, is many years into his business but he’s still doing it. Jeff Roberti is still doing it and one of the other guys that we’ve talked to is still doing it. Your partner, Dan is still doing it.

That’s the ultimate leadership. It also shows that you care about what you’re doing because it’s not just about the money. When you sponsored those couple of new people or whatever it is, you’re giving them an opportunity but also the benefit of your vast experience to show them the way so that they can lead a successful life as you have.

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A lot of people come to me and say, “Joe, do you ever see yourself retiring?” I’m sure you’ve had that question many times. I thought about it. I don’t see myself retiring in terms of the definition of what retiring is. Network marketing and building an organization are not works. It means it’s not hard work to a guy that wakes up at 5:00 in the morning and digs dishes compared to what I’ve seen globally where people walk miles to get to work because they can’t afford transportation and they’re getting paid a couple of dollars an hour or whatever it is to try to support their family.

We have to put things in perspective. Talking to people and getting rejected could be a little bit hard on your ego. Sharing the product, helping others do that and personally develop. We could be doing thousands of other things that work has to be done there to get results. It’s incredible. We have to put things in perspective.

What did your dad do for a living?

He used to work in a factory that made radiators for Chrysler. When Chrysler had all those issues and he knew the mayor here locally so the mayor got him to work for the town in the city here. In most of those areas, he was a Zamboni driver and Head of Operations.

My dad was an electrician. Both our dads knew what it was like to show up at a certain time if they wanted to get paid and didn’t have much choice in it. You and I would get up when we want. I’m still an early riser by choice. I don’t have to be but the point being is sometimes I reflect on that. My father worked in manholes. It’s 107 here in Dallas. I grew up in New Jersey where it’s rarely 107. To that point, your dad went to work in Toronto.

I could imagine the snowstorms where sometimes you had to get up two hours early to get the snow out from behind the car to get to work. When we do in that perspective, it reminds us of where we came from. It humbles us to appreciate the fact that if the worst thing we do is that somebody says no, come on.

LNC 1 | Consistency

Think and Grow Rich

Going back to the consistency, we all have to understand we do five things in our business. We become our best customers so we have to be our best customers. I’m consuming our products for over $1,000 a month. I’m my best customer. The second thing you have to do is we have to learn how to share the product. Thank God, we don’t have to be doctors if you’re selling in health and wellness, cosmetics, surgeons or whatever it is. Most companies have tools that can market our products quite well and get customers.

The third thing that we do is we’ve got to share the business. We’ve got incredible tools. When I got started, it was amazing. We had videotapes. I would go to someone’s home and pop that videotape in. I didn’t need to learn how to do a presentation but that’s gone easier over time because of the internet. The fourth thing that we do is we’ve got to develop our skillsets.

This is something that we have to hammer people when they get started. The amount of money that we make in our business has to do if there’s a direct correlation to how much you improve your skillsets over time. That has to be worked on every day. The fifth thing we do, which is probably the most important in developing an organization is teaching people how to do those four things.

Where you need to be consistent is where I’m consistent in those five areas every single day. Imagine if everybody in our organization talks to one person a day. It’s 365 people. If you’re dealing with a warm market, you’re getting a 10% to 20% closing ratio. If you’re dealing with cool rates, it’s 5% to 10%. Approximately, it’s 36 new people a year that you can enroll. If you get to that point in your business consistency, you’re going to get results as long as you’re doing the other stuff.

Imagine if you’re doing two people a day. Jim Rowan says, “It’s easy to do, easy not to do so.” If you can develop a plan to stay consistent in those five areas, you will explode your business bigger than anyone that goes on a 90-day run, burns themselves out and you don’t see them for another 90 days because they were working 24/7. Consistency will beat massive action. For massive action to work, you need to be consistent with massive action.

I remember when I interviewed Joe for Leave Nothing to Chance. It’s still available on Amazon in digital and Spanish. I remember asking Joe about something I want to ask him about to close the show. If you took everything that you’ve learned and everything that’s helped you to become as successful as you become and you had to say that it was one consistent recurring habit above all others that you do daily, what would it be?

LNC 1 | Consistency

Consistency: If you don’t have a dream, you’re living your life by default. What ends up happening is all your fears, all the stuff that you’ve been programmed into will take you to the bottom disc.


I’ve defined what I want. I will fall in love with my dream. That’s the foundation of everything. Everything else, if you don’t know the destination and work towards that destination, you will have emotional IQ issues, business issues and so many other issues that will be topped onto that. When you are understanding how life works and how we manifest things in life, when we fall in love with our dream and work towards it every single day, there’s a visual that I give people. You can’t see it on the show but it’s on YouTube.

There are two spinning discs. Think about that. There’s the top disc and bottom disc. We’re all energetic human beings. On the bottom disc are people that focus on hatred, anger, jealousy, unhappiness, not being gracious, betrayal and all of these negative emotions are down here. Up here is love, prosperity, abundance and hope. Hope can be at the bottom too, depending on how you use hope.

The key to life is to be at the top vibration level because that’s where money and great lives consistently live. If you don’t have a dream, you’re living your life by default. What ends up happening is all your fears and all the stuff that you’ve been programmed into will take you to the bottom. Some of us go up here by chance because of whatever’s happening in our day. By living by your life by default where there’s no destination, you’re going to spend the majority of your life down at the bottom disc.

If you get involved in this industry or any business, you’re only going to attract, for the most part, people that are vibrating at the same level. If you want people to tune into your prosperity channel and energy level, you got to be up here and have a dream. I was fortunate before I got started in the industry that I fell in love with my dream. I already knew what it was at the age of 23. It encompassed all my purpose in life. I met a gentleman in the library who introduced me to network marketing. I know that wasn’t a coincidence.

With all the stuff that has happened to me in the last several years in the industry, I can, in hindsight, look back and say, “The universe led me here and I was introduced to this person because I was in love with my dream.” All these great things happened because I was so focused on the consistency of that dream. That is the starting point for anyone that wants to start all over again. You need to be very clear. Guaranteed, 100%, those that put a pause in their life have no dream. They put a pause in that dream or it’s not what they wanted. They weren’t in love with it. It’s always the emotion that drives the results in their life.

Joe, as always, you’re spectacular. There’s so much teaching, folks. Read this episode over and over again. Joe, I want to thank you for being a great guest, teacher, mentor and human being. Thanks so much for being here.


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