Leaving Nothing To Chance | Rudy Heidhardt | EU And Asian Markets

Joining marathons offers tons of valuable lessons that could help build long-term businesses and hone sales strategies. Rudy Neidhardt is here to share how his rich experiences from joining triathlons allowed him to create legal businesses in the EU and Asian markets. He joins John Solleder to look back on his journey of ups and downs that shaped him into a legend in the networking marketing space. Rudy talks about why the MLM industry did not crash during the pandemic and how to learn from immersing yourself in diverse cultures. He also breaks down effective approaches when entering into a new market or presenting new products to your target audience.

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How The Marathon Man Can Help You Open Legally In The EU And Asian Markets With Rudy Neidhardt

Well, this is going to be a pleasure my friends introducing a gentleman who is a legend in network marketing has been in the industry a long time. It is Mr. Rudi Neidhardt all the way from beautiful, are you in Switzerland or Germany today? 

I’m now in Germany and guess what? We have 28 degrees today. The first warm Celsius, please. Okay, it’s the warmest day this year, right? 


Yesterday, we still had rain and hail and today we have blue sky and 28 degrees.  

Looking Back

Nice guy. Well, you enjoy the weather. We won’t take too much of your time Rudi, but let’s just get started. What did you do before network marketing? 

Before network marketing? Well, let me give you a brief summary about myself. My first contact with multilevel marketing was back in 1974 in Pompano Beach, where I sold a Mercedes-Benz. Before Mercedes-Benz, I was actually thrown into 50 salesmen at King Oldsmobile in Fort Lauderdale. I had a person there, which believed in me because I was ready to go back to Germany. He said, “No, you’re going to stay.” I said, “Richard, what do you want me to do?” Richard Bulkowski was his name, and he says, “You’re going to start selling cars.” I said, “What? I hardly don’t speak English.” 

He said, “No, don’t worry about it.” We went shopping and everything. To make a long story short, I started at King Oldsmobile in Fort Lauderdale. There were 50 salesmen, 25 on each shift. Then there was this huge blackboard in the salesroom, and there was the number one and the number 50, and I was on number 50, Rudi Neidhardt. This is how I started, okay? Guess what? Even though my English in those days was British English, not American English, it was really funny because the people I sold cars to, they actually helped me sell them cars. 

They understood that my English wasn’t that good and they were helping me sell them cars. It was really funny. One day, I sold it to a manager from Delta Airlines, two cars and he said, “You are too good for here. You need to work for Mercedes-Benz.” He made the introduction to Pompano Beach, and I started selling Mercedes-Benz. The person which was coming into the showroom who bought two cars from me, his name was Richard. I’m not going to tell you the last name just in a minute. When you sell a Mercedes, you have the first thousand miles and you have a checkup. 

He was coming for the checkup, and he came in the showroom and says, “Rudi, I’d like to talk to you personally.” I said, “Richard, I work shifts, but tomorrow we have time at 2:00, we can go in the pancake house.” He said, “Okay. I’m looking for a guy like you. I’m looking for young people who have passion, are good in sales, are good with people, understand and have love, and have the drive to change their lives.” I said, “Richard, what do you do?” He says, “I have a company and we’re selling cleaning material to housewives, to American families.” 

I said, “Really? Richard, excuse me, please. I’m selling a Mercedes Benz, I’m driving every day a different car. Presently, I’m having a 450SL sports car living on the beach. I’m having a great life. I mean, I’m on top of what I want to do. I cannot imagine selling cleaning material to housewives.” That was then the end of our conversation. The gentleman who talked to me, his name was Richard DeVos from Amway. Those days, Amway was not a network marketing in the ‘70s, ‘74 was not legal in the United States. 

As you know, the court or the huge court or the highest court of the United States actually passed the law in 1979, if I’m not mistaken, of making multi-level marketing legal. In ‘80s, of course, Mark Hughes started then with Herbalife. That was my first contact and I just wanted to tell you what type of opportunities you sometimes have. You start thinking about it later on, what would’ve happened if you would’ve said yes? What then happened is that I was truly and permanently infected by MLM business at a Herbalife event in Los Angeles in 1980. 

That’s when I met Mark Hughes, the founder of Herbalife, and the top motivator Larry Thompson in person. Since that time, I’ve been hooked in this business and I’ve learned all the mechanisms of this industry down to, I would say, the smallest detail. Sometimes go back in your thinking and go back to the roots and not to forget how you learned and what you were taught. Despite how the market has changed in 1992, I was coming over to Germany and I started to live with a German headquarters in [00:05:59] with Herbalife. We were pretty successful those days. 

I was part of the millionaire’s team those days, and everything was incredible of what has happened those days in the European market. That is actually how the whole thing started. Before when you asked me what I’ve done is I’ve worked for Mercedes-Benz in sales and marketing. I started in Pompano Beach. I went to Jacksonville, Florida from Jacksonville, Florida to Santa Monica, from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills, Mercedes-Benz. I forgot. I was also working in downtown LA, which was the biggest Mercedes-Benz dealership those days in the United States.

I mean, can you imagine? They did about 50, 80 Mercedes sales a month. This is unbelievable. Okay. I mean Beverly Hills, Mercedes-Benz was then actually the mecca of Mercedes-Benz and I was very thankful of having had that chance because I’ve met a lot of rock musicians and I was a German and in California people like Fleetwood Mack, Dave Mason, Rod Stewart. All of those names, which people still know, and Eric Clapton as well, they were all Mercedes-Benz drivers.  

They all drove Mercedes. Some of them are the 600, the short wheelbase. The others Crosby Stills, Nash, and Young, these guys were driving Mercedes that was just I remember. I was at the first concert of Dire Straits at the Roxy in L.A. and all of the English musicians were there, and it was nothing but Mercedes outside. That multilevel marketing, I got really deep into that in 1992 when they were in Germany. I’m still passionate in that business because my four decades in the industry, I’m still turning people into successful MLM. 

I enjoy giving advice, suggestions, and recommendations and try to prevent that they’re making mistakes or that their vision is focused and that they know how to do and how to start because that’s what Larry always said and Larry Thompson is still a very close friend of mine. Everything I know about network marketing, I actually learned from him. Then of course, as you go along, as time passes, new education and new impressions are coming in into your life. But basically, the five S or five self-concepts are still today the most important thoughts of teaching somebody coming into this incredible business concept. 

Leaving Nothing To Chance | Rudy Heidhardt | EU And Asian Markets

EU And Asian Markets: As time passes, new education and new impressions will come into your life.

I mean, I know you do know that, John, you know the first thing, the self-evaluation, when you talk to somebody new that you find out where they’re actually standing in life. Okay? The next thing is you do the self-determination. You are planning your way on short, medium, and long-term goals. You go your way no matter what is happening, okay? You got to put your mud flops on not to be distracted and you run like a racehorse that way and you get yourself a time span where you say, one year you’re going to do nothing but pushing yourself, and building yourself and building everything you have with the people which you’re working because you’re never alone.

You are always in a team and you work together in the team better than alone. I was always very fortunate to have really good people around me. Then the self-discipline. What I just said to you. Then self-motivation is also part of the training. When you have that, then you will also self-functioning. I wrote a book based on what Larry has taught me on all of those type of facts, which you actually need in order to be a good networker. I mean, I have here an article, it was hosted, it’s in English, it’s on my website, it’s called Mens Sansa in Corpore Sano, and it is a Sound Mind in a Healthy Body, is a famous quotation from a Roman poet called Juvenile, okay? 

They wrote about me here in one of the major magazines in Germany, an incredible story. Here I have self-evaluation, self-determination, self-responsibility, self-motivation, and self-functioning in it, which are the basic or core rules of my mentor Larry Thompson. Okay? That’s actually a quick intro about myself. Now, it’s up to you to ask the next question.

Travel Destinations

Well, let me ask you this. I know you’ve been all over the world obviously between Germany and the United States, but if you had to take your number one travel experience whether it was for MLM, whether it was for vacation, where would the place be that you would go back to again and spend a month? 

John, this is a tricky question. I have had so many unforgettable trips in my life. You know for the time when they happened, they were very special. It’s not like that you try to top it. You know what I mean? Like there comes another trip somewhere else and that itself is another evaluation in happiness, education, meeting people, impressions, and things you keep inside of you for the rest of your life because traveling builds people because you meet new people and meet new cultures. I mean, I was landing in the States in 1970 and I was coming back in 1992. 

Traveling builds people. You get to meet new individuals and cultures when you go around. Share on X

In between, I was visiting my parents, but in 1992 I was coming back to Munich. I actually had to plan where my apartment was. What shops are from my apartment 100 meters, 200 meters in the circle? I mean I know California, I know Florida, I know the keys. I mean, I know Malibu, everything, San Francisco but in Europe, where did I go? Nowhere because when I was a kid, I was living in Heidelberg I went to school there. I had to start getting new impressions about how beautiful Europe actually is. Okay, Italy, Spain, the Scandinavian countries, etc. 

When I traveled with Larry to Oman when we were in Dubai for the first time. I mean that is just as exciting as the first time when I was in Key West. You know what I mean? Or when I was coming into Santa Monica. In Santa Monica when I moved there, I was in a restaurant and they had an earthquake. I never had an earthquake, John, in my life. Suddenly, the whole restaurant was shaking and I said, “What the hell is this? They said, “This is a welcome shake for you, Rudi.” I said, “Thank you, very much.” Every trip, everything which was new was exciting. 

I cannot point now and say this was the number one. They were all in the time where I was living and at that moment this was then exciting. Were there trips which were not as good? Sure there were but the most important thing was that you moved, that you’re not standing still. Standing still is death. For me, moving and doing things and use challenges in my life, whether they are in sports or whether they’re in business. They are in my DNA. They’re part of my life. 

MLM Industry

Why MLM now? There’s so many business options with the gig economy. Why should people look at the MLM industry now today?

I think between you and me, honestly, it’s still the same. I feel it’s still the same motivation or the same reason why somebody should look at affiliate marketing because you are your own boss, you are what you earn is what you’ve done and you participate in that. When you have the right company, you have selected of course for the rest of your life. I mean you are your own boss and this is a lot of times a handicap for people. When they are certainly not being taught what to do and they are on their own they are not disciplined enough to understand what it means to be on your own and to work in a business because multi-level marketing is a business. 

It’s not a part-time. Well, let’s see what’s happening. Let’s check it here. Those are those guys which are never going to do anything big. These are those 500 euro a month earners because you know that about 80% of all network marketing sales in network marketing of any company, about 80% of those people are part-timers. They do about 8, 000 to 12,000 the year part-time. They are important because they are making the checks for the bigger company, for the bigger networker for those who have built those groups because they are all being sponsored by somebody. 

For me, whether it’s my son, it’s he’s 26 now, he’s getting more and more enthused about network marketing and has found out that it’s not as easy as he thought because his mom is very successful. She is working for a company from Utah and she is turning about 1.5 million a month. She is living footloose and fancy-free and my son is living in her house and sees what the mom is doing and he sees his what dad is doing. He must have in his DNA but it hasn’t clicked yet. He’s not switched on but he’s getting to the point. 

Whether you are my age now saying, “Okay, I’m going to go into network marketing. It’s because of people who are not satisfied with what they are in their life. If somebody is 60 or 70 or 80, there are people with 80 years old. They are still starting in network marketing because they want to do something still. They’re bored. Then there are people there are 50 and they want to break out of the wheel and say I’m not yet finished in my life. I mean look at you in 30 years ago somebody who was 55 or 60 was old. How many people did something when they were 50 or 60? 

I think the guy in McDonald when he was 50 years old, he started McDonald and built a billion-dollar company. I mean most people with 50, 30 years ago were retiring. Today, people which are 60, which are 70, which are 80 still knocking. I don’t want to say the word. It’s not good. They’re still knocking everything down. They still have the passion. They still have the power. If you’ve ever been successful in this industry, it’s part of your DNA. It will always be in you. it will never go away. 

You are selecting where you want to put effort in your requirements, which you have a different because you are in a comfort zone. When you are now in that position where you and I are, yes, and we are looking at a new company or we’re looking at a new challenge, then we have different type of interest and we are asking different questions as when we started the first time in network marketing.

How do you get a new person started today? How do you jump-started? How do you get him going? 

I was just asking the same question I did before. Are you happy and satisfied in your life or you want to change something? If the guy said, “I’m happy, I’m satisfied. I love my 9-to-5 job. I like to see my payments for my Mercedes every month. I’m making so much money. I’m working for a great company.” He’s happy I said, “Well, you do know that even big companies are laying off people? I mean you have just seen the news in Germany. There’s another huge company leaving Germany and there are 5,000 free places.” People get money. This is the other deal you see. 

In Germany when you don’t work, the government supports you. We are almost on the point in Germany that if you don’t work you make more money as if you work. It’s unbelievable. Okay, however, what you earn or what you get through social support will never give you the life people in vision. Why are people playing lotteries? They don’t play a lottery to win 1,000 Euro, 2,000 Euro or 4,000 Euro. They played a lot already because they won the jackpot. That’s why they play and they are hooked on it. The jackpot will never happen. 

What you earn through social support can never give you the life you envision. Share on X

Well, if you want a jackpot in your life, you got to make a decision. If you make a decision that you want to change something in your life, then I can help you as long as you are willing and open to work a plan. If you have that feedback from the person you asked that question, can you imagine that question you want to ask me about how did you call it? You wrote this to me hypothetical question. I had to think about it. What is he mean with that? If I’m understanding you right it is actually asking somebody if he can imagine being in another position in his life and somewhere else than where he’s at right now. 

Here’s a hypothetical. Okay. You and I have sons about to say the same age and you’re a couple of years older than me, but do we fit this category? We’re in the industry but let’s say, let’s go back before COVID, 5 years, 6 years ago. 

We call it the pest in Germany. 

Yes. I’ll just do it. Seems like it never goes away. Right? Let’s just say somebody down the street from you there in Germany. Okay, there’s a dad, there’s a son. That’s about 60. Right? He’s thinking, “You know what? I’m starting to get to retirement age and everything’s good. I’m going to have my pension and I’m going to hit golf balls. I’m going to play with the grandkids.” You know have the life that I worked all these years to have. The remaining time that you have here on Earth. The 25-year-old, let’s say he went to college, he got good grades. He worked hard in school. 

He did everything that he should do, started his career and then all of a sudden pandemic happened. Changes the 25-year-old’s life, changes to 25-year-old’s life, the 60-year-old’s life, who would then be 4 years or 5 years younger. They looked at guys like you and they said, “We know Rudi’s in that MLM stuff. He gets to work from home. We see him going to the gym at 10:00 in the morning. Boy, she was having a nice lifestyle, but we don’t understand what he does. We’re not even going to ask.” 

All of a sudden fast forward all of these things have happened in the economies of the world, happened in the health of the world, etc., and they say, “You know what? Rudi still seems like he has a really good lifestyle.” We don’t. In fact they come down the street here this afternoon and they knock on your door and they say, “Rudi, can you give us 30 minutes of your time?” What do you tell the 25-year-old? A young guy getting started in life in the business and a 60-year-old on the other end of it. What do you tell them same and different in terms of getting involved now and network marketing as opposed to five years ago when maybe they thought “That’s not for me?” What’s different? What’s changed? 

You already touched on your answer. What has happened with, I call it the pest, you know what the pest is? This is a big disease like COVID which happened in old age in the old history where everybody died. This is really because I cannot hear the word COVID anymore because everything which is bad, and every health challenge is always COVID. I mean slowly but more and more the truth is coming out of how much really was done and how many bad decisions were done to ruin a lot of people’s lives. 

What happened in MLM, during the time of COVID, it’s actually amazing because people had to think about new ways of communicating because in our business you need to see somebody. It’s a people business. MLM means or network marketing is people love people. Mention Leave Mentioned. It’s called an MLM people love people. It’s a people business. Now, what happens suddenly when you can’t go out in front of your house, when suddenly need to stay at home? Then comes the home-based business deal. What has happened then, other industries helped like Zoom calls, like video calls. 

Leaving Nothing To Chance | Rudy Heidhardt | EU And Asian Markets

EU And Asian Markets: During the time of COVID, the MLM industry was amazing. Since it is a people-to-people business, everybody had to think and look for new ways of communicating to keep the ball rolling.

I even know about there is a guy like Jim Rohn. We will never have anybody like him but here in Germany, we have a motivational trainer which affects about eight to ten thousand people into the Olympic Stadium for two or three days. What did they do or what did other network marketing companies do? I don’t want to mention any names now particularly. They did actually live events over Zoom and they sold tickets. They rented a huge stage with cameras and they did a live event and they actually reached even more people as before when everybody had to travel there and was live sitting in front of the stage. 

To answer your question we come to the point here, is the same question as before COVID. Are you happy in what is happening in your present? Are you open to change if I could show you a way where you can earn x amount of Euro active and build a part-time income where you are actually more or less free of having to worry about another in “COVID” about another disaster in the industry that you are company is closing down and you suddenly unemployed and you have to look for another job? I mean, are you interested in a chance like this would be there for you with sustainable and a company behind it or offer, which is based on the platform, which is rock solid?

Time And Healthy

There are companies which are in business for 20 years or 30 years old longer. You can still make money. Even though there are new companies always coming into the market, the old company which you and I know, they started someday also from scratch. Yes, you got to look at them. However, I’ve got more careful. I’ve got more careful in my life. When I’m telling you right now the most important thing in the time slot God gives me on this planet right now when I’m talking to you now, it’s time and health. These are the most two important facts in my life. 

You know what I’m talking about. If you are taking like when you go to IKEA, you can get them at the door. These are all will be centimeters, like the measurement band. One to 100. Now, let’s say John that with all of the good products we have and all of the good companies we know let’s envision hypothetically now, we’re going to be 100 years before we die. Let’s say that. Then you take scissors and you cut where you are now in your age and I cut mine. How much do you have left? It gets very little and you can see it and you say, “That is the rest of your life.” 

What the hell are you going to do with that? Time and the right choices and not to waste any more time even when you are 25 or 30. You roll the dice and said, “Who cares?” Now, you get a lot more careful. If I advise people today to join in into a company, I have to be solid in my mind that that is the right decision to make and then I will find the right arguments and the right concepts in the right motivational thoughts to reach those people and to bring them then onto my team because they trust me. They trust my aura. They trust my passion and they trust my honesty. 

I’m going to tell him it’s not going to be easy. It’s not like ice-licking. This is not like that you make money while you sleep and then I always say to them I even tried that once. I went at night to bed. I checked my checking account, and my balance in my checking account. I went to sleep. Okay, and then I woke up in the morning, and guess what? It was still the same. No, sometimes it was even less. This making money while you sleep doesn’t really work but then you can get some other people they’re coming from the Bitcoin and crypto industry you say, “That’s not true, Rudi. 

I bought that at $500 and then I went to sleep for two years and now it’s 50,000. Yeah, exceptions in the world. What I’m saying is that to be in truth in an honest truthful business where you have the rains in your hands, where you can decide how much money you want to earn based on the company, which is behind you, there is no other business better, for me than the traditional and affiliate marketing concepts and companies which are still in the business after all COVID and all the other disasters, wars everywhere in the world. Look what’s happening right now. 

Old-Age Poverty And Creeping Dead

Everywhere they’re killing each other and we’re still having a good life because you are working on passive income. I have a passive income. That is peace in my life and that I can give to a person which is young and I can give to a person which is my age or even older because even somebody who is now say 70 or 80 and gets his retirement check. What can we do? We barely survive. If people don’t have property or other income streams, this is what they call the old age property. It’s a huge topic in Europe. The old age property. The [00:31:15] medicine in German. 

There’s so many people just barely making their money to pay what they need in order to have even to just buy of living. Forget about going on vacation. Forget about buying something for yourself and for your wife or your loved ones, you barely making it every month. You’re just waiting until the man above says, “It’s time for you to change. Come over to my university.” It’s like just it’s called Einschleichen der Tod. Wait a minute. I tell you what that means. Einschleichen der Tod is actually what a lot of people are having at the moment. It’s actually a crowning debt. 

Sometimes even though you live so long in the States the creeping dead. Every day is the same. You watch the news, then you go to sleep. You get up in the morning you do your daily stuff and you do the same thing again day after day in and day out. Monday get up, in the morning get up and it’s the same as what my son is doing or what young people are doing. They’re getting up, go to work, coming home five days a week. Then comes Saturday getting up, party time. Sunday, party time. Monday getting up, going to work, coming home. 

That goes on and on until the end of the month, the check comes. The check gets into the bank account and five minutes later, you are already basically in your disco credit. Then you’re chasing that every month. Every month is the same. Is that how you want to live? No. Okay, but most people on the third week of the of the month, their money is gone and they are already in this book. That’s still the same. That hasn’t changed, John. It’s amazing. When you look at that, then what other alternatives does a young person have? 

He talks to somebody like you or to Larry or to me who know all of that who have the past experience. This is our strength man. Our strength is our experience of what we have had in life. The beautiful opportunity we have right now is that we can pass it on. Larry and I were in Dubai and the people were sitting that young people, they were sitting on stage like this, and they’re looking up and they thought it was God talking to them because young people there don’t have the input, the impact of teaching people. 

The strength of marketers is the experiences they have in life and the beautiful opportunity to pass them on. Share on X

The listen goes in here and goes out here but as old as you are and you are in front of people, as more value you have there. I mean Larry and Taylor in Oman, unbelievable. Unbelievable. This is unfortunately not in the European community, I don’t know how it’s in the states right now. A lot of times you get okay, come on, you’re now 70 years old, what the hell do you know like this? Then when they have a problem, when they come to Dad and then knock on the door. I said, “John, you’re still putting the feet under the table of your mother. Do you have your own apartment?” No. 

“Do you have that?” No. When are you going to start taking responsibility of your life? That went on until now. Certainly, now he gets smarter and smarter and he starts developing but a lot of other people don’t have that passion, but don’t have that security. They don’t have a house where they live and have their own room. They have to go out and they have to work. It’s not easy. It’s your decision. The question is still the same. What do you want out of your life? Can I help you? Yes, I can assist you. I can give you a recommendation. Like what I always say, “I suggest, I advise, and I recommend.” 

Then if you say to me, yes you want to be part of my team. Then I have to tell you. You need to follow what I say for a special time and I let them still today sign a document where they sign that they promised me to do this, this, this, this, this, this, and this. I still do this. I’ve got that thought from Larry. Have him sign a commitment that I keep. The first day he is lacking off of that I say, “Come on. Let’s have a talk. Didn’t you sign it? This is you did not do my friend. Then you didn’t do my friend. That you didn’t my friend for a couple of weeks now.” 

Now if you don’t going to change, I’m going to cancel the contract then go and do whatever you want to work. I’m not going to work with you like that. Yes, then you have to be strong and then you see if somebody believes in his dream, if he really wants to change his life or if it was just a quick thought and he gets distracted because somebody else talk to some in his ears, “What are you doing? You know there’s borderline network marketing. Come on. Forget about it. This never works so many people started,” and then people get distracted. 

This is what I said, “You got to be like a racehorse with the mudflaps left and right and having earplugs in and not listening to all of the negative people because never ever anybody want you to be successful. Nobody wants you to be successful except people who love you.” The people outside you meet, in the United States you don’t feel it as much as in Europe, if outside my house is a Rolls Royce, a Bentley, or a Ferrari standing. I have more hate in the street. 

Then you can imagine in the United States people say, “Wonderful. Great guys. You know what I mean?” Here you got to live with haters. As more haters you have, I mean I love haters. I love them as many haters. I definitely still today have a good group of haters, which are always criticizing of what you do. When you look at them, are they living happy? No. 

Creating Diverse Markets

It brings me to another question. You’ve opened a lot of diverse markets. I mean here you are born in Germany, but you’ve worked in countries like Oman and Dubai, I believe also, and another very different countries where you’re not getting off the plane and, eating schnitzel and drinking good beer. I mean like you’ve been in different parts of the world. 

How do you take your knowledge, and network marketing, from the company you’ve been with and translate that into far markets in some cases where not only is the ethnicity different, the culture is different, but also in some cases, network marketing is a new business like you talked about. I’m fascinated with the countries that you’ve opened some of which we’ve talked about that network marketing is new when you went in as one of the first people in a company to develop that Marketplace. What was the strategy that you utilized? 

Let me tell you something. In Dubai in the Emirates, network marketing as of today is still not yet legal. What you do have very big companies in Dubai. However, it’s a gray zone there. Once you go, like people always kind of compare me with an icebreaker because I always love to go into new markets and open new markets up but then everything which needs to be done as administrations and stuff like that. I take like this in my hands and I throw it behind me, but then you need to have a team behind you who catches that and then organize it in order to support your energy which drives you to the front. 

In the Asian markets, it’s important in my point of view that you work with local people. That you have people there which you were building yourself a core team and let them be your voice and work with them in those markets. Basically, when you come in with a company, which is in business for over 12, or 15 years like the companies we know and they going to open new markets. It’s not as easy anymore as it was 25 years, 30 years ago for companies which are coming outside of Europe into the European market. A lot of things have happened here. 

Basically in my point of view is I don’t care what everybody says if you want to go into a new market with a company which has a reputation, which has great products because without great products you cannot sustain today anymore. There was companies they had products there which were just a way that they are not in an illegal money business. They had like products for a special purpose, but those never worked in those companies all not here anymore. They had a big boost and then they were collapsed. Look at what happened with one of me as an example. 

When you have a company which has products which are patented, when you have a company which have products which are really doing something for people and you have to then come into a new market. You have to make a lot of noise. You have to let the market know that you are coming. You can slide in there and say, “Let’s try it. Let’s see what’s happening. First, we have to do some business in the market, but for the company now invest some money. Forget about it.” Never ever will that work. That was the old days. 

That’s what was said before, “We got to get first a couple of leaders there. We’re going to do this and do that.” Forget it. No way. If you’re coming into a market today, you got to do your homework. You got to make a lot of noise, but then you got a plan carefully. You got to obey by the rules. A lot of other things which you never had 30 years, 25 years ago. Data protection, rules and regulations on consumer protection. Your website have to be perfect. Social media and now will kill you instantaneously if you are making mistakes because there are a lot of haters. 

Leaving Nothing To Chance | Rudy Heidhardt | EU And Asian Markets

EU And Asian Markets: If you are coming in into a market today, you have to do your homework and make a lot of noise. But do not forget to plan carefully and obey the rules.

They don’t like you to come into countries. These type of things all to be considered if you open up a new market and I have made a lot of mistakes in the past. I know they were painful, but I will never make him again. It’s like if you have a kid and he burns his hand on the stove one time. He we know that he doesn’t put his hand on the stove anymore. You know what I mean? You have to be in tuned into the markets you want to go and you have to understand what is necessary there. Now in Europe, I have been pretty secure in the team I have around me because I cannot do this alone. 

I have my past, I’m very thankful of having met people which have grown with me, which are in the law situation, in the tax situation, in the business for product development, product registration, PR. All of that. I have a huge closed core team around me which I can call and they’re there for me because it was always a win-win situation. However, if you go into Asian markets, my friend, we do need to be very slow and work with people there which you can trust and which can help you then to develop those markets. 

Once the infrastructure there is perfect, then the same rules are required to come into the market. You’ve got to make some noise. You got to make noise. You got to do events. You got to tell the people, “We are here. We are now here,” and it’s now the time is right. The timing is perfect. The company is perfect. The chance is perfect. Now you need to be switched on. Now, your core leaders need to learn how to switch on people and how to keep them switched on and the dream is the fuel for somebody to be switched on. 

That’s why we always say, “Don’t let anybody ever steal your dream.” There’s a lot of stealers out there. They like to steal your dream for you. It’s easy said. It’s hard to protect your dream. You know that. The methods going into new markets are basically the same just the requirements have changed over the years, John, drastically. Also in the States are guarantee you that. The European market is probably one of the lucrative markets in network marketing, but it’s also the toughest to start. I always compare this with English. 

Do not let anybody ever steal your dream. There are a lot of stealers out there. Be sure to protect your dream. Share on X

When you learn the English language, it’s easy to learn the language but as long as you are studying English as tougher it gets. It’s tough to start. It’s not like in English, I am you are he, she, is, we, are, you, are, they are. We have (speaks in foreign language) Everything is different. When American people learn German, is this a difficult language? That’s true. Russian is difficult to learn but once you are over the hump, then it gets easy. A lot of people a lot of companies in the past have a coming into the European market they thought, “Let’s go to Germany. Let’s go to Europe.” 

Then they started here and they got slapped a few times and then they said, “It’s just not that interesting.” Then they give up. Why? Because they didn’t do their homework. Once you do your homework, the European market is a wonderful market and you have no worries and you can work and build your dream without any hassles. You got to know your enemies in, “These are not enemies. These are competitors,” but nobody wants you to be coming into the market and taking people and customs of power away from the market because there are only so many people. 

If you got already a billion-dollar player in the market, and now a million-dollar player comes in, the billion-dollar player says, “One moment, please. Let’s see what we can do here.” If the million-dollar player did his homework, the billion-dollar players said, “They know what they doing. Welcome.” Then they go to work together basically next to each other because there is enough place for everybody but there is not place for people who ruin our market, who are infringing illegal business practices, and who are putting a bad image on our industry. 

For those people, I have no passion and those people I will eliminate as soon as I can and I will do anything in my power to do that. Unfortunately, you still have those companies. They’re still trying to say they did years ago and they come in and they come in like a big bubble like a call it, these are, excuse my brutal English now. I call them fog companies. They fought. They smell a little bit and then they’re gone. They do more damage in the markets. Now, there’s one thing I like to say, which is good. People have been more educated today. 

I mean today’s time because of the press because of things you can read, the YouTube videos, young companies, and young entrepreneurs are coming in into the market and they have strengthened the reputation about affiliate marketing and network marketing. It’s not as easy anymore to people and to lie to them as it was years ago. People in my point of view a lot more educated in the field of affiliate marketing or network marketing today. What happened is then they also not pinching off of what they’re required. 

If you want to get somebody to join a company, the company has to do their homework. If the homework is done. No problem. That’s what I’m talking about. The chance of, I said this to you before, it’s always like the pyramid on the top. You have the pyramid like this. This is the traditional business structure. The chairman of the board sits on top and then down here all the other people. If you turn it around, you are in first position, everybody signs up in the network marketing company buys a starter kit, and then it goes like this and there’s no roof on the top. 

You can achieve whatever you want to do and we do know that you know people I know people that when they started, they never believed in their life that they were going to do 300, 000, 400,000 in earnings, or 2,500 a month, or 1,000 a month. They couldn’t even imagine that. The business is still in me. It will always be in me. If I go to heaven, I will do networking up there. Believe me. 


Well, I don’t think you’re going anywhere soon because at 77 you’re still doing, are still competing in triathlons or just training? 

I do small ones. They’re called in Deutsch “Jedermann triathlon” and that means that you do 500 meters swim, 22 kilometers bike, and the 5k run. You do that bum bum bum bum. Be amazed like I’m in the AK75. AK is the group for the athletes. If you in the AK60 people which are 60 to 65. AK75, 65 to 70. AK70, 70 to 75. AK75, 75 to 80. Now, if you think that there is nobody there anymore competing, you are wrong. I mean, these are people that trained all of their lives. I still have colleagues of mine people which I know are also competing. 

This guy still runs a 10K in under 45 minutes and he is over 80. Unbelievable. It’s amazing of what you still can see on what they do on the bike. Now, I’m a swimmer. I swim all my life. Even I have still competitors over 500-meter freestyle even though this is my main league. I mean, I’m slacking, of course, on the bike. On running, 5K. Once I’m competing, I’m about 35 minutes. I can do a 5k. If I’m really good, I do it in 30 minutes. I show you. I still have a booklet here. Look at this. This is my booklet. These are all of my awards in here. The last one was a senior in here. 

This was when I was 65 to 69 AK65, third place. I did in one hour 18 minutes and 25, 1, 18, 25. Here I did the 5K in 2010 and I was when I swam the 500 meter. I did in 1207 so 12 minutes I did 500 meters. I was 11 minutes 43 by 28, 5K, 5 kilometers run, Also AK65 and senior place number two in Hemsworth. This was the AK60. This year in August, I’m going to do the next one and it’s just you do it for yourself. You’re not doing it for anybody else. You’re doing it for your own challenge. Tomorrow I’m going to continue my running again that’s why I got my watch on again because I worked with the hot frequency. 

That is also something I like to share with you. A lot of people they say, “Tomorrow I start again running. Tomorrow I start again biking. Tomorrow I start again.” I never stopped. I continued running even if I didn’t run for six months, I continue. I don’t say to myself, “Rudi, you’re going to start tomorrow morning running.” No. I never stopped, I continue. This is also just a little word change. I mean, you surprise me with what you do on the bench press unbelievable. 

It’s such a good point, of course, you know our shows about network marketing and business, but at the end of the day, it’s amazing to me how many elite business people, network marketing people right because it’s mostly what I interview. They have something. In your case triathlons, in my case nowadays, lift lifting. The old days, Judo and wrestling. That’s amazing. It’s like high performers need to perform at a high level. To your point, we’re not competing against like for example, I still feel the shot put. 

The guy I trained with was an Olympic alternate. He’s my age group. He lives down the street from me. I’m not even the best guy on my street because the best guy in the world happened to live down the street, but I’m not even the second-best guy. Why do I do it? It’s a workout. It’s fun. If I throw another foot or even another six inches, it’s a personal best and that’s what I think guys like us what we’re wired to and what are listeners so many of our listeners are wired to is push yourself to be the best you can be. There’s always going to be somebody better. 

That is life, right? At the end of the day, even in networking marketing, we look at the super-elite distributors that have made 50 million or 100 Million or some ridiculous number. Maybe that’s never going to be you but if you send your kid to a better school because you make that extra money, you’ve done something. Exactly. Let me do a fast commercial, Rudi, so my wife does not get me in trouble because she keeps reminding me I keep forgetting. 

Book And Contact Details

You can get our books by the way, Leave Nothing to Chance like our podcast Leaving Nothing to Chance in English or in Spanish. Or moving up 2020, was written at about the worst time you could write a book, Rudi, 2020 I come out with a book. A little something else happened. Let me come back to one last question for you. I know you’re up against a dinner meeting. 

One moment. I got to do some advertising too. 

Go ahead. 

My ebook is here. It’s called The Five Success Strategies of a Network Marketing Legend, which you need to know. Success Edition. It’s on my website. Here’s my book. I have four books, which I wrote. 

You know what? Then we’re tie because I got four, you got four. Maybe the next one, we should do it together. 

No problem.

English and German. 

No problem. 

That was my last question for you, Rudi. I know you’re up against deadlines here. How do people get in touch with you? Because we got people that are in consulting roles in the industry. We got people who are top distributors. We got people who are just getting started and we’ve got people that have been in the industry like ourselves for decades to listen to the show. Some of them have needs where they want to go into the German market to the Swiss market, etc. Some of them are but for whatever reason they may want to get in touch with you. Go ahead and give me your website you. 

My website is actually will you see a lot of history about me. It’s Rudi-neidhardt.com. I think you have never seen that site. Do you see a lot of pictures and it’s in English also? I have different languages on it and my email address is also my name. It’s Rudi@neidhardt.eu for Europe and you got my phone number. My mobile number. I’m on WhatsApp. I’m on Instagram. I’m on Facebook. Even though that I just got hacked. I lost my whole Facebook site and 5,000 friends. Yeah, I just started. 

I now have already 100 again. I just built my Facebook site new but my website is on and you have my contact data. I’ve sent it to you. I gave you just my phone number and my email and no problem. If somebody wants to get in touch with me, please have them right they are contacting me based on our Zoom call today that they’re coming from you that I know where I can place them because I don’t normally talk to answer phone calls, which I don’t know what to people I don’t know. 

What we’ll do is we’ll put it in the show notes too. Just hang on one second as we wrap up here and we’ll just do a little housekeeping. I’ll let you run to your meeting and I know you got coming up here. Rudi, I just want to thank you. First of all, the amazing interview. Many years of experience. I didn’t know. I feel like I know you so well because we talked so much. I didn’t know that Rich DeVos introduced you to the industry. I mean talk about starting at the top right, but it even shows right because you said no to him at that point. I’m not going to sell cleaning products. I’m selling a Mercedes Benz is right?

Let me tell you something. Alone at that moment, I said no to him that is an experience or on realization which still is valid today. Once you talk to people which are satisfied in what they’re doing. They are not open to answer another question from you. The first thing you do when you talk to somebody I don’t care what age is are you open to change something in your life are you or not? Are you happy? Are you satisfied with what you do? 

If you got somebody who’s happy and satisfied you waste your time, you know that okay, but then important is that you never let a call or a talk like this has without you having the contact data of the person you talked to and not giving him your business card. You need to be always in control of the time you spend. This is something today, what I do is when I meet people, I don’t give them my business card anymore. I asked them. Let me have your mobile. Then they give their mobile. I said, “I give my address. I put in here now. 

Let me call you.” Then I call them and then they picked up their phone and I said, “Okay,” and now I have their address. Important is that you never ever lose control of contacts that you need their contact data as well as they have yours. Today, with a mobile phone it’s so easy. I even take a picture of them so that I know who the people are. I have them on my phone and I said, “This is this guy, I met him. Okay.” Most of the time you have also on WhatsApp. I mean, this is a cute, great tool of saving contacts instead of passing on the old cut like this let me give you my business card. 

Then you take your business card and then I don’t even know who the heck you are. It’s always important, in my point of view. That’s one advice I like to give anybody on this call obviously in control of the contacts you’re making because you never know when they come back. I have a lot of people in my past which said no at the beginning and six months later they were part of the team. Got to be very successful. Never prejudge and never say it’s not doable. 

Leaving Nothing To Chance | Rudy Heidhardt | EU And Asian Markets

EU And Asian Markets: Never prejudge or say that something is not doable.

In German, you have the word NEIN. It’s written N but if you write it like this is, because you speak German, I’m going to explain it to you. NEIN. Okay. This is nine stands for noch eine information notwendig. NEIN stands for another information is still necessary. No is never no. It’s no for the moment, but it can be a yes down the road. Okay, so NEIN stands for that noch eine information notwendig. Then I let you go. 

Thank you, Rudi. Hang on one second. We’ll just going to look a little housekeeping for the show to do, so just hang out and turn the recording off but I wanted to say once again, Danka my friend. 

Leaves nothing to change. You got it on your T-shirt. 

Yeah. I got about 50 shirts like this. I’m always advertising.

I want one.



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