LNC Dale Puerini | Senior Years


As we traverse into the space of time, we will enter the gate of our golden year. And like wine, life will taste better once we age with the experiences and wisdom we collect along the journey. Today, Dale Puerini shares how she’s having fun, staying healthy, traveling, and building in her senior years. She also shares the three basic lessons she learned along her journey. Dale is living the lifestyle that most will want to live. Why don’t you leave nothing to chance and start transforming your life as we age through time? Tune in to this episode with Dale Puerini today!


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How I Am Having Fun, Staying Healthy, Traveling, And Building In My Senior Years With Dale Puerini

We are interviewing a very good friend of mine, Dale Puerini. Dale lives in the beautiful Newport, Rhode Island. Newport is so interesting. I have been there several times. A lot of people don’t know the history. Why don’t you share a little bit about the Golden Age, they called it, America, F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, and all that great stuff there because a lot of people have never been there.

We have one Boulevard Avenue that is blind with mansions and the Vanderbilts, Astors, and famous people built their mansions at the turn of the century and it’s called The Gilded Age. It has more to do with railroads and iron. This is their vacation spot where they would come and even though these mansions are beautiful, they only came for a couple of weeks.

We have things like the Marble House and it’s interesting. They chose different marble for different rooms because the light would shine on it differently. It was to create different atmospheres and a lot of this was either designed, built, or moved from Italy or they had these good artisans. They are beautiful. You can go down the avenue and you can see the fronts. You can tour them because they are too expensive for wealthy people. The historical society took them on. It’s also what they call a cliff walk that goes along the ocean and the backside. It’s 3.5 miles long.

You should see the backside of the mansions. At one point, it was a camel she used to have in her backyard. This was originally put aside for subsistence living for the Native Americans, but it has been turned into a national walkway. It’s very beautiful with the rocks and the ocean crashing upon the rocks and it twists and turns, and I live right near all of that.

You know exactly where you live and I’m very jealous. I don’t know if I’m jealous in January, but when it’s still warm down here in Texas, I’m very jealous. As a Northeasterner, when the leaves change and all that, it’s so beautiful up there. Enjoy that beautiful place and send me some pictures. Let’s start with some questions. How long have you been involved in the MLM industry?

I unconsciously began in May of 2011. You do the math. That’s my husband’s job. He is my mathematician. The reason I got involved with it was because there was a product that I greatly needed. I had a lot of lovely friends jump to the rescue for my health. Another lovely friend, I do think you know her, Gloria Nieves. She jumped in and signed me up so I could get a good price.

That’s one of the things I like about MLMs. You get the best deal. I was only in it for the price. I didn’t start working on it until 2021 mid-COVID. I’m one of your COVID babies as far as MLMs are concerned. We always told people about the product. It was so funny because I have an upline. She would always talk to people for me. She would sign them up and she’d say, “Where would you like me to put them?” I’m like, “I don’t even know what you are talking about.” In 2011, when I started looking at MLM and working on it, I already had a little business going and it was already covering the cost of my product that I needed, and now I could expand beyond that.

Prior to MLM, you had been very involved in ministry over the years and you and Lou were newly retired, if I’m not mistaken, from ministry, but you traveled all over the United States. How many places did you live and what was your favorite if you had to pick one besides the new one, which we already talked about?

We did travel to many places. We started in Georgia and Alabama, so we had the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, and then we went over to Arkansas. Northwest Georgia to Northwest Arkansas, we had the Boston Mountains over there and then we had Central Arkansas. It touched a little bit of Oklahoma. You get a lot of the Native American experience.

You also get the old Cowboys experience with the hanging judge. People who knew him and you get all these interesting experiences. We had hot springs with wonderful healthy water there. From there, we went to The Great Northwest, which was Alaska and the Yukon territory. Our assignment took us all over the entire state of Alaska and into the Yukon, and that was a wonderful experience. After that, we spent ten years in Florida, so we shot to the other end of the country.

After that, we got assigned outside of the Seattle area. We had wonderful national parks there and mountains. It was all wonderful, but what is my favorite? As I always look for the best, that’s the type of person I am. I look for the best in people. My friends were always the best and I loved them to death, but my assignments were always super cool, and the envy of everyone was Alaska. It does get cold but you learn how to deal with it. You learn how to have cleats. You make it an adventure.

LNC Dale Puerini | Senior Years

Senior Years: The envy of everyone was Alaska. It does get cold, but you learn how to deal with it. You learn how to have clits and make it an adventure.


I like adventure. I’m an adventurous person. I like to climb mountains and go backpacking. You do it in the winter, you go in ice caves, and you ride your four-wheelers. It was a lot of fun. We had fish wheels. Anybody who’s into fish, we did four-wheeling in a gold mine area while this fish wheel was catching salmon for us. We came back. I wasn’t eating salmon because I have always been into a strict vegetarian diet, but I would make people sushi and stuff like that. I would eat vegetarian sushi, but it was fun.

What would you say the favorite was, Alaska?

Yeah. As we got to travel Alaska, we saw more of Alaska than most Alaskans. They are focused on one area and they might take little excursions, but we had a wider variety. We flew an airplane and we had to hop onto different kinds and sometimes a small airplane. Passengers were second class because the cargo was first class.

We’d land in the middle of nowhere, just ice and tundra. These four wheels would come out and they’d throw packages because these people to get even their toilet paper shipped in like that. We’d pick up and I’m thinking to myself, “There’s snow-covered mountains down there. If we crash, no one is going to be able to find us.”

We would land in another place and that was our final destination. It was Chignik Lagoon on the Alaskan Peninsula, and there they do a lot of the crabbing. It was someone’s backyard and the airline is called PenAir, but its nickname is When Air, because it gets there when it gets there and takes off whenever.

There are so many shows now too that are popping up about Alaska. There’s such a fascination with it. The rest of us watch it from a distance, but you guys had a chance to live there. Amazing. How many years were you up there for?

Unfortunately, only two years. My husband was hoping they’d forget us there.

Let’s come back to the multi-level. Let me give you a hypothetical. Let’s say that there’s a 25-year-old woman and her 60-year-old mom. Prior to the pandemic, they had no interest in MLM. They were both educated. Mom was getting to the end of her business career, looking forward to doing retirement stuff, playing with the grandchildren, hitting golf balls, and traveling to places like Alaska.

The daughter was on the other end of it. She was starting, had her education, everything was going great and then we know what happened. Prior to 2020, they had no interest whatsoever. Let’s say they lived down the street from you and they came over and they said, “Dale and Lou get to work from home. They are making money. They are going to Florida for a few months in the wintertime. They are doing well with this little business that they started. Maybe we should find out what they are doing.”

Things have changed and you made a great point. You started with your business prior to 2020, but all of a sudden, you had the time. You were home and all of a sudden, there were these things called Zoom calls, WhatsApp, and all these other technologies that popped up that for people like you and I had to go, “How do we use this stuff?” because we are a little past the time where these things were taught in school.

Having said that, they decide, “They don’t lose cars in the driveway. We are going to go down and knock on the door.” What would you advise that 25-year-old and that 60-year-old to look at the MLM, sometimes called the direct selling industry, whether it’s with your company, whether it’s with another company? Now they are open-minded to it because of all these other factors that have happened. What would your advice be to them separately and together?

We have all heard this is the new norm. I despise that. I am not going to get used to anything and I am going to let people know I’m not accepting it, but it is the new norm. Mom wants to retire and all of a sudden, retirement isn’t going to be as comfortable because this is the new norm. Things have exploded in prices and you can’t buy as much and get by with as much as you could or thought you could, and as far as the daughter, the same thing.

These kids are coming home burdened with their bills from college and they are not getting it any easier. Jobs are a little harder and nobody wants to pay them. They are not getting paid well. Mom has experience with people and circumstances. We can say she has a little wisdom and she has empathy as a mom. She has insights to offer. She has business ethics that she’s developed over the years. She knows about personal growth. She knows how to improve her personality and about profits and expenses.

The daughter, on the other hand, may not have all that experience, but she can appreciate her mom. Maybe she wants to get ready for a family or marriage. She has that college debt. She worries that things are getting tighter financially and she needs a side gig. They both need a side gig, but the world isn’t safe enough to drive Uber for a woman anymore. The daughter knows things like how to work a Zoom account. She knows WhatsApp is.

It was funny, I was in the hospital and someone was saying, “She uses stuff like WhatsApp. I don’t even know what that is. That’s what people from other countries use,” and I laughed. “We use WhatsApp 25 times a day.” I was blessed to know how to use Zoom because my congregation and my organization started using it immediately. We didn’t miss a beat when it came to our spirituality. I did catch on very easily with certain things. I find that a lot of people don’t know how to use certain programs.

That’s where the daughter comes in. She might be a little more tech-savvy. Let’s face it. They grew up with digital in their hands and knew how to use it. A one-year-old can figure things out and we are over there scratching our heads. Have you noticed that? It would be good for them to team up and they have their separate businesses. What I would tell them to do is love the products that they want to represent and have trust. Make sure it’s not a fly-by-night company, MLM. Make sure it has a record of integrity and it’s transparent. In other words, they are not hiding anything. That’s what I found.

I like working with the people in the company. I like meeting other people like you, for instance. I wouldn’t have known you because we do happen to be in the same company. We are not on the same team, but we are all one big happy team and we help each other. I appreciate that because I knew nothing about MLMs. I would also tell them to tune in to programs like yours and read books like yours because they may be clueless about where to start and how to begin, but they also need a company that is willing to help them learn and grow. They need to have a team that is willing to work with them.

It’s not something that you can say, “I’m going to do an MLM.” You have to trust the MLM that you are getting involved with and you have to know how to work it. It has to have a good compensation plan. The family, the daughter, and the mother would work well together if they knew how to work together as a team. If they couldn’t work together, they still need to have the same principles, and sometimes families can’t work together, but it would help them to grow together.

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That’s spot-on advice. It’s exactly where we are, and you made two points there. I got to do this or my wife beats me up and you know her. She’s tough, being French-Canadian. That’s one of my books, and then the other one is Moving Up: 2020 and Beyond.

It doesn’t get out of date.

I wrote that in 2019, thinking 2020 was this seismic year that was going to be amazing for everybody in the world and it was not the way I was thinking. It’s funny when you are doing these things. I was titling the book in 2019. I’m thinking, “Incredible.” That’s great advice but there’s another point that I want to bring out about what you said there too, and that’s the fact that 25-year-olds grow up with these things in their hands that we didn’t.

There are still times I wonder how all these things and apps work. Like me, I call my son. I never want him to move out. I have told him when he gets married, he is moving his wife into the house because there are things like, “My Zoom account is not working. The truck I brought to the gym, the radiator was overheating.”

It’s like, “Are you home?” He’s like, “Yeah.” I’m like, “When I get home, can you look at the car?” To that point, we have all got those younger people and the point that you made very well, and I couldn’t agree more, is they have skills that apply to MLM, because what are we using? Apps, WhatsApp, Zoom, and all of these things.

I try to work with certain individuals and they don’t even know how to work them. They don’t even have PowerPoint on their computers. I do have someone in my team, a younger person, Skybird, who does everything for me with the PowerPoint. He creates posters. He creates everything. He makes things clear. I can throw them in there, but he sharpens them up. We need that. That’s why the mother and daughter would make a great team together.

LNC Dale Puerini | Senior Years

Senior Years: The mother and daughter would make a great team together.


We are seeing it throughout the industry. We are seeing moms and dads teaming up the teenagers and beyond, and even grandparents in some cases. Sometimes it’s the younger person who sponsors grandma and grandpa who are in their 60s, 70s, or even 80s in some cases because people are living longer and that’s going to lead me to my next question here. All of a sudden, they realize, “I didn’t save enough money. Who knew that gas would be $5 a gallon? Who knew that I bought two cantaloupes at Sprouts here in Dallas? $2.29 for 2 cantaloupes.” Years ago, they were 5 for $1. Crazy.

I bought four tomatoes. They are $3 each.

Even if you go to the farmer’s market, let’s talk about that a little bit. It gives me a great segue to my next question. You have been an inspiration to people like myself who have been on a health journey, reading all the great authors, listening to podcasts, reading books, and applying some of the stuff. I went vegetarian now in the process of going more vegan.

You and I talk a lot about this whenever we are together, all the great scientists that have worked in this field. You have been at it for a long time. Share it if you want your journey of what got you there, maybe how you ate prior, but feel free to share your journey. Also, the three greatest lessons of living a lifestyle based on correct eating.

I know that you are one of the biggest fans of the Blue Zones, and those are areas in the world where generations of individuals have lived thoughtfully and healthfully, and their longevity has shown the benefits of their lifestyle. When I was putting this together, now that I contemplate it, it is a lifestyle. What I’m going to say, those three points, apply to every aspect.

The first thing, as far as healthful eating, is to keep it simple. Keep it basic and unprocessed, and can’t we apply that to MLMs? Be yourself. When I say keep it simple, you can go all out and elaborate with strict vegetarian eating, but most Italian good meals or recipes don’t have more than four ingredients. It’s probably olive oil, basil, garlic, and then your main ingredient, and they toss it all together and it makes this delicious meal. Keep it simple. Don’t go too crazy. You can do great Moroccan dishes, curries, and things like that.

Be consistent by being thoughtfully prepared. I’m going to go out to eat somewhere for a wedding. I know they are not going to have much for me to choose from. I either bring something with me and I don’t want to be rude about it, but sometimes I do eat before I go. You have to be thoughtful. If you are going to be on the road, have a bag packed with some things in it. Even if you munch in on a red pepper, you have to think ahead. Being consistent and being thoughtfully prepared, that’s life, isn’t it? That’s MLMs.

The third thing is to have the right attitude. Be gracious and be grateful. One of the things that I have found for a lot of people who choose to be different with their eating and their lifestyle is sometimes they get this little I’m-better-than-you attitude, and that’s not true. It’s just that you choose to be different. I chose this lifestyle. I can make your mouth water talking to you about roast prime rib beef. I love a good lamb, but it didn’t like me.

Am I better than someone else? No, I don’t think so. My journey is different. Be grateful and gracious. Don’t make other people feel uncomfortable or less. They are not there yet. That’s all. Let them see your example. Let them watch you and learn from you. Be grateful for what you have found and share it with those who want it. Those are my three basics. Keep it simple, be consistent, and be gracious. I love that word gracious. It means never making anyone feel uncomfortable.

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I will add one thing to that. I know you will appreciate this, I’m sure. I have been experimenting with a lot of raw foods. I was reading Brian Clement’s book, Hippocrates and I got to the recipe section. He had a recipe in there, and I love melons, cantaloupe, and watermelon, you name it. I’m a melon freak.

One of the great things about living in Texas is we get melons 9 or 10 months a year. We get to December and January, and the timing runs out. He had this recipe. Just cantaloupe. You take the cantaloupe and you put it through the smoothie machine. You freeze it overnight. You throw a little bit of nutmeg in it. I put a little persimmon in it. Also, heat it a little bit.

Before we were talking here, I came back from the gym and I was like, “I want to have something in my system.” Give me a little bit of energy or recovery in addition to the product you and I also take every day, but we keep the show generic. I had that and I said, “Let me try that cold soup,” and I was amazed. I did a good job on it. I was impressed. I patted myself on the back. To your point, he suggested two ingredients. I added a third because you season things to how you like them for your taste. A couple of things, super high quality in terms of ingredients and nutrition. How long ago did you start your journey?

LNC Dale Puerini | Senior Years

Senior Years: You season things according to how you like them for your taste.


I always lose track of time. I only know that it was somewhere around 1997. It was with Marilyn and Harvey Diamond. It was called Fit for Life. He was of the opinion, “If you wanted a steak, you ate steak and salad.” In other words, he didn’t eat the meat, but he had a transitional program for people. He didn’t believe in mixing proteins and starchy carbohydrates together.

You would have a steak like people have a fish on a salad. It’s that combination. If you are going to have potatoes, you have potatoes on your salad. It’s that situation. His was more about food combining and limiting it. Transition it into a vegetarian, and then for me, vegan. I’m not vegan in the purest sense. I still like to wear my leather. I’m still a motorcycle girl. I have reasons. My body doesn’t breathe in pleather. I have my reasons for keeping it to natural fabrics.

Look at Dale’s skin at 68 years of age. That’s a result of good eating. That’s a result of good nutrition. You want to be healthy. Here are the fruits of the labor. I’m digressing from our questions. I promise I will come back to our questions, but I have been looking at everybody from Dr. Gerson, Ann Wigmore, the Diamonds, Michael Greger, and Dr. Campbell who’s right in your backyard.

It’s funny because when you run a Wikipedia on any of these guys, it always says how their health is quackery. That would include Jacqueline. That would include Jay Kordich. It would include Dr. Herbert Shelton. It would include, going back in time, Dr. Walker who invented the juicer. All of these people, unless they had an accident of some sort, died at very advanced ages, and some of them were still alive. Some of them in her ’80s and ’90s. Fred Beshid is in New York. He’s 94.

This is not a political show at all, but when you make decisions about what you put in your body, look at the people who developed what it is that you are going to put in your body to Dale’s point. Always consider the source. If those people aren’t living the lifestyle, you might want to take a look at some of the other people in alternative health areas.

Back to network marketing. You and I could get on this probably all day and become a health show instead of a multi-level show. That might be my next transition down the road. You never know. You have been in the direct selling business and it’s very mobile, and we talked about WhatsApp and all the different technologies a little bit. I believe you are leaving the Northeast shortly for Florida for a few months now. How are you going to work your business remotely? What are some of the things you are going to use to stay in touch with the team?

It’s all about technology. My team is all over the country. I know some of us have teams that go, “I have some in Ecuador. It happens that way.” Being a senior, having a side gig, and knowing technology, first of all, the phone is so easy to pick up and you have to call someone up. No matter where I go, I have a mouth and a heart that I bring along with me and I love my product. I can still talk about it to people. My business can now take on new travels and new destinations, and I don’t feel limited or tied in any way. I have more freedom because of MLMs.

You are going to spend some time with your sister who is down that way.

I will be in the St. Petersburg area and Naples, Florida. We happen to serve in those two areas so I have lots of friends there too and I have teams there.

Not a bad place to spend the winter.

No. My husband and I wanted to settle down in Alaska and I told him, “I don’t have a problem, but three months of the year is going to be in Hawaii,” but it happened that we ended up in the Northeast here. We opted to spend some of our months down South.

To that point, what a great business. You can visit with family. You can be with all the people that you care about in that part of the country for a couple of months. When it starts getting hot there, you go back to the Northeast and enjoy the beautiful summers in Rhode Island. Here’s my final question. You and Lou are now senior citizens. I can say that because I’m one now too, unfortunately. I never thought I’d get there, but I did. I’m not happy about it, but then again, I’m happier I got there than I did. Why should our fellow senior citizens consider MLM in the new gig economy?

They have worked hard all their lives and although MLM depends on how much you want to put into it, you are your boss. You put into it what you want to. You set the time aside that you want to. It’s a very small investment to make. You have wisdom. You can use that wisdom and you should be proud of that wisdom. That gray hair that you have.

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You want freedom. The only way you are going to have freedom and the ability to have money to use those freedoms, whether it’s to spend time with grandkids or to do some exploring of the world, is to be able to afford it. The worst thing that you can do is say, “I can’t make any money because it will affect my Social Security.” I don’t want to live on Social Security. I don’t mind having Social Security, but I don’t want to be confined to my Social Security. I want more freedom than that.

This has been a pleasure. I appreciate you so much. I appreciate your leadership not only in the MLM space but also in the nutrition space. You are one of the people that I look at and admire so much in terms of how you have taken care of yourself all of these years so continue. Good luck and I will give you the last word.

Thank you very much. I appreciate having you as a friend. You have also helped build my confidence. I’m a person that I do all these things, but I don’t have confidence and you have helped me there too. That’s part of the personal growth that comes with MLMs. Thank you for having me.


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