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Do you want to have a better life? John Solleder welcomes his mentee and long-time friend Adriana Cazares, who has had great success in network marketing within the beauty industry. Join in the conversation as Adriana shares how multi-level business is an industry that helps you get all your dreams. It’s where you develop human skills, not just theoretical skills – one of the most important of which is leadership. When you’re a leader, you have a higher responsibility. Why? Because many people follow you and you have to keep growing. If you want more coaching for a better life, tune in!

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Coaching For A Better Life With Adriana Cazares

It is a pleasure to welcome a long-term friend of mine. I consider this woman and her family as my Mexican family. Whenever I’m in Monterrey, they take great care of me. She’s almost like a little sister to me. That is my good friend Adriana Cázares from beautiful Monterrey, Mexico. She has been successful in network marketing, coaching, the beauty industry and comes from a wonderful family. Adriana, welcome to the show.

Thank you, John. I am very happy to be here because you are my mentor. It’s an honor to be with you.

Thank you, and thank you for being here. Let me ask you this. I know you have been in business for yourself a long time. How many years?

I began in this industry at nineteen.

I know self-development is very important to you. What was the first book you read on self-development that got your attention? What is that light bulb moment where that light bulb came off of your head, and you said, “I got it?”

I read a lot because it’s a hobby of mine. One of the books that mark my life is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. For me, the habits you have in your life are very important to get the life you want because there are the actions. Self-development is a way of life for me. I am coaching for a better life. For me, actions are the important thing to change any life.

Covey is such a great writer and educator, and I love that book as well. Let me ask you this. If they showed up at your house there in Monterrey and said, “We’re going to take you to a beautiful deserted island. There will be plenty of food, water, nourishment. Besides your Holy Bible, you can only bring that and three other books.” What would those three books be?

Now I am very involved in fisica quantica. Eckhart Tolle is one of my best authors. I began to read Eckhart Tolle a few years ago. Any book that he wrote, I bought it. The last one is A New Earth / Una Nueva Tierra. What you think is very important because your thoughts go through your emotions, actions, and reality. A New Earth is about awakening a lot of people to get the responsibility for their life.

Another two others?

If you don't believe from your heart in the business you do, it will not succeed. Share on X

The other one is Los Líderes Comen Al Final by Simon Sinek. That is another author that I read all the books that he writes. The other one could be Walter Riso. He’s another very nice author who took a lot about the emotions of people. It’s The Limits of Love. In Spanish, it’s Los límites del amor. The translation is the boundaries of love.

It sounds so much better in Spanish. Both are the greatest. Anytime you say a word in Spanish, it’s such a beautiful word. I know you’ve been in network marketing now for a long time. You’ve also coached people in network marketing. Let’s set up a scenario. These past years have been crazy. I know you and everybody in Mexico and US knows that and the people reading internationally. For the people who perhaps had looked at network marketing and never got involved, let’s say that it was a mother and daughter. Twenty-five-year-old daughter went to school, got good grades, went to college, started her business career, and all of a sudden, the pandemic came.

She went from living outside the house to have to come back and live with mom and dad. Her mom, who’s about 60, was an upper-level executive at a company and was successful. Maybe she was even looking towards retirement prior to the pandemic. All of a sudden, the pandemic came and hindered those plans. They say, “Adriana, she’s a business coach. She’s been in network marketing. She’s been successful at everything she has ever been involved with.” Let’s go down the street, knock on Adriana’s door and say, “Adriana, why should we start a business now in network marketing, as opposed to years ago before the pandemic?” The circumstances have changed. Why now should a 25-year-old start? Why now should the 60-year-old start?

MLM is an industry in which everybody can have this business, but you have to do this business with patience like everything you do in your life. If you don’t believe from your heart in the business or in the activity that you will do, it will not work, and MLM is the same. You have to believe in the industry. It’s a very nice opportunity for everybody to skip another level in his life because you have all the leaders like you, me, and many friends we have in this industry with a lot of knowledge that shares all experiences for that person who believes in our company. I treasure it because you have all the experience of businesswomen and businessmen for free.

We will tell you how to do the business and be with you because each new member who has success is also a success for us. Many people don’t understand that because they think that MLM is like you will bother all the people and call and be rejected on many occasions. They are afraid of that, but it is a way to do this business professionally. I am a successful woman entrepreneur, and I am in MLM because it’s a business where you can put it forth and get the results quickly.

I had a clinic and beauty salon in the past. I have many other businesses that I have to give a lot of time, work, and money to that business and see the results 3 to 5 years later. In MLM, you can get the results quickly if you have a commitment to the business. Like many businesses, if you are not going committed to that activity, you will not have good results.

LNC 60 | Better Life

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

Let’s talk about women because you’ve been very involved as a woman entrepreneur in the city that you live in and in your country, for that matter. Whether it’s in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, or wherever, women are never treated equally in business the way that they should be unless they start the business.

Most of the time, where network marketing, multilevel marketing, leverage marketing, whatever you want to call it, the pay plans are the same for women as they are for men. They got a consistency to it where it doesn’t say, “We’re going to pay a man 45% and a woman 42%,” which, unfortunately, some businesses do around the world. It’s a terrible thing, but it is what it is, and we know that. Talk about the level playing field that network marketing provides. I know you’re a second-generation because I know your mom has been involved. Talk about that for a minute from a woman’s perspective, the fairness that exists in multilevel versus maybe non-multilevel business ventures.

In MLM, you have the same opportunity as men. Maybe I’m wrong, but women have a lot of abilities that can have an advantage of that ability because, in MLM, you have to be intelligent. You have to have financial strategies. You also have to be kind, emotional, in contact with the people. All that abilities are in the women’s world. It’s an industry that can help you get all your dreams, and you will be with your family also because your family needs you. You can share the time and have the freedom to get what you want but also be responsible with your children because your children are learning about you.

Let’s talk about something else here. I know you have gotten involved in politics. Without saying any particular party that you’re associated with, I know you’ve taken yourself into the political world now, which is new.

Not really. I support some candidates in Mexico because I’ve seen that you have to be involved if you want a government change. It is very easy to criticize what other people do, but you are never involved in that. You have to have responsibility for your country. I support some candidates where I agree with their thoughts on all these strategies they have to help our country.

Let’s talk about that from another standpoint because the skillset you’ve acquired through these many years in network marketing have helped you in public speaking and communication to support the candidate you agree with. How does it help?

In all my career in MLM, I got a lot of new professions because when I began in MLM, it was in a French cosmetic company. I had a career in cosmetology and makeup. When I went to another company, I was a health coach. For all the MLM companies, I am a professional in different positions. Now, I am a Life Coach because of all the abilities that I learned in MLM with a lot of rules and seminars. When you are in MLM, you have to be a better person because you are a leader.

That gives you a higher responsibility because many people follow you. You have to grow in many parts of your life in 360 degrees because the people that follow you expect that you are growing. For that reason, they follow you. You have a very big responsibility. MLM pushed me to be a life coach now because I took a lot of seminars to be a better person and get to share with others how I get what I have.

Let’s talk about that. You’ve started a coaching company. What is the name of it? You can say it in English and Spanish if you like.

It’s Adriana Cázares – Coaching for a Better Life.

In Spanish, that is?

Adriana Cázares – acompañía para una vida major.

When you’re a leader, you have a higher responsibility because many people follow you and you have to keep growing. Share on X

I was going to try it in Spanish, but I decided not to.

There is a misunderstanding about being a coach. We are not an expert. We are growing with the people when we are with them. A coach is like a friend who tells you how you can get what you want easily. A coach is only a listener that will tell you how to get things easily. It depends on what part of your life you want to grow.

It’s a self-development tool that a lot of people are now starting to use. You and I have both been athletes at one point in our life. We had coaches there for the same thing to guide the process, or when we had difficulty with something to say, “Do this, or try that. Maybe this would work,” or whatever happens to be in the athletic realm. When we get into the business realm, a lot of people are using coaches for the same thing. It’s like, “I’m stuck on this or that.”

I have a lot of friends who have different specialties. I have only a self-development specialty and all these self-development degrees. I am not a psychologist or a psychiatrist. I have friends that if somebody has a bigger problem, I will tell them, “Go with this friend because I am not an expert in all the fields.” When you are growing in your life, you always go with the experts. They are my friends now. Like you, you are my mentor in MLM. I share all that with friends and the people who come with me to answer their problems.

What are some of the things that you coach people on to help them through a life struggle? A lot of times in business, it has nothing to do with the business that they’re struggling with. It’s something, whether it’s their marriage or relationship with their children. A lot of people now, especially these few years, are struggling with anxiety that they didn’t have a few years ago because none of us know what’s next at this point and what’s the world going to show us.

I realized that emotional things are very important for human beings. Many people look for the answer outside, yet all the answers are inside. Many people fear going inside because they have a scratch from childhood or something that hurts them, but you have to clean all the things you have inside to have all the power you have to get what you want. We come from, I believe, in God.

I love a phrase by Deepak Chopra that he tells the human being is God in embryo. All people have the same opportunity to be close to that, but it depends on what you do, how you grow, and what you are doing with your life. First of all, you have to have God with you as your basis. Also, you have to believe in yourself. Self-esteem is very important. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will not get what you want. That is the main topic in my seminars, which is self-esteem.

It’s a great point because when you look at people who are successful, whether it’s in network marketing, general business, politics, or entertainment, they generally have high levels of self-esteem where they believe in themselves. Would you agree that success is an inside job?

I am very sure of that. For that reason, I am in the self-development business, including MLM, because MLM also is a self-development school. It’s free for all the people that want to commit to this industry.

LNC 60 | Better Life

Better Life: Multi-level business is an industry that can help you get all your dreams.


It’s an interesting point because I think about multilevel and the many years I’ve been in it. I’m getting up there.

We are all the same. I began at nineteen years old.

Think about that for a second. I’ve interviewed other people like yourself, where mom or dad was involved in the industry. You grew up hearing about Napoleon Hill or about As a Man Thinketh by James Allen or some of the greatest speakers in network marketing that developed their careers in network marketing or Jim Rome, for example.

It’s funny how those great authors of self-development we use in our industry constantly, and we take them for granted because we know who they are. People get involved in our industry, and they don’t necessarily know who they are. It’s like, “Haven’t you read As a Man Thinketh and Think and Grow Rich? Haven’t you read all the other great materials that are out there?” You were blessed that your mom was involved in the industry, so you got exposed to that stuff at a young age.

I have to confess. In the beginning, I didn’t want it because I have a career. I had a Master’s in International Studies, and my dream was to travel around the world when I was young. For me, freedom is a magical word. My dream is to go to many places and travel around the world. For that reason, I studied International Studies. When my mother told me, “Adriana, you have to work with me because this company offers me this opportunity, but I cannot do it alone because it’s a lot of work to do and we’re beginners in the country.” I told my mother, “I have my International Studies. I will travel around the world.” I wasn’t with my mother. She was very angry because I told her I wanted to travel around the world. That is my dream.

When the years passed, do you know how many places and countries I have been to and people I knew because of MLM? When you are young, you don’t see what you will get, and you have to have faith that God will give you the opportunity, but maybe it’s high, and you cannot see it at the moment. When you do something with love, patience, and a higher mission, you will get what you want and more.

I am a passionate woman. You know me. I’m very excited when I’m doing something. For that reason, I have a very good career in MLM and as a coach, businesswoman, and speaker. When you have God in your life, he gives you the opportunities, but you have to have the skills to get them. If you don’t have that skills, the opportunities will pass, and you will not see them. I am a professional in MLM, and I got many of my skills from MLM.

That’s the amazing thing how many skills we pick up and go to something else, and we even make it look easy in something else. People say, “How does that person have all those skills?” There are so many things that we learn.

For example, one of my best qualities is public relations. I can speak with everybody. I have security in myself, but that came with all the people I have to and gave them the speech of the MLM. For the first time, I was afraid, but then you did it many times, and in the end, you are not afraid to talk. I don’t care who the people are. Now, I speak with presidents of companies and with people in government. I am very secure about what Adriana is.

To grow in life, you go with the experts. Share on X

There’s an old statement from the sport of wrestling that a guy named Dan Gable used to say, “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.” I would say from a business standpoint that once you’ve been an MLM, everything else in life is easy for the most part because we learned so much about everything.

MLM is the best school of life because you have to have self-esteem, learn skills to talk in public, have to have good financial thinking, and learn how to make the team. There are many skills that you don’t get in the university. For that reason, many people that don’t have a career are very successful here. In MLM, you can get many human skills, not only theoretical skills. I know that I don’t speak 100% good English, and I don’t care. You told me the interview would be in English. Go ahead. I know that I will have many mistakes. In the end, with my patience, I can speak with people even though I don’t have very good English.

You and I have so many experiences together, and it illustrates a point. I came to Monterrey one time to meet with you and your team. I spoke Spanish if you remember. I had been practicing my Spanish. There was one word in particular that, if you say it one way, means one thing, and if you say it another way, it means another. You were my comfort because you kept helping me with the words to say it properly so I didn’t offend thousands of people. The last thing you want to do is come to a foreign city and offend thousands of people.

I was the translator at that event. I changed the words when you said that because I understood what you wanted to say. I knew that the word that you used was different. For that reason, I translated it differently.

We’re making a great point in this together. Sometimes you have to do what you fear most. A lot of people are fearful of public speaking in their own language, whether it’s Spanish or English or whatever they speak. All of a sudden, you’re going to go and speak a different language, but it becomes that personal growth where you say, “I survived. The people were happy that I tried to speak their language.” That’s a whole other point.

The human being contacts with their feelings. When you are talking with truth and emotion, you can get in contact with people even when you don’t say any words. Many people go to a single concert that he hears in another language. The people don’t understand anything, but they feel the song or the music, even though you don’t have any words. We have to draw things in all the qualities that human being has.

It’s another great point that you’re making. It’s like when somebody smiles at you. They may not speak the same language, but you feel a good emotion. The name of our show is LeavingNothingtoChance.com. We air on Spotify, iTunes, and a number of other different shows around the world. Every single Tuesday, we have a show. We have great guests like Adriana every single week. Our show is mostly focused on network marketing and self-development, things that will help you grow as an individual.

LNC 60 | Better Life

Better Life: In MLM, you get many human skills, not just theoretical skills.


I’m the author of four books on network marketing. The two main titles that you can still get on Amazon are Moving Up: 2020 and also, Leave Nothing to Chance, which I co-authored with a good friend of mine, Foster Owusu, up in Toronto, Canada. Adriana. This has been a pleasure. It’s always great to see you. I’m going to give you the last word to encourage our people. What one thing can they do to make themselves better now after reading this?

First of all, you have to take your life in your control. You have to be responsible for your life, and the answers are inside you. If you cannot do it alone, there are many people that love to help you do it. If you don’t have the life you want, you have to be inside you. To project what you want, you have to be better inside yourself.

Thank you so much. It’s always a pleasure to see you and your continued success with everything you’re doing, from your Coaching for a Better Life to the political things you’re doing. I wouldn’t be surprised to see you be President of Mexico at some point.

I only want to support the people that have good intentions for my country.

That’s a great thing. We need to be politically active, especially those of us in a small business like multilevel because a lot of the policies some of these people make are not good for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s important to be involved. I thank you for doing that, and something I need to do more so myself is getting more involved in the process.

I have a program on social media each Tuesday. Please give it a like. It’s in Spanish. If you are Spanish or speak Spanish, see my program. It’s all about how to be a better person. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. I had been in another program with other people, but this is my first program alone as I guest many important people that share with all of us how to be better.

Adriana, thank you again. Good to see you.

Thank you, John. You are my mentor and a very special person in my life. You know it. Please say my hello to your wife and your children. One of my favorite people that I know is John Solleder.

Thank you for that, and likewise. Say hi to your mom, the kids, your sister, and everybody else down there. Thanks again for being on the show.

Thank you very much.

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