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If you want to manifest 2022 to be the best year of your life, you’re going to have to find your dream. Not only find it but love it as well. When you focus on your dream, you will have to double your awareness so that you won’t get distracted. It’s all about having one goal, one purpose in life. That is what you have to strive for next year. Join your host John Solleder and his guest Joe Garcia to talk about manifesting your dreams. Joe is an expert network marketer and author of Your Best Year Ever! and Global Paradigm Shift. Find your dream, focus on it, and love it. Listen to today’s episode so that you can have a great 2022.

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Manifesting 2022 With Joe Garcia

Here we are at the end of 2021. It’s certainly been an interesting year. We want to end the year on an extremely high note because I believe that 2022, if we think properly, could be the greatest year for us individually and collectively ever, but we got to get our thinking right. Joe Garcia has been a legend icon and network marketing leader in his company for over two decades. He is somebody who has lived it, walked the walk and talked the talk. He has put together a tool that I have read seven times now. I can’t stop reading this book that you put together. Joe, how should people prepare for 2022? How can they use this book to get their thinking right?

John, thanks for having me on. I have always enjoyed our conversations. We’re two brothers from another mother. I will tell you a quick little story. When I first got started in the industry, one of the gifts that I have had was observation. In Anthony Robbins’ book Unlimited Power, he talked about, “All you have to do is find someone who is successful and model their philosophy, actions and mindset. You should end up getting the same results.”

As I got involved in the industry, I realized that I grew more as a person as I read more. As a businessperson, I started becoming aware. Some people that I was associated with at that time were attracting things, working less than the ones that were working harder. I realized with myself all the success I had until that time because I wanted it more. I was willing to work harder than more people. For years, as I was succeeding in the business and growing my business, I started to pay attention to what I was doing so I could eloquently share with others. That’s the magic.

We talked about before we got on here about duplicated systems. One of the challenges in our business is people, superstars and top one-percenters are not duplicatable. As I was growing my business, I was reaching the top ranks in my company. I started wondering, “How was I doing this outside of my actions? What was I doing daily for me to get those results?” All successes are simple disciplines repeated over time. I had these simple disciplines that I was doing that were getting me results because I wanted it more because I was working harder.

About 2001, I started asking myself the question, “How can I do this better, faster and quicker, working less or getting better results?” I continued to ask myself that question. One night, the light bulb went on, “I need to find a way where I can manifest things faster, better and quicker.” The thought came to my mind. A couple of days later, a gentleman on my team handed me over a series of Born Rich tapes developed by Bob Proctor.

I used that as my Bible for about two years and my results in life went up 100X in a matter of a couple of years. Every day, I listened to those audiotapes for 2 to 3 years and all the Sony Walkman with the cassette. I was following a lot of the Bob Proctor information. Up until that time, I had never heard about Proctor. I started in the industry in 1993. I had read probably 1,000 books by that time. I had never heard of Bob Proctor and he is here local to me in Toronto. Those series of tapes resonated with me.

That’s how I got into manifestation and how I can duplicate what I was doing on a daily basis and teach it to people. Eventually, I started training on it because I’m a believer that if you help grow people, they will figure out the rest. Whereas a lot of us in leadership focus on the how, which is important, but the how is not more important than the why. I started teaching people how to grow and develop themselves through the system. Eventually, I put it on paper.

LNC 50 | Manifesting 2022

Manifesting 2022: A lot of people in leadership focus on the how. Which is still very important, but the how is not more important than the why.


First of all, I love it because it’s short. If you’re reading slow, it’s fifteen minutes. You could even do it faster but if you want to get all the meat and there’s a lot of meat in this book, take the time, people. Download and print it. Use your yellow highlighter because there are many different things here, yet it’s short and sweet. It makes many points. Let me ask you this. You have worked with many people for so long. Why do some succeed and some don’t?

That’s a billion-dollar question, not a million-dollar question. We have all heard the success trainers, gurus and mentors. We have all heard reasons why people don’t succeed. I have come to believe through my experiences is the first step is they don’t know what they want. It’s too general for the most part. I have been teaching this for years. I have trained over a million people who have come at all the events that I have done around the globe. I would say 2% to 3% of people fall in love with their dreams and know what their purpose is.

There are people that have worked with me for years. They have heard me say this thousands of times, but they still don’t know what they want. They don’t know what they want because of the programming that we have received in our environment. The fears are greater than what we want in life. It’s important that we know exactly what we want. It’s not good enough to say, “I want to be a millionaire. I want to be debt-free.” It’s difficult for people to visualize money.

When I sit down with someone, I get them to focus on what they want. Unfortunately, most programming is so deep that people can’t let themselves go there. Typically, what I will do with them is I will have a couple of exercises, like write down everything that they don’t want in life. When they look at that picture of what they wrote down, it’s usually, “Now, we know what I want. It’s just the opposite.” I get them involved in activity goals.

If I was working with you, John, you don’t know what you want, but you know you want to make some extra income. I will set a goal with you, “What is it that you can do over the next month? Talk to one person a day. If you do that, why don’t you go buy yourself a suit or a day at the spa?” It’s some kind of reward. I will get them involved in this process of finding out what their purpose is in life because that is the starting point in any part.

If you don’t know that, there is more chance of them quitting the business or quitting their entrepreneurial dreams. There is more of a chance of them getting distractions in life. There are more chances of people getting not just distracted but disappointed and it takes them out of business. To answer your question, the number one reason is because most people don’t know what they want. As I wrote in the book, we also need to understand how things come into our lives.

Find someone who is successful and model your philosophy and mindset like theirs. You should end up getting the same results. Share on X

Until now, most of us are starting to believe that thoughts become things. Any self-help or personal development book out there started with that premise, “Thoughts become things.” If you look at the greatest teachers in the world, from Jesus, Buddha to Muhammad, you can download several passages of their talks, sermons and teachings, “Thoughts become things.” It’s the premise, but science, which is quantum science, has proven that thoughts become things.

From a science perspective, everything we see with our eyes is made up of the same energy pockets or quantum by-particles. Bob Proctor calls it the thinking stuff. They have recognized now that every quantum by-particle, energy pocket and everything that we see with our eyes, including ourselves, is made up of the same stuff, which are these energy pockets, but they also have their own thinking substance behind them.

What happens is when you have a specific dream and when you fall in love with the feeling, those quantum by-particles are not listening, which is connected to everything that is. Let’s say your goal, dream or desire is to get this 1967 Corvette. You can taste it. You have gone to car shows. You have rented one for a week. You have driven in it. It’s part of my manifestation process. Once you fall in love with that process, dream or purpose, in a parallel universe, these quantum by-particles are now starting to form into that car. It becomes yours through what they call a gestation period.

For example, when a female human being gets pregnant, nine months later, there’s a baby. In this process, it all has to do with the feelings. Think about it. If you’re focused on what you don’t want in life, these quantum by-particles only respond to emotion, love or fear. If you don’t want something in life and you’re constantly focused on it, more than likely, you’re going to attract it in life. That is the process of how things come to you. When you understand that, you go, “I can follow the steps I have in the book and say, ‘I can manifest this.'” That’s what I did.

What is amazing about that is what you’re doing is creating the thought process to get your thinking right so that the actions follow the thinking so that the results eventually come. It’s a sequence of events that you’re telling the mind to do that the mind follows if you get your thinking right.

If you look at any high-performance team, let’s look at Olympic athletes. You’re an athlete. You have surrounded yourself with Olympic athletes. Think about an amateur athlete going to the Olympics. They are an elite athlete now for their country. They want to become a bronze, silver or gold in their discipline, the top three in the world. Think about the commitment. They have to fall in love with that dream because they won’t do the work if they don’t fall in love with the dream.

LNC 50 | Manifesting 2022

Manifesting 2022: Find your purpose in life. That is the starting point at any point. If you don’t know that, there is a higher chance that you will quit the business and on your dream.


If you don’t do this with your teams in network marketing or you don’t make it a prerequisite, you’re always going to have a hard time scaling your business long-term. You will have as many people quit that are coming in. That is the magic. If you look at the number one network marketing company in the world for many years now, Amway is the grandfather of this industry. Back in the ’90s, I was never in Amway, but I got a subscription to their tape of the week. I had all these tapes from their diamonds and top distributors. It’s an incredible wisdom.

The dream was all they talked about. Fast forward now, they probably have one of the worst compensation plans in the industry in terms of payout. They are the steppingstone industry. People make fun of them, but still, now, they are number one. Why? It’s because of the culture of the dream. It’s because they understand when someone is on purpose, they become unstoppable.

You referenced two great books in your book. The first one is As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. Ironically, it’s one of the first two books I ever read on self-development. I didn’t know it was for self-development when I read it years ago. Talk about that a little bit and then let’s talk about the second book.

I was in my mid-twenties when I read As a Man Thinketh. It’s a small little book. I had to read it several times over the first time because of the English. It was in the original English and it was in-depth in knowledge of this area. I have read it probably 100 times since then or maybe more. James Allen was well ahead of his field. If you go back and trace his childhood and what he went through, he was killed when he wrote that book. He was shamed by science. It was difficult to get that book published because he was well ahead of his years. There’s some wisdom in there when it comes to this area of manifestation and thoughts become things. It’s a book that everyone should read.

The second book is funny because I was on a call in 2020, where we were helping to launch a book of my mentor of all things. We were talking about Think and Grow Rich. Ironically, there were only a couple of people. I’m talking about guys who have made lots of money in our industry. Only a couple of us knew that the forerunner of Think and Grow Rich was the other book that you mentioned here by Wallace Wattles.

Dan McCormick was the other guy that knew that. You know Dan. Dan is like yourself and me. He reads and reads. It’s funny that some of these other top performers didn’t know that. Everybody knows Think and Grow Rich. Talk about that book a little bit because it’s got to be on people’s reading lists if it’s not. Listen to it if you can. It’s out in audio too.

Here’s what happens when you fall in love with your dream. When I got started in the industry, I was attracted to the industry. About six months prior to that, I came home one afternoon and I started to write down what I wanted my life to look like ten years from that moment. I had my dream home on there, places I wanted to visit globally, cars I wanted to drive and what my family life was looking like ten years from that moment. I fell in love with that ten-year plan.

Two to 3% of people fall in love with their dream and know what their purposes are. The rest still don't know what they want. Share on X

A gentleman introduced himself to me in my local library about a month later. I was there doing some research for business and it was a three-foot rule. When I was invited to a network marketing meeting of that company, I was sitting in the back of the room. I invited my brother. It was June 23rd, 1993. It was a Super Saturday. Within a couple of minutes, I had one of those born-again Christian moments. I have never been born-again, but God was speaking to me from head to toe.

The thing is, when you fall in love with your dream on your own purpose, life will give you whispers. You don’t need to be knocked up over the head to say, “This is where I need to go.” You will start to feel differently inside. You will get those gut feelings that you have to go with. In 1995, I was first exposed to the signs of Gregory Gretsch. He was coming by my office all the time. People would talk about it. I never read it because I thought it was a book about money.

In 1996 and 1997, I came home after a meeting. It was midnight. I turned on the TV. It was on CNN and Larry King Live was on. He was interviewing a psychic, Sylvia Browne. She was promoting her book. It’s the other side of having him back. Something inside me told me, “Joe, you got to read this book.” It was the same feeling that I was getting with The Science of Getting Rich. I was getting whispered, but I wasn’t listening.

About 1 or 2 years later, it’s another library story. My daughter had swimming lessons. I have some time to kill. In that rec center, there’s a library there. I walked into the library and guess what book was facing me? It was her book. I immediately remember the feeling, “I got to get that book.” I went on Amazon. At that time, Amazon just sold books. I purchased the book. When I read that book, I knew immediately why I was told to read the book. It was incredible. There’s a lot of synchronicity there.

Remembering the feeling with The Science of Getting Rich, I went ahead and got The Science of Getting Rich. There was an old bookstore here in my town and there was the book. It was one of the original copies of The Science of Getting Rich. It was torn a little. Since then, I have read it hundreds of times. I promote it to everyone that starts a business that wants to get involved seriously.

That book is my go-to book because what it does is it teaches people the laws of the universe. They can gravitate to something like Think and Grow Rich. Rich is the law of success, which is only one law broken down to a number of principles, whereas the Wallace Wattles book is how the universe works and how you can get what you want in life. Listen to your whispers.

I got to make a point here because, as you and I both know, all readers are leaders. All leaders are readers. You referenced twice that you went to the library. The library is free. One of the people who read that Wattles book, The Science of Getting Rich, was a guy named Andrew Carnegie who donated so many of the public libraries here in Canada, the United States and elsewhere in the world with his vast fortune that he created.

LNC 50 | Manifesting 2022

Manifesting 2022: When you fall in love with your dream, life will give you whispers. You will start to feel differently inside. You’ll get those gut feelings that you have to go with.


It was one of his things. At the end of his life, he said, “I want people to have the ability for free to read and get information, get smarter, get better and learn more.” Let me make another point. About 3% of people in the world have library cards and can independently take care of themselves financially. I got to bet it’s the same 3%. What do you think about that?

I would also go to the library back then to take out the audiotapes. It’s the Og Mandino stuff, which was where I was first exposed to. I would come home and duplicate them. Imagine what Andrew Carnegie has with his legacy on that one little investment that he has made in libraries.

What a difference he made in his life to take that fortune and put it into the free education of mankind. Joe, let me ask you this and I picked this up in your book. I would love for you to talk about this, “Dreams need to be specific.” You already touched on this. Going forward in 2022, can people get their dreams to be specific to your point and use all of that unseen stuff that the brain locks into when you put it on paper and dedicate yourself to it or you’re sticking it in your wallet? What can they do as a logistical exercise going forward here in 2022 to make it the best year ever?

A while back, I’m taking archery lessons. I’m competitive. I’m going up with the bow and arrow and I can’t hit the target. I’m 50 feet away. I go 25 feet and I still can’t hit the target. The trainer came up to me, “Joe, I see that you’re frustrated. All you have to do is let go of all your thoughts and focus on the target.” Sure enough, I was thinking, “He has been to one of my trainings.”

I calmed my mind down and my whole focus was on that target. I went back 50 feet and got a bullseye and then I did it a second time. Here is a guy that never had any kind of target practice before. I am sharing that story because focus is critical to results in life. When I started in the industry and had all of these goals and things I wanted to do, I realized that I couldn’t focus on them. That was a major issue to me. My feelings were all over the place with all the stuff.

I thought to myself, “What is that one thing that I could achieve that when I achieve it, I get everything else on the list?” That was my multimillion-dollar dream home. I thought, “If I could afford a dream home on the lake.” I had pictures out on my wall. I carried the pictures with me. I had it in my car. If I could achieve that when I achieved it, then everything else would come along. That’s what happened. That was my purpose of driving the business. It was my sole focus.

In social media, someone had replied to a post of mine that I did in a network marketing group. He asked me, “Joe, if you have to do another run again, what company would you go with or the top three?” I responded, “I have been so focused for so long on what I’m doing. I don’t pay attention to anything else outside of me.” He said, “Really? Come on. Be honest.” That’s true. I have been so focused on what I do that everything around me is noise.

I pay attention to friends like yourself, John, and what you guys are doing, but I don’t go any further because my focus is razor-focused. That’s how you manifest things through the ability to focus on your target. Imagine that day with your bow and arrow and I had several targets. I wouldn’t ever get it. When you focus on that target, those feelings are so focused that it must happen when you fall in love with it.

You have to fall in love with your dream because you won't do the work if you don't fall in love with it. Share on X

I want to add one thing to that because I’m the same way. People ask me about other companies. It’s not that I don’t care. With interviewing so many people in the industry, I hear this and that, but for the most part, you’re right. The people who achieve, whether it’s your company, our company or any other company, they don’t care what anybody else is doing.

They care what they are doing and how they make it better. They constantly improve the process for themselves and their field as they develop it. You have been so successful with what you do because you keep your eye on the ball. You are one of the most focused people I have ever interviewed, quite honestly. That’s why you’re where you’re at.

It’s a discipline I have done every day. When you’re in athletics, a coach will tell you, “If you’re not getting the results, it’s your daily discipline you got to change.” For example, if you want 2022 to be your best year ever, you have to have a dream that’s specific and fall in love with it. Number two, double your activity and personal development. If you’re getting X results, double your awareness. That’s the key.

If you’re not aware, you’re going to be in trouble. No matter how hard you work or how many people you talk to, awareness is the key if you’re not aware of why you’re getting results. The only way you’re going to get awareness is by growing your mind, getting to as many experiences as possible and going to as many trainings.

When I first got started in the industry, I was going to two meetings a week. I attended all the meetings. I had one home business presentation a week and then I was most likely attending at least one home-based business presentation from one of my leaders locally. I was so involved that my awareness grew tenfold.

Going to 2022, it’s simple. If you’re doing half an hour a day of personal development or you’re doing it 2 to 3 times a week, I would do half an hour every day. If you’re doing half an hour every day now, go do an hour every day. Grow your mindset and awareness because then, the answers will come. You will have those whispers come to you all the time.

Most people are living life because they don’t have a purpose. They don’t have a dream. They are living life like a zombie. Meaning they are not living life consciously. They are letting their subconscious programming live their lives. I was struggling with something and I kept on asking myself, “What is the solution with this?” Sometimes they would take over my thoughts.

Eventually, I was reading Robin Sharma’s book on heroes, which is a great book. I read a chapter and it was that last chapter. It was like, “Dang, Joe.” It was incredible. I got the solution by reading. It’s that awareness. Maybe years ago, if I read that same chapter going through that same thing, I probably wouldn’t have gotten it at that time, but it’s critical because I grow in my awareness.

LNC 50 | Manifesting 2022

Manifesting 2022: If you want 2022 to be your best year ever, you have to have a specific dream and you have to fall in love with it. You also need to double your activity and your awareness.


For example, the biggest challenge in today’s world is misinformation. Especially since COVID, it has ramped up. Politically and scientifically, we don’t know who to listen to and that’s going to get worse over the next ten years with AI technology. It’s going to be so great you don’t even know what is true or not true. That’s where your awareness needs to grow so you can decipher from all the noise. It always comes back to falling in love with your dream and knowing your purpose.

I did a training class, believe it or not. Our company has a new group in Houston, Texas and Monterrey, Mexico. The lady in Houston has three jobs. When we got to the end of the call, she said, “If there’s one bit of advice you can give me, what is it?” She is a single mom with three kids and three jobs. She said, “Don’t be a victim.” That’s what you’re saying.

If you fall in love with your dream, you’re right, whatever the circumstances are that you described. In the next ten years, who knows what curveball they are going to throw at us? There are so many things happening. If we keep our thinking right, it’s that old saying, “When the whole world is going crazy, how do you stay where you need to be? How do you stay in the groove or zone?”

That’s what this book brings people back to. It’s those basic core beliefs of keeping your dream in front of you, what is important to you and your family, as opposed to what the world tells you that you should be focused on. To some degree, we have all been victims. You haven’t been able to travel the way you used to. For example, I haven’t been able to come back to Canada and see my family or get some of the things I have in storage.

Does that make us victims? No, but it does to some degree because our lives have changed. Other people are much worse than you and I, Joe. My point being is, how do we get past that victim mentality that somehow the media and the world is contributing to and keep it on what is important to us?

Number one, it’s awareness. You have always preached this. You want to increase your awareness 100% of the time because when you grow your people and yourself, you’re going to figure out the rest. That’s the key. For example, a lot of people say, “Joe, how come you never get angry? How come you’re always calm and focused?” It’s because I never react. I have learned if someone sends you a nasty email and you’re angry, never react because when you react, you’re going to say things that you didn’t mean or it’s going to get yourself into trouble.

It’s important to bring your awareness to a point where you can overcome some of your vulnerabilities and your programming. The second thing is that we all have to understand that every belief we have had has been more than likely programmed into us. Why are you your religion? 9 times out of 10, it’s because your parents were. If you’re an American, why are you a Democrat or Republican? It’s because your parents and grandparents were.

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These paradigms that we talk about have all been programmed into us. A good example of this is guns. I know, John, you lived in Canada for a few years. I live one hour from the US border. I have never held a gun. We typically leave our doors open. We have very strict gun laws. My gun programming is so different from my friends across the border there. More than likely, they have a gun in their house for protection.

It’s because, in the US, it was put into the constitution to overthrow the government in case the government went crazy. In Canada, we didn’t have it in the constitution. Those paradigms or beliefs were programmed into me. I don’t get into it when someone talks to me about guns in my American friends because I know it’s programmed into them. I don’t share my feelings about it because I know it’s programmed into it.

One of the questions that we have to ask ourselves as we grow older and this is awareness is, “Does this belief that I have right now serve me?” It’s because now, you’re asking yourself, “There’s no such thing as right or wrong. It’s what I believe in. What I believe in is what has been programmed into me more than likely through my experience throughout my life. Does it serve me?” For example, the kid in Wisconsin that shot those two guys. He was saying he shot them as a defense. He was in fear of his life.

You could argue that his belief about guns did not serve him because he would never have carried a gun with him. It did not serve him because he had gone through hell through that process. It’s important to understand as beliefs that, “I’m always willing to check my beliefs. Never get into arguments about beliefs, religion and everything else because more than likely, it has been programmed into me.”

For example, the people who grew up in Peru or Latin America have different beliefs about money than you and I in many cases and how we were brought up. That awareness is the key to taking yourself to the next level. This is hard work because you need to establish yourself as someone that’s going to challenge your beliefs so you can get better.

What do people do when you travel? Your team is here. They will take you to their mosques, churches, synagogues and temples. I have been in all of them and it’s amazing. My beliefs about religion have expanded dramatically because I was brought up as a Catholic. I was thinking about becoming a Catholic priest in my early teen years. My awareness of traveling allowed me to expand my beliefs and what I believed in about this part of myself because of my exposure to so many other beliefs out there.

LNC 50 | Manifesting 2022

Manifesting 2022: When you’re focused on your dreams, no distractions will overtake you. You will fall in love with your dream and that is when life starts to move in the direction you want.


Those are the two areas that I would recommend to challenge yourself. The third one goes back to your dream and knowing that you were in love with that dream. Bob Proctor has a good analogy with this. Bob Proctor talks about, “When you first fell in love with your wife now or you first fell in love with someone, they were playing you the movie in your mind always. That’s what love does. That’s what your dream needs to get to.”

If you think, “I got to go and spend time now visualizing my dream and it’s arduous work. I have to go and speak to someone at 10:00 tonight or do a training tonight. I would rather fall asleep at that time,” you know that you’re not in love with that dream. That’s the work you need to help your people identify what they want so they can go after it. Most people are programmed not to go after their dreams that they are not good enough.

The obstacles don’t matter when you fall in love with the dream. We have both seen many people achieve around the world that sometimes don’t come from Canada or the United States and don’t come from great circumstances. Maybe they come to this part of the world and achieve or are in their domestic market and started with nothing. I have seen this in many of the countries I have worked in. The guy started with next to nothing, and all of a sudden, he was getting somewhere in his life.

You had people I know in Russia and some of the other Baltic countries that have sat on buses or trains for 30 hours to get to see you and talk to you. Talk about how those people came versus the guy down the street in Mississauga or Dallas that says, “I can’t come to the meeting. It’s too far. It’s raining out. The sun is out. My favorite team is playing today.” It’s all the excuses that sometimes we, in North America, take for granted being in North America versus some of our colleagues around the world. Talk about that a little bit.

In the Western world, if you live an average life, middle-class, or even if you’re in the lower end of the poverty scale in North America, you got the social services to help you and take care of you and your family. You’re more than likely to have a roof over your head. You’re more than likely able to go to dinner once in a while or have a Netflix subscription. Life can be good, but in places like Russia, where the average income outside of Moscow is $250 a month, they have harsh winters. If you think we have it bad in Canada, you should go to Russia. It’s minus 50 in some other areas there that are highly populated. Their hunger is based on their lifestyle. They want more.

One of the great exports of the United States has been Hollywood movies for generations. People see the way in movies the way they are living and they want the same. They are now going on the internet and connecting with other people who have better lives or perceive better lives. They want what we have taken for granted in our society in North America. They are willing to travel 30, 40 or 50 hours by train. It’s normal for them to get to that information. Whereas here, we’re now in that generation where people feel entitled, which is very dangerous. An average life is a good life, and that’s okay, but the hunger is there in emerging markets.

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I was going to ask you about the three cycles, but I want people to read this book. I’m not going to ask you to get in-depth with them. Let’s go one other direction on this, Joe. Let me set the table for this a little bit for you. I would love your reaction. We discussed this already. If you had to take three actionable things to do about what we have talked about or for something maybe we didn’t talk about, what three things can the folks reading this interview do to make 2022 the greatest year ever? Include in there how to get the book.

I will take it to five. We have talked about the awareness part. When you come to this area of manifestation, having the best year ever in 2022, the first step is you need to define your dream and that’s something that you want. Think about the quantum by particles. It has to be very specific. No dream is too small. I had a woman getting her business and her dream was to drive a car. She got retired at the age of 66, getting on buses for transportation. Her dream was to come into the business, make enough money to buy a car and get her license.

That’s a powerful dream and she was able to accomplish that. Now, she is dreaming bigger because she has gone through that process, “I can manifest it. This is what I want.” The first step is to have that dream very specific. The next step is you need to have a set of daily disciplines that will get you what you want. All the people talk about a dream board. Guys like Randy Gage call it the Prosperity Map.

LNC 50 | Manifesting 2022

Your Best Year Ever!

Dream boards work, but I would recommend focusing on the one. You can have all the things on a dream board but focus on the one that you want, like I did with my dream home. All the other stuff I was able to accomplish because I was able to accomplish that first dream. It’s important to carry that with you. Take pictures out of it. I had my million-dollar bill along with a picture of the house on the ceiling in my bedroom.

I remember when my kids would come in. They would take their friends and go, “Look at the house that we’re going to get.” I carried around with me my dream. I had it in my office. It was my purpose of living. The third thing is I got into the feeling that I had achieved that dream. Most books in this area talk about getting into the feeling, “You got to begin with the end in mind,” but it’s so difficult for people to do because of their programming.

What I did is I went ahead and started viewing multimillion-dollar homes in this subdivision. It’s in my area. We would go and do these open houses. We would get dressed. We usually did it on Sunday after church and we would go on to visit these homes. I got into the feeling that these homes were mine. A part of me was so easy then for me to visualize, which is the next step. Every single day, for fifteen minutes, I still do it now. It’s the same time every day. It’s like brushing my teeth. I don’t even think about it. One of my successful pattern disciplines is to visualize with the end in mind. It’s the fourth thing.

The fifth thing is affirmations and writing them down. I’m saying my affirmations over and over again, “I’m happy and grateful that I purchased a home. Thank you, God.” Up until that time, I was saying that all the time, “I’m happy and grateful that I’m going to have a great call with John.” I did that because I’m predicting my future. That’s all affirmations are. It’s predicting your future. Affirmations won’t work if you don’t do the other stuff, but now you are using the momentum when you incorporate the other stuff.

Those are the five steps that I would recommend. It’s important to do it every day. I will end with a story. NASA, North American Space Agency, did a study. They had a bunch of astronauts on the first study. These astronauts had to wear these concave glasses 24/7. The challenge was this glass has made them look upside down. Think about that experiment they did. By day 26, each one of them started seeing right side up.

I was excited to hear and read that study because I recognized in my own business life and my life in general that it usually took 26 or 27 days of consistent habits to make it a part of yourself. You don’t have to think about it anymore. They did a second study with different astronauts. On day fifteen, they had the astronauts take the glasses off by one day for 24 hours and then start the process off a day later. That second study took them an additional 26 or 27 days to see right side up just by missing one day.

Here’s the process. If you’re in that study, your whole thought process would be, “I can’t wait until this experiment is over. This is making me sick.” It took over your life and your dream now is, “I want to see right side up.” That’s all you’re thinking about. The quantum by-particles develop enough neural pathways for you in order to see right side up every single one of them. In the second experiment, when you miss one day, it starts the process all over again.

We have seen this in our network marketing business, where people do massive action for 30 days. You don’t see them again in the next 30 days, or a big distraction in life comes along. What happens is they are out for 2 or 3 weeks. What is happening is they are never able to build the momentum for long-term success. Because I have been on purpose, my dream was set from the beginning. Distractions never overtook me. I had less distractions because I was so focused.

What happens is when you’re falling in love with your dream, all areas of your life starts to move in the direction of what you want. It’s like these moving parts. You may get closer to that finish line. Sometimes you get some tests. Those tests are these major distractions and most people fail them. For me, I did a little bit. I incorporated these five steps every single day. I still talk to someone about the business every single day. I still share the product every single day. I still help my teammates at least once a day to talk to someone about the product and the business.

It’s these simple disciplines. Think about the NASA experiment. If you miss one day, it’s starting it all over again. If someone is able to focus on their dream and take these steps for the next five days, you’re going to manifest and become a manifestor. The woman that bought her a car, do you know what I had her do? She wanted to wait until she had the money so she could get the car and have her license. I said, “Go get your license first. 2) Take driving tests. 3) Go to the nearest dealership that has that car or rent a car for a week and drive it.”

Visualize with the end in mind. Share on X

When she got into that car and felt that leather, it felt what it felt like her independence. It’s getting the feeling. When she visualized after that week, she wanted it more. If your goal or dream is to travel, let’s say your dream is to go to Paris or take your family and it’s on you or a two-week cruise into the Caribbean. What I would do is go on YouTube and start watching those shows or clips of all those places. Every cruise has it. Go to travel shows. Get into the feeling that you have already achieved it.

LNC 50 | Manifesting 2022

Global Paradigm Shift

Here’s what most people do in network marketing, “My goal is to get to the top rank.” For 99.9%, it’s going to be a failure for them. What does it feel to be at your top rank? Nobody knows that unless you hang out with your top-ranked people every single day. It’s much better to have a dream that when you reach that top rank, you can afford to do this. You can visualize and taste it. Get into the feeling of falling in love with it. That’s where people make a mistake when it comes to deciding what they want.

I had someone telling me, “Joe, I want to get to the top rank. I have developed a plan.” This was the most intricate plan. It took him three months to do it and he still didn’t talk to anybody. In our company, you need to do $900,000 in volume. Depending on where you are, it’s $1.8 million in sales for 2 out of the 3 consecutive months. It’s tough to get to the top rank. If you do it for one month, you got to do it again in the next four weeks.

That kind of recognition is you know that you have a solid business when you’re able to do that in multiple months. He had this immaculate training and presentation. I was so impressed and I knew he would never get to that top position because he had no why. It was all in that he is a smart guy and that this is what he thinks he wants to accomplish.

Moving into 2022, to answer your question, I would get into those five steps that I shared in the book. I would make a goal to double your awareness and do it every day. Think about the NASA experiment. All you have to do is do a little bit every day. You will build up enough momentum where you’re going to be able to attract and manifest great things in your life.

That’s probably been my greatest superman power is my consistency in my thoughts. I don’t get too bent out of shape. I don’t get too down. I never get too up. You will never see me shout to the world, “I’m having my best year ever. I’m having my best month ever.” I don’t need to do that to people because I expect it the following year.

It’s funny that you say that because I look at two of the great coaches in history, one in football, one in hockey. There’s Scotty Bowman in hockey and Tom Landry in football. You could look at either one of those guys. They could be winning the Stanley Cup by five goals with a minute to go or the Super Bowl, or they could be losing it, for that matter. Neither one of them got way up or way down. It’s interesting that you use that as how you are that you don’t get yourself too high or too low. That’s what helped you to be so consistent in your business for as long as you have.

You have to have an emotional IQ. In leadership, you’re dealing with lots of different personalities. The bigger the team, the more conflicts you’re going to have to help out with and the more challenges you will have. If you’re all over the place mentally and emotionally and you’re not doing your awareness work every day, the universe will hit you over the head with a hammer and your business will be dead eventually.

That’s the biggest challenge in leadership. The number one reason why organizations fall apart is because of the leadership. We all know the superstars that can recruit more than you and I, that can build a team very fast, but always seems 1 or 2 years later, their teams fall apart because of this area of awareness in leadership.

Where can they get the book?

They can go to my website, WhyJoeGarcia.com. Download it. It’s free. You don’t even have to fill out your name or email. I’m paying it forward.

First of all, thank you for doing that. Secondly is the fact that it’s free. Folks, don’t think there are millions of dollars of sales volume and revenue from this little book because it’s free. That’s how powerful it is. At the end of the day, go get it. It’s going to take you fifteen minutes, but it’s not going to take you fifteen minutes. It is going to take you fifteen minutes once. Take it, underline it and make notes. It’s that powerful. Joe has put together a masterful tool for us to take advantage of. If you’re reading and some speak other languages or have people not even in the industry, he has made it available in Spanish, French, and Hindi.

I’m going to leave everyone with the last thought. I have always believed you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with. That’s a major success principle. If I were starting the industry, if I wanted a mentor to get to the top or if I was in love with my dream, that is a process. You don’t join companies. You join people. You’re one of the best, John.

I would recommend getting to know John and his history because he can help you succeed. He can help you reach your goals and dreams. Moving into 2022, you got to surround yourself with the best. The only agenda is to help themselves get to the top because we could take people all the way to the finish line. That takes too much energy. They have to meet us halfway. I have a lot of respect for you.

Joe, you have done amazing, not just building your business but the life you have led and the family and organization you lead. You’re such a gentleman and leader. You do things like this. You put this book together for everybody. You’re not asking them for money or information. Take advantage of it, folks. This is one of the guys that you want to be like. These are the kinds of shoes that you want to wear. It’s the kind of shoes of Joe Garcia. Wear his every single day in his life and business.

Read it, grow with it and share it most importantly with your team or with your kids. Joe, I don’t know about you, but my hockey player son gets a copy of everything every book that I read, including this one. Whether he reads it or not, that’s up to him. I put it either in his email account or on his desk and say, “Read it because who do we want to influence? Our generation.”

That’s what I do with my kids. From the time they were 10, 11 and 12, I was paying them to read books. As they got to 18, 19 and 20, I started sending them YouTube clips. We have a family chat. I will send them all to my own family and I do that all the time. If I find something like your podcast, “This is great. You got to listen to it,” that they can relate to, I will do that all the time.

It’s not my job for them to go and press, click and listen, but I know they are in a lot of cases because when I walk into their bedrooms, they have their number one dream on their lists. They are constantly educating themselves and growing their awareness. They listened to me about everything that I didn’t teach them over the years. The best leadership is leading by example.

Thanks, everyone. God bless. Happy holidays. Merry Christmas to everyone. Let’s make 2022 your best year ever. Double up everything I have shared with you here. Double up your awareness and activity. Implement a daily strategy that you’re going to commit to doing for 365 days of the year and you’re going to get the results guaranteed. You’re going to manifest great things.

I may have shared the other thing, but most people need to understand. When you’re on purpose, when you fall in love with your dream, you’re invoking all the powers of the universe. You will have these angels, with and without wings, guide you. You will be listening because they will have so many synchronicities happening in your life. How do I know that? It’s because it happened to me.

Joe, happy new year to you and your family, first of all. Second of all, I want to do a little update, LeavingNothingToChance.com. You probably know that if you’re reading, but some people forget it. All these shows are archived. This is the last show of 2021, which is hard to believe. We’re going to have a brand-new show on the first Tuesday in January 2022 and it’s going to be with Joe’s business partner, the great Dan Catto.

We’ll get the other half of this legendary group built by you guys. We’ll get Dan and many other great guests lined up for 2022. I join Joe, from our families to your family, the best of everything, best of health and best of business. Get ready. 2022 is going to be the greatest year of all of our lives. Let’s do it together. Thanks again, Joe.

Great job, John.

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