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Lead generation is all about keeping track of your relationships. Keep those relationships alive because those are potential leads for you. Network marketing is not all about selling. Take the time out of your day to help a customer or answer an email. Take your time and stop trying to do too much too soon.

Join John Solleder as he talks to Bob Schwartz about how you can never run out of leads again. Bob is the CEO and publisher of Home Business Advertiser Magazine. He is also the founder of 3 Leads A Day, where he actually gives you free leads! Learn how to build your customer base and how to keep them subscribed to you. Discover how Bob dealt with the pandemic and why it made him stronger. Never run out of leads by listening to this episode today!

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How To Never Run Out Of Leads Again With Bob Schwartz

It is a privilege and an opportunity to interview one of the top vendors in our industry. A gentleman that I have known now for many years, we go back to our East Coast days together. The first time we met Bob was when I was still living on the East Coast before I came down here to Dallas. Let me welcome you to the show, Bob Schwartz. How are you?

I’m great. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am excited.

I am excited to have you here. You are the first vendor in the industry I am interviewing, which is crazy. I know so many networkers that we started there but my privilege as well to interview you. Welcome to the show. I am going to tell people about you and ask you some questions. I know you are a man of faith, first of all. As am I, as are many of our readers. You are a father of five kids.

You have worked at a variety of different things in the past, everything from a paint factory when you were young to a lumberyard, to the dollar store, to a gas station, and then ultimately, like most of us tripped across network marketing and said, “This is a better way.” You started working for our mutual friend, Phil, many years ago at Cutting Edge Media back in 1996. Phil was your first mentor, was he not?

He was. I was not one of those people that were academic in school. I struggled to get along. I always say I have a ninth-grade education because I stopped paying attention in ninth grade. Honestly, that came with a little bit of embarrassment because a lot of my friends did go to college. When I moved to Pennsylvania met Phil, that’s where I got schooled in marketing. I learned more working for him. I would have made off at a four-year college. He was such a great mentor and unfortunately, he passed away but I learned so much from him, John.

It was very sad. He was a young guy. Was he even 40?

Yes, either 40 or 41 years old. It was an automobile accident. It was a shame. The world lost a good man that day. A lot of the people that did work at Cutting Edge Media did go on and they took what they learned, and little niche businesses to help. If somebody was good at publishing, they stuck to that. If somebody was good at lead generation, they do that. It was neat how things shook out after that.

You gained so much experience because when you joined the company, they had about five employees. By the time Phil unfortunately passed, you were up to about 80 people and you were the National Marketing Director for the company.

LNC 74 | Lead Generation

Lead Generation: Always make sure to keep your mailing list very clean and updated. Mail a magazine to everybody that’s ever bought a mailing list from you. Keep your core group of subscribers updated.


I was working at a paint factory in Belvidere, New Jersey. I kept getting this magazine in the mail called Cutting Edge Opportunities. I looked at it and it had all these great offers, opportunities, and people that I had never heard of before. I would call all the advertisers and get to know them and their stories. I thought, “I should call the publisher because this looks like something I would want to do for a living.” I said, “I love writing ad copy and helping people build their business.” I had called him and told him my situation. He said, “Bob, I would love to have somebody onboard that knew how to write ads and was a decent copywriter.”

When I got there, I realized that he had tricked me a little bit and he did not need someone to write ads as much as he wanted someone to sell as. I was working at a paint factory and got this sales job. I did not know how to use a computer. I couldn’t check email. I had no idea what I was doing. I was so nervous but after a couple of days, weeks and months, I figured it out. It was great. That point did change my life.

Isn’t that amazing? As an entrepreneur, that is what we do. We figure it out. We are like, “Leave me alone, I will figure it out.” You ran a lot of ads for me back in the early part of the 2000s. Phil guided you when you started Home Business Advertiser back in 2003.

That was important to me because I did not want to take another man’s idea and steal it from him. I had gone to Phil and said, “I love you. I love working for Cutting Edge but I have this thing inside of me that I do want to start my own magazine. I would love the opportunity to stay partnered with you so that I can continue to sell your leads, your click traffic, your website traffic but I want to do this.” I did ask for his blessing, not that I needed it but I felt like I was supposed to do that as the right thing. He is like, “Bob, I want you to be happy. You do what makes you happy but I want to make sure that we are on good terms.”

We were, and he helped me. When we first got started, he helped me get the mailing list that we have of people that are looking for business opportunities. The mailing list is one of the most important parts of direct mail. The people that you are mailing to and the offer that you are offering them have to have to match or nothing happens. That was a blessing also.

That was a long time ago. How has lead generation changed since then?

I started at Cutting Edge in 1996 or 1997. Back then, I am not sure if you remember this or not, there was starting to be an internet. People are starting to figure it out but back in those days, everyone had fax machines. When the new hot company came out, your sponsor would send you two applications with a fax machine. One would be his information filled out on the application and the next one would be a blank one that you could fill out and send out to your people. It started when it was faxing each other these applications. It was crazy. Fax blasting was a way to generate leads. USA Today was popular on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to get the travelers to read the paper.

We saw the internet come along where instead of me having to fax you an application, you sign in, and you mail it in to the company or you call into the company and place an order, now I have got an opportunity to capture a lead online. I can build a database through an auto-responder or a contact management software, follow up with that lead through texting and emailing, and then sign up the person online and have them their own replicated site. It was like that blank application that you are getting faxed, right there where you can start your business in ten minutes in network marketing. It is incredible.

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It has changed so much. I was doing a call for our company with a group in Mexico. We were talking about long-distance sponsoring here in the US about a lot of our Mexican people having friends and family around the US. Back in those days, we would mail something to somebody sometimes. We would have a cassette tape or a DVD. There are different things that came along like we are talking about. You would mail it out to them. It would take 4 or 5 days to get it. You would hope that they looked at it when they got it. You would follow them.

These days, you press a button and the guy has got a video on his phone and watch if he is sitting at home watching a ball game or sitting in a movie theater. It is crazy how it has changed but for the better. You have worked with a lot of organizations over the years. What companies have you worked with?

Things have changed because of COVID. In the last number of years, I still have my loyal advertisers. We publish a 68-page magazine. There are people in there from TLC Total Life Changes. We have some Melaleuca distributors. We have some 4Life distributors. We have distributors from American Dream Nutrition and LegalShield. When I started the magazine, my goal was to publish this magazine. I have noticed over the years that 75% of our advertisers advertise and renew month in and out.

If somebody came to me and they were in LegalShield, and they are like, “Bob, I want to place a full-page ad in your magazine,” I could say, “We are going to design the ad. We are going to write the ad copy. We are going to publish that out to 35,000 people.” I could only generate that person about 40 or 50 good inbound exclusive leads but then he would turn around and say, “Bob, I have got 100, 1,000, 4,000 or 5,000 people on my team. How am I going to generate leads for them?” The last few years are when I started getting asked that question, and then we added online lead generation and selling click traffic. For a lot of the folks that I work with, Melaleuca is one of our biggest customers. Not the company itself but the distributors.

We work with the number one income earner over there. He refers his downline or organization to us. We have got the magazine but folks are starting to say, “Bob, I have got my own landing and lead capture page. I want you to drive business opportunity traffic to my website.” We learned how to do that during COVID because we had to. It was a survival thing.

The reach of the magazine, how do you get your mailing lists? Who do you mail to and all that?

We definitely mailed to everybody that I have done business with over the years. We always make sure to keep that list very clean and updated. We mail a magazine to everybody that has ever bought a mailing list from me, ever placed an ad, or ever bought leads. That is our core group of subscribers. Those are network marketers, people that know the industry and want the magazine for articles and marketing tips.

You have got an offer in there about the book, Leave Nothing to Chance. People do need training resources. They read the magazine to learn more about podcasts like this one. The rest of the list is made up of people that may have bought a course like, “How to make money on Instagram or Facebook for $97.” They will get a free subscription to Home Business Advertiser along the way.

LNC 74 | Lead Generation

Lead Generation: The pandemic made the magazine business industry. Now, these companies have to provide more value to their customers because people are just more aware of their subscriptions.


That data says, “Bob, I have got someone here that is interested in learning how to do a mobile business. They want to work from home.” They have spent $50, $100, and $150 on a course, and then they get a free copy of this magazine in the mail. When you look through the magazine, it is like, “There are over 100 great business opportunities in here from affiliate offers to network marketing offers.” Between those two, we have a print circulation of 25,000 entrepreneurs that we mail to. Online, we mail to about 10,000, through our digital magazine, which is free online.

It is interesting because we are living in a time where everybody needs more money in this crazy economy that we are in. If we backtrack to pre-COVID, the economy is doing well. Everybody is working and making money. The gig economy, which is what it is described as nowadays. I am not sure exactly what that means. I hear a lot of different explanations but that is where we are at. Everybody needs to make more money. If you do not get the buying power, I look at it here where I live in Dallas, I watched people at the food store. They used to get four bags of groceries and it cost them $100. When I say $100 now, it buys them about two and a half bags of groceries.

The gas pump, same thing, $2 gas is $4 gas. It is not hard to do the math on that. You look at it, the average family needs $500 to $1,500 additional income to stay where they were a couple of years back in the economy. Maybe that is going to change. Maybe it is not. Hopefully, it will change for the better. Everybody that you described there was a prospect. Everybody is looking for the proverbial side gig, plan B or whatever you want to refer to it as. Let me ask you this. In the last number of years with the pandemic, how has that affected your business?

It has made us stronger. We did have to provide more value to our customers because people do seem to be more aware of their subscriptions of how they are spending their money. Here in Lancaster County, my wife notices that a dozen eggs used to be $0.99 and now, it is $4. Our grocery bill has gone up and I know that our customers are affected by that too. We have tried to do everything we can to pour our resources and investments into our customers and make sure we always give a man more than he pays for. That helped grow our business. I do believe in the last number of years, we have doubled our business.

Most of that is with leads. We started a program called 3 Leads A Day where I can drip three leads a day of someone’s looking for a home-based business into your email box and then that person has to send us a sample text message, “John. This is Bob. I know you are looking for a business. Is that still true? Are you still looking?” If they reply back, “I am interested,” that is a good lead. For every 100 leads our customers will text, they will get about 7 positive replies. They will get that person that is like, “Take me off your list,” but you will get 7 positive replies out of 100 leads. Usually, 1 signup or maybe 2 signups, depending on the opportunity and the follow-up

We are going to be talking more, you and I, privately because there are things I want to do with my business that we have discussed but I want to keep it to network for this episode. Talking about generating leads, you mentioned a few things. Are there more ways that you generate leads like trade shows? How do you constantly keep the leads coming in fresh so that they are not the same old, same old people that are, “I already looked at nine things. I am not looking for tenth but take me off your list. I am not interested?” How do you keep that flow of good, new, red-blooded people that are saying, “I am looking for something?”

It is not easy. We are always learning but we do a lot of advertising as well. We run banner ads on large affiliate networks. We do solo ads. You could go out there and start googling, “Email newsletters.” There is a guy named Nick Loper. They publish easing, newsletters, marketing tips, and starting your own side hustles. There are these people and what they are doing is they are providing content for free. Like what I am doing in the magazine, they are doing it online.

They are providing content for free saying, “Let us teach you the five best side hustles in America or North America now.” They will send that email list out to 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000 subscribers. We can buy advertising in those newsletters that say, “Free magazine,” and that is how I drive traffic to our digital magazine.

That is another way that we drive traffic to people’s lead capture pages. That still works. If you look at USA Today, it is not as big as it used to be but there is a business opportunity section at the back of USA Today. It does well. There are weeks where you could place a little ad in the back of USA Today and get 25 or 30 leads of people that are calling you saying, “I saw your ad. I am staying at this hotel. I am in Dallas. I am in New York. I am in Philadelphia. I am tired of traveling. I want to work from home. What do you have?” That is another good thing. I have been to trade shows before. I do not know about you. You could tell me your experience but I have always done more business with the other vendors than we have with the attendees at the trade show. They tend to be my people. Is that the same for you or not really?

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It is so funny you say that. Everything I have ever done like that has always had that downtime where you are staring at each other, you are sitting behind your table and they are sitting behind theirs. There is nobody walking through or they are walking through and staying 25 feet away from you. Nobody talks to them. During COVID, those things did not exist but it would have been perfect. It is like, “I am staying away because of COVID,” but now, it is like, “Don’t stay away.” You are absolutely right. I have recruited people at those things that we are selling something else that also like myself, paid to be there. It was like, “We are not getting any traffic from those people.”

It comes to that you and I are wired the same way as are most of the people I interview where we have got that entrepreneurial mindset. We are not close to anything. It is like, “Tell me what you got. Tell me what you are doing. Tell me how we can help each other to gain business.” We are all trying to accomplish the same thing, which is to grow as an entrepreneur because the one thing we all have in common is we do not want to work for anybody else. We have talked so much over the years but were you involved as a distributor at one point?

I had had a lot of unsuccessful experiences back in the days before I started working at Cutting Edge. I had tried different things and could not find the right thing. After I learned what I needed to learn at Cutting Edge about lead generation, follow-up, and listening to trainers like you about, “Exposure is everything but the fortune is in the follow-up,” that is something most people make the mistake of doing. We generate all these leads.

We will spend so much money on generating leads but we do not follow up with a prospect. That was so important for me to learn from Phil. The most important thing that I learned from my mentor, Phil, was that you have to build a database and keep track of the people that you talk to, keep those relationships alive, do not always be selling, and ask, “What can I do to help you?”

It builds up that equity that you have with someone wherein case you do need a favor or you ever do get into a tight spot, you can go out and say, “I need your help here. I would help you. You would help me. We have a real relationship.” As far as network marketing, it was 2001, I did sign up for a company called Legacy for Life. The top distributor was a guy named Mark Yarnell. I had done some advertising. I was not the top money earner like you are with Immunotec but Mark was there. Unfortunately, he passed away too. My wife and I had sponsored 250 fifty distributors.

Unfortunately, we should not have done this but necessarily we put them all on the front line. I was a recruiting machine but not very many people were duplicating. There are still a lot of things I need to learn about network marketing. I decided that what brings me the most joy is being able to talk to people about marketing, working for yourself, and systems. I love systems. Systems are duplicatable. People are not.

I had that experience and it was good learning this because I can relate so much to the ups and downs of network marketing. When you get a couple you get a couple of signups this week, you are like, “I am so excited,” and then you look and it is like, “A few people quit. What am I going to do?” There is a lot of emotion. How do you handle that? How do you handle the ups and downs?

It is interesting because I still am athletic even in my old age. I still do bench press competitions and on occasion, do a track meet. Judo was a big part of my life, and wrestling when I was younger. I have always been in that athletic realm where when you win, you do not want to be arrogant because there is another guy sitting there who is saying, “When I fight that guy, he is going down. I am going to break his elbow.” I always kept that in the back of my mind. When you lose, you do not want to be a sore loser either because everybody loses. That is part of life.

LNC 74 | Lead Generation

Lead Generation: You have to build a database and keep track of the people that you talk to. Keep those relationships alive. Don’t always be selling, selling, and selling. Ask what you can do to help them.


I always kept that athletic perspective around the business. I never got way up or way down but secondly, have a good study of people. I go back to the sports world for a second. I look at Tom Landry. Even though I am in New York Giants fan, I always admired Coach Landry. My son is going to Dallas Baptist University in the fall and Tom Landry had a lot to do with that university. His wife and him were great benefactors to that school. I look at Coach Landry. If you watch that guy during the Super Bowl and he is winning, you did not know if he was winning or losing. His perspective was always from here to here. He never got way down.

I kept that perspective over the years because everything is cyclical in business and for the most part in life. I never got way up and down. Some people might disagree but I never got arrogant about my success. To me, it was always a blessing from the Lord, number one. Number two, there is the other side of it. We have all seen companies that have blown up. We have all seen incomes that have gone away. I was never foolish with my money. I never went out and bought the biggest house or the fanciest cars. I always had good financial prudence. I had a life lesson.

When I started multilevel, it was 1983. In ’85, if you recall, Herbalife had its problem. I am still very close friends with Larry Thompson, who was my mentor and a good buddy of mine. I started there and Herbalife had that problem with the FDA. They went from $90 million a month to $3 million a month. I was still a young guy, going to meetings and would see all these beautiful automobiles, all of a sudden become Yugos or Volkswagen rabbits from where there were Porches.

I went into the life insurance business for a couple of years with Metropolitan Life. I will never forget sitting in front of a lot of people who are our age group, the 50s or 60s, and recognizing that most of them had overspent their money. What it told me was, “Use good financial discipline. If you ever make a lot of money, make sure that at least 10% that you put to the bottom line for yourself.” Pay your taxes, your bills, do your tithe, your charity work, and everything else that you are responsible to do but remember to pay yourself. I took that as a very serious discipline at 25. Every year, I put away money for my retirement starting at 25.

That was a good life lesson for me. Unfortunately, I had to watch the pain and mistakes of other people to say, “I do not want to make those same mistakes.” I have made my own share in other ways but those, I did not make the mistakes with. That is how I did it. I never got too high or too low. I still do not. I enjoy my business. I never get too crazy upwards or downwards when things do not go right. If you are going to be in business for yourself, as you well know for all the years, you have been in business as an entrepreneur, there are days when you go into the office and say, “I should have gone fishing.”

Those other days, everybody is home. Everybody shows up on time and things go incredibly well. I have also had days where I am supposed to interview somebody on the show that does not show up or I have got a meeting with a prospect in the business and they do not show up. It is like, “Where did they go?” You got to take the good with the bad. Let’s get back to you. I got a couple of other questions for you here. What mistakes have you made over the years?

I made lots of mistakes. The lessons I needed to learn the most, in the beginning, I was very shy and intimidated about talking to people. That was one of the reasons that I was attracted to network marketing, believe it or not. For some reason, maybe it was from reading the ads that said, “Let me show you how to make $3,000 to $5,000 a month without talking to anybody.” I believed that. I would reach out to people and feel like God took me out of my comfort zone and showed me that to have the confidence, to be able to talk to people. I am a middle-class guy. I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I have got five kids. It is about staying humble.

When I was with Phil, I was making $250,000 to $300,000 a year salary leads. I did not have someone like you being a mentor to me on how to spend money. When you are 28 years old and you are making $250,000 a year, I felt like I was the baddest cat in the alley. I am King Stud. I was not and I got humbled over that. I had to rebuild it up again. I was married to the same woman for eighteen years and went through a divorce and we are both Christians. Things happen. I have been continuing to depend more on God than on myself. Acknowledge him and he will direct your path.

I have to acknowledge Him. Before I did this episode with you, I am nervous. I am talking to John Solleder. I am on a show and just a schmo. I feel like he was telling me, “Acknowledge me, Bob, and I will direct your path.” My mistakes are when I take my eyes off God, family, and business. Thank God, I am something that I am not.

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I pray before every episode and meeting because we are living in some interesting times. Not that all times have not been interesting but we are living at a time where so many people are going back to faith at all ages. I interviewed people from 20 to 80. In my business, I talked to people in all different age ranges. I still coach a little bit, athletically too. I talk to high school kids.

Folks, if you do not read anything else that Bob and I say, get on your knees because that is where we are at in this world. Let’s talk about your advertisers and your customers. What mistakes have you seen them make that somebody advertising with you or on their own or however they are doing it to promote their business? What mistakes can they avoid that you have seen other folks make?

A lot of advertisers will make the mistake of trying to do too much too soon. In other words, if you have a marketing budget of $1,000, a lot of folks think, “I will place a full-page ad and I will sign up this big guy. He is going to build my downline and it is going to be great.” I am honest with people, I will tell you, “Do not run a full-page ad.” Run a quarter-page ad for the next four issues. Spend your money wisely. It is a long game, a slow burn. Somebody says to me, “It is slow and hard but it is worth it.” I get that a lot. Not being smart with your money is like, “I want to run the full page.”

The fortune is in the follow-up. I do try to tell people what I have learned and some people do not want to listen. I am the same way. I am sure people have given me good advice that I have not listened to but I will tell people, “If you generate 100 leads, you do just not call, or email them once or text them one time. You are building a database of people that are looking for a business opportunity. Mail them a postcard. Send them a text message. Put them in an auto-responder.”

It is hard to build relationships. I am afraid that people do not necessarily understand that it takes time, energy, and effort but it is so worth it. Some of the people that I have met in the magazine, we are not business anymore. We are friends. I know when they have babies. I know when their family members pass away. They know when I am going through something. We are all here for each other. It is like a family situation. We are all learning.

We have all met that guy, that gal or that couple and they want to shotgun it, “I am going to run one ad and I am going to buy the Wall Street Journal back page.” I have no idea what that costs but I am sure it is a lot. The day that the ad comes out, Russia attacks Ukraine or, “It is Super Bowl Sunday,” or COVID happens. The whole world shifts away. They blew all their money and resources. Where is that consistency of constantly being out? People ask me all the time, “How have you done the same company for many years, and you are still excited about it?”

My answer to that would be, “I did not start it to run a sprint. I started it to run a marathon.” That is a great way for people to think when they advertise through you guys like, “Do a piecemeal. Keep your message out there and stay with the same company.” There are some companies that should not exist frankly. If you are in a good company like some of the ones you mentioned earlier, they are all good brands. They are all worthy brands. Stay consistent because what the people reading your advertising want to know is that you are not a flake, you are consistent, and you believe in what you are doing enough to stick around.

I talk to Tish Rochin once in a while. She is Larry Thompson’s sister. She is a legacy distributor and legend in the industry. Lord knows how much money Tish has made. Tish would tell me that in the early days of Herbalife back in the early ‘80s, she would get people here in Dallas. She had a little office not too far from me on Campbell Road. She would get people who would stop by the office to see if she was still doing what she was doing 2 or 3 years after they had stopped by the first time. Sometimes, it was that 2nd or 3rd time that they stopped by and said, “You are still doing this. It must be legitimate.”

LNC 74 | Lead Generation

Lead Generation: The best way to start building relationships with people is to just put your best foot forward. Just give away what you have and see who stays at the end of the day.


You would have to know Tish. This is the same lady who when she moved to Dallas from California said, “John, they gave me two things when I showed up here. They gave me a pistol and a Bible.” Anybody who is reading this who knows Tish knows what I am talking about. She is a character but to that point, more importantly, there is a great point about that, that you are making as well. It is that consistency when people say, “You believe in what you are doing and it must be working for you because you are sticking around.”

Let me do this because my wife will get mad at me and I have to promote my stuff here, folks. You can buy can Leave Nothing To Chance on Amazon. You can buy Moving Up: 2020 on Amazon. Both of them are Amazon bestsellers. More importantly, you are going to read about a lot of people’s stories. You are also going to read some of the concepts that I have used in my years in the business.

The people who read this, how can you help them to promote their business? We got a lot of readers from a lot of different companies. Primarily, network marketing space, we got a few authors that read this as well that are launching books, are self-help books or self-development books. How can you guys help them? Where they can get in touch with you?

You are leaving nothing to chance. One idea that we could talk about after the show is what I would like to do with you would be like, “John, would you be willing to take a 400, 500-word excerpt from the book and share it with our readers?” At the end of the article, for the rest of the book, “Here is John Solleder. He has been in business for many years. He and his team have done billions of dollars in sales. Go get the book, Leave Nothing To Chance on Amazon.com.” I look for partnerships like that. There are different kinds of partnerships. With someone like you that I have known for years, you are letting me talk to your audience. I want to let you talk to my audience.

There is the guy that is starting now that is like, “Bob, all I can do for you is buy some leads.” I am like, “I want to give you more than you paid for. Let me give you 3 Leads A Day, every day for $39 a month but before we do that, let me give you some free leads to try.” We have a free lead offer where I give people leads to try, and then if they like them, they can continue to order. If they do not, they cancel.

There are two websites. The one would be HomeBusinessAdvertiser.com. That is the name of our magazine. The other one is 3LeadsADay.com. It is free leads. They are not free for me. I have to pay for those leads. If people want the free lead offer, they can get it there or the magazine that you get for free on the website. That is how we start building relationships with people. I put my best foot forward, give it away, and see who is left after a couple of years.

Let me make a couple of points here from a teaching standpoint. 3 Leads A Day is so workable even if you are part-time. If you are reading this, whether you are with my company, with any of our friend’s companies and tuned in to the show or are new to their show because we have a lot of people that join the show for the first time. Folks, 3 Leads A Day, take advantage of what Bob is offering here. Three people a day. You could work fifteen minutes a day. Most companies have an app. My company is 25 years old. We finally got an app. Bob, we got modern.

We hired a 34-year-old vice-president and a 42-year-old guy to own the company. We finally got modern. A lot of your companies, especially the ones you mentioned earlier, are all modern companies. They have all got apps. Three people a day, what do you do? You go to your app and send those people your videos what you pick as the best video. You follow it up and say, “Joe, I do not know you, my name is John. You are looking for something to take a look at if you are interested.” Get everything that Bob and I are talking about here. Get that relationship and that conversation going. That total stranger, I had this explained to me a long time ago.

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Do you remember the old stoves when we were kids? You went in and you lit that stove up in the morning and it was cold. You touched it. It was freezing. It took a few minutes to warm up. That is how leads were. Initially, they are cold. You send 1 of those 3 people something. They have no idea who you are. Maybe you do not even live in the same geography as them. Maybe you are on the West Coast and they are on the East Coast.

They are cold and all of a sudden, they looked at that and they go, “This guy, this gal or this couple thought enough of me to send this to me.” They have warmed up a little bit like that stove on a cold morning. All of a sudden, you send them a text and you say, “Wanted to see if you got my video. If you had any questions, please text me back.” It is non-confrontational.

The person writes you back and says, “I watched the video and I am interested.” What do you do? You warm them up by saying, “Let’s get on Zoom and meet. Let me call you. What is your phone number?” That relationship starts to develop where you have gone from this total stranger to a would-be friend, “This person is trying to help me.” We talked about it earlier, Bob. The economy is the economy. I do not care where you live or what you are doing. Unless you own a gas station, you are not making much money now. I am not even sure those guys are.

I am not sure how they get paid but for the most part, all people in America and Canada that read this are in that same boat. You have people out there. Take advantage of what Bob is sharing with you as a constant source of leads. That does not mean you do not talk to your next-door neighbor. It does not mean you do not talk to your buddy at church or your buddy on the treadmill at the gym next to you. This is in addition to. This is another way to keep priming the pump in building your business.

I had to throw that in there, not just endorsing what you are doing but also the fact that how do you constantly build? How do you stay in profit for many years in network marketing? You keep prospecting. As long as you like doing what you do and keep sharing it. This is a great way to do it. It is through Home Business Advertiser. Bob, what else do you want to share with the group?

My thanks to you, John. From the day I met you down in Dallas, I was always impressed with you because you are successful in so many different aspects. It is not just business but it is family, athletics, and faith. You are providing value to me. I am a small business owner. You are giving me a shot in your shot on your show like this. It makes me want to help you. I appreciate you taking an hour of your time to let me talk to you and your readers and to learn something. Thank you very much.

Thank you, Bob. You have helped a lot of people. That is why we are here. Network marketing is a business. It is a business where we want to make a profit but it is a business where you have got to help other people achieve or you will never achieve. People read some of the numbers of what some of the top income earners make in the industry, they are crazy and insane numbers sometimes. They have helped the most people. That’s what it comes down to. They have helped the most people to achieve because you can’t achieve without other people achieving.

I go back to when I started years ago, not too far from where you were talking to you right there in Pennsylvania. I was in university and will never forget going through the marketing plan that very first night. At 10:00 PM, when I opened that career book and started drawing circles, and at 4:00 AM, I was a millionaire on paper for the first time. I had no idea how easy that would or would not be but the math worked. That is the thing about network marketing. The math works. Help enough people and you are going to get what you want. Bob’s company is one that you can trust. I have known Bob for a long time. You trust him.

He is out to help you, not hurt you. He is out to help you advance in your business and to give you the asset of additional people for you to talk to. At the end of the day, that is how we get paid. The guy who talks to the most people makes the most money. That is how our business works. Bob, I want to thank you again, my friend. Let’s sign off the show. Anything else you want to say?

Thank you so much, brother. God bless you.

Thank you.


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