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Committing to transformation is one of the best ways to evolve as a person. Dynamic couple Christian Gingras and Tammy Sellars-Gingras believe that comfort won’t get you anywhere. The duo sits with John Solleder to explain more about their “Commit to Transform” principle. They discuss how keeping this in mind has allowed them to grow their business and marriage successfully. Listen in as Christian and Tammy share the best method to get things started and gain the confidence to succeed.

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Commit To Transform With Christian Gingras And Tammy Sellars-Gingras

It is my pleasure to welcome a dynamic couple, tremendously successful in our industry. Living in Florida now and spent some of their time up in Canada, that is Tammy Sellars and Christian Gingras. Welcome to the show, guys. I appreciate you being here. How long have you guys been in the industry?

My wife and I were actually asking ourselves this because years are going by so quickly right now. We’ve been full-time for more than twenty years.

I don’t know anybody who has been as successful as you have been, and also has been around the industry, as long as you both have that you’re students of the self-development movement. What was the first book that you read?

Your First Year In Network Marketing, that’s the big one for people who’ve been around as long as us. Personally, the one that made the most impact at the beginning was Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway. Often, when we start in this profession, we have all of these fears going through our mind which prevents us to take the actions to move forward. I was grateful because one of my associates was the one who introduced me to this book. Once I realized that fear is not going to go away, you got to face it. What you realize is that in the process, whatever you created in your mind never happens. It helped me move forward in breaking fears over the years of doing many things. You get fear at every level you grow up.

The very first book I was exposed to was also Your First Year In Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell. It’s a classic for everybody and it also went through the test of time. Even though things have evolved, especially now and the way we do business compared to years ago, things have evolved quite bit. The concepts are still there. I remember that being the foundation, but also I’m an observant person. One thing that Tammy and I can testify to is we’ve never missed an event, every single event, company, team-driven. At the time, we were not leading, but following to learn. I was observant and I was following, duplicating, and mimicking what the successful people were doing.

It’s a combination of what you get into books, but also real life activity. Another book that I can tell you that was absolutely instrumental is How To Win Friends and Influence People with Dale Carnegie. This book is absolutely brilliant. I remember when I started touring in Mexico, that book was with me everywhere. In fact, I remember at one point, I left it in one of the hotels. I freaked out, “I need my book.” That’s at the time we were traveling with physical books. Now everything is digital. I like to have one iPad and everything in there. These are the first two books that geared me into the direction that we are now.

You guys met in the industry. You’ve had not only a successful business together, but a successful marriage. How’d you guys met?

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I was a swimsuit designer before I got involved in network marketing. Our leader at the time was having an in-home presentation. That’s how we met for the first time. I was bringing guests in and he was bringing guests in. That’s how we got to come across each other’s path. We started to learn from each other. I was good at the relationship building and the product where Chris was the numbers. He was so good with the numbers and connecting with people too. Between the two of us, we would help each other. We weren’t even part of the same team, but we would help each other to build. We ended up being partners in life. We complemented each other in everything.

We started working together and we found that individually, we were both effective and efficient but together, we were a force to reckon with. I’m not kidding. It added to the equation of the influence that we were giving based on how we would feed each other. She would finish my sentence or I would do the same thing. Guests were attracted to that approach. We didn’t do it intentionally. It just ended up being that way. One thing led to another. We enjoy working together. That’s where everything began for us.

You certainly built a great marriage as well as a great team. How many years are you guys married?

We’re going on fifteen years in May 2022.

Let’s come back to books for a minute though because we referenced a couple of great ones. Let me give you a very hypothetical situation. I know you guys are down in Florida. It’s wintertime, and you’re snowbirding it like a lot of people are. Let’s say that they pulled up at your house and they said, “We’re going to take you to a beautiful deserted island. We’re going to give you plenty of food and water, but you’re limited in what you can bring. You’re limited to three books each.” Tammy, why don’t we start with you? What would the three books be in addition to what you’ve already mentioned?

There is one that we read called The Path. A lot of people come into network marketing and they don’t have a mission or a purpose in life and in business. They just jump in and not knowing where they’re going. That book by Laurie Beth Jones, as I went through it, we asked a lot of questions. It brings back your past to try and figure out where you’re coming from, what others expected of you and where you are now. Through all the questions, you actually find your mission statement and purpose.

That one helped us rebrand our name, Chris and Tammy, in the profession where we came out with Commit to Transform. If I hadn’t read that book, this wouldn’t have come together, this new branding concept that we’re doing. We are going into podcasting moving forward. I highly recommend everybody reads this book in life or in business. It’s good.

LNC 62 Christian Gingras and Tammy Sellers | Commit To Transform

Freedom Formula: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Network Marketing

We’ve always been committed. No matter what we do, we were the type of people who give it everything we got. We learn something, we apply it then you grow from that experience. Commitment is something that we’ve been very strong with and of course, transformation. You always have to evolve. If you’re not growing, then you’re going to get left behind. Look at what’s happened in the last couple of years.

We’ve built our on traveling and going into whatever country. Chris and I can go into a country and launch it and build out leadership. We’ve been doing this for so long. We close our eyes and do it. All of a sudden, this is all gone and everybody’s at home. Chris and I have to transition and transform ourselves through the virtual world. That’s why these two concepts together are so important because when you’re committed and you’re willing to grow continuously, getting to another level, you’ll succeed in this industry.

To add to this, The Path, the reason why it’s so important is that it has woken up the sleeping giant within us. Up to November 2019 to be specific, that was the last trip. I believe we came from Nigeria back to Canada. We didn’t anticipate that this would stop but at the time, every two months, we would end up in a plane supporting one of our teams globally. We’ve expanded like crazy. Now that we’re completely virtual, we need to transform. The Commit to Transform comes from our logo. We need to figure out, “What do we want?” We work with one millionaire in our team who happens to live in Ghana. He’s a wonderful, brilliant man.

I sent him a couple of ideas based on the things that we read in a book. He says, “Chris, you’re so much more than that. I came from nothing and now I’m a millionaire. I own properties and businesses.” We came up with a logo that is deviated from the yin and yang. In between the yin and yang, the way it’s designed, in there, they put also space for the C and the T. C for Chris, T for Tammy. It’s in line with what Tammy says, “Commit to Transform.” It is the foundation of who we are and what we do. Chris, Commit. Tammy, Transform. Commit to Transform. That has ended up also being our domain, CommitToTransform.com.

We’ve completely redefined ourselves based on this book. The reason we spend some time on that, John, is because it’s very important to adjust versus react. These books can help you make these adjustments or help you make some decisions to give you some direction. Another book that I would really recommend is anything that has to do with leadership. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that one of the most recognized mentors when it comes to leadership is John C. Maxwell.

Tammy and I were invited to come to one of his weekend seminar discussions. It was expensive but it was worth it. He talked a lot about The 5 Levels of Leadership, that book that he wrote, which is interesting because several years prior to that, all our trainings and foundation was based on the five levels of leadership. Level 1, your certain level of leader, level 2, you become a permission leader, and level 3, 4, 5. Five is the pinnacle. This is the information that anyone would need not just to grow an organization, but to sustain growth within an organization.

We all know that when you start growing an organization, people are people and there will be different personalities, conflicts, and challenges. If you have a good understanding of how to lead people, then you’re in a much better position to give your team direction as opposed to imploding by taking sides and making things worse. When you’re dealing with challenges, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about being a networker yourself. That would be the second book, The 5 Levels of Leadership. Tammy, do you want to pick the third one? I got plenty in my head.

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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon hill. I must read that every single year. I realign myself again with our vision and where we’re going. We map everything out. We know what we want, where we’re going, and we’re going to get it. Your belief grows as you start achieving small things, and then you start going for the bigger things. I put a plane on my vision board. Chris said, “What do you want a plane for?” I said, “So we can get in our private plane and we can fly over to Florida whenever we feel like it. We can fly and pick up the grandkids to bring them here. Fly and go do a meeting here and there.” He’s like, “Let’s do it.” Now we’re working towards it.

You guys are about the 60 something interview I’ve done. Think and Grow Rich is the number one book of all time of everybody. Ironically, in 2021, I was introduced to a gentleman. His name is Ben Gay III. The last two years of Dr. Hill’s life, he was actually brought into the company that Ben was the president of, Holiday Magic.

This was back in the late 1960s. I said, “You spent two years going to lunch with Dr. Hill being his friend, going to barbecues with him, and hanging out with him as a human being.” I said, “What are three things if you had to summarize?” He said, “Integrity, focus and action.” Those three things were the three things above all else that Dr. Hill preached about.

We see where our industry’s at. The people who read these things wind up super successful like you both have been. The people who haven’t read it, need to read it most important. Let’s talk a bit different here on the industry. You guys have started a lot of people who’ve become successful. You started people that haven’t been as successful as you would have liked them to be or they thought that they should have been for a variety of reasons.

Let’s talk about the people who’ve had the success that they’ve wanted and you wanted for them. What’s your best methodology to get them started and get them off of that flying start, where they gain that confidence that, “I know Chris and Tammy can do this. They told me I could do it. They showed me the way, the tools, and the systems. They’ve done the calls. Now I’m comfortable doing it?” How do you get them there?

It’s all about planning, doing, and reviewing all the time. The first thing that I would make sure that the brand new person understands is what is your core rank? What is that first rank? Not necessarily the easiest rank, but the most significant rank which is not too difficult to reach that you could consider as your core rank, where if duplicated, you can go all the way to the top, whatever competition or company you’re dealing with. The first thing is for them to understand that. To the process of understanding this is we make sure that people go through what we call the new associate orientation. What are the steps? What are the things that they should be aware of?

We call it a success cycle. The basic activities of making your lists, prospecting, inviting, following up third party credibility, and getting someone started. I know that a lot of people tend to think consumers and consumers think too well, “How much are my products? How much can I sell them?” Often this is how people start. I’m not saying that’s wrong. Millionaires have been created by building a huge customer base. I won’t debate that because there have been millionaires that went on the business aspect, then they went on to the customer base. From my point of view, if you want to build a solid business, it’s never about the product, but it’s about the vision.

LNC 62 Christian Gingras and Tammy Sellers | Commit To Transform

Commit To Transform: When you’re committed and you’re willing to grow continuously, you’ll succeed in this industry.


It’s about a better understanding of what this lifestyle can bring you and what we are as we are networkers. We create networks that share information among each other, which is the way of the future. Especially now, with the way things are going, everything is virtual. I share the big picture on understanding the possibilities, and then go back all the way down to the basic foundation of what is your core rank. Teach that core to rank the steps that they need to do to repeat and duplicate within their organization. I’m talking from experience. If they do that, they can go all the way to the top rank of their company.

I like to sit down and ask people, first of all, why are they here? I want to know why they’re doing it, what they want out of it, that’s the big thing. What do they want for themselves? A lot of people assume that people want the same thing and they don’t. They might want to get on the fast track and they’re not ready to go on that super fast track run. Understanding where people are at in their fundamental part of doing that. I work with them at that level and moving them up in their belief and confidence through the process.

We do have a focus on our core rank so that everybody knows exactly what they need to do to get to the first step. We actually have a five step process. If they can do that, they can certainly teach it. It’s not a difficult process. The key is simplicity, Chris. That’s what we’ve built with a simple formula to get to a core rank. When you understand that in your company, and you’ve duplicated that, you’re going to have a ton of people doing the little things, which makes the big things overtime.

Keep in mind, John, doing this is extremely important but there also needs to be a support system. If there’s no support system, people will fall off. That’s something that’s important. Tammy and I had some experience in working with field leaders where they tend to create a field around themselves in fear of people stealing their downlines and their prospects.

Like Jim Rohn says, “Sometimes the birds will come in and steal your seeds and run away. If you chase the birds, you leave the field.” The fact here is focus on the activities. It’s important that people don’t feel constrained and locked in into a tiny little group that has no influence to be able to learn from elsewhere in fear that maybe someone may want to go and jump into this other deal.

It’s a possibility but what I found is people don’t want to leave. They want to stick around because of the culture that we’ve created. It comes back down to my point is you need that support system that people feel safe, and you have questions, concerns, issues, whatever may be coming around. There’s a support system that they can plug into and get immediate information. Even if you’re not available, other members of the team may turn around. While you’re sleeping, someone else is up, depending on where you do business, and the answer could be there very quickly.

By having, for example, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp or Telegram, whatever it is that you use. You need a support system to keep people together, engage and inform, and constantly fed with positive reinforcement. All of this is over and above. The basic foundation is understanding your core rank. I know I went a little longer than what you asked, but I felt like it was important to give a better context, so people understand.

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What you’re describing too is you create a community of success where they never feel alone.

We’re united by a mission. Everybody is on the same page. We’re a global entity. We bring everybody together and they love it. They love learning from each other. It’s a safe environment for everybody to evolve and grow. We wrote a book called Freedom Formula: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Network Marketing. This is all based on our experiences in building. A lot that we’re talking about is actually in the book. We talk about how to build a solid foundation. That is key.

Bringing people into this business is the easy part. Even though some people might find it difficult, it’s keeping them in and moving them along by the time they start building their belief that they can do it and help others. That’s what it takes. We’ve done a lot of things to build that solid foundation. They’re our family. Everywhere we go, we all know all of our doors are open for our family. That’s what people are looking for. They’re looking for that community, people who genuinely care about people’s growth and success.

In fact, that book is a summary of a lot of books that we’ve read. You may find a lot of gold nuggets in there. You can skip a lot of reading by picking that up.

You can go to FreedomFormulaOne.com.

Freedom Formula is the name of the book. It’s interesting because the name came after we finished it. As we were writing the book, you have all these ideas and you put them all together, “That’s the formula to freedom. Freedom formula.” FreedomFormulaOne.com. The reason why is because someone wanted £8,000 for the FreedomFormula.com. It’s just, “I don’t think we need to.” At this point, we got FreedomFormulaOne.com. It’s a domain that points right to where it’s located on Amazon.

It’s very cheap. It was around $70. It’s a great read. It can give you all the mechanics, and the steps and the things that we’re talking about that got us to our pinnacle rank with our company. It’s generic. There’s no specification in there about where we do and what we do but how we go about doing it. It will be very helpful.

LNC 62 Christian Gingras and Tammy Sellers | Commit To Transform

Commit To Transform: When you start growing an organization, you need a good understanding of leading people.


We’re talking about community and getting people started, whether it’s a Facebook group or a WhatsApp group. There are all these different groups that people are in. Some are product-driven, some are business-driven, some are both, and some are even geographical. I’m sure you guys got groups that are in different markets where they’ve got their own group. These last years have been interesting in a lot of ways. That’s not only how our industry has morphed into more technology and truly be an at-home business.

We always said we were at home, then we said, “Come down Tuesday night to the Holiday Inn so I can show you the business.” The person scratched their head and said, “I thought you said you worked from home?” Now we do work from home. I was laughing about that with somebody I interviewed. I said, “We’re home-based. Come down to the Holiday Inn. We’ll tell you about the business.” That’s changed so much. Along those lines, a lot of people that either weren’t interested in our industry have now opened their eyes to, “Maybe everything was going along hunky-dory for me.”

All of a sudden, we know what happened in the last couple of years. Let me set this up for you. Let’s say that this afternoon that there’s a 25-year-old boy down the street. He and his dad are taking a walk. His dad’s about 60. They’re having a conversation. The 25-year-old went to college, got a good education, got good grades, worked hard, graduated on time, and did all the stuff that you want our kids to do. He starts his business career. Things go along well, all of a sudden, we know what happens. He loses his job because maybe he was the last person hired or the company doesn’t exist anymore, whatever the circumstance that is caused by the pandemic. No fault of his own.

He had moved out. He’s back, living in this spare bedroom where he grew up. Dad’s about 60 now and dad was in a situation where he was upper level management. All was done well, he saved money and was getting ready to learn how to hit more golf balls or catch more fish. All of a sudden, we know what happened.

They’re walking down the street to Sefton and they said, “Christian and Tammy are in that network marketing stuff, and they’ve been successful. Why don’t we go knock on their door and see if they give us a little bit of time?” They do that. You’re nice people. You say, “Come on in.” You offer them a bottle of water, and you sit them down in the living room, and they say, “Tell us about network marketing as a business. Why should we get in it now?” Christian, why don’t you start? What do you tell them?

There are two different environments. This is how my brain works. I tend to establish clarity and put all the cards on the table, then I come up with some answers. We’re dealing with a gentleman in his 60s. He has wisdom. I don’t know how much he’s accomplished in his life, but it’s definitely a social environment and certain credibility. Where a 25-year-old as a certain amount of credibility, but it’s obviously different from his father. He doesn’t have the same credibility within his social environment because he doesn’t have as many years as his father has, who is in his 60s.

Generally, what are they both looking for? We’re living in an environment that is toxic. My approach is when they knock on my door and says, “I’d like to get another stream of income.” I would start with what we talked about earlier, finding out what they desire. What’s their goal? What’s important to them? What matters to them? Based on that information which applies to both of them, I would get them to understand that what we are is a distribution network. It happens that we are distributing some supplements that are dealing with a common problem when it comes to our immune system.

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It’s very credible within the science community and even the medical community, but it also brings an interesting thing. What happens is that what we do is we provide the average person the opportunity to be compensated for sharing disinformation. If they’re interested to consume or to be part of the culture of this business venture, then you get compensated not only from your effort, but from their efforts. That’s my approach. We’d be generic. I wouldn’t be specific.

Based on their response, our conversation will always vary from person to person based on how they absorb the information and what comes out from that. There will be two aspects. It is understanding what we have to establish the credibility and the value we bring to the inline consumer. At the same time, I would share the big picture and the vision as to what they can get in getting involved in something like this. Depending on the person, for example, a CEO that might have been between 6 to 7 figures. It’s someone who is accustomed to more money.

I know how to get there because we’ve done it. I would have an approach that would be in line to get there and go all the way down to what we shared earlier. These are the steps. This is the core rank. If this is repeated and duplicated, then these are the amounts that we’re looking at based on whatever timeframe that we’re looking at here.

If I’m dealing with a younger person, it’s the same information, but the approach for a gentleman in his 60s would be his social environment because there’s a massive amount of people they know. Where a 25-year-old, especially with the social media environment, which they tend to be born with a cellphone on their hip. They’re bred into all of that. This is what I would certainly focus on for him to create awareness of his social environment and what he’s all about.

We work the same way. That’s why we work so well together. We do the same things. I like to keep everything simple. Find out what they’re looking for and have them look at some information. We have a link and we get them to look at it. From there, based on what they see and what questions they ask, we know where we’re going to guide them to the next step. It’s moving people forward.

Everybody’s open more than ever. The most important thing that I could share with all of you is to open your heart to people and listen to them. Stop making it about your agenda and make it about where they’re at and find a solution with them to make a decision for them to have a better life, whatever it is they’re looking for. When you do that, people are so much more open. The problem is people are so hungry. They’re like hound dogs wanting to chase everybody because they’re so hungry.

Stop being hungry and start making a difference in people’s lives. Open up their hearts because they do want to share their story and they’re hurting. We always say this to our team. People are staying awake at night, silently suffering, or somebody in their family member is silently suffering. If you find the solution, as we always say, then people are open to grab onto it and at least have a look at it. Be curious enough to have a look at it.

LNC 62 Christian Gingras and Tammy Sellers | Commit To Transform

Commit To Transform: If you want to build a solid business, it’s never about the product; it’s about the vision.


There are so many people hurting right now, but what that’s caused sometimes that pain makes people do things that maybe they wouldn’t have. Network marketing is something that they think is either beneath them. Now they’re finding more people that are coming and saying, “Let me at least know what I’m saying no to.” Years ago, it wasn’t that way. It certainly is that way now. Let me ask you the 800-pound gorilla question that I have to ask. I don’t know how it’s worked out this way.

I’ve interviewed male business partners. I’ve interviewed people in the industry together, but I’ve never interviewed a married couple together. I don’t know how I’ve missed that one yet. Let me ask the 800-pound gorilla question. How do you guys set your boundaries in your business? With being married, all the other things that come with that, having a family, and other scenarios.

In the business, how do you set the boundaries? We have a lot of married couples that read and say, “Mama does this. Papa does this. If Papa does what Mama does, he gets in trouble.” Vice versa maybe. Tammy, I’m going to start with you. I imagine that you probably set some pretty strong boundaries, but I’ll let you answer for yourself.

We both have strong personalities. We’re going to sometimes agree to disagree. It works for us. He’ll say, “Tammy, I’m not on the same page as you right now.” I’m going, “That’s fine.” I might have to explain a little bit deeper on my logic of why I’m bringing this concept or idea and we’ll discuss it. We both have our own offices and we both know what to do. We’re not in each other’s way at all. We come together. We know that we have our trainings. Either both of us will do it together. We’ll do it separately. We’re both independent, but we work well together. We both know what we’re doing, so it makes it easier.

Was it always like that? No. As you get to know them, you got to find out what you’re good at and where this person should spend their focus and where that person should spend their focus, and figure out how you can leverage each other’s skills. We’ve managed to do that overtime. Are we perfect? No. We’re like any other couple out there. We get tired too.

Friday night is date night. You can see the smile on our faces because we work hard and we look forward to after this session, it’s like, “Where are we going to go?” We’re going to go out and have a little bit of fun. Focus on us rather than business. Phones are always on the side, and no texting. We got our rule, 5:00 PM, that’s it until Saturday morning. That’s worked well for us. Pick a date night where you’re focusing on yourselves, your dreams, your goals, and your vision together.

She said something that’s important here. I really like that in the book of Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. We’re both very independent. We’re also interdependent. We realize that when we’re together, we’re a force to reckon with. Independently, we know exactly what we have to do. Tammy works with a certain group of leadership. I work with a group of leadership and we both do events together.

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We complement each other. We’re an extension of each other, so we can do more work. I have my office. She has her office. She’s absolutely correct. My wife is amazing at instigating ideas, where I tend to be an executor. I will execute and my wife too, but she’ll come up with the original idea and sometimes I might be resistant. We start the process and I start to, “That’s brilliant.”

He’ll say, “You go do it. I’ll watch you go do it.” I get some success out of it. He goes, “That was a good idea.” You got to go out and try things. I’m the person that’s going to go out and try a lot of new things because people like something new. They don’t want the same old, same old. There might be some basics, but people like new stuff. Chris will get involved and then we end up creating something big out of it.

I’m very systematic. I like systems that are well-oiled, turn nicely, function, and work. You keep using that same cookie machine that does the same thing. Now that we’re in a new era, a lot of things have to be adjusted. Before, we get a phone call and we meet at a coffee shop. It’s not as easy as it used to be. Now everything is on Zoom. Everything has been converted towards technology.

The most important thing for the readers is it’s okay to agree to disagree. Do it in a friendly way. You don’t have to kiss and makeup after it because it went bad. Accept that, “Right now, we’re not on the same page.” Often we end up being on the same page as we start coming across situations, and things get adjusted along the way. The thing is to agree to disagree and still move along with the same goal.

It’s worked very well. It’s almost the equation of 1 plus 1 equals 3. The third thing becoming the element of a tremendously successful business when you take your skills, her skills, add them together, and you got this magical business that’s grown all over the world, which is great. We’re living in interesting times. Looking forward, what does the future look like for you guys? Christian, we’ll start with you.

The work is still in progress. In fact, in 2022, it’s when we push through the direction that we kept asking ourselves, “What direction should we take?” The future is we’re still going to be in touch with our organization worldwide, but this time, we created an environment where it’s a virtual home where the entire organization can actually plug into to get the same attention that we used to when we were traveling. I’m not saying that we’re not going to travel again because I’m sure eventually, things will open up. I don’t know when that’s going to happen. Everything is virtual. Even though we were virtual before, it was not as utilized as it is now.

When it comes to financial goals, Tammy talked about owning a plane. For me, I had to work on that a little bit, but the idea is growing in me, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. I see ourselves being completely free to travel from market to market on our own terms instead of relying on Delta Airlines or Air Canada. There are many other aspects. The big deal is our branding, our virtual home where people can learn. They can connect with us. They can set an appointment to the schedule. It’s all virtually already organized.

LNC 62 Christian Gingras and Tammy Sellers | Commit To Transform

Commit To Transform: You need a support system to keep people together and constantly feed them positive reinforcement.


We’ve created funnels so people can turn around and connect with us based on the level of interest in something that we’ve done. We’ve hired some virtual assistants. One is in Germany. The other one is in the Philippines. They’re helping us with some of our marketing and promoting so we can do the things that we do best, and that’s being in front of people and share. This is my take on where I see the future. In fact, the future is the present. It’s going to grow from there.

Our goal is always about impact. If we can impact thousands of people’s families around the world, then we’ve done our job in making a good difference for people. Freedom Formula is the formula. We took it to another level of branding. We love what we do. I love to see transformation in people. That’s what gets me up every single morning, and that keeps us going. If it’s happened for us, honestly, John, we always say that if we can do it, you can do it.

Chris and I are average people. If you ever sat down and hung out with us and didn’t even know what we did for a living, you would see that we were average people who were sick and tired of where we were in our lives. We made decisions to get us to where we wanted to go. We stayed focused. We committed ourselves to go into the top and keep on rising. Along the path, we’ve helped thousands of people get what they want. It’s a lot of fun.

I want to thank you both. This has been a privilege and an honor. There are a lot of great information here, folks. When you read these shows, take the time to read them and make your notes. Tammy and Christian can tell you this. They’ve been incredibly successful in the industry. Most of the people we interview have been incredibly successful in the industry. Every one of us has notebooks of other people’s information. Once you write it down, it’s your information. It’s yours. You own it.

It’s like going to college and learning how to do something, but here you’re learning how to make income, make revenue, and make changes in your life. Christian, Tammy, I want to thank you both and wish you nothing but the best and continued success and blessings in your careers and in your lives.

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