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To achieve greatness, we must be willing to wear many hats and embrace the challenges that come with them. To achieve success in our personal and professional lives, leadership development, and the direct selling industry, we need to persevere, be dedicated, and have a passion for growth. In this exciting episode, we are joined by Dorothy Akau, who takes us on a journey through the exciting world of direct selling. Dorothy’s enthusiasm and drive are infectious as she shares her experiences in the industry, discusses the obstacles she’s encountered, and explains how she maintains a work-life balance. She talks about how self-improvement has been important for her to become a better leader in her network marketing business and in her personal life. Dorothy explains why network marketing is a great opportunity in 2023 and how people can live life on their own terms through it. Don’t miss this engaging conversation with a true firecracker who’s achieved greatness through hard work and dedication. Tune in now!


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Dorothy Akau: “How A Sweet Firecracker Is Achieving Greatness”

This is going to be a fun interview because I don’t know that I’ve ever interviewed somebody who is as sweet a firecracker as you are. You exude energy. When Dorothy and I first met, Dorothy was a speaker at a convention that I was attending. I immediately said, “I got to interview this lady,” because her energy level is amazing. What she’s doing in her personal business is phenomenal. She’s got an incredible life story. Dorothy, welcome to the show.

Thank you for inviting me.

It’s my privilege. Let’s talk about the direct selling world. How long have you been involved in the industry?

I’ve been involved in direct sales for many years.

You’ve been doing something that a number of people I know in the direct selling world are doing. Not only to make additional income but also to meet people. You’ve been doing Uber for how long?

I’ve been doing Uber and Lyft for a couple of years on and off, but in 2020, I went full-time because I retired from my job on my birthday, the 20th of January 2020.

What did you do before?

I work in procurement. I’m a material coordinator. I work with engineers, planners, welders, fitters, oil-finding construction, and even new construction with clean fuel.

Let’s talk a little bit about single moms. You were a single mom. Kids are grown now.

I have a daughter.

As a single mom, there are some obstacles because, statistically, there are 52% of women in America and Canada are single moms. They’re raising kids, working jobs, managing households, and playing dad as well. They’re running to the volleyball game, concert, or all of those things. You’ve done it successfully. You raised a great daughter. How do they overcome some of those things? How do they manage that time to do all of that different hat-wearing in a day?

A mom never thinks about that. She just does it. She doesn’t have an opportunity to think about that. She’s got this tunnel vision of, “I’ve got to take care of my kid, children, and household. How do I maintain that? I got to deal with these people at work.” The job might not be too cool at times. It might be very stressful. One of the things as a mom is you work so many hours, and you want to be there for your kids, then you’re trying to balance the emotions between your kids saying, “What time are you coming home? Are picking me up today?” You would not believe how many jobs I lost and how many projects I was on and said, “I got to pick up a kid. I got to go.”

There’s only so much that a corporation wants to deal with that. At the end of the day, prayer is a big thing for me. You have to trust a place that you’ve never trusted before. We can go to church. We can do all these things, but part of you becomes this supernatural being that you’re not even realizing. Sometimes you have these serendipity moments and you realize, “How did that happen? Thanks for showing up for me today.” You get better at it. It takes practice.

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Balance is time for you because, at the end of the day, if you are not balanced yourself, I don’t care who’s around, you can’t give the job anything. You can’t give the kids anything sometimes. There are many times that I want to self-destruct. It’s not easy, but at the end of the day, when you look at that kid and grandchildren, and why you’re here and you say, “I’m leaving because I want you to have what I didn’t have,” you’re trying to make sure that your children come up with all the tools they need to be in this chaotic world now is more chaotic than it was in the ‘80s when I had her.

I grew up in a foster home system in the tenth grade, graduated from the foster system, and stayed with coaches and people in my life. They saw me through. It’s a lot. At the end of the day, you got to find this thing that you’re focusing on and what you want in your life. You got to trust this higher power, which is God for me. That’s the only way that I can cope because you’ve got family that could be not so well sometimes. You got friends that don’t have your back sometimes. You got cousins and a job, then who do you have? You got that quiet place that you got to get quiet in, go at it, and find things and reasons to be happy because everybody disappoints you sometimes. That’s what it is.

Whether we call them coaches or, in business, we call them mentors, it is the same thing. It is somebody that says, “I believe more in you maybe than you believe in yourself at this stage of your life or your career.” How important have those coaches or mentors been to you?

They meant everything to me. My high school coaches and principal at my school fed so much into me that they saw this kid wanting to make it in places. I was top ten in my high school. I graduated from Compton High. I played volleyball, basketball, and softball. I was the homecoming queen. I loved being around school, friends, and teachers. Even when I left, I became a high school lifeguard from my school. I came back to talk to people at school. All the kids would come to my classroom. Teachers asked me, “Can you come to talk to the young kids in class?” I shared in my life because I’ve been where they’ve been.

Sometimes you never know where people have been in their life. I have been in a place where I’ve been shot. I grew up in the hardest neighborhoods in the area, been in the foster system, a single parent, you name it. I see what’s going on out there. They always say, “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” At the end of the day, I’m navigating through this sea of life and having these experiences, and now I know what I have. Now I have something to offer other people that might have been there, young adults, children, people who are holding onto trauma, and these things. All of this comes from being a single mom. You learn all this.

I love your strength. You exude it. You’re such a strong person and inspirational to women and men for that matter. It is not only network marketing, but network marketing is a business. Let’s face it. At the end of the day, it’s a microcosm of the macrocosm of our lives, which is what you just described there. It’s great that you continue to inspire and lead people. With all the circumstances you were given early in your life, you could have been a victim. You could have said, “It is everybody else’s fault.”

How did you choose to say, “I’m going to stand up. I’m going to be me. I’m going to be successful not only financially, but I’m going to raise a great kid. I’m going to be a great leader. I’m going to be an inspiration to other young people that follow in my path.” How did you make that decision? Was it a defining moment? I call that a solotharsis moment, where a lightning bolt hit you. Is there something like that, or it wasn’t progressive over time that you developed all of these skillsets to outgrow circumstance?

I can honestly say that we grew up poor when I was a little kid. My mother told us one thing about this superpower God. I’ve been to so many different churches, whether it was Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist, or Jehovah’s Witness. I’ve been there. It is having these examples and stuff like, “There’s something good out here. It’s supposed to be. I don’t know what it is.” When we were little, we didn’t know about a lot of stuff. We had fun playing. We played so much. Part of that was dreaming and making put mud pies and playing on Papa Willie’s in the car and playing Jackson Hopscotch. There’s still a part of me that holds onto that little girl.

It’s the little girl that drives me into wanting this dream of what I’ve dreamt then because then I didn’t have any feelings of, “You can’t have this. You can’t do that. You can’t do this.” There were no adults saying, “You’re not going to be this and you’re not going to do this. You’re bad.” All we did was go play, “Can we go play?” “Come in before the lights go out.” That’s what we did. Even on nights when I didn’t have anything to eat as a child, it is not a problem. We found our neighbors and they wanted to cook and play house. We were like, “I’ll be the kid. Let’s come on over.” These are all these things that you hold on to and you look for the things in life that means something to you.

That’s what you look for. You drive for the dream to be in a beautiful house. My neighbors used to give me two horses to babysit. I learned how to ride these horses. They said, “You can ride these horses if you keep them clean and clean out the stalls.” We talking about twelve years old. I’m riding down the neighborhood on the street with a horse. I didn’t realize until I got older how therapeutic that was for me. I’m listening to Andreas Vollenweider in the tenth grade. Those are little things that I got to hold onto.

I can honestly say that there was a higher consciousness and spirit that was guiding me. Even though I was going through these traumas and things, deep down in my heart, there’s a love that you tap into that you want to hold onto because you know it’s there. It’s shown itself to you. That is the drive that pushes me forward to continue wanting more.

I get my feelings hurt sometimes. Sometimes it might go over my head. I might be a little bit gullible because I allow other people’s selfish reasons to come here. You forget that they’re human too because our expectations say that they’re supposed to be, “You’re supposed to do this way,” but then you forget, “My parents, where did they come from? How were they raised? Maybe they can’t give me something that they don’t have.” I looked at those things. My parents could only give me what they knew and how they were raised.

I found out they were given away as children and they were in foster systems too. I never knew to ask that, but it came on as time. You have to create the vision and the dream that you want for yourself. Where I’m at, it’s sunny. Somewhere else, there’s a flood knocking down somebody’s house. That is their reality. My reality is right here. I can’t look at all these other realities that don’t fit how I want to feel. You got to go out there and make your reality yours. I’m the creator of my own reality. How I feel is in here. No one else can take that from me. You have to be able to identify. When someone’s giving you a gift of fear, anger, worry, and shame, you got to look at it and say, “That’s not the gift I want.”

Gifts come in all kinds of packages. Some of them come with love and beauty. That’s what we’re searching for. We got to be able to identify, “That right there don’t feel good. I don’t want any of that. Let me look over here.” However that might happen, you might hurt some other people’s feelings unknowingly. For you, who comes first? You got to put you first because you can’t do anything for your kids, mama, daddy, family, or whoever you’ve been raising unless you put yourself first and get yourself into alignment and then you can give to others. Until then, you got to look out for self. It’s not selfish. I’m looking for a self and helping self.

LNC Dorothy Akau | Achieving Greatness

Achieving Greatness: You’ve got to put yourself first. You can’t do anything for anybody unless you put yourself first and get yourself in alignment.


Moving Up: 2020 was one of my Amazon bestsellers that I wrote in 2019. You and I didn’t know each other then, but here’s the funny part. I wrote this book so optimistic about 2020, and then a couple of months into 2020, we know what started to happen in the world. To keep that optimism, which is going to help me ask my next question, Leave Nothing To Chance was a book I wrote with a colleague. They both came out about the same time, interestingly enough.

They’re both available on Amazon. They’ve been Amazon bestsellers. They got a lot of stories in them and a lot of network marketing people who overcome things like Dorothy has. Dorothy, let me ask this question, and you referenced it already. How important has self-development and the study of it been in your progression as a human being, as a leader in your network marketing business, and more importantly in your family? How important has that been? Is there somebody specific that you want to reference perhaps in the self-development world? Feel free.

I remember sitting down one time and I was getting ready to go to this place of being displaced and homeless. I told myself, “I want to see this journey.” I could have probably moved with friends and family and things, but there was something pushing me into this being stilled by myself. What ended up happening was I was starting to do a lot of meditation and I got into reiki. I had a point where I felt like there are some times I just go straight out, “Who the hell are you? Why am I going through this? I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. You say what you say, or was it what I heard from other people that said this magnificent thing was going to happen?” Was it that I needed to sit down and ask, “Who are you? What are you? I need to know who you are. Not hearsay. I don’t need to hear from everybody else.”

This is what helped me get to this next level. I got to that point where I was sitting in one place and listening to this YouTube channel one day. I heard this guy talking about angel numbers. I heard this lady talking in the third person. I was like, “Is he talking in the third person or am I tripping?” She was. Her name was Esther Hicks. I started listening to this, and everything I heard, I said, “I know that.” I was playing this thing. When I was in my sleep, it was playing. I was sucking it up.

Finally, I said, “They’re going to be here in town. I’m going to this seminar.” I went to this seminar. I’ve been in a hot seat about five times. I already know when I’m asking questions that is going to be what the topic was going to be when I get to that meeting. That was my biggest inspiration next to my mother introducing me to a higher power that I thought was a super force. I’ve never let it go. As life kept going by and I kept having challenges and serendipity moments, I started practicing how powerful I am. I realized that listening to her, Joe Dispenza, and all of them, I started practicing. My thing is to master me. Mastering me allows me to do better with what’s going on out here.

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Everything that is going on is past tense. I’m looking at what I want in my now moment. Being here with you, I’m choosing to be happy now in whatever kind of way that I can share this love and this effect. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not perfect. I never want to be on a pedestal. I have feelings that cause me to go through some pain when people disappoint me, especially when I care about them and I put them on a pedestal.

I try not to do that because they can come down. They can fall. I don’t want them to do me that way, and I try not to do them that way so that I don’t get disappointed. At the end of the day, those are my inspirations to keep going. Now, I’m on this journey of mastering me and seeing, “I can do that. I can have that. This is getting good.” That’s where I’m at.

Let me give you a hypothetical question. I create these hypothetical questions all the time. Sometimes they just come out of the air, and sometimes I write them down. I’ve asked a number of other people that I’ve interviewed over the last couple of years. We’ve had a very strange time in the universe the last few years with COVID and everything. This is prior to COVID, let’s call it 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Let’s say that this hypothetical family I’m going to give you is now a 25-year-old female and her 60-year-old mom. They lived down the street from you there in California. Up until COVID, they looked at people like you, like me, and in network marketing, maybe with a little bit of pretense that somehow they were superior that they didn’t need our type of business, and that they were doing well in Corporate America.

Let’s say the 25-year-old girl now is college educated. She did the hard work. She started her business career. She was making good money. Everything was going great, then we know what happened in about February 2020. Mom’s on the other side of the equation. Mom was starting to say, “It may be time to start spending more time building my garden, working on my golf game, or spending time with the grandkids or at the beach or whatever.” All of a sudden, those retirement plans shifted because of what happened in 2020 and beyond. Let’s face it. There are still ramifications of what happened in 2020. We’re maybe through the worst part of it, but there’s still a lot of economic stuff that’s happening as a result.

Those two ladies look down the street now and say, “Dorothy’s car is in the driveway. She’s not out recruiting. She’s not at the beach. She’s home. Let’s have some guts here. Let’s go down the street, knock on her door, and say, ‘Why the network marketing industry here in 2023?’” Why should that young lady and that older lady look at our industry as an industry, not any respective company, but as an industry, as an opportunity? Why should they look at it now versus their prior notion about what our business was about?

One, there’s hope. Look at an opportunity to make some funds instead of going to punch a clock for someone else. For a long time, I come into this corporate industry. I’m working and looking at plants, I’m like, “They need to fix this here.” I find ways to save money for the company and better ways to increase. I was in charge of investment recovery. I’m selling out things. With this pandemic here, 2020 allowed me to say, “I’m going full head ahead.” There’s a hungry person out there like me that’s saying, “These people are going to pay for me to do to sell this and I can get more than one of these directs. I’m already selling and saving other people money for their business. Why can’t I do this investment for myself?”

That’s the thing. We have to decide to invest in ourselves. What I’ve learned in the corporate industry was that you get insight to see how the mechanics are running, being in corporate, different departments, different divisions, and learning all these different personalities. That’s your homework. That’s your study ground for you to get out here and say, “I’m doing this already. I’m scheduling, talking, and promoting to different departments. Why can’t I just do that for myself? Let someone cut me a check for myself and my own business.” I’m putting in over 80 to 100 hours a week on a job working a double shift, night shift, and sometimes day shift.

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You get burnt out. I’m putting all this. When you look at the check, you’re so busy hustling for that money, you put it out, spit it or find ways to go enjoy it, but some people don’t even save it or don’t have the right saving vehicle for it. You go back and you’re stuck in this hamster wheel in the same job for the last many years. You look back and say, “I got nothing to show for this. Look at this pandemic. We need food. We can’t go to work. The bills got to be paid. I can’t pay my car note. My insurance is due,” and all these real situations. Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss?

That’s why I became an Uber driver. I said, “At least I’m going to get a check every day right now. If I need to pay a bill now, I’m going to drive. I’m going to get up here. I can see how much I’m going to make. I can tune this thing out and make the right drives in the right neighborhoods at the right time with the right vehicle and be my own boss.” When this networking thing came into play, I said, “These people pay,” and all I got to do is share this. This is a no-brainer.

I know you live near the beach. I live in Texas. I grew up near the beach in New Jersey. I’m very jealous when you were at the beach the other day and you were showing me the beach pictures. You’re a beach girl. You love the beach. You grew up in Southern California. I know your origins. I know Hawaiian origins, another place with some pretty good beaches. Let’s have a little fun for a minute. How about life on your terms? How about the fact that our industry allows people, for the most part, once they work hard? I mean, not day one, you got to do the work first, but at a point where you’re at or where others are at and life on your terms. Let’s talk about that.

There are things you enjoy doing and some of the life experiences that you’re now having because you’ve always worked hard at everything you’ve done. Not just network marketing, but in general business and everything else because most importantly, you worked hard on Dorothy. Your brand was Dorothy. You worked on Dorothy. You made Dorothy who you are and made you valuable in the corporate world, and now more importantly in your own business. Let’s talk about that beach girl concept of living life on your terms. How do people do that?

You have to be brave enough and take what you want. You have to get out of your old programming. If someone says, “Let’s go take a vacation,” You won’t take a vacation, “I don’t know. I got to be at work.” You’ll take a couple of days. It won’t take enough time, or during the week, you won’t give yourself quality time alone to bring everything to a special place. I’m always finding ways to be good to me. That might be going to a movie. It might be me sitting still having a pedicure or a massage. At the beach, I’m always being good to myself because I say, “I want a good meal today.”

LNC Dorothy Akau | Achieving Greatness

Achieving Greatness: Be brave enough to take what you want. You have to get rid of your old programming.


I go in this place and be like, “That would be good on the ocean. Let me go to Newport Beach.” They got this beautiful place out there called The Beach Camper. I’ll go there and, depending on if it’s breakfast, I’ll be there before they open the door. I drive my Uber car up. I’m in. I’ll park. I go right there. I’m the first one in the door. They’ve got the heaters on the ocean. It’s right there. At that moment, I’m like, “This is good.” I go into the space of, “I’m blessed to be right here in this moment.” From where I’ve been and the places that I’ve never in times that I’ve never eaten, here I am enjoying a meal.

You know the first time I went there. I met this lady that worked there. I went down to the beach. I sat down and had this moment of like, “I’m blessed to be alive. Through all that I’ve been through, I’m alive today to still be able to share with my grandchildren, daughter, mom, dad, and everybody.” I’m eating this meal and I’m getting ready to pay the bill. The man says, “You don’t have to pay for the bill. The gentleman who just left took care of it for you.” It brings these tears to my eyes. I’m sitting here saying, “That is amazing.” At that time, I’m sitting there saying, “You are worthy. You deserve it. You’re deserving to be here at this moment and join this time and look at the universe just opening up and showing you that you’re worthy.”

The tears that well up in me are from appreciation and joy. My vision in networking alone is how I can infect or influence people who have the same energy and power as me. We are the same. You got to start loving yourself. If you keep letting the world tune you to its frequency and you don’t get control of your own life and how you want to feel, it doesn’t matter if you’re network marketing, working for a job, being a husband, a wife, or a mother. You’re going to tune in to all the chaos. This is a very challenging thing for all of us as people, to find the peace inside, that piece they talk about in these bibles and these fellowship groups. You’ve got to find those reasons to love yourself.

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I love fishing. I love going on the boat to fish. I love riding my bike. I got an electric bike. I love riding my bike and feeling the ocean air on my face. I love watching people when I’m driving out. I love driving at night when I’m by myself and being on the highway. It’s almost like a form of meditation. Each Uber and Lyft driver knows what I mean when I’m saying that. You got your music. Sometimes I put my live on, “Let’s come ride with me in the car. We just drive. Look at the beautiful stars tonight. Look at the moon.” I parked by the ocean on the cliff and said, “Look at this beautiful sunset.”

These are things that make me feel happy. This is where I charge up. I’m at the beach at least three times a week. I make the time to go there. I live 10 or 15 miles away. That’s not far. As long as the car is running, I don’t think about how much gas I got. I think about what I’m going to do when I get there, and I’m going to have a nice fresh hot tea. I’d be in my awe or Zen moment. That’s how I have fun.

I’m jealous of the beach. You and I have talked off the show about things like earth things that you get to do in the ocean. It’s good for you. This makes you one with nature and all that. We don’t reference companies on the show. Everything’s generic for the industry because we have a lot of readers from a lot of companies. You’ve become the fastest-growing singular distributorship in the company that you’re in now in the United States. Your company’s international. In the United States, you are the fastest-growing distributor.

You’ve done that while you’re still doing Uber. How have you used Uber to make some of the contacts that you’ve recruited into your business? There are a lot of people that are doing Uber just to pick up some extra money during the tight economy. They’re doing it because they enjoy meeting people. How can they utilize that? You, Uber, Lyft, and some of these other ride services make some good business contacts that are strangers when you pick them up but become friends by the time they leave your car.

If you are a good 5-star Uber or Lyft driver, that 5-star means a lot. I’m a 5-star and I know a couple of 5-star people. We have great conversations with people in our cars. We might start our day off and get those peak hours and who we’re talking to. Where you pick them up also means something, especially for me. I have an SUV, so I pick up six people at a time. I love picking up families and groups. I hear all the stories. To be honest, I’ve never had a bad drive. Even if drunk people get in my car, I’m loving them. I put on a blanket of towel. I know they’re not feeling good.

I put them in the front seat with me. I keep an eye on him and we have conversations, “If you feel bad, let me know and I’ll pull over. You need the bag here.” Stuff happens. We’re out there. These are the responsibilities that come with these Uber and Lyft drivers, but because we care so much and if you’re a lucky passenger to get a person like me or other compassionate drivers, we make friends quickly. They want us to always pick them up to the point where they, “I’m going to be here every day. Can you pick me up and take me to the airport because I got to go to the airport three times?” We do that. We show up. Get on, “Hit me now. I’m here.”

We show up and have this conversation. We make friends out of these people. They call, “Are you busy today? I’m coming off the ship. Can you pick up my family?” “I’m here,” and I’ll just show up over there. They hit me, then we’re on our way. We’re making friends that way, even if you’re doing DoorDash or Instacart. These are all those industries. You’re in your car. Put your flyer out at the door and wait for a hit or just pass it to people. I talk to anybody. It’s pretty much anybody who I want to talk to. I don’t care who it is. You can be a multi-billionaire cuisine here. I’ll talk to you. It doesn’t matter.

I’ll just see you as a person. I don’t care about what you got and what you don’t have. I’ll give my flyer to a homeless person. It doesn’t matter. Being in that industry, we have an advantage because we’re out and we can see things a lot. We go to the biggest events that are around. Those are areas of opportunity to pass our flyer.

We go to these big holding areas where we have to wait for us to get a hit. It might be about Los Angeles. There’s an average of about 300 Uber and Lyft drivers waiting in an area so we can get the people from the airport. We get those hits. We’re all talking to each other, then there are cliques. We have our Armenian clique, Chinese groups, and Black groups. They’re all friends, and then some of them are together. They’re having little powwows out there while they’re waiting for the ride or taking a break.

These are opportunities to get those drivers because we’re right there in those huddles with them. It allowed me to see this opportunity. When I got a check, I was like, “How many hours I had to drive to get that?” I’m comparing notes, “I get to take a break right now. I can stay home for about four hours,” or I don’t have to work the day shift. It started that way. I didn’t have to work the day shift because I had already made so much money that would’ve covered that time. I’m like, “This is going to be good. Maybe I can just not have to drive and not have to spend all this money on gas and my time out.”

The industry has changed for drivers. They’re not giving us the good money like they were. You got to think twice. You are either going to take that ride. You got to put in miles, cash, and time. Don’t weigh out. You’ve got to be brave enough to say no. If you say no, you might be waiting a long time for the next one.

This was also an encouragement that networking was better. I said, “I’m talking to people now. Let me build this pipeline of people to talk to and let me follow up.” Lo and behold, I was talking to people left and right. I even thought, “I haven’t driven since December. I might go out. It’s coming close to summertime. Let me get to some of these special outdoor events to my flyers and my books out and talk to people.”

One of the things that you’re so good at is building instantaneous relationships with people because of your personality. Is there a certain thing you say without getting specific about your product or company? Is there a door opener perhaps that other Uber drivers or people some of the other things you mentioned Lyft, Instacart, and some of these things? A lot of folks doing these things on the side, at least to pick up some extra money. Is there like that door opener that you say you say to me, “My name is Dorothy. What’s your name?” I say, “John.” You then say, “Hey, John.” How do you get me to start responding to what you want to talk about?

Here is what I find that works well for me, and I say this because each one of us has to be a master of how we are. We know our personality. We know how we would like to be and we know what we want to do. I look people out. It doesn’t take that long for me. I’m in the crowd. We might be somewhere together. I can almost hear what they’re saying in their head. We might be in a line waiting to get food and wondering, “Why is this line so long?” I might spark a conversation, “I knew I should have come earlier. This line has been so long.” You look at the environment, scenario, and the situation first. That’s going to give you your starting question.

I never come out to somebody and say, “Would you like to do this? Have you ever heard about this before?” I never do that. It’s corny. It’s like, “What do you want?” The person thinking crazy, but a good example is I’m in an ice cream stand. I noticed the line is long. Remember that ice cream out there called Crafts or something like that? It is almost like Thrifty ice cream. The line is long. I am sitting here with my grandchildren and everything. I notice an elderly lady having the time standing up in her walker and she’s with her daughter. In my mind, I’m like, “She could use this right away. I need to go get my brochure.”

If I don’t already have it on me, I have my little brochure or something and I say, “Have you been walking on that for a long time?” It opens up the conversation like, “My dad had one like that. I know a friend that had something like that.” You got to go inside and remember something that can help you have something in common with this person. That’s important to have something that you guys can niche. You might have the same colored shoes, “I’ve got those Crocs. I feel comfortable. Where did you get all the little stars in it?” We’re sparking a conversation. This might just be a conversation that you need for you to have the confidence to be out talking to someone.

It might start right there. It is not trying to sell them or bring them into your business, but exercise talking to people out in the world. I like my white hat. It says, “Where did you get that white hat from?” “I collect white hats. I enjoy wearing white. It’s a fresh color.” Find things like that to engage in the conversation. That’s what I do. You can feel the friendliness and you can tell when somebody doesn’t want to be around you like, “Whatever.”

The number one thing that I incorporate with this is how I feel when I’m outside with these people. I want to be able to attract based on my energy. I’m feeling good. They can feel you. They can feel if you’re going to have great energy. If you’re going to come in all dull, you got something going on, you had an argument with your partner at home, or you’re going out thinking that you’re getting ready to sell anybody, you’re going to attract all the noes you do not want, but if you’re happy, you’re going to attract some good ones.

LNC Dorothy Akau | Achieving Greatness

Achieving Greatness: You’re going to attract people based on your energy. If you’re going to come in all dull and have something going on, you’re going to attract all the no’s you don’t want. But if you’re happy, you’re going to attract some good ones.


Here’s my last question for you. What are your future plans? I know you’re a planner and goal-oriented. What’s the next 1, 2, or 5 years look like for you?

My biggest desire plan here with the information I have with the products that I have been introduced to is to bring wellness to every person that I come in contact with. I don’t need to worry about the money because the company pays. They pay you right and well. I want to focus on how many people I can. They’ve been praying for some wellness. I believe that I have the best products in the world to help with that change. I’m going to do it one by one, group by group as fast as I can every day. There’s no reason I’m not going to be out there sharing.

That’s going to lead you to some remarkable places. No doubt.

I’ve grown a farm, and I want to be able to grow hydroponic and have a dog park for families. I want to have a place where people want to bring their animals because they have to leave out of town and go on vacation and they can leave them at my place. I want to be able to bring people who maybe not have been as fortunate to have a big home and give them a home to even keep the property up. I want to give them a place where they can go to school and have more time with their family. I have a lot of big dreams. As I visualize in dreams, I see them coming into play.

I have no doubt that you’re going to get there. You truly are a sweet firecracker. I cannot think of a better term that sums up who Dorothy is and a sweet firecracker. She is sweet but tough when she needs to be. I’m going to give you the last word. How would you inspire our audience who are reading this and do something for themselves, the community, the company, and the organization? What would you inspire them with?

First of all, take some time alone. Spend some quality time by yourself between you and that force that woke you up this morning. Get in a quiet place. Go into a space of meditation. Shut your mind off. Close everything out. Nothing matters but just you and God. That’s it. Come to a place where you can feel your vibration is rising.

You might even have some tears come out because, at that moment, you can feel that life force that woke you up this morning and told you that you were worthy to be here. What you decide to do with that worthiness is where you got to make the decision, whether you want to spend it arguing with people, petting your dog, loving on your grandchildren, and loving on yourself. Don’t be a victim of what the world is offering.

Don't be a victim of what the world is offering. Be it hope, love, or joy, find these things to invest your time in, and everything else is going to follow suit. Click To Tweet

Be the hope, love, and joy. Find these things to invest your time in and everything else is going to follow suit. It isn’t the easiest of practice. You got to practice. Just because you got a new bike doesn’t mean you know how to ride it. You might need to put some training wheels on it until you get comfortable with balancing. That’s what we’re doing here. We’re balancing life and everything that was here before we even got here.

It doesn’t mean that you have to allow those forces outside of you to dictate how you want to feel inside. I don’t know if I’m talking over anyone’s head about this, but I know the first thing you got to do is just love yourself because you can’t love anybody else until you love you, then everything else will unfold.

This has been a privilege, fun, and inspirational. Have a continued great success.

Thank you very much.


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