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Success in the industry is not determined by how long you’ve been in it but by your passion, drive, and willingness to help others succeed. In this episode, we sit down with Luke Hessler, CEO and Founder of Ace Branding. Luke shares his amazing story and pedigree for the industry, and how he made the transition from distributor to entrepreneur. He talks about his Galileo moment and how he found his true calling in helping other entrepreneurs. He also discusses in detail how his PR company differentiates from traditional PR Firms, especially when it comes to publishing their clients’ brands. He reveals the industry secrets as well as winning strategies that worked for him as an entrepreneur and winning clients over. Our guest Luke can be the marketing arm for the growth and scale of your business. Tune in and find out how.

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Luke Hessler: Reputation To Revenue Through P.R.

This is going to be a fun one. We’ve got somebody on here that hasn’t been in the industry for 30 years. You weren’t even alive 30 years ago. Let me introduce my new friend, Mr. Luke Hessler, all the way from beautiful Michigan State Country, Lansing, Michigan. How’s the weather up there now?

It’s nice. The snow is gone now. The sun is coming out. We’re turning the corner.

You will be out and hitting some balls in the near future, right?

That’s right. I just got back from the Master’s. I’m excited. I’m inspired.

There is nothing wrong with that. Luke, you’ve got such an amazing story and pedigree for this industry and have been a super successful distributor at a very young age. Why don’t you share how you got started?

I appreciate that. It means a lot, especially coming from you. My story is unique in the sense that it started when I was very young. I got started in this industry when I was nineteen years old. They say that people do things for 1 of 2 reasons. It’s for either to avoid pain or to go towards pleasure. For me, it was avoiding pain. I was in a place in my life where I frankly looked in the mirror. I didn’t like who was looking back at me.

I grew up with two amazing parents who taught me that as long as I love God and treat others as I like to be treated, I can have a beer and do anything that I want in this world. Success was never something for me that I hoped and dreamed for but it was something that I expected of myself and was expected of me by my family. However, when I went to college, I didn’t have sports in my life anymore, which was a huge part of my life in high school.

I got into the party scene. I enjoyed the fraternity and things like that. I like to say that God kept me on a small leash because within one year, I didn’t get 1, not 2, but 3 minor possessions of alcohol. I’ve been drinking for one year because I didn’t drink or do anything in high school. In my one year, I got caught three times. I took that as a sign that maybe this isn’t the direction I’m supposed to go in my life. I remember this turning point in this because every time I got caught, I promised my mom, “I’ll never do it again. I’m so sorry,” and these types of things but then I did it again. I thought I wouldn’t get caught again. What are the chances?

I remember this one time when I was in what is called the drunk tank and I got to call someone to bail me out for $250. I didn’t even have that to my name at that time. I had to call my mom at 3:00 AM and it was the hardest phone call I’ve ever made. I remember sitting there looking in this little mirror in this drunk tank looking back at myself. As I said, I didn’t like the person that was looking back at me in the mirror. I remember saying a prayer to God. I’m like, “God, I hear you. I’m changing my life. I don’t know what I’m going to do or what it’s going to be, but I’m going to make something of myself. It’s going to be different now.”

I made that phone call. It’s one of the hardest phone calls in my life. It broke my parents’ hearts. It started on a different path though. It set a different intention. Four months later, a friend of mine brought network marketing to me. At that time, I wasn’t open-minded to it because I thought it was only one of those things but he told me that he was making $1,000 a month from it and that he could introduce me to a guy who was 25 and making $40,000 a month to it. At that time, I owed some money to some lawyers for my stuff.

I was like, “Okay. Anything to make some money. Let’s go ahead and figure this out.” I got on the call to figure out why it wouldn’t work. I wanted to figure out that one little thing that wouldn’t allow this business model to flourish. I thought it was one of these things with the guy at the top gets people at the bottom. The people at the bottom do all the work. The guy at the top gets paid and all of this kind of stuff.

Upon further examination of the whole opportunity, it transformed my perspective because I didn’t see what I thought I was going to see. Instead, I saw a business model that I genuinely thought had a heart. This is because what I realized is that in network marketing, the only way I could make a dime was by helping someone else make a dollar. It was interesting because I was going to school at the time for international business. One of the things we learned was about the dark and light sides of human nature, how our economic systems are set up around people looking for profit on the dark side and on the light side, people trying to help other people and things, and how incentive structures are set.

LNC Luke Hessler | PR Revenue

PR Revenue: In network marketing, the only way you could make a dime was by helping someone else make a dollar.


There are always these competing philosophies but what I thought was so interesting about network marketing is that it didn’t matter if you’re someone in it for profit for yourself or if you’re in it with the light side of human nature for other people. The only way you could help yourself was by helping other people. I thought it was an amazing model. I was so inspired by it that I took my research paper and my thesis that I had been spending all semester writing.

I canned it and in 48 hours, I rewrote the entire thing on network marketing because I was like, “This is a game-changing thing and it had changed the game for me.” I got that into it, but the problem is I didn’t have any money to get started. I had to go to my parents and asked for a loan to get started. They thought I was crazy because I already owed them a lot of money from bad decisions and they didn’t understand this industry at all. I ended up writing a proposal to them to try and give me $600 to get started in the business.

I showed them my paper that I wrote and I’m like, “I got a 4.0. My teacher liked it. I think I have something here.” Reluctantly, they ended up giving me $600 to get started to teach me a lesson that these things don’t work and I was off and running. I had to go make money because if I didn’t break even that first month, I didn’t have any more money for the auto-ship the next month. I remember to this day, I needed 6 on one side and 5 on the other in order to make more money than I was spending on a monthly basis. I went to my fraternity and I was the definition of ignorance on fire. Everybody decided to listen and I got a bunch of people to join very quickly.

I went home for Christmas break. I thought all of them would go do the exact same thing and tell their friends and it was going to explode and we’re going to be millionaires. I came back and every single one of them had quit on me. I was back down to zero on my team. At that point, I had the decision to make. I was like, “Either I’m going to commit to this thing or I’m just going to make an excuse and say it didn’t work, blame it on the model, and things like that.” I didn’t have another option at that time. I had this big epiphany and realization. I’m like, “If I believe this, I got to go for it.”

At that point, I tried to do anything that I could. I remember going around campus. I put flyers that said, “Need money but don’t have time for a job?” I posted them all over campus. At that time in 2011, Facebook started to be a thing. I was like, “Maybe I can message people on there,” and all these things. I stumbled my way and failed my way forward for about six months where I never got to the point where I was making any money, but at least, I was covering my auto-ship and figuring some things out.

About six months into it, I started to learn social media. I started to learn how to build a brand for myself online and how to network and talk to people through Messenger. I ended up meeting a kid who was working at Taco Bell at that time. He was the first one that saw the vision that I saw. We teamed up at that point and we went all in. From that time on, things changed and they changed quickly.

Six months from there, I was at a six-figure income. Eight months after that, it was multiple six figures. I went to my parents. I’m like, “Give me a semester to go all in on this thing,” because I do it part-time. At that time, I’m like, “This is what I was able to do part-time. Treat it like an internship. If it doesn’t work, I’ll come back to school but let me see what I can do with this thing.” They gave me a semester to go all in and it continued to grow for me. By the time I was 23, I had a team of about 10,000 people. They were all college students. The average age was probably 20 or 21 years old.

We’re going from college campus to college campus telling the story of student loan debts, making money on the internet, part-time income, and things like that. It resonated and I thought I was going to do that for the rest of my life but I had an unfortunate wake-up call where that company no longer was around. It had to shut its doors. I went from making a lot of money to a little money very quickly, which was painful for me because my expenses didn’t change.

I felt more painful for the people that I was leading because there was a car program in that company where you hit a certain level and they paid your car payments on a car. In my team, I had 53 Mercedes Benz’ and these are 20 and 21-year-olds. Their payments were still due but now their checks were gone. I felt responsible for that because they were leading me.

I ended up transitioning over to another company. I didn’t even know what these were when I first started the industry, but I think it was called a PDA. I hit this pretty big email and I did a lot of volumes very quickly. I made a lot of money very quickly but I paid all that money out to my team to help with the transition over. That was when I was 23. It was the first time I ever made $100,000 in a month and then spent $100,000 in the same month. I didn’t go forward at all, but at least, it helped me sleep at night because no one lost their car.

No one did anything to my knowledge that I know of. That was a good thing. In the new company, that one didn’t work out the way I thought it was going to either. At that point, I reevaluated where I was within the industry and what I wanted to go out there and do. I decided to start my agency in 2017, which is what I’ve been doing now ever since then. That’s about a decade’s worth of information and about 10 minutes for you like a fire hose to the face.

It’s so amazing because I’m listening to your story and I knew your story, but now, I hear it again. What’s amazing to me is very similar to what happened to me. I was at the end of college when I started. I was 21. I was an old guy. I was 21 and you’re 19. It’s the same thing. I went way up and I did finish college. I only had a month left when I heard of network marketing but if I had heard about it at the age you were, I probably would’ve done the same thing. I would’ve said, “Let me go do this guys. This is what I was made to do.”

My parents were like your parents. They are non-entrepreneurs and non-business people. They looked at it like, “You’re going to go sell a vitamin. You have an education. Go do something with it.” I’m like, “There is nothing wrong with selling vitamins,” but that very same thing. The company had a problem with FDA and my business was basically gone overnight.

Fortunately, I wasn’t making the kind of money you were so I didn’t have to cover anybody else’s bills but it is the same thing. It only made me that much more determined. There are two things. Number one is that I was going to learn the business because I didn’t learn the business initially. I learned some concepts. I had to learn the business side of this thing. Number two, what that taught me is what to look for in a company. There were so many companies that have come and gone in 40 years that you could see the earmarks. They weren’t going to last.

They have product deficiencies, capital deficiencies, and integrity deficiencies. You and I have had a very similar path but here’s where your path got different and remarkable is that you decided, “I want to go on the picks-and-shovel side rather than the other side. I want to help people like yourself or myself or other network marketers to utilize media professionally to get their story out, their personal story, or in some cases their corporate story if they’re a corporate owner or senior level executive.”

That’s what you’re doing now. Let’s segue to that because what you’re doing is unique. It’s totally needed. It helps the professionalization of the industry because when people read a third-party article, all of a sudden, “Maybe what you doing, Bob, Bill, and Mary isn’t so flaky. What you’re doing has some legitimacy because XYZ magazine or Ezine or whatever has written about you.”

Let’s talk about that. Let’s back up for a second. What was that point where you said, “I’m going to get out of being a distributor, but I love the industry? I’m turned on by the industry. I love entrepreneurs. I love to help them.” What was that Galileo moment where you had that amazing wake-up call where you said, “Here’s what I’m going to do?”

For me, it is a little Tony Robbins quote. We are on the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change that I decided to change. I had been in now three different companies and I felt like things didn’t work out because of something that was a corporate direction decision, and it didn’t have necessarily do with my direction and decision. Granted, looking back in retrospect, I was the one who decided which company I was running in.

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That was a lesson I didn’t learn, but you did learn how to evaluate companies. I didn’t know how to do that. The conclusion I made wasn’t, “I need to get better at evaluating companies and find the one that I can stick with long-term.” Instead, the decision that I made was like, “I need to start my own company so that if something fails, it’s on me. It’s my issue. It’s my fault if this doesn’t work out.”

That was the driving force to figure it out. I also had built a reputation for myself on social media at the time in building the companies through social media and using it. Back in 2014, ‘15, ‘16, and ‘17, this was something that a lot of people didn’t know how to do yet and they were looking for ways to go and do it. I already had a bunch of people asking me, “How do you go and do these things?”

What I decided is I’m like, “There’s a need. They’re already asking me. I’m very uniquely positioned to be able to serve people in this because I haven’t just been able to build a brand for myself, but I’ve also been able to leverage that to build a network marketing company and teach others how to do it. I can help people because I’ve done it before. Maybe I can explore this.”

It started on the Instagram side of things. We helped people grow their followers and different strategies. From growing their followers, they wanted to get that blue fancy check mark that at that time was of significance for credibility and notoriety. What I learned is that the way to be able to get that blue check mark was to get anywhere from 10 to 15 full feature articles on you.

The real reason I began to start to reach out to various contributors at different publications. It was because I needed to help my clients who are Instagram people get verified and the press was a requirement to go out there and get the verification. I started to try to solve the problem of how can I guarantee publishing for my clients to be able to help them with this.

What I learned was that a lot of these contributors at various publications are required to publish a certain amount of content per month. It’s one of their things. What they have to do is they have to go find a story to go and tell. What I did is I reached out to people and I built relationships with them. I said, “If you’re looking for entrepreneurs and business people to write a story about, what if we could collaborate? I have all of these people who are massively successful. They have incredible stories to go out there and tell. They’re looking to get their story published. I can go and bring you the stories. I’ll even pay you a fee for helping me get published. I’ll help you make more money and you do less work. It’s a win for me because now I can help my clients get guaranteed publishing.”

It was a win-win-win for everyone. It was a win for the contributor, a win for our clients, and it was a win for me. I started to build these different relationships slowly but surely. Through that, I ended up learning the power of PR because a lot of us in network marketing have learned the credibility triangle. It’s like when you edify in a three-way call. You have you, your upline, and then you have the prospect. In between you and the prospect, there’s trust between you and the upline.

You edify them and that creates respect between the prospect and the upline and that helps with the three-way calls when you’re going in pitching the story and things like that. What I realized is that if you replace the upline with a brand, then it works the exact same way. For example, if you have Forbes because it’s a brand that everyone knows, between Forbes and the prospect, there’s respect because they know Forbes. Between you and the prospect, there’s trust and Forbes edifies you through an article. Those three things complete that triangle and it makes people more likely to take the information that you’re saying and they trust it.

We started to see the power of this. We also started to see how PR could be used for recognition. If a distributor hits a certain rank, every company has recognition bonuses that they give. Being able to give them a full-feature article in US Insider or the United Business Journal or something like that where they get a phone call from our team saying, “Just so you know, you were nominated for this article. I’m excited to let you know your story was approved. We get the honor and privilege of writing the article on you. Congratulations.”

When somebody on your team or your downline gets that phone call and they don’t know that it’s there, it’s powerful. It’s like the recognition when they walk across the stage. We know that as network marketers, that’s one of the big things. The difference between this and when you walk across the stage is that when they get that article, that article is an internet-based article. They get a link to it and that link lives on the internet forever versus when you go on stage. You can take a picture of it and you can keep talking about it but with this, you get an article that goes online. Now, when people are googling your name, this article comes up. It’s an evergreen asset, resource, and tool. We invest in the teams by giving them tools, resources, and recognition.

It’s the combination of all three of those things in one thing. I started to see the value of PR alone through this process. That inspired me to continue to go make more relationships with more contributors at different publications across the country and across the planet. Now, we have 394 publications that we have relationships with. We can offer guaranteed publishing in all of them.

One of the most powerful things about it is that we’ll never publish an article unless the client approves it. I think this is important because with traditional PR companies, you’re paying them a retainer where they’re pitching on your behalf and there’s no guarantee that there’s even going to be a publishing from that but you’re paying them regardless. However, even if it gets accepted and the journalist tries to write about something, you have no control over what they say.

It could be inaccurate but with us, we can make sure the accuracy of the article is there. We can make sure the narrative that is being shared is an accurate representation of who you are. This becomes a powerful tool and when I look at the network marketing industry, we’re in the storytelling business. I think that this is a unique way to tell the story that many people haven’t seen yet and in a way that the general public will be more open to and will respect a little bit more than some of the things that we’ve seen in the past simply from a principle basis of what I’ve shared.

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I’ll add to that real quick. Amongst many things that I love about what you’re doing and why I’m such a fan of yours, number one, let’s say you’re building a group in a particular city. Maybe it’s not a city you live in or a city that you live in. Let’s say Miami. You and I have had this discussion. If you want an article on one of the Miami big publications because you’re building there, he can do that. If you want it in Dallas, he can do that. If you want it in Toronto, he can do that. You want it in Beijing, he can do that.

If you want it wherever it is that you’re working and building, you need that little bit of media to say, “Don’t take my word for it. We were written about in this publication.” That’s local for those people. You pull it up and send it to them. It’s instantaneous credibility. Secondly, instantaneous credibility from another standpoint. One of the problems over the 40 years I’ve been doing this is somebody says, “That’s nice.” Of course, your company says nice stuff about you in their journal.

They’re going to say good stuff. What are they going to say? The bad stuff? Of course not. They want to sell the product too. Third-party folks are strong. Don’t miss the ability to do that through Luke’s company. It’s why you need to get in touch with him. If you’re reading this, take full advantage of this. Contact Luke. Find out some of the services he offers. He’s a young growing dynamic guy.

He’s got a great team around him. I’ve worked with some of the people on his team. They’re all professionals. They’ll respect your time. They’ll work around your schedule. They’ll find out what these guys are doing because it’s magical and you got to use it. Let’s come back. You have 400 publications, roughly. It was 394. It would be 400 before we know it. Let’s go through the process because I know you offer something unique for somebody as long as they’ve got a team.

If you have ten people on your team, you don’t need this but if you’re reading this, you probably have a team that’s substantial. I know a lot of our readers are people that are number one in their companies or want to be number one in their companies. They’re in the top 10, top 20, or top 50 and they’re endeavoring to get there. How can you guys help them? What’s the process?

The very first thing that we do is do a quick audit on you and your business. As you said, we, unfortunately, can’t get everybody like the newest member done, but assuming that you do have some credibility, then we can make it happen. The baseline is building an organization. Roughly, if they can be at a $10,000 a month range, then you’re likely to get approved for this. That’s the first thing. There’s a simple little application process that we put people through or we do our own review on you independently. If we contact you, that means we’ve already done the review. We already know where you’re at and we know that you’d be able to qualify for that. That’s step number one.

Once you have gone out there and been approved for it, the second thing that we do is simply get on a call. We do a simple strategy session. We want to figure out what some of your goals are and what you’re looking to go out there and do. We then want to offer you a free article because we want to let people try it before they buy it. A lot of people hear this concept and they think it could be cool. They think it could be great, but they don’t know yet and they don’t necessarily want to invest in it.

Before we ask for any money from you, we pay for your first article, again, assuming that you qualify with the application. It’s a $500 article that we’re going to get for you just so that you can experience this whole process. After that, you can decide whether or not you want to move on to a larger package. After we go out there and decide on the free article, and you say, “Yes, fantastic,” the next thing that we’ll do is we’ll schedule an interview with you with our editorial staff.

When you come to that interview, we’ll give you the questions ahead of time. You can go ahead and take a little bit of time to review and answer them in written format for you to go out there and have something to reference and have an idea of what you want to talk about through the interview. The interview will take anywhere from probably 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how much you want to expand on a lot of the topics yourself.

After that interview, our team will begin the editing process. Once we write that first draft, we will send it back to you and we begin what we call the editing cycle where you say, “I like this. I don’t like this.” You help us create and craft the perfect article. We will go back and forth as many times as we need to in order to help you get that perfect article. We will never submit it and move on to the next step until you approve that final draft.

We are very committed to telling your story the way that you want it to be told just so that it is accurate. Once you do approve that final draft, then we submit it to the contributor at the particular publication that we’re going to be working with. Once we submit it to them, they will submit it for publishing. There’s then a thing called the turnaround time, which is the lag time between when we submit it for publishing and when it goes live. The article will then go live. We will get a live link. We will send it to you.

LNC Luke Hessler | PR Revenue

PR Revenue: We are very committed to telling your story the way that you want it to be told just so that it is accurate.


Immediately once you get that live link, the article will begin SEO on Google. Based on some factors like the domain authority that you follow, some technical stuff, and the number of clicks on the article are going to determine how well that’s going to go in rank on Google. The goal is if you can’t get enough articles with good domain authority, then you can make it so that when people Google your name, you can almost control what they’re going to see.

I remember when I was in my first company, everyone would go and do their research. They’d Google the company or something like that and there’d be some blog from some company that gave their opinion that was negative. It was inaccurate, but everyone took it as fact. We lost some good potential people because they were going off of inaccurate information on the internet. If we can help anticipate the fact that people are going to do their research and we can make it so that they can see accurate information instead of all these BS blogs that are there, we put up a counter-narrative that can be super helpful for people. Again, the idea of the PR plan that you do after the free article is up to you.

We’re going to create a custom plan for you based on your budget and goals to make sure that fits you. This can be anything with a corporate company. It can be a huge PR plan. If you are a distributor in the early stages of your business and you want to get your foot in the door and do an article or two, we can go ahead and make a budget-friendly PR strategy for you as well. There’s a lot of flexibility around that.

Let me talk about that for a second, Luke, because you and I have been going back and forth on a few different ideas. Every time we talk, I get more ideas. You’re making this old guy’s brain work. That’s good. It will keep Alzheimer’s and dementia at bay for a while. Let me talk to my friends here who’ve been on the show that are authors like myself.

For example, everybody hopefully knows the book Moving Up. It’s an Amazon bestseller and also, Leave Nothing to Chance. If you don’t or you’re a new reader, go up to Amazon and get them. There are a lot of stories here about successful people. More than that, there are the strategy and tactics that I’ve employed for many years to be at the top rank in five separate companies in that time and consulting for some of the largest success stories in the history of the industry.

LNC Luke Hessler | PR Revenue

Leave Nothing to Chance: 15 Principles for Success and the Stories That Inspired Them by
Foster Owusu, John Solleder, and Mona Andrei

When Luke and I started to talk, I said, “I’ve had a problem.” One of those problems was Moving Up: 2020 comes out at the end of 2019, right around Christmas time. Leave Nothing to Chance, we wrote these books at different times, but just the way things worked out. That one comes out in February 2020. I don’t want to give anybody a heart attack here but think for a second about that timeframe that we all want to erase from our memories. Around the beginning of 2020 is about the worst time to launch anything that you have to go out and speak to the public. I’m a meeting guy. I’ve given meetings all over the world over the years. I have an audience and I pitch my book. “You want to get my book.”

People go up to Amazon and buy it. I have a couple of cases there. You can buy it with my autograph and so on. I’ll sell 1,000 books in a weekend. I don’t have an audience. My audience has disappeared because of some little thing called COVID, understandably. We’ve had these books out there, but we haven’t been able to get them out in a major way because there hasn’t been the event structure to do that at.

You can’t go to your big corporate event and pitch your books. You’re there to do something that the company wants you to do. You’re selling one here. You’re selling one to this guy there. Maybe he’ll promote it and other podcasters. We’ve gotten them out there. We’ve sold enough to become Amazon bestsellers with both books but at the end of the day, the books never had the impact.

I know some of you that read this show, you’ve had the same problem because we’ve talked about it. I know there are at least twenty people that I’ve interviewed in the last few years here and you’ve had the same problem I’ve had. You launched something at the worst time, probably in human history to launch something that you’ve got to go out and sell. Even if you launched your book a couple of years ago, get with Luke. Let him reposition it. Do the free article. Do a couple of subsequent articles after that to get your brand out there again and to get the machinery moving again. That’s one idea.

By the way, there was a guy. I forget his name, but he bought a clothing company. He said, “I was a customer for so long, I had to buy the company.” I’m a customer of Luke’s. I’ll say that. Luke is going to be a sponsor of our show. We are working together because I love media and he loves media. Listen to me, folks. Utilize his service. He’s got something unique.

This is the second point. A unique selling proposition. You can’t go get into media. There’s a skillset that he’s got and that his team’s got. They didn’t dream this idea up in five minutes and say, “Let’s go out and do this.” They’ve done the work like your network marketing company. You got a product. You got a marketing plan. You got a back office. Somebody did all that for you. All you got to do is go out of the market.

Luke’s got all of those pieces in place. Let him market you, your brand, and your network marketing business if that’s what you want to do. Get in the conversation with these guys. Let them know what you’re doing. Let them help to guide that path for you to get you back out there and get you relevant. I’ll tell you, I had the free article at this point that we’re talking about. The free article was the first thing that we did.

I sent it to a friend of mine who I haven’t seen in about twenty years. Ironically, this guy moved back here from Missouri. He lives in Texas where I live. We got together because of that article. We had lunch. We reacquainted. He started to use my company’s product. He had great results with it. He’s now in the business. That’s one. I’m not going to tell you there are ten of them. There’s not. There’s one.

What if that one guy who’s got the ability to do what he’s done previously does it in my company now? I don’t know what he’s going to do at this point. It’s unknown. He’s getting started but I can tell you that he’s already lined me up with a guy who’s authored seven books on fitness. Do you think that guy can open some doors? That’s the kind of tool that Luke is offering. Listen and listen well, and most importantly, the ACT word. Do something with this information that this young man is giving you.

Let him be your marketing arm to get you out there so you spend your time closing business for new customers and distributors. Let him help you to do that. Luke, let’s come back here. Let’s give all the details of how they get in touch with you guys and any other relevant information that you think they’re going to need. You’re a distributor at heart, so you know what they need better than I do. I’ll shut up and let you go ahead. Tell them what to do.

I appreciate all the kind words. Before I dive into that, I got to say I’m so grateful that we were able to get connected. Something that’s so unique about you is that with your many years of experience in this industry, you have such a unique perspective and you’ve seen the flash in the pan things. It’s a good idea. Will it work? Will it not?

You have a unique perspective where you can accurately evaluate these tools and these resources. To hear you say this, I’m blushing over here because I am so grateful for that. I’m excited to be able to combine new school tactics and technologies with old-school principles. That’s a deadly combination. Thank you for your energy there.

For those of you guys that are interested in getting in touch with me, I am on all social media platforms. Instagram is my primary one. You can find me @Luke_Hessler. I am also active on Facebook as Luke Hessler as well. On Twitter, I’m @Luke_Hesser. You can always go to our company website as well. Go to GetFreePR.com. You can apply for that free article. There’ll be a landing page there. There’s a video of me sharing and divulging a little bit more information and details regarding the process, what the article can look like, and things like that. In there, you can apply for that free article and then we will happily be able to go out there and serve you.

Luke doesn’t have a huge staff, but he’s got an adequate staff. Don’t worry about overwhelming him. These guys act fast. They’re young and aggressive. They’re what I used to be, young and aggressive. Now, I’m old and aggressive. Take advantage of it, folks. I love our readers. I know many of you personally. We know each other in some cases through the internet, Facebook, and stuff. I wish this had existed years ago because my own parents said to me, “You’re going to do what?”

What’s funny is about a year into the business or maybe it was two years, my first company had a problem with food and drug. They’re still in business, by the way, that company. It’s one of the great companies in our industry that had resurrected itself and a great company. I went and I joined a fairly small company. They had a guy who wrote a book called, They Dared to Be Free.

LNC Luke Hessler | PR Revenue

They Dared to Be Free by Robert Natiuk and Dayle Maloney

I’ll never forget it. I was a 24-year-old kid and he wrote about me in about two paragraphs. Guess how many of those books I bought? One thousand because I had no credibility being 24 at that time. There was no internet. There was nothing else. I had no way to prove my case to anybody, but all of a sudden, I was in this guy’s book, and some of those barriers that people had got torn down. That’s what we can do now with Luke’s service. We do it much quicker. Frankly, those 1,000 books back then were $2.50 apiece or $2,500. For a 24-year-old kid, that was a lot of money for me at that point in my life.

This is not an expensive process but take advantage of it. Take advantage of it quickly and get your business out there because here’s the other thing, Luke. We can probably close here because I think we’ve made your case. America needs leadership. I love a 29-year-old guy like you with a young family. I know you just had your first baby, that’s committed to helping entrepreneurs grow.

It is because if the United States and Canada and anywhere else that you’re reading this English, the world needs young entrepreneurial leaders to take us into the next generation. It’s not going to be old guys like me. It’s going to be the young people that do this. If you’re reading this and you’re 30, 35, 40, or younger, or even a little bit older, don’t worry about your age, take advantage of working with these types of tools. Luke, on that thought, I’ll pass it back to you for a closing message.

I could go for another hour on that alone because I’m so passionate about us young people stepping up, taking responsibility, and being the change that we want to see in the world like what Gandhi says. I think that we have one of the most unique opportunities on the planet. We live in an age where we can connect with 60 people in 60 countries in 60 seconds at the click of a button. We have access to technology and information that was not available ever.

We have one of the most unique opportunities on the planet. We live in an age where we can connect with 60 people in 60 countries in 60 seconds at the click of a button. We have access to technology and information that was not available ever. Click To Tweet

I like to say that you can ask Siri things that weren’t available in the library of Alexandria. It is unbelievable the opportunities that we have right now, especially as young people but it’s a double-edged sword because with that, comes distractions. You can decide whether or not you want to use these technologies or if you want to be used by these technologies.

If you don’t decide, you have decided because you will be used by the technologies, period, end of story. I encourage anybody that is reading this that is young to take responsibility. Step up and realize that there is no time like the president. We think that we’ve got all this time in our life, but I’ll tell you, now at 30 years old, I am a father now, and time keeps speeding up. I can’t believe I tell this story that I started when I was nineteen. I’m like, “That was over a decade ago and it seems like yesterday.”

Right now is a unique time in our nation. I think people are looking for leadership. They are looking for opportunity and they need opportunity. That’s one of the reasons I’m so passionate about the network marketing industry because it allows anybody. No matter your race, religion, socioeconomic status, age, gender, or anything to hit the reset button on your life financially and escape the prison of poverty. You get to connect with a community of people that believe in you.

You get access to unique information. People have a vested interest in your success and you can connect to people like John who have been there and done that. They can be the guide because, as young people, we’ve got the energy, ideas, and things like that, but we also need to be able to have the humility and the coachability to be able to learn from those people who have come before us.

I’ve learned in my life that you can figure stuff out in 1 of 2 ways. One is through mistakes, falling, figuring it out, scraping your knee, and getting back up or you can learn through mentors or people who have already made those mistakes. To be honest, it’s stupid to try and learn from your own mistakes because it takes a lot longer and it is much harder and it’s much more painful.

There are two ways to learn: by making mistakes and getting back up, or by seeking guidance from mentors who have already made those same mistakes. Click To Tweet

You got to also learn from your own experience at some point in life but being able to find mentors like John and other leaders in this network marketing industry who I’m sure are reading this right now, you guys have a duty and responsibility. I pray that you guys step into that calling and you guys go out there and be the change that you want to go and see in the world. I’m here to support you in any way that I possibly can. I feel like that’s my calling and my mission on this Earth.

Thank you so much, Luke. This has been a privilege, an honor, and a necessary tool going forward.

Thank you.


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