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Above everything else, network marketing is all about connecting with other people and giving them the opportunity to succeed in life. As John Solleder’s guest so eloquently phrases, “Fill the pockets of your people and your pocket will be filled twice.” This ability to help people in such a powerful way and experience something great in return is what Rolando Rivera Moreno finds very attractive about network marketing. It’s something that wouldn’t be possible if he had stayed contented with his medical practice in Mexico and not don the robes of an international distributor. Listen in and let Rolando’s story inspire you to claim that success that is waiting for you to act upon, wherever you are in the world.

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From Doctor To Distributor

Rolando Rivera Moreno

It is my pleasure to introduce a very good friend of mine, somebody who I’ve watched growing a successful business, having a lot of fun doing it, traveling the world and inspiring people. That is my good friend, Rolando Rivera. Rolando, how are you?

I’m very glad to be here and I’m excited because it’s an honor being with you in your show.

Thank you for being here. Why don’t we start at the top? Before you got involved in the network marketing industry, what did you do for a living?

I used to be an advertising person. I studied in the university for advertising. I worked in television in Mexico for many years. I studied alternative medicine, biology medicine. I worked for many years in Chinese medicine and all of this natural way of medicine.

I know you’re a big reader. You have a vast library in your office. In my new book, Leave Nothing to Chance, you’re one of the featured stories. In that book, is there a favorite principle in the fifteen principles that stands out to you that you want to talk about?

I cannot talk about one principle because it’s very powerful. Each principle is going to switch one to the other. The number eight, what are the seed, is one of my favorites because it’s the meaning of life. I think if we take care of that principle, of that way of life, of living to take care of the people, not only the friendship, the brain, the loyalty, is going to be a big friend, a big business and big everything. The principle seven, the domino effect, I love it. Something special for me was reading principle nine, give love, because I don’t remember the people in business talk about love, talking about being a good person, give love, give your heart to the people in making business. That’s why this principle, what are the seed and give love are my favorites.

Money is just a piece of paper if you don’t use it for good purposes. Share on X

You’re somebody that I admire. We’ve known each other a few years, and I know whenever we’re together, we have a very great conversation about ideas, strategies, and books. I remember us being together in Paris, you were interviewing me at that time. We just got back from a trip together, but I know you’re a fan of self-development. Somewhere in your life, probably early on, there was probably a singular book that you found, it was given to you, you tripped across it in the library or something. What would have been that first book that inspired you?

I have already read a lot of books, but many years ago, one friend gave me Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne Dyer. That was very important for my life. Maybe it was the way my life changed. Your Erroneous Zones is when I woke up of my errors, my mistakes of living, of taking life. That was maybe one of the important books in my life. After that, The Science of Getting Rich. My brain blew when I read that book.

If you were stuck on a deserted island tomorrow, hopefully where it’s nice and warm, and they said, “Rolando, you can bring three books with you.” Dr. Dyer’s book would be one. The Science of Getting Rich would be one. What would be the third one?

The third one would be the Bible. I am not a religious person, but I believe the Bible is the more wise book in every sense. In the faith, but even the science way of living. It’s amazing. I believe that the three books are my salvation in that place.

If I show up at your house and I come in and say, “Rolando, what are you reading?” What are you reading now?

I’m having a lot of fun with one book that’s called Happy Money. It’s about the amazing Japanese philosophy about money. The way we see the money, the personality of the money, the heat of the money. There’s a special way of treating the money in your life and how the money treats you. It’s that relationship. It’s amazing. You can heal your relation with money and become a better friend, a better partner of the money in your life like your best friend. It’s not for ego, it’s not for an ambitious way of thinking. It’s the way that the energy of the money can change people’s life and become a better world. It’s amazing how money is not the search of everything. It’s only an energy that makes a better life for everything. That’s the book I’m reading right now, Happy Money. I’m very excited because I’m learning a lot. It’s a workshop I take with this author, and I’m going to show to the team those principles.

LNC 16 | Connecting People

Connecting People: The best thing you can do to achieve success is by connecting people and helping them earn a better living.


You’re absolutely right. The energy of money, you use it for good purposes, otherwise it’s just paper. It’s no different than a piece of paper you throw out the window. I’ve got to read that. You’re about our 9th or 10th interview, and you’re the second person who’s mentioned that book. When I hear something twice, I know it’s got to be on my list. I’ve got to get it on Amazon and get ahold of it. That was great.

Maybe a spiritual way of seeing the money is not the paper. It’s a way to make a better person, to change your world and the people around you. I’m blessed with people with the knowledge because it’s very simple. When you change that view, money starts to come into your life.

Let’s switch gears a little bit. Let’s talk about multilevel marketing or network marketing. You are building a successful business with the company that you’re with. Let me give you a little context. What I’m seeing and hearing with many interviews too is there seems to be two very distinct groups of individuals and couples now that are looking at network marketing that prior maybe to COVID warrant. Here are the two groups, the first group is people in my age group. Let’s say there are anywhere between maybe 45 and 50 up to 75 to 80 years old. Perhaps they owned a business that was successful, and now because of COVID, that business is no longer going to exist, or it’s going to be watered down and their income is not going to be the same. That same group also has people who’ve been long-term employees, people who worked for other people. They had nice careers going and they were looking forward to retirement, then all of a sudden all this stuff happened. They may not have a job to go back to, or if they do, it’s probably even less income. Let’s call that one group. That’s the older group, the guys with the gray hair.

The other group are the young ones. The young people who are, let’s say 25-ish, give or take, young or older. They’ve got all of these skills that they grew up with iPhones, with computers, and with technology. In many cases, they’re well educated. Maybe they have even graduated college, but all of a sudden COVID happens. No work, nobody’s hiring them, nobody’s even interviewing them and they’re saying, “What am I going to do?” Maybe they’re still back at their parents’ house now. Maybe they went away to school, they came back. They’re living in mom and dad’s extra room. They’re frustrated as just mom and dad probably. We’ve got these two groups. Let’s say, there’s a knock on your door, and here comes a 60-year-old guy and a 25-year-old guy. They say, “Rolando, how do you get me started so I have the same type of success that you’re having in your business. What are the main things I need to do to achieve success like you’re achieving?”

For me right now, it’s simple. It’s connecting people, interconnection as I call it. The people are already looking for something. At this moment especially, the people are looking how to make a better living, earn money. They are desperate. There are markets that people need something, and there is a market that already offers a solution. When I get in touch with people, when I talk to people, it doesn’t matter the age because it’s the same way in the industry. If we are in the health business, we can offer a solution, but the market is already done. Now, people are looking for a better lifestyle. When they asked me, “How can I make what you’re doing?” I only say, “It’s very simple. We only have to answer their needs.” The people need something. Right now, they need money and need health.

At this moment, the world needs health and money. I have the solution for both and those necessities. When they asked me how, it’s simple. You have to listen to what the necessities are and ask a question. Are you looking for something on how to solve your problem? If it’s money and you’re looking for a way to earn extra money, the people are always going to answer yes. At that moment, my technique is, “I have information. I have a video. I can share it with you. If you take a look, we can talk about it.” Send the video. It’s a funnel. The people can see the 3 or 4-minute video that explains the industry, not exactly the business. The world is changing. It’s interesting how money is working right now.

What makes network marketing special is that you become part of another family and those people, in turn, become part of your family. Share on X

The physical money is disappearing. It’s almost gone and the digital money is growing. If you understand the money, it moves from one place to another. I’ll say, “Take a look at this video. If you are interested, we’ll talk about it.” It’s very simple, three steps. Listen, find a necessity, ask. If the people want a solution or money, I send a video and make an appointment so we can talk. It doesn’t matter if the person is 18, 20, or 80 years old. Their needs are the same, money, health and security. For me, it’s simple. It’s not hard to make my business. Simply put an offer. The people are looking already.

That’s why when I started in network marketing, I didn’t understand it. When my sponsor presented to me the financial plan, I was very confused. I didn’t understand this world. I didn’t understand the way we make money. I asked her to explain it in a simple way. “Tell me how it works simply because I am confused.” She told me, “Tacos in Mexico is the principal food. If you go to a place with good tacos and you love it, you are going to share it with the people you love. You’re going to connect with the people in the restaurant. When you make the connection, you’re already selling. You don’t know, you don’t think about it. You’re just connecting people, but you sell the taco business. The owner is the one that makes money but what happens if that person gives you the commission to send people to eat tacos?”

When she explained that to me, I said, “Uber, Amazon and those big companies have found the simple formula. There are people who are looking for something, who are already selling, so let’s connect them.” When you connect them, they pay some commission, and that’s a huge business. I understand network marketing simplified in this way. This is the way I work. After that, I have to explain the financial plan and train them and everything, but the first step of my presentation is simply this. Everybody knows people, “Tell me something.” I’ll ask them if they’re looking for a solution, make a funnel, send a video and make an appointment. When you make an appointment, everything is done because they are interested in the solution for their problems, and then start right away.

What’s amazing is that’s so simple if people just follow a formula like you laid out. I know we’re not talking about specific companies, but the company you’re in, that’s your first multilevel experience, correct?

Yes. I’ve been in multilevel for maybe 10 or 15 years, but I wasn’t in both. I knew some products I used, but I wasn’t part of a networking team. I just consume and like a physician, I recommend the product. I have a clinic. I work in my business. I recommend the products, so that’s the way I knew multilevel, but it wasn’t the way. When I got in this business years ago, that was hard for me. I was very afraid because I had no job. I have two sons. In that moment, it was a difficult moment because they were in college and I had to pay. My business broke. I can find a job, but I couldn’t even pay the school. I wasn’t thinking about the house or the car, but the school. I was looking for a business. I didn’t believe in network marketing. I didn’t believe that people can have that kind of income. I didn’t believe somebody can make $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 or more. Not in Mexico, not in Latin America, no way. That was hard for me. I was very scared, I was afraid. I had to trust a lot of the people that invited and taught me. I had to trust, start over, and be a good student. Everything that they told me, I had to make it right. I had to do it and do it fast. That’s the beginning.

It’s amazing but it also illustrates a point because that first group of 50, 60, 70 people, you’re about that category that I asked you about. You described how many people are out there now. Years ago, you didn’t have the COVID situation, thank God, that everybody else now has dealt with. There are many people that are going to read our interview around the world, where they’re going to say, “Let me find some guys like Rolando that are smart guys, open-minded and teachable.” What you described there is teachable. You said, “I’m a good student. I’m a smart guy. I’ve got a lot of education in other things, but not in network marketing. Let me trust the process. Let me do what other people have done to help them to succeed. Let me do it.” Of course, you did and you’re doing a tremendous job. That’s a perfect illustration. Let’s talk about something else. I know you have traveled all over the place. You’ve lived in Mexico. Have you lived anywhere else besides Mexico on a long-term basis?

LNC 16 | Connecting People

Connecting People: Network marketing is a high-level business with very small investment. It’s the most intelligent business there is.


When starting the business, when you launch a new team, I try to be there. I’m not living in a place for a long time, but I spent 3, 4, 5 months maybe in one place. I’ve been to the States. I’ve been to Guatemala and Colombia. I’ve been working in these places, and other places, maybe for 3 weeks to 1 month. I then come back to Mexico.

Besides Mexico, besides home, where’s your favorite place in the world that you’ve been?

For business, I love to work with Colombian people. They are crazy for work. They are already working at 6:00 AM and they love it. They are in a hurry. They are explosive people. I’ve been there and it’s amazing. They work with so much passion and I love it. The way that I have to change things in this business in the past few years, I’ve been traveling to more than fifteen countries. I love to travel. Canada is an amazing place, a wonderful place, the way of living. The people are open. The mind of the people is different than in the United States. California is like Mexico, maybe you don’t have to talk in English because most of the people speak in Spanish. It’s nice to be there, but I love many places. I adjust to the place very fast. I get involved with the people. I get involved with the way of living in one place. I would love to try Spain soon to make the business bigger. I would love to try something over there.

It illustrates a point. I was interviewing a friend of mine. You probably heard my interview with Jeff Weisberg. Jeff and I lived and worked in Israel many years ago. We were laughing about it. I think all the places I’ve been, and all the places you’ve been, and all the people I’m interviewing that have been all over the world, maybe you can talk about this a little bit. You start a network marketing business. In your case, you had two kids in college, you had a lot of expenses. You want to give your kids a better chance in life by giving them better education, you started there. Once you figured out the business that, “I can pay for that,” then you got to be a world traveler and live in different places. That’s an incentive that we don’t talk enough about in our business but comment on that if you would. I’m sure you’ve had some remarkable experiences with all the traveling that you’ve done, but the fact that you’ve been able to do it builds your business, grows your business, and have some of the cultural experiences that you’ve had as well. Talk about that a little bit, if you would.

Being in the house of the people, network marketing changed my way of thinking. It’s something special because when you make a good team of friends and work together for a good reason to protect your family, to grow, you make a special relationship. You become part of another family and they become part of your family. That’s something special because the people are always happy to see you. They take you to their house and being there, they offer you everything. This special way of living is not only a business. It’s an extended family. When I travel, I have to be in California in some weeks, and my friends there are excited. Being there, working with them, we have a lot of fun. We learn about each other’s cultures, the way they live. They are Americans, they are nice people, and they want to learn the way we work.

They said Latin people are very kind and familiar. You invite one friend and they come with five, and they are always welcome. This is something nice. When I go to other places, the food, the culture, the way they think, and maybe the religion, it’s interesting for me to get that way of thinking, the way they live. They don’t have to care that I am a foreigner. They feel like I am another person in their community. I learned a lot. I enjoy a lot because it made me a better human being. It’s not the business, but a better human being to understand that people are very similar in a lot of places. They care for the people, they care for the family, they love and give the best way of kindness to somebody they care.

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The family aspect is amazing in network marketing. People do adopt you when you’re in town and take care of you and treat you like you’re one of the family. I’m going to give you the last word and I’ll close the show. Your advice to everybody reading is obviously to get involved in network marketing, and when they do so, what should be the first goal that they should achieve within their business?

When we start a business, we always want to grow fast. We want to be a great leader faster, but I learned something special from the person that taught me, forget about your money, forget about your pocket. Fill the pocket of your people, and your pocket is going to be filled twice. It was hard at that moment because I was broke. To forget about my money was almost impossible. I had problems, I was divorced. I had many money problems. When she told me, “Do you want to grow fast?” I said, “Yes, I am desperate.” She said, “Forget about your money. Think about the money of your team. If they earn money, it doesn’t matter, $100, $200, whatever, when they get money in their hands, they’re going to trust. They’re going to trust the business or the industry, and trust that you didn’t cheat them, you did not fail them. Do that.”

I didn’t know how. I’m not a religious person, but in that moment, God helped and guided me. I can make this with my heart. Once I start to connect with the real needs of the people, not to present an extraordinary business, out of the world, you’re going to be a millionaire. No, it’s only the need. If you need $200, I’m going to show you, I’m going to work with you to make that $200. When they get the money, they trust. There were people that tried. They didn’t believe it was possible and we started to grow together. Once I found the way to make that, I simplified the launch of the business. There are four steps. One is to be part of the team. The second is share the opportunity, share the product through a presentation or invitation. Third, make a team, select the team. Don’t invite people to your team that are not committed to work with you in the right way. Train, learn, and select a team. When you make a team and money, separate part of the money to re-invest. Those are four simple steps. I make and teach those four steps, and the business started to grow.

I was so amazed and grateful because one year, I was having an income of about $4,000, $5,000 each month. My life has changed. I fell in love with this industry. I fell in love with this way of life. It’s amazing the possibility that somebody was broke before. I had no money even to start the business. I didn’t have $500. The way that they taught me to get that money without money was amazing. It was fun. I didn’t have the money, then two days later, I was in the business. In 4 or 5 months, I had an income of about $2,000. The business grew and it was amazing. I fell in love with this industry. I found a mission and purpose in my work. It’s not only my company. It’s very important for me that people should know that there is a way. There is a serious way for the people who are looking. That’s why I say to people, “First, learn to forget the money. Think of your people, your team. If you help them, they’re going to trust your company, the industry and you. Make simple steps and work like crazy.”

I didn’t stop. My mentor told me, “If you give four presentations a day, you’re going to have this result in 5 to 6 months.” I said, “If I make ten presentations a day, I get faster results.” I used to make 10, 15, 20 presentations a day. I was full-time, and that was amazing. For me, it was a miracle. I am a businessman. I used to have another company in a different industry. I never earned that money in five years as the owner of that company. I had a business for ten years. I didn’t make that money because I paid, reinvested, and it resulted in problems. The owners may have money only to survive. The pleasure of having a business is amazing. When I know how it works, network marketing is a high-level business with a small investment, very intelligent. It’s the most intelligent business I had known. I’m so inspired with this business.

You’ve done a wonderful job. You’ve helped a lot of people. You’ve inspired a lot of people. You’ve led a lot of people. You’ve encouraged a lot of people to read. I know that from many of our conversations. I love your philosophy because it’s the philosophy that Mark Hughes had. Mark Hughes was one of my first mentors. He used to say, “It’s more important that your people make money than you make money. If they make money, you can’t help but make money.” It’s everything you just described there from how we’re compensated in a business like this if you help enough other people. Zig Ziglar always said, “If you help enough people get what they want, you’re going to get what you want.” You have the right philosophy. Rolando, I want to thank you and continue the success with what you’re doing. You’re doing a tremendous job.

For everybody reading, our website is LeavingNothingToChance.com and all of these shows, once they are out, are eventually archived there. All of this is based on the book, Leave Nothing to Chance. A lot of the principles that Rolando and our other speakers were speaking about are illustrated in that book that you can get on Amazon. Rolando, my friend, thanks for being on.

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