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Network marketing – where passion, technology, and personal growth unite to fuel success in the vibrant heart of Latin America and beyond. In this episode, we sit down with network marketing experts Kazu Miike and Gladys Moromisato to discuss the thriving Latin American Market. Their journey started with family-owned restaurants and billiard halls, eventually leading them to the world of network marketing through a serendipitous encounter in Japan. Traveling through Brazil and finally settling in Peru, the couple navigated through business challenges and financial setbacks. As they recall the days of snail mail communication, Kazu and Gladys emphasize how technological advancements have revolutionized their business strategies. They share the integral role of self-development in their journey, as they shifted from employee mindsets to entrepreneurial leadership. They even share their favorite books through which they harnessed the power of personal growth and leadership to propel their business to new heights. As the episode draws to a close, Kazu and Gladys reflect on the profound impact network marketing has on people’s lives, not just economically, but holistically. They encourage listeners to embrace their own reasons for pursuing this industry and to understand that, like any journey, network marketing requires dedication, vision, and patience. Tune in now and discover the power of network marketing!


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How To Explode Latin America With Kazu Miike And Gladys Moromisato

We have got some terrific guests. Their English is limited, so we are going to translate this, but they have a remarkable story and career that you are going to want to hear about. The first thing I’m going to do is welcome my new friend, Liz. Liz is going to be translating for us. Welcome, Liz.

Thank you so much for having me.

Liz, I’m going to mention both Kazu and Gladys, they are ripping it up in their company. They are having tremendous success. Can you share a little bit more about them as we get started?

We started in this industry because of the health part, as many people do.

How long ago did they get started?

I can say several years ago.

I heard remarkable things about them as I traveled around the world. I hear about them all the time. What did they do before network marketing?

Before getting into the industry, we had a lot of family businesses like restaurants and places where you can go to play pool, and then we traveled to Japan, and that’s when we met the industry. My wife was in Peru, and I was in Brazil.

Did they meet through the industry?

No, we work as employees in a Japanese company. We were working in Japan. That’s how they met us.

Let’s talk about the changes that they have seen. They have years in the industry. They have seen WhatsApp, Zoom, and some of the other things. How have they used technology to build their business?

That’s very interesting because when we started, there was nothing that we could use to help us grow in the industry. At that time, everything was printed and sent by mail. In case you need to solve something or fix something, it was by mail. You can take a week to send your question and a week more to have an answer back. The VHS starts with homemade videos and things like that. We used to use some videos that weren’t useful anymore because there was a change.

Nowadays, we have the internet that allows us to communicate in real time like we have now. When we started, it was a few people, the ones that had access to computers because they were expensive. Nowadays, we can have that connection through smartphones. The change has been positive for all of us who work in this industry.

LNC Kazu | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: Nowadays we have the internet that allows us to communicate in real-time, and the change has been positive for all of us that work in this industry.


How many countries have they been able to network using technology?

Thanks to NHT Global, we are lucky to be in fourteen countries actively working.

How about self-development? How important has reading and listening to other leaders been for them in terms of developing their skills, to build not only their business but also their personal skills? How important has self-development been?

That has been the foundation of it for us to pursue network marketing at a professional level. When we started in Japan, we were employees. Besides having a degree, the mindset that we had at the time was the one of an employee. Learning about the core of network marketing has changed the mindset that we had. When you have to sell a product, we can say that’s the easy part. When it comes to leadership, it’s when it gets hard because you have to start with yourself.

Selling a product is the easy part. Leadership is when it gets hard because you have to start with your personal development. Otherwise, the team won't grow. Share on X

Without personal development, the team won’t grow. This has been key for us in the industry, and working on this at a professional level. It starts with us. We have to have the right mindset and the commitment to do it because if we don’t, then the team won’t do it. To work in personal development and leadership, and surround ourselves with leaders so that we can learn from them has been key for us.

If he had to narrow it down to three self-development books, what would either those books or those authors be?

The first one will be Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and the last one will be Who Moved My Cheese? He doesn’t remember the author.

LNC Kazu | Network Marketing

Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century (Think and Grow Rich Series) by Napoleon Hill

It was a guy named Johnson, if I remember correctly. Anyway, you can google that. Let me ask you the next question. You went to Brazil to live for a while, and why did you go to Brazil? Ultimately, how did you end up in Peru?

The first part of this story is that I’m Brazilian. My parents are Japanese, but I’m Brazilian. My wife is Peruvian, but her parents are Japanese, too. When we met in Japan, we fell in love and decided to get married. Given that we had a restaurant in Brazil, we moved there to start developing the business. Given two financial circumstances, the business was closed, and we decided to move to Peru. Since my wife’s family is here, we decided to settle down here. We bought another restaurant because, at that time, we hadn’t found the right company for us to start working in this industry. Now, we are in NHT Global. We are so happy that we get to find this company.

How long have they been approved? How many years?

I will say that we spent 14 to 15 years living in Peru, and we just celebrated our 30th anniversary.


Thank you.

Let’s talk a little bit about the moment when you both fell in love with network marketing.

It was at that moment that we realized that we could generate an income without being attached to a company or a traditional job. The important part for us in this industry, since we work with health products, is to take care of our health, but also people’s health. In a traditional job, you don’t get to help people and care for them. You just care for yourself, and that’s it. The fact that we can help people has made us happy and we feel so complete because we get to help others to achieve the life they want.

LNC Kazu | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: The important part for us in this industry since we work with health products is to take care of our health, but also people’s health. And in a traditional job, you don’t get to help people and care for them.


Another questionnaire. I apologize it wasn’t on the list I said, but because you came from a traditional business. The restaurant business is a very traditional business and you had employees and people getting sick and not showing up for work and all of that. When you realized the network marketing, you didn’t have to employ people, they got to employ themselves versus the restaurant where you were hoping that they showed up on time. What was that like when you realized network marketing had no complications as far as employing people or having people involved versus traditional business where you hope that they showed up?

Let’s start by saying that I am an accountant. When I started learning about this industry, I connected something in there that made me realize that the industry has something similar to the degree that I studied.

Also, I want to add something important for us. When we were working in this restaurant, we were the owners of our time. For instance, if Kazu had to travel to a place, I had to stay at a restaurant. We couldn’t be together. Now, we get to enjoy all those moments together because of the free time that we have.

Let’s talk about Latin America a little bit. You live right smack in the middle of it in Peru. What are the next several years going to look like in network marketing in the Latin world?

The Latin market is powerful for the industry. Our continent doesn’t have the same incomes that maybe the US, Canada, or Asia have. We don’t have those warranties as medical services that in the US, you can get assisted in a good way. Here in Latin America, we don’t have that. That exactly opens a window for all the companies in the industry to come and settle down here and start working here. This also allows a person who doesn’t have a degree or something like that to aspire to get something better for his life, to get better medical attention and a better lifestyle.

That’s something that we could witness with the pandemic. Those people who were owners of small companies like restaurants went bankrupt because of the pandemic. A lot of people lost their jobs, given that we didn’t have certainty when this pandemic was going to end. All of us who were working on social media and developing the business didn’t stop generating income. This caught the attention of the people who weren’t interested in the industry as a serious business. That’s why we think that with the help of technology, the internet, and social media, the growth of the Latin market will be faster than in Europe or Asia. If we compare the lifestyle of Europeans where your traditional job allows you to have a comfortable life, here in Latin America, we don’t have that. We have to look for another income.

With the help of technology, the Internet, and social media, the growth of the Latin market will be faster. Share on X

I will share this with you. I felt so strong. I have written four books on network marketing, but in the last two, we translated to Spanish for our friends in the Latin world as well as in North America. In our other book, Moving Up, we also translated it. Joe Garcia, his story is here. I think Dan’s in here too, but Joe’s definitely in here. I couldn’t agree more. The Latin market is such an unbelievable market to build in, as you know. Let me ask you one other question on that. I have got two last questions for you. What are the differences in building a business in Peru and Latin America versus up here in the United States and Canada? What would you think the major differences would be?

As I was telling you, here in Peru, people are looking for an opportunity to have a better lifestyle and to have another income. This also happened in the US and Canada, but the lifestyle there is way better than the one in Latin America. People have more steady jobs and payment is better. That means that they don’t have this hunger to look for something better. The people in the US and Canada sometimes are looking for a way to build a traditional company where they can have employees and they can have all these benefits for the people that are working with them but at a very steady level.

They are looking for a loan. They are investing maybe $100,000, $200,000, or $300,000. Whereas, here in Latin America, people don’t have access to that type of loan from the banks. When they find this opportunity where they can invest less than $5,000, they hold onto that and develop it on another level because it’s not an opportunity that we have in normal circumstances. It’s way different to have one person who is interested in investing $100,000 than having 100 people who are interested in investing $1,000.

That is what makes this industry better in terms of growing, because a net that has 1,000 or 2,000 people working on a daily basis is way different than having two people that have a lot of products, stocks, and a lot of money to invest. It’s different. That’s where the power and the hunger of the Latin American people to go out to work. They are not afraid of working or of getting handy. They are determined to do it.

Let me ask this as a final question. I’d like you both to answer if you can on this because they might be three of the same things. If both Gladys and Kazu can answer this, what three things can people do after doing this interview to jumpstart their business in 2023 and 2024 and beyond?

I will start by saying that, first of all, you have to believe in yourself. Believe that you are capable of doing anything you want to do. You have to be 100% convinced that with this industry, you can help a lot of people. Last but not least, you have to be passionate about it.

My three pieces of advice will be that, first of all, you have to be clear on why you are doing this. The reason behind starting a new thing. Once we understand why, we move on to understanding the what. A lot of companies are working with many different products, but it’s not up to the company but the vision that you have. Once you are clear on why and what you are doing, you have to see this as if you are studying for a Bachelor’s degree where you spend five years learning, and then you graduate. Here, it’s the same.

You spend 5 to 6 years in this industry working on your personal development, working on your skills, and then learning how to teach people to do the same until you can start seeing the results, but it is the same. We have to understand that the network marketing industry gets bigger each time because of the people. Not the companies and products, it’s the people. If we don’t work on ourselves, then this industry won’t grow up.

This has been amazing. I know I learned some things. I enjoyed it. Any last thoughts that you’d like to share with the audience?

I don’t know if it’s advice per se, but I have to say that we all have a bigger purpose in life other than getting married and having kids. We are here because there is a reason for it. Maybe for us, the reason behind this is helping people to achieve their goals and dreams. I would like to say, those people that see this industry as a hobby or something part-time can help you to achieve your goals and also help others to achieve theirs.

We all have a bigger purpose in life than getting married, having kids. Share on X

This has been great. I want to thank all three of you for taking your time. Liz, you are a wonderful translator. It’s amazing how you can go back and forth that quickly. Thank you, Kazu and Gladys. I will say it in Japanese, arigato. I will say it in Spanish, gracias. I will say it in English, thank you. I grew up playing judo. My sensei in New Jersey passed away. I had a wonderful Japanese sensei, so I could speak judo Japanese.

Thank you. We hope we can meet each other.

It would be my honor. Thank you all. This has been a wonderful time. I feel so blessed to have met you both, as well as you, Liz.

Thank you.


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