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What are you hoping to achieve in life? Are you proud of how far you’ve come? In this episode, our guest, Lori Carlevaris, shares her transformative journey in network marketing. Working as a bus driver and being a single mom at the same time, she knew she needed to make a drastic change for the better. So, she ventured into networking marketing with the help of coaches and has indeed come a long way living the life in Utopia. It’s the perfect time to stay tuned and find out the different strategies to succeed in your business and pique your interest in network marketing!

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From School Bus Driver to Utopia with Lori Carlevaris

It is my privilege to interview an old friend, not old in age, old in how many years. We have known each other because we met in kindergarten. She now lives in Utopia and I am not exaggerating. Look on a map there in Barrie, Ontario, is a small town called Utopia. She and my good friend Gino, her wonderful husbands live in Utopia. How are things in Utopia now? Do you have any snow?

We lost all our snow and I’m looking outside. It’s all snow-covered and I’m surrounded by evergreen trees that are all snow-covered as beautiful.

Lori, I know your story, but our listeners don’t. When did you get into this industry?

I was doing the math on that. Knowing this, talking to you now, it was in 1994. I answered an ad for them at a direct sales company, which was UndercoverWear. That was lingerie doing home parties and I was there for a couple of years. I knew nothing about the industry. I answered an ad. It was a work from home, make your own money, we did newspaper aspect then and I was honestly looking to make a few hundred dollars.

I didn’t know the potential of the business. That was my very first one and even a bit of my story. I answered an ad when I was with my first husband for a network marketing company. I went to this meeting and I saw normal people like me, that was had a successful business. I was going out every night, slugging lingerie, setting it up, bringing it home, washing it, doing all that. I’m like, “This seems like a better way.” That was my first exposure to network marketing, which was in 1996.

I joined a company. I was with that company for 22 years. I didn’t know the power of network marketing. I was a single mom and a school bus driver. I had great coaches and a desire to change. That was it. I was very humbled in that company. I went on and I ended up in The Million Dollar Club, which was amazing. I retired.

A couple of years ago, I sold my business, which for those people looking at network marketing that solidifies it, it’s an actual business. Somebody paid for my business. We went on and we were going to invest in properties and do that thing. I was going through some losses at the time, my sister and Gino’s sister, which we did lose. They’re both too young.

It was that a-ha moment that I said to you earlier, you’re either green and growing or brown and dying and I felt like I was brown and dying, and I miss the industry, community of everything, and then COVID-19 and pandemic hits. I had to learn a whole new way because I had never built anything on social media. That’s a little bit about my story.

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Thank God for technology.

I’m still a work of learning and in working progress but I’m doing okay.

I know you’ve read the book that your old friend Foster Owusu and I wrote called, Leave Nothing to Chance. I think there’s a chapter or two in there that got you excited.

Many chapters but I wrote down a couple because my life has changed, what I do now has changed and this struck with me. Chapter three, principle three and it was on instilling the right mindset. Even though when I started, I remember listening to cassettes back there and like putting stuff into your mind. I’ve invested in myself and been taking some mindset courses with Bob Proctor. It honestly transformed my life because the mindset is important.

There’s so much stuff out there right now, many books, podcasts, training, some are free, some we pay for. We all have all this knowledge but why aren’t we doing it? For myself, I was at a plateau for a year and I dug into the mind because even though it sounds woo-woo to some people, it works. I wrote this down because I remember growing up. Do you remember field filing cabinets? I had a picture of a brain. It was half a brain here and half a brain here. The one side was the kids and I drilled it in with them. On one side was the thinker and one was the prover.

The thinker thinks and the prover proves. Be careful what the thinker thinks because the prover has to prove what the thinker thinks and that stuck with me. When I started getting back into mindset, it’s like, we can learn all we want. Energy is science. Everything is energy, depending on what we’re throwing out to the world and the vibes that we’re throwing out.

That chapter is sometimes not regarded as important but it is because it’s what you think about and then what is what you feel? What you feel is the actions that take place and they’ll create the results. If you’re thinking things like money doesn’t grow on trees, all those things that we grew up with or this isn’t working for me. When we say those things to our self, we’re getting more of it. Mindset is probably number one for me. I’m glad you put that in there.

What was the other chapter?

It was on balance. It was number four and the exact one it was called create balance. It’s the key to staying on track. The reason I wanted to talk about that is because I’ve learned from mistakes. A lot of times, you can get into the business, especially right now with technology. You were on the phone, Messenger, Zoom all the time.

LNC 54 | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: The thinker thinks and the prover proves. So be careful what the thinker thinks because the prover has to prove what the thinker thinks.


I have learned the hard way where sometimes your business was taking over everything. When that happens, you burn out, are not happy, people around you and relationships aren’t happy. A few mentors that I’m following, I did what they started to do. I’m going to teach that, especially moving towards 2022, is block times and block your calendar.

The things that come first are your own stuff, faith, personal stuff, exercise, meditation, journaling, husband’s birthday, your birthday, events, and then put in your business, but make sure that your daily methods of operation are in there and nothing else in that hour or that twenty minutes. The answer to that is balanced and time block but don’t let your business be your life. That’s why I want to talk about that because I probably lost relationships quicker in my past, not now.

I know self-development is very important to you now. I know it’s almost been for that matter. Somebody shows up at your door and says, “Lori, Gino, we’re going to take you guys to a deserted island, plenty of food, water, sustenance, but you’re limited on what you can bring.” You can only bring three books with you. What would those three books?

I wouldn’t have said this years ago, but now the Bible. Even more so now, with everything that’s happened in this world, I think it’s bringing faith even closer to people. That was one. One thing I do every day that I would want to bring if I was on a deserted island is a journal. Hopefully, we have a pen on the island, but I do believe in journaling a gratitude journal because you have to find for me personally I think it’s proven for good health, that the more you can find to be grateful for.

Even if you’re on a deserted island, it sounds fun right now but if you were there forever, let’s be honest, a gratitude journal and a pen. Third, a mindset book. Even though it’s old, I think it comes out in the early 2000s. The Secret, that impacted me a lot for learning how to overcome things and get your mind in the right place is that if you were on a desert island, I think your mind would have to be in the right place.

It’s funny that you say that about the journal because my prior interview was with Dan Catto. He is another legend in the industry but in 30 plus years. I was telling him a story about the only time I ever had time to spend with Jim Rohn. It was down here in Dallas several years ago now. Jim, myself and the owner of the company I was doing some work for at that time. Charlie Ragus, who’s since passed away and Ron Reynolds, who had been the co-writer of the Seasons of Life with Jim.

We went to lunch in a nice place, “Jim, lunch was over.” Jim pulled out a cigar, lit it up, looked at me and the two other guys. He said, “It’s not too late for you, young man.” I knew exactly what he meant because we had sat around, had talked, had a lovely lunch and we talked about a million different things from politics to religion to sports, you name it.

I’m not exaggerating but I’m not a fast runner, but you would have thought I was Carl Lewis or Ben Johnson because I hightailed it to my car. I got my journal and I brought it back. I knew exactly what Jim was saying. He made a great point. He said, “It may not be anything that I say, these two guys say, or you say as the waiter may say something that’s so significant that you go, ‘Wait a minute, let me capture that.’”

It’s great that you would bring a journal with you and continue with your thoughts, which makes it the greatest book of all. Besides the Bible, the greatest book of all for any of us is the book that we write about our lives. We are constantly evolving in life. Let me ask you this. What was the first book that got your attention that a-ha moments as far as self-developing? Do you remember what it was?

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I’m doing training on it before 2022, Think and Grow Rich. Success leaves clues and when he interviewed 500 of the top people many years ago. The whole thing in the book was read it and you’ll find the secret. Sometimes we’re looking for a strategy, the right words, script, thing to do. It’s a burning desire and knowing what you want. I have these circled here because we’re coming up to 2022.

In the book, it talks about six ways and that’s knowing what you want, being specific and what are you going to give back? Like I said, “Success leaves clues and 500 of the top men and women did and thought the same way. It has to make sense.” That was my first and I still use it. In fact, I’m going to do a Facebook live on this book in the upcoming.

When you go back into the archives but anybody else goes back into the archives on our show. There was an interview I did, I want to say it was maybe in June or July of 2021, but you can find it with Ben Gay III. He was at the time 27 years old. He was the president of a huge network marketing company at that time. I’m having a senior moment. I forget the names of some of these companies, but Ben is a legend in the direct selling industry. He’s written a lot of books, including The Closers.

I asked Ben an interesting question and feel free to use this with your team when you do this training. For two years, he was mentored by Dr. Hill. His company hired Dr. Hill as his mentor. Could you imagine that? What a nice company, Napoleon Hill as their mentor. Dr. Hill was probably about 80 years old at the time.

I say that there were three things only that Hill taught you. What would they be? Integrity is number one in all things. When the camera’s rolling and not rolling, focus at all times and take action to amaze. I’ll tell you how strongly I felt, you can’t see my computer, but I still have a little yellow sticky note. That’s sitting right here on my computer, integrity, focus and action.

Let’s talk a little bit about the business itself. I know you’ve been doing this long time very successfully. You’ve been successful in every company you’ve been in and you’re having tremendous success in the company you’re in now. What’s the best way to get a new person started so that they see results and profit? They get that belief that, “This thing could work for me. If they’re married, of course, for Bob and me or for Sue and me.” This thing could work. What’s your best way to do that?

We were also talking about that on training, “What can we do differently?” I’m of the firm belief is because people start in different ways but I think if they can start fast, getting a return on income right away, one thing important that come out on a recent training is that be truthful with people. Don’t overinflate. This doesn’t happen overnight. It does for a select few.

If you were to go somewhere else tomorrow, you could probably do it again tomorrow but for the masses, be truthful that this is a business, that this is going to take some time. You’re going to get some haters, especially on Facebook or TikTok. Give them the proper expectation but if you can get their return on investment fast.

Most companies right now, I know ours does and I’m assuming most companies do, especially with technology, most companies have some form of a system and they have Facebook groups. There are steps 1, 2 and 3. Now the world has changed. I had to pivot. I’m still pivoting and learning, but now it’s about curiosity marketing. Now it’s about attracting people to you, branding yourself and being that.

LNC 54 | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: Sometimes your business is taking over everything. And when that happens, you burn out. When that happens, you’re not happy. So, as a result, your relationships aren’t happy.


If you were to go now to another company, they’re going to follow John, not the company. It’s following a system, which is all about tools. It gives you an indication too. I know someone might talk to people. They were the ones that went in and clicked, done. Steps 1 and 2 are done, whereas some others won’t. That also gives you, as their leader, an indication of who’s ready and coachable.

The bottom line is they’ve got to get out of the gate going through Facebook and TikTok. It’s like the old ways of getting a list going but now it’s on social media. Everything right now is all about attraction marketing. Attracting people to you and teaching them not to be Spammy Pammy on there, but providing value, entertainment, showing who you are. I know when I watch you, I know that you work out and dive in cold water. I get the shivers watching you, but it’s attracting people to you and you’re building your own brand.

It’s the same thing with you. When I look at your social media, I see you’re walking your dog in the woods. I thought, “I’m living now in a place where it doesn’t snow.” When it does snow here, it’s a big problem. We did have that in 2020 in Dallas. I look and I’m amazed. It gives me this nice, warm feeling about days that I’ve spent living in Canada, walking in the woods with my kids when they were younger.

Let’s somebody see, “To be successful network marketing, this person’s no different than I am. They put their pants and get up the same way.” People see your life as opposed to this almost fake life that, “If you’re successful, you’re different.” No, you’re not. You’re as screwed up as the rest of us. I love what you’re doing with social media.

Let me segue a little bit on that question. How do you get somebody? Not necessarily to profit because profit in different companies is different numbers. How do you get them so that they get that first thing where they start to beat their chest and they say, “I can do what Lori was doing.” How do you get them that first 48 hours, 72 hours, a week or whatever the business? They go, “She told me to do this. I did this with Sally and Sally became a customer.” How do you do that?

Let me preface one thing before I answer that, which I forgot to say is finding out their why. I think it is important when somebody starts finding out their why because somebody’s why might honestly be $200 a month and somebody why might be leaving their job. That’s very different, but right away, the power of groups now like chat groups, whether you have it in WhatsApp, for us, we use Messenger, but helping them get that first customer, what to say to your sometimes friends or family? Sometimes people don’t want to talk to friends and family.

It’s on social media, but getting them that first paycheck to say, “I can do it.” What I’ve seen, I think even now, more through the power of social media is the recognition is so powerful. Even when somebody gets their very first customer, it’s right in our group, “Let’s everybody congratulate, Susie Q. She got her very first customers.” We’re like, “Way to go.” That goes so far because recognition is powerful.

Recognition people don’t get enough of and all of a sudden, they get that first check, especially if they picked up some bonuses, which most companies have now. All of a sudden, they’ve got a $200, $300 or $500 check. It’s like, “I can do this.” It’s building that belief in them, “I can do this.” I will never forget where I came from and I didn’t finish high school. I had no knowledge of this and when somebody believed in me more than I did myself, it changed the trajectory of my life. That’s a very big strong passion for me is helping people’s inner and their belief in them getting some money right away and then they think, “Maybe I can do this.”

Somebody asked me a couple most of I do, “What do you do for a living?” I said, “I grow human beings.” They’re like, “What do you mean you grow human beings? Are you a mad scientist?” I go, “No, I help human beings to grow themselves. I gave them the tools to do that.” It happens to be around a company or a product, but it’s that growth. What you’re describing here is that they all of a sudden say, “I could do what Lori, John, Bob or Mary’s doing.”

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They start to grow as human beings. They start to read the books maybe and get exposed to the next step. Let me ask you this. I don’t think we need to tell anybody who is reading what’s happened the last couple of years. They’re only too well aware of it. How important to have both tools and technology become for you and building your current business?

Tools, for one thing, are you need to be able to duplicate what you do. You’ve been with your company for several years, you know that company and product but if you were to stand up, talk about it and rhyme everything off like that, what they do is they look at you and say, “I could never do that.” Whenever you’re talking to somebody about the product, but most importantly, the business using those tools, even though you can say it, send them the video and PDF, put them on a three-way call with your upline because they need to know that, “I can do that too.”

I think most companies now are probably a struggle, but they’ve been forced because of what’s happened globally. They’ve been forced for everything to be online. They’ve produced the videos, calls and Zoom. Here we are right now. How else would we do it? I’m in Canada. You have a lot more freedom than we have. I don’t see human beings other than going to the grocery store and I don’t see a lot of people. Without this technology and the tools, I’d be in trouble.

Zoom came along at the right time. I wish I had been an investor in there. I missed that one. Technology-wise, Zoom and all of these things, you’re using technology well to communicate. I noticed some of the things that you’re doing online. Talk about that for a minute. Just like somebody says, “I joined XYZ multilevel.” I got 1,000 Facebook friends and I got 500 Instagram followers. I got whatever because I was an athlete, entertainer, wrote a book or I don’t want people. They are social animals. What’s one of the best things they could do to start to get to those people without beating them over the head that you got to join my business?

It’s about branding yourself. If you’re on Facebook, TikTok, Reels and stuff, they’re all the thing right now. I’m hiring my grandkids to teach me this because they are like, “If you’re not on that, all the gurus say you’re missing the boat.” That I’ll be learning, what I’ve done up until now has still served me. It’s about being you, real and authentic.

It’s about having a daily method of operation, which in short form, we called DMO and you’ve got to be consistent. That’s the number one thing you’ve got to be consistent. I’ll go on there probably three times a day. I try and do more lives. I’m comfortable with lives right now. The very first time, honestly, I thought I was going to be sick. You’re going to push the wrong button. That’s the one thing I’m comfortable with now.

Getting it in there, but it’s not about your product. That can be about 20%, but it’s about providing value. I have three pillars and one is empowering women. That’s a big thing for me. The second is health, wellness and prevention because that’s the category I’m in. The other is family, motherhood, nana and lifestyle. From those three, when I look at that, if I want to do a poster alive, I can look at one of those. Each one of them has arrows off, for instance, health and wellness. I could go onto Google, exercise, tips, recipes, supplements, nutrition, knowledge and mental health.

I have all those spikes around that. I know that whatever, one of those things, that’s who I’m trying to attract to me. Being consistent, not being all over the map. The one thing I learned that I didn’t know and it was hard for me to do is they call it an avatar, which is your dream customer or your dream business partner. Before, we were like, “I’ll take anybody.”

I’m trying to advertise to everybody or market to everybody. They said, “No.” All the top people that I’ve watched said, “Write out your avatar, the age women, man, both married or dogs.” Rate him, her or both out. Every time you’re talking, you’re talking to that one person because you want to attract your tribe, not little bits. I’ve been doing more of that, even dogs.

LNC 54 | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: Joining a business is all about branding yourself. It’s about being real. It’s about being authentic and you’ve need to be consistent.


My dogs are one beside me, one on under me. I’m in dog groups and a lot of my pictures are dogs. You attract dog lovers and that conversation can come to your business. Here’s one thing not to do, especially if you’re starting. I’ve had people do it to me and I’m sure you have. They friend you and it’s not even a hello. It’s just, “Here’s my link.” I’m like, “I don’t even know you.”

I’m open if somebody said and they do. I respect this. They might call you up, message you and say, “Lori, I’ve been following your page. I love your style. I don’t know if you’re open or not, but are you open to taking a look at what I do or are you open to taking a look at my product?” I’m okay with that because they’ve said hello and they’ve looked at who I am. They haven’t sent the link off. There are some companies that are teaching people to do that. They’re losing all their followers and their friends.

I love that about the avatar. I haven’t heard that before, but I’m going to put that one in my notes, too, because this has been a day of learning for me. I have interviewed you now and I’m learning some stuff from you. I’ve interviewed Dan Catto now. I’ve learned some stuff from Dan and I did a call with Randy Gage. Between the three of you guys, I have lots of notes. I hate these backdrops because it’s great at advertisers to show, but I can’t ever show anything. It’s like seeing a blank pad. These are my notes for now. Those are three pages of notes interviewing all you great guys.

Let me ask you this, our industry, you’ve been in it a long time like I have. There’s a lot of people that don’t understand and are jealous of what we do. They hear you get to work from home in Utopia and I get to work from home here in Dallas, “You guys get to work from home.” It’s almost a little resentment sometimes because they don’t understand what we do.

Let’s take a hypothetical person. A neighbor there in Utopia and doesn’t know you. I know you guys are fairly new to the neighborhood, but they observed, they go, “Lori is home, working from home all the time.” They hear from another neighbor that, “She’s one of those network marketing things and she makes money working from home.” Maybe it’s one of those people who had been down on our industry because they didn’t know anything about it. They thought they did, but they had judgments like a lot of people did.

Maybe it’s the guy about my age, and he’s got a son about, let’s say, 25. His son is a good kid, went to school, got good grades, did everything right. All of a sudden, he started his business career, got his degree from wherever, and all of a sudden, we know what happened. He was the last man on the totem pole. Wherever he went to work, they had to let him go. He’s been living on mom and dad’s couch or spare bedroom that he doesn’t want to be at, but circumstances put him there.

Dad and the son say, “Let’s go over and knock on the door. Maybe this Lori is a nice lady. Maybe she’ll talk to us about this industry.” Should they do that? Knock on the door. You greet them, introduce yourself. They introduce themselves and they say, “We want to pick your brain. Why should we get in your industry?” Answer it this way, if you would. Why should the 25-year-old look and why should the 60-year-old look?

I think right now, in all of the history time, it’s the best time for network marketing. For obvious reasons of what’s happening and people are leaving their jobs. For me, how I do it is that I look at myself being a solution provider. It’s like, “You don’t go and buy Tylenol because you want Tylenol. You want a fix for your headache and fever.” The same thing.

For everybody, I am looking for their pain points and I can find the solution. I would be sitting down with them and you’ve told me their pain points. I would be like, “How did that make you feel?” I would ask questions and even dig a little bit deeper because sometimes we say, “What would you want?” That might be in our industry. People come up with figures like $5,000, $10,000 or $2,000 a month.

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Especially with my mindset, the work that I’ve been doing is getting deeper with those people and getting them to visualize what this can do for them because what this is all about is falling in love with the product, taking and sharing the product and teaching people to do the same thing. If you can paint a picture for that son and that father, especially that they can feel all those dreams and dig deep with them. How would that person feel? They’ve had four years at university. They’ve done that and they got nothing. They’re on the bottom of the totem pole.

If you can paint the picture of what’s possible and you’re providing that solution for them, they start to see it in a different way because there are naysayers and haters. I will be honest with you, John, especially since TikTok and Reels, they’re coming out all over the place. That’s why some of the gurus are saying the bottom line is, “Somebody more successful does not have the time, energy or need to put somebody else down.”

They’re the ones that you want to be around because they’re picking people up. An answer to that is finding their pain points, which if they told you about. Telling them what the industry is. I would never get into the whole comp plan stuff unless they were a comp plan person. That’s different, but these people don’t know about it. It’s just sharing the products.

Here’s the thing and letting them understand like some people think it’s that pyramid. I don’t ever get into arguments about that with anybody, but letting them know that the best part of this business is in the corporate world, which I’ve been at two for a couple of years. The other world is there is only one CEO, president, vice president and it does go down to the word here. They pay people like you and me and we make money.

I don’t make money by recruiting somebody. You might get a bonus, but that’s gone tomorrow. We make money by building people up, helping them reach their goals and creating a team. Even if you’re brand new, you have coaches above you. They can see that this is something I can do too. Be the solution to their problem. Not the generic problem. They’re a problem.

That right there is golden because you’re right. What’s their problem? We can’t solve the world’s problems, Canada, the US or the economy’s problems. All we can do is work with them. They may need to make an extra, “I need to make $500 a month because I got to pay my car payment that I was paying for my second job. I lost my second job because the restaurant I worked in part-time was closed because of shutdowns or whatever the circumstance is.” Meet them where they are is what you’re saying. What’s exactly the perfect advice.

I’ve seen people where somebody in that example wants to make $500, but they’re talking to them about making $10,000 a month. That person doesn’t see that. Maybe they will next year or next month but right now, they need to make $500 a month to put food on the table. In most companies, you can show them how to do that without recruiting even if they’ve got a good customer.

Growth is incremental and sometimes you talk to somebody about making a lot of money. You turn them off or you intimidate them. They think, “A reasonably intelligent person knows to make a lot of money. I got to spend a lot of time.” I don’t have a lot of time. I’ve got four hours Monday to Friday and I got eight hours on the weekend. What can I do with that? We’ve talked to them about pie in the sky, instead of talking to me about what to your point. You said it beautifully. You’re fitting in the round peg in the round hole and saying, “How do I help you 60 or 25-year-old guy? We’ll figure it out the other stuff as we go.”

Sometimes even introducing them to somebody, if they’re wanting to make money, let’s say in my company, for instance, if there was that former teacher and they’re a teacher, I would introduce them. I may not be the one that they’re relating to my story as a single mom and school bus driver they might want. It might be that doctor that needs to speak to that doctor or the lawyer that’s had some success. Sometimes introducing people that have had success and that is the same as them is very helpful. Every company has every walk of life in network marketing. That’s the beautiful thing about network marketing. It’s for everybody.

LNC 54 | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: This is just falling in love with the product, taking the product, and you know, sharing the product and teaching people to do the same thing.


Lori, this has been a privilege and I got to do my little ad here. You’re in one of the books I wrote. You’re in Moving Up: 2020 and Beyond. She is one of the featured in there. That was 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition, Moving Up: 2020 and Beyond and available on Amazon, English, Spanish and digital. Our new book, which we’ve talked about now, Leave Nothing To Chance, the same thing on Amazon and is available in both.

Lori, here we are in 2022. May I see that we’re here? I was saying to somebody, “I should remember when the clocks were going to change at 2000.” We were all scared to death. What was going to happen in 2022? Just your last words of advice as we close here for people, whether they’re new in the industry, whether a lot of our listeners are long-term in industry and they’re all trying to improve. How can they improve the best in 2022? How can they have the best year ever?

Tell yourself you’re going to have the best year ever. Believe it and feel it. I said, “We’ve all got all the tools and training.” I do believe in personal development. First of all, I’m very humbled to be on here, from somebody like yourself to have me on here. Thank you. Personal development is key. Always be learning. I think you taught me that before, whether it’s the books or podcasts. The biggest thing you can invest in is yourself. Not everybody can go and do a $10,000 course, but everybody can do a podcast, buy a book and can do that.

I have that quantum leap in 2022. Make the decision. This sounds airy-fairy but gets your affirmations out, “What is it? I am worthy, abundant, prosperity.” Get those affirmations and write down what you want like in Think and Grow Rich. Be clear about what you want. Why do you want it? How is it going to impact your life? How is it going to change those people around you? How many people are you going to serve in the meantime doing this?

Make the decision that this is it because, honestly, everybody said it. There is no better time in network marketing than now. People are flooding this industry for obvious reasons. COVID-19 has taught people many things. It’s taught them that if they’ve been out of place in their life that they don’t want to be anymore. They’re not going back. They’re looking at people like us now and that’s exciting.

Lori, this has been a privilege and, once again, continue to make success. I’m proud of you from the years when we met when you were raising your kids. They were little and now the kids are probably older than they were when I met you. You were still driving a bus, I think part-time and where you are now. I’m proud of you but more than that, you’re helping a lot of people. That’s the real message of everything we do in this industry are said to pass it on to that next person, leader and generation. Thank you again for being you.

Thank you very much and I love the title of your book. Thank you.

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About Lori Carlevaris

Let me start with a story. As a young woman many years ago, I started a family at a young age. I always knew I had a bigger purpose in life. First and very important for me at that time was to be able to stay at home with my children and also have my own independence! That’s when I found entrepreneurship and I have never looked back.

My passion and goal in the beginning (35 years ago) were very different then they are now. I have a deep passion for helping others create success in both personal development, physical health and financial stability via entrepreneurship and e commerce. The Global economy has changed dramatically this past year and I am more passionate now then I have ever been.