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Life can be difficult sometimes, and some have suffered with so many traumatic events in their lives. Although these events may plunge you deeper into the void, finding the light to guide you into the path of healing is a great deal. In this episode, Garth Wright, the author of The King’s Kid, shares his experience as he grew up in a home of alcoholism, abuse, and divorce that later in his life turned him into an alcoholic and drug addict. But these events in his life made a huge turn when he surrendered his life to the King’s kid, Christ. Garth describes the greatness of Christ in his transformation. If you have faced abuse, addictions, failure in marriage, and traumas, Garth’s story of victory and healing through the power of Jesus, will lift you! So tune in to this episode now!

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Garth Wright “The King’s Kid”

It is a privilege. We have the opportunity to meet so many remarkable people and life stories on the show. What you are going to learn is the amazing life transformation of Mr. Garth Wright. Welcome to the show.

It’s a real privilege to be here after reading your bio and seeing what you’ve accomplished in the industry and in fitness and martial arts with your family and how the Lord has transformed your life and your daughters’. You’ve got the miracle story going, and you have got the miracle-working God.

We sure do. Thank you so much for that. I want to ask you one million questions, but let’s start with some basic ones. Prior being saved, tell us about your life.

I grew up with a mom who was almost fallen down drunk. She was able to hold jobs as a cocktail waitress in bars and casinos. She was a single mom, much of the time with four kids. I’m the youngest and have two brothers and a sister. We lived on the West Coast primarily. I was born in California, but we lived in Nevada and Washington.

Mom had the unfortunate problem, as many drugs do of serial relationships. During my life, she was married and divorced 5 times and 2 times prior to that. That’s pretty impressive. It meant that we moved a lot. I went to over twenty different schools before I even finished high school because we were constantly moving, and that impacted my ability to have good relationships.

Sadly, some of the guys she married were child abusers. By the way, I’m not complaining about my background or my life at all to say feel sorry for me or anything like that. The Bible says, “God works all things together for good, for those who love him, or called according to his purpose.” Nothing’s wasted in the Christian life, and I’m not complaining at all. Given an example of the child abuse, there was one stepfather who knew that I hated to eat liver and that if I ate liver, I would vomit it up. He would make a purpose of making sure that would be on the schedule for dinner. Once a week, I would vomit it up, and the table was full of people, kids, him, and I had to eat it in front of them. That’s memorable. I don’t eat a lot of liver these days.

Another one more experience was I had a stepfather who liked physical abuse. One time I was washing the dishes and laughing with my sister. We were having a good time throwing the soap suds around, and he ran into the kitchen and said, “What are you doing?” He screamed at us and said, “I know that you did this,” pointing at me. He dragged me into the bathroom. He had me take off all my clothes, face the wall, and hold onto a towel rack. I was eight years old, and then he took a belt with a lot of rhinestones, these steel studs, and so on. He beat me from my neck to my heel. I was covered with blood hanging there.

He left the bathroom. My brother, who was two years older, came in and dragged me into the bedroom. I had to lie on my stomach. They couldn’t cover me for a while, so the sheets wouldn’t grow into the wounds. My brothers and sisters and stepbrothers and sisters witnessed that, and I was humiliated. I remember bearing my head on the pillow and dreaming that one day I would be big like Chuck Connors or who was a TV star on a great series called The Rifleman, or I’d be like John Wayne. One day I’d be big, and I’d come back, and I’d kill him. That was my passion. That was my dream for years when it came to thinking about a dad that I was going to come back and kill this guy.

That was a problem, child abuse. It’s a couple of examples, and then, gangs. First of all, I was bullied everywhere I went because my name was Garth, and there was no famous Garth Brooks at the time, so that was a weird name. I was left-handed, I had bright red hair, and I was the new kid in school. I got bullied badly, so I hate that. Whenever I see it, I have a wonderful wife and three boys. If they ever bully my kids or youngest, that brings back these memories.

One example is we lived in Reno, Nevada, in a hotel called the Mapes Hotel, right in the casino district. There were gangs. When I would get home to my apartment, there would be these gangs waiting and telling me, “Give me money, or you can’t get into your home.” I’d give them the few coins I have, and then they wouldn’t beat me up. I’d go into my home and lock the door. My mom was away drinking somewhere or working in a bar.

The way that I found victory in that was that I learned about fire escapes by watching movies. I would pull the fire escape down in the back of the apartment building, climb up to a window I had left unlocked, and sneak in. I was able to finish the school year without getting beat up anymore. The gang didn’t figure that one out. That’s a little bit about my background. It’s a challenge, but the Bible says, “Indeed all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted,” and sometimes that happens even before you meet the Lord.

Indeed all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. And sometimes, that happens even before you meet the Lord. Share on X

Let me ask you about that. You were an atheist growing up. What was that Saul of Tarsus moments that created that pivot point in your life?

I went into the American Military in the Army, and reason was because we were poor. I wasn’t some amazing student in school with all these scholarships, which I didn’t even know that scholarships existed. I had to get to college somewhere because I had been told that if you go to college, you’ll get a great job with a major corporation. You’ll be a success. You work your way to the top. You’ll have all the good things, and so that was my dream.

I joined the Army because the GI Bill at that time they’d paid for your four-year college education when you finish three years. I joined the Army. I love my country. I’m proud to be an American and salute the flag. I served. It wasn’t during wartime. It was when the Vietnam vets soldiers were home. They didn’t send me anywhere, and that’s where I learned to be myself. I was a serious alcoholic and drug addict, and I went down that path to the point where I was at the end of my rope.

On Christmas Eve, I saw an ad in the newspaper that said, “If you went to this base, they had free cookies, eggnog, and a free movie.” I didn’t have any money because I spent all my money on drugs, alcohol, and prostitutes. I still had six more days before the end of the month to get some new $20 bills in the Army. I went to that and stuffed myself with cookies, put them in my pockets, drank whatever drinks they had, sat down and watched the movie, and it was on the life of Jesus.

The movie was an Italian film with English subtitles, and it didn’t explain that Jesus died on the cross for your sins. I watched the movie, and Jesus was so amazing, compassionate, loving, and forgiving. He’s such a hero that he became the hero in my life. That night when I walked out of the church, I hadn’t become a Christian. I didn’t know about salvation or anything. I thought, “This is what it’s all about. Jesus is this most incredible amazing martyr who died for some reason on a cross, but that’s what all the crosses are about,” but I believed. I walked out of that chapel and stood on the steps, looked up to the night sky and said, “God, I never prayed before, but I’m telling you if I keep going on the drinking and drugs the way that I’m going, I’m not going to make it. I’m going to die, and I need you to help me.”

LNC Garth Wright | The King's Kid

The King’s Kid: Jesus died on the cross for your sins.


When I woke up the next morning, instead of my usual, which was to take my canteen and fill it half full of vodka and juice to make the most powerful screwdriver in the world and live on that, instead, I woke up and had no desire for alcohol or drugs. I put it down, and I have not had any problem with that or been a drug user in any way ever since that moment.

For anybody who’s a serious addict like I was, it was daily. They know you don’t accomplish that because you have a strong desire and self-discipline. It’s the thing that takes over your system. That was a miracle, and I decided to find out more about this Jesus out of the Army. I went to a little church in Lompoc, California. The pastor realized that I wasn’t saved. He gave a simple salvation message, and I ran forward to get baptized and give my life to Jesus, and I have been following him ever since.

What year was that?

That was 1976, May 23rd.

After you give your life to Christ, share the transformation that happened spiritually, physically, and also your mindset.

I knew now that I was a king’s kid. I didn’t understand when I walked around and saw people. They are going through life as if they don’t have a care in the world, but they don’t know the Lord, and they don’t know what’s going to happen when they die, but they know they are going to die. They live in denial and imagine that’s somehow never going to happen to them someday, or they will think about that later.

For the first time in my life, I wasn’t worried about that. I was very aware that death was coming one day, but suddenly I was like, “Death’s going to be victory. I’m going to go and be with Jesus, and it’s going to be the best I ever imagined. I can’t even understand how awesome it’s going to be.” There’s no fear anymore with living my life.

I didn’t have the addictions that were dragging me down physically. I was free of that, and I was clean, which gives you whole new energy and lifestyle, and then I discovered this called the Dale Carnegie course in the interpersonal relationship in public speaking. I was a student during the day in college at Pepperdine University in Malibu. One night a week I would go to this Dale Carnegie course, and it had an amazing impact on me.

Suddenly, I loved public speaking and being desperately afraid of standing in front of an audience. I also got turned onto these incredible books, How to Win Friends & Influence People and Think and Grow Rich. I have Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret, which changes things in a radical way. Those are some big changes, and I became a very positive person.

I can see that. At 40, you had a major issue in your life where you became a quadriplegic. What were you doing for a living at that time?

I was in network marketing. I got a couple of college degrees in Advertising and Business Management. I went to seminary for three years and studied to become a missionary. I didn’t do that and joined network marketing. I needed to make some money. I was living in California in San Clemente at the time. I joined a company, and we were marketing these products I didn’t know anything about that. I was desperate.

I went crazy. In a year, I moved from a tiny little apartment to a home in Malibu, a dream home in Malibu overlooking the sea with big balconies, floor, ceiling, windows, the Mercedes, and the lifestyle. I had a great office right on Pacific Coast Highway with big windows from my desk looking out on the beach and the wonderful cars driving up and down on that road, and I had a secretary.

I’m walking across the office floor one day, and I stumble, and the secretary says, “That’s not right. You need to go home and rest. You got a big conference tomorrow.” I’m at home, and when I wake up in the morning, I try to get out of bed and fall on the floor, and my arms and legs don’t function much. They function enough that I was able to get dressed, go downstairs, get in my car, and drive by my office to tell them, “I won’t be here. You got to handle this thing. I got to take myself to the hospital.”

I drove to the hospital over the hill from Malibu down into the valley into a hospital parking lot, opened the door, fell out of the car, and was unconscious on the ground. I woke up the next day. I’m in a hospital bed and I’m surrounded by these doctors. One doctor says, “Wiggle your toes.” I try, and I’m shocked because I’m telling my toes to wiggle, and they won’t do anything.

He says, “Try your left arm.” I l look at it and try to get it, and it won’t move. He says, “Try your right arm,” and my right arm goes up in the air, and it starts waving and then falls down, and that’s the last time until God started working a miracle in my body that I was able to use my limbs at all. Some are quadriplegic, and the nurse is having to change me, which is totally humiliating because I was like an expert skier, tennis player, golfer, and everything, and now I’m lying in bed paralyzed. The doctor comes to me and says, “We have done two spinal taps, a CAT scan, and MRI, and you are not getting any better. We are going to have to check you out to rehab hospital, and you have to learn how to operate a wheelchair with your teeth.” He walks away like, “You are done.”

I’m lying in bed, and I’m totally depressed like, “How could this happen to me?” I hear the voice of the Lord saying the words, “What did I ask you to do?” The moment he said it, I knew and remembered that within a week after I’d become a Christian, I had committed my life to being a missionary. I got all wrapped up in myself and financial disparity that I was going to be rich and would stay and give a lot of money to missions.

I went myself, prayed, and said, “God, you get me out of this bed and get me back on my feet, and I will sell everything I own and walk away and go anywhere in the world you tell me to go. You just name the place.” I had a friend take me out of the hospital against the doctor’s wishes. I’m lying on a couch. I have somebody come in who changes me, gets me showered, and feeds me. In a matter of months, I’m back on my feet. I gave my last talk to my company, a big crowd, and said goodbye. I walked away from the business, got a plane ticket, and moved to Europe.

You’ve been a world traveler. You’ve been all over the place. Why don’t you share a couple of experiences that would be interesting for the readers?

I got to give credit to Joe Garcia and Dan Cato because these were my upline leaders in a company when I moved to Europe, I was a missionary for some years, but I ran out of money. Even if I sold all my stuff, you still have to have an income coming in. I got an email from a company in America saying, “Would you like to launch Europe and be first?” I go, “I know how to do that, so I will give it a shot.” I didn’t know a thing about the products at all ever. There were products that I thought, “Women use skincare, nutritionals, and so on, and I don’t need this stuff, but anyway, I will give it a shot.”

Dan and Joe were in the company, and I knew them from my first company that they were awesome family guys. They were positive and supportive of their families. They were great. I thought, “I get to work with Dan and Joe.” A guy named Thomas came into my life. He became my best friend. He is my best friend to this day and has become my number one leader for Europe and South America because my business is everywhere from South Korea, you name it. I get people in America, and it’s amazing.

These guys came into my life, and I started traveling, and I have been around the world many times. I won’t even begin to name the countries, but it’s more than 65 countries that I have been in and around the world. One of my favorite experiences is I was in a country that now it’s absorbed by Russia, but it used to be a country called Dagestan, and it’s all Muslim. I was there for the business to do a conference.

I was invited by one of the distributors to come and speak in their church, and I go, “That’s amazing. This place is 99% Muslim. How can there be a church here?” I say, “Great.” She says, “Sunday morning, you are preaching.” I looked at the schedule, and it didn’t have me speaking Sunday morning, and I would be free. I was speaking in the afternoon. The company tells me, “If the morning speaker didn’t show up, you are on.” I’m like, “There’s a church somewhere in this town with a bunch of people waiting for me.” I’m speaking at a business conference. That’s more important than telling them about Jesus.

I told the distributor, and she relayed the message to her church, and she said, “It’s no problem. Our church will be fine. You go ahead and come in the evening.” I think, “Great. They have a Sunday evening service.” I spoke at the conference. I’m there during the day. I get this happening again. Finally, I can leave. It’s like 5:00 in the afternoon. We go to this poor neighborhood like third country poor.

The taxi drives up to this building, and he looks nervous like, “Please get out quickly. I want to get out of this horrible neighborhood.” We pull up in front of this concrete blocks like cinder building with no glass in the windows, and I think, “This is the church.” She leads me into the building and it’s full of people, and I go, “This is great.” When they say full of people, I’m saying 50 people. That’s a big church in a Muslim city.

I go, “This is great. You have good attendance on Sunday evening.” She said, “This isn’t Sunday evening. These are the people in our church.” I go, “How long have they been waiting for me?” She said, “They came this morning, and they were told you wouldn’t come until sometime in the afternoon or evening.” They thought, “If he’s come this far to talk to us about Jesus and give his testimony, we are not leaving.” These people have been here since about 9:00 this morning, and now it’s 6:00 in the evening, and they have been waiting for you. That was one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had. As in most Western churches, people wouldn’t wait an hour if the speaker turned up late. Not all, but many of them.

LNC Garth Wright | The King's Kid

The King’s Kid: In most western churches, people wouldn’t wait an hour if the speaker turned late, not everyone, but many of them.


I poured my heart out. After an hour, I finished, and they went, “You can’t stop. We waited all day long. You got to keep talking about Jesus. Tell more stories. Share more,” and I did. The only other experience that comes to mind that’s powerful, and that was in almighty Kazakhstan, is in Dagestan in Makhachkala. That was in a church with 1,000 members in an all-Muslim area, and they were all converts to Christianity. My translator was a Christian and invited me to come and speak. I spoke in the church. The pastor came up and laid hands on me after all the elders and said, “We want to pray that God will use you in a mighty way and you’ll share your zeal for the Lord all around the world.”

I was so humbled. They get done praying for me, and I finish my conference, and I go home. A year later, I was on a Skype call with this Christian translator. He said, “Our pastor has been murdered.” “What are you talking about?” He said, “The guy who laid hands on you and prayed, his wife and five kids went home after the church service, and then he came after helping clean up the church. When he got out of his car, he was surrounded by a bunch of Muslim extremists, and they filled him full of bullets, and he was gone. Now the church has gone into hiding.” It is rare in my life that I have ever been near somebody who’s so epitomized to me the life of Jesus Christ and the willingness to die for what they believed in, like that pastor. That’s one of a couple of my great experiences.

At 60, you had another transformation. You had let yourself get significantly overweight and out of shape and decided to make some changes. Tell us that story.

I was sitting at my computer watching Britain’s Got Talent or America’s Got Talent because I love these stories. These people wait, and finally, they come out, are incredibly talented, and get famous. It’s something I have always dreamed of doing, but I don’t have a talent for the show. I remember watching one of these. My wife and her mother were sitting next to me on a couch. They were looking at a wedding album, our album from years before. My wife, she’s Czech, and her mom is looking at this, and then she looks at me and then she looks at the album, and then says, “Now, you are a lot more handsome than when you got married, but when you got married, you didn’t look pregnant.”

I was shocked because she liked me, and she never said anything insulting to me. That night, my wife added to it. My wife, Anna, is an incredible and wonderful woman of God, gorgeous, in love with Jesus, on fire for the Lord, helps lead women’s conferences and on and on. She’s a great mom to our three boys. She saw me walking across the room, our bedroom, when we were alone without my shirt on, and she smiled and said, “Twins?”

LNC Garth Wright | The King's Kid

The King’s Kid: I was 50 or 60 pounds overweight. I looked horrible. I got three boys who would love me to live long enough to see them get married and have kids. For my wife and my kids, I need to transform my life. I have got to change.


I was like, “Is it that bad?” I rushed to the bathroom, and I honestly looked in the bathroom mirror and saw that I was 50 or 60 pounds overweight, most of which was right in the front. I look horrible. I got three boys, and I know they would love me to live long enough to see them get married and have their own kids. For my wife and my kids, I need to transform my life. I have got to change.

I dedicated myself to what I call the DED system, which is Diet, Exercise, and Discipline. Later I realized another one, which is for sleep. You need enough of that. I focused on those things. I cleaned up my diet. I on a big time, protein, whole grains, vegetables, and so on. Cut the junk out. I have been off sugar for years now. On rare occasions of birthdays or whatever, I will have a slice of cake, but otherwise, that’s out of my system. I went to a personal trainer, and this guy was straight out of Russia, and his name was Igor. He worked at a CrossFit center, which I didn’t even know what CrossFit was, but I walked in and said, “Take over.”

That guy put me through the most grueling four months of my life, but I dropped the 50 extra pounds and then worked off the last of it. I got committed. I have been weightlifting, so I have my own full gym in my home with all the equipment and everything. I got a friend of mine who comes and works out with me, and I do everything I can to be a person with energy, vitality, and health.

I was an example for my kids and was able to still grab them and pick them up in the air. Be a muscle dad and my wife to be proud of me and say, “Look at your arms. I love your muscles.” I’m not going to win any contest, but I have got the self-pride and confidence of knowing I considered this temple of the Holy Spirit. God’s given me something to take care of, and I needed to make the decision and change my life, and that’s what I have done.

God's given me something to take care of, and I needed to decide and change my life. Share on X

I have got two more questions for you. Speaking of wives, if I don’t do my 30-second commercial, I get in trouble with mine. Let me tell you a little bit about the show. Maybe you heard about it from Garth, or maybe you heard about it from one of the other great leaders that we interviewed. We put this up every other Tuesday throughout the year. We have got about 26 broadcasts per year. We have been doing this now for a couple of years. Garth has been like a who’s who with network marketing on there. A lot of great life stories like yours, as well as success in our industry.

I’m the author of a couple of books Moving Up, which I wrote in 2019. Garth, you’ll get a kick out of this. I wrote it in 2019, expecting 2020 to be an amazing year for the world, and it was. We know what happened. The last one that’s the name of the show Leave Nothing to Chance. You get these on Amazon and all of that.

LNC Garth Wright | The King's Kid

The King’s Kid

Talking about books, your new book is out.
The King’s Kid. Tell us about The King’s Kid because you’ve had this amazing life with all these transformations. You’ve been blessed beyond reason. You’ve been blessed in so many ways. You are blessed, more importantly, other people, through your ministries, teachings, and words. People are going to know this and be touched. We talked a little bit about my own daughter and her life’s transformation, but tell us about The King’s Kid. Where can they get it, and anything you want to share? I have got one other important question after that.

One of the greatest influences in my life has been reading biographies and autobiographies of awesome people. One of my absolute favorites is a guy named George Mueller. He lived during the nineteenth century. He lived to the age of 97. He was born in Germany, and then he moved to England as a young man. He called to be a missionary to Jewish people, but then the Lord changed his path when he noticed that there were no orphanages in England at the time.

They had these almshouses filled with starving, undernourished children barely surviving, and he decided, “God’s called me to build an orphanage for these kids.” He found this property in Bristol, England, and had no money. He decided, “I’m not going to ask anybody for a penny. I’m going to get down on my knees and ask God to provide.”

The Lord provided to build a huge orphanage and then another one, and he ended up during his lifetime influencing tens of thousands of lives of these two people, saying their lives were garbage. It’s nothing like they would have said about me when they met me when I was a little kid and with my mom and all of our problems. Instead, he said, “No. These kids have unlimited potential. I’m going to tell them about the Lord. I’m going to make sure they get a quality education and all the food they need in a wonderful place. The companies are going to be begging for my graduates with the orphanage,” which was true.

The thing that was so shocking for me is that he retires when he’s in his 70s and gives the orphanages in managing them to his daughter, but he decides with his wife that he’s going to spend until the end of his life traveling the world. This was a time when you had to take a ship to go to America or wherever. He was traveling the world and telling people the miraculous story of his provision for these kids through prayer and telling people about the lifesaving message of Jesus Christ.

That’s what he did. He died at the age of 97. I looked at him and thought, “What is my excuse? I’m at this age. I don’t have any. I can live an awesome life like that.” Now I have this dream with this book, and I have another one that’s coming that I’m excited about. Maybe I will come back to your show and talk about that. I’m excited and have this dream that churches, Christian conferences, or people would contact me and say, “Please come to our conference and tell your story and tell what happened. Tell what God did and let it be an encouragement.”

Whether it’s a conference that has to do with people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs, gone through bullying and child abuse, give the lifesaving message and power of Jesus Christ to transform you and give you a whole new life. You never give up on achieving the greatness that God intended for you. I believe God wants every one of his children on this earth. I’m the king’s kid, and I believe the king wants us to have an awesome life, and that’s my big dream.

LNC Garth Wright | The King's Kid

The King’s Kid: Never give up on achieving the greatness that God intended for you.

Let me be honest with everybody. I have not read the book yet. I’m going to order it when we get done here, and I’m going to read it. When I saw the title and what grabbed me, knowing a little bit that I knew about our conversation and a little bit that our friend Joe shared, was how many people feel they were raised the way that you were either in a one-parent home without a mom or dad. They feel that loss, and when they get to know our Lord Savior, they feel like, “I have a father.”

When I saw the title, I said, “What a great title because so many people feel abandoned.” My own daughter felt some of that because her biological father wasn’t in her life from infancy almost. I came into her life, and even though I did everything else that I could do, I could not fulfill that role biologically, and she always felt that was a loss and led her down the wrong path.

Eventually, she met Jesus, and she’s on the right path now. Thank you, good Lord. That’s what that title is. It just grabbed me. When you sent me the cover, I said, “I got to talk to this guy. I got to interview him,” so I’m so happy you are here. Let’s talk about the future. You’ve got a lot of goals still ahead of you. I know you mentioned a few, but I’m sure there are even more. What’s ahead for Garth Wright in 2023 and beyond?

If I have a number one goal beyond taking care of my teams in my network marketing company and speaking at churches and conferences, I want to be better and better as the most awesome husband that my wife could be in love with and the most fantastic dad that my kids could look to and that they could say, “I want to be like dad one day.”

Whatever their occupation is and whatever they choose, they want to have what I would call their Christianity. It means strength of character and strength of values and strength in their love, grace, and forgiveness, and strength in their knowledge of the word of God, their belief, prayer, and desire to live a great life, be awesome husbands and dads themselves and carry this on into the next generations. I can’t think of a greater goal that I could have in life.

Christianity means strength of character and strength of values and strength in their love, grace and forgiveness, knowledge of the word of God, belief in prayer and desire to live a great life. Share on X

This has been amazing, and I will give you the last word. Anything else you want to share with our readers? Maybe some of our readers might be a little lost. They may not know what you know or what I know in terms of the bigger picture of life. They know a little about network marketing, and maybe they are even successful in it, but they are still looking for that missing thing they need. You and I know what that is. How can they be helped? How can they find the resources and help they may be seeking in the bigger picture of the entire day of their life, not in their business?

It’s a humbling and difficult thing to admit when you have major failings, addictions, or problems. You know you need help. You need to go to somebody, but to be honest with them about that, you feel like, “How could I do that? I won’t be cool. I won’t be great. They will look down on me.” I’m going to tell you now there are Christians living around you, wherever you are. In some places, you may only find them online, but they will be live online and in many places, certainly in the West.

They are down the road and will not think less of you in any way. Instead, they will be humbled that you gave them a chance to share with them about God’s love for you and his ability to transform your life. They will be honored to be able to be your friend and to be a part of your journey to turning your life around and finding out what God’s wonderful dream is for you.

You do have to make the call. You do have to walk into the building. One of my dads, and I had many, was a horrible guy. He was a terrible abuser and an alcoholic. His life was a wreck. One day in a little farm town in California, he was walking down the road, and he thought that it was pretty much over for me. He was in his 60s, and he heard singing coming from a building. It was a little church building. He walked in and went straight to the front, fell down on his knees, started crying, and gave his life to the Lord. How humiliating for a guy who was a construction worker so strong and tough and owned a home and everything, but he knew he was at the end of his rope and needed to give up and give his life to God.

Years later, he wrote to me as a Christian about how his life had been transformed. I went to visit him. I went to church with him. He had become a leader in the church. He had a strong marriage, and he gave me a big hug when I was leaving his home and said, “I have always thought of you as my son. I wish you would think of me as your dad.” He gave me a big hug, and I went away with tears streaming down my face. When I thought of the transforming power of Jesus, no one was beyond the reach of the love of Christ.

When you think about the transforming power of Jesus, no one is beyond the reach of the love of Christ. Share on X

That’s a great place to finish, my friend. Thank you so much. The King’s Kid, Garth Wright. Get the book. Healing, transformational, and work. Thank you so much, Garth, for your continued success, leadership, and what you are doing for humanity.

Thank you for the honor of being on your show.

Thank you so much.


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LNC Garth Wright | The King's KidGarth Wright was born and raised on the West Coast of the USA and gave his life to Christ at age 21 while serving in the United States Army. He has traveled as a business trainer and for evangelistic and church revival ministry to over 65 countries around the world. He preaches at his local church, leads the drama ministry and with his wife teaches Sunday School. He frequently leads ministry teams to other countries, especially to help orphans and the homeless. He and his wife have three sons.