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Don’t let obstacles stop you from achieving your goals. In this part 2 episode, Ben Ward discusses his book Pluck the FUD. You may have experienced fear, uncertainty, and doubt at some point in your transition to leadership. Ben shares his motivations for writing the book, incorporating some of his learnings from his mentor. He also takes us to some of the chapters in his book to understand how you can pluck the FUD. So listen so you can pluck the FUD!

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Ben Ward “Sellership” The Transition Into Leadership Part 2 “Pluck the Fud”

As promised, round two with Ben Ward. This is going to be fun because we’re talking about a new project for Ben. It’s completed. It’s about to come out. It’s Pluck the FUD. We fooled everybody a little bit in our last interview about Pluck the FUD. It’s such a funny name. Ben, let’s start out and talk about what is Pluck the FUD.

Here’s the thing. I’m going to ask you all the rhetorical questions. When growing a garden, what’s going to creep into the garden?


Pests maybe, but weeds are going to creep into that garden. What you’ve got to do is you’ve got to get in and pluck the weeds out of the garden. If you don’t, there are three major things that the weeds will do. They’ll steal the nutrients from what you’re trying to grow. They’ll take up space. They’ll wrap their roots around your intended plant. You got to get rid of the weeds. Our minds are the same. We may have this beautiful idea planted like, “I’m going to double my team sales in the next 180 days.” Whatever goal it is or dream you’re pursuing, inevitably weeds of the mind are going to creep in. They show up in the forms of three major weeds we all experience. These are Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, or FUD. You’ve got to pluck the FUD. You’ve got to get rid of those weeds and get them the heck out of your brain.

What is the due date of your new baby, Pluck the FUD?

The digital book comes out on June 16th, 2022. Our goal was to have all of the books. There have been so many supply chain struggles. This is real life in business, where things don’t always work out. The supply chain is off a little bit. Mid-July 2022 is when the physical copy of this book will be here.

What’s great about that is for our readers, by the time you’re reading this, it will either be out or it will be about to be out. Is it Amazon digital?

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Kindle version.

As we were preparing to do these interviews, we talked for the first time probably 4 to 6 weeks before we finally got to this interview. You’ve had some Pluck the FUD stuff and buffalo moments where you had to rush into the storm. You’ve had some eat the fog moments. Why don’t you share that? Everybody thinks that guys like you and me have these perfect lives and nothing goes wrong. We get up in the morning and our wives are playing the violin and making us breakfast. Nothing ever happens and we don’t get flat tires and we don’t run out of gas. All the other stuff that sometimes people think doesn’t happen to you if you’re a little bit successful. You’ve had about as much as one human being can take. If you don’t mind, share some of what has happened between now and where we started talking versus where we are now.

Thanks, John. I appreciate that. Keeping it real between us. John and I have canceled and pushed this meeting three different times. This is the fourth time where we’ve had it on the calendar. The first time was literally the day that I found out that I had melanoma and it spread. That was our first meeting. I’m like, “John, sorry. I’m trying to wrap my head around this.” Since then, I’ve had surgery. They pulled out a big chunk out of my back. They pulled eight lymph nodes out of my armpit. From that first one, we scheduled two weeks later. I figured that after surgery, it would be good to jump on with you.

My wife had to text you and be like, “Ben is crazy. He always underestimates everything. He’s laid up like drugged out. He just got out of two and a half hours of anesthesia.” My wife luckily was clear enough on my schedule to call you and let you know. We were scheduled a couple of weeks after that. I’ve been sick. Legit right now, I’m sitting here with a positive COVID test, hacking my brains out a little bit. I’m like, “No, I’m not going to reschedule.” I know you would be fine with it because you were a champion and you get that that’s life. I’m like. “No, we could do this.” That’s how I’m dealing with some of that stuff right now.

Thank you. Most importantly, good health. You’re in my prayers. I know everybody else as well. I know you’ve got a young family and young kids and everything. I’m sure you’re going to be great. Here’s the thing too, because you and I are writers of books, but we read a lot. Attitude determines so much. Let’s go back. Brian Tracy is your mentor. I got great respect for him and everybody else in this interview. He says something about Pluck the FUD. It’s Brian Tracy talking, folks. The man has written 80 books. He’s spoken to millions of people on every continent in the world. Brian Tracy says, “This book will change your life forever.”

Let’s talk about Pluck the FUD a little more. Let’s tease them. Once again, folks, buy the book. Invest in yourself. We started this interview by talking about the great Ben Franklin. The Renaissance Man that he was talking about invest the coins in your purse in your mind, and your mind will refill your purse. Pluck the FUD should be in your library. I know what’s going to be in mind when it gets out. Ben, tease us a little bit. Give them a couple of more Pluck the FUDs.

People ask me all the time, “Have you ever messed up on stage and said the wrong word?” I’m like, “So far, no. I hope not. I hope I don’t ever.” Oftentimes it’s a big pattern interrupt like when you said, “What?” That pattern interrupt is part of the power in Pluck the FUD because you’ve got to get rid of the weeds. This is the actual manuscript that I sent to my publisher. There’s the picture of it. You’ve got the weeds, the leaves, the clouds. You’ll see some ants. One of the chapters is Annihilate the Ants that we’ll talk about.

LNC 76 Ben | Transition Into Leadership

Transition Into Leadership: If you’ll continue to learn, if you’ll commit to continuous learning and improvement, you will continue to learn and improve in the areas that you’re working towards.


You got the Buffalo. We talked about it in our last episode about charging straight into the storm. We would talk about the frog. You got to eat the frog. To get rid of the FUD, the fear, uncertainty and doubt, you got to get in and pluck it. It takes action to do that. I’ll tease you a little bit. There’s a QR code linking to resources. This is a free workbook and worksheet that you can get. Even cooler than that, at the end of every chapter, there’s a QR code that scans to a video.

This chapter is called Weeds of the Mind. There’s a QR code that will link you to a video to go deeper into Weeds of the Mind where I teach the principles in a living room chat with you. At the end of every chapter, you’ll see Don’t Fertilize the FUD. There’s a video that you can take and watch. There are tons of resources in the book. Every chapter has that there. You mentioned Brian Tracy. There’s something that Brian told me many years ago on one of the first times I met him. I picked him up from the airport. I was the number one sales leader at our organization. He was coming to speak at our event.

I got to pick him up. I went to dinner with him and the owner of my company. We went and we took him out, and also a friend of ours who was a top sales leader there. Driving Brian home, I got the chance to drive him to his hotel. It wasn’t his house. As he was getting out of his car, I was like, “Brian, can I ask you a question?” He’s like, “Yeah, sure thing.” I said, “Brian, of all the things that you’ve learned over the years, what’s your biggest piece of advice? You’ve written tons and dozens of bestselling books at that time and spoken all over the world. What’s the number one advice?”

I’ve read so many of his books. I had so much respect for him. I’ll never forget what he said. He looked me in the eye and he stopped opening his door. He was like, “There are two.” I was all ears. I was looking around for a pen in my car. I didn’t have one right there handy. I’m getting ready to take major mental notes. He said, “The first thing that I would tell you is to continue to learn. If you’ll continue to learn and commit to continuous learning and improvement, you will continue to learn and improve in the areas that you’re working towards. That will emerge you up towards the top. Continue to learn and keep learning.” I’ve heard that before, keep learning, kaizen, continuous learning, all that stuff. Coming from my hero, it brought a new gravity to how important that fundamental is to continue learning.

Since that day, I’ve been on this insatiable journey to continue to learn and grow. The second thing he told me was, “Don’t quit.” Winston Churchill talks about KBO, Keep Buggering On. Don’t quit. Keep going in. When you feel justified in quitting, when the world around you tells you, “You should quit and you’re okay. You’ve done everything you can do,” keep going. He says, “Those two things. If you continue to learn and don’t quit, that is the recipe for massive success.”

By the way, folks, you can’t see my notes but there are my notes that will be transformed into one of my little yellow stickies because I ran out of those little yellow stickies. This is the type of stuff that when you listen to Ben and other speakers that we’ve interviewed in the past and the ones who we’ll interview in the coming months and years, take these notes. Ben, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, the late Bob Proctor, and Jim Rohn will tell you the same thing. Once those notes go here, I stopped Ben’s notes. I stopped Brian’s notes. That’s John’s notes. That’s why you listen with a pen and you always take notes and make them your own. Comment on this if you would because you understand the science of this stuff. When you take notes, what happens when that pen moves? What does it do to the brain?

It triggers the brain. As you’re putting that in, you’re engaging your reticular activating system, which starts engaging what you start to focus on. You start writing down goals. You start writing things down. Motion comes from emotion. We get into motion and ignite our emotions. We get going. It triggers key pieces of our brain that bring into life things that are meaningful and important to us.

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What Ben said is quoting Brian Tracy, “Continue to learn and don’t quit.” I interviewed another guy named Ben a few months ago, Ben Gay III. He was the last guy mentored by Dr. Napoleon Hill. Hill was about 80 years old and Ben was in his 20s. I said, “What are the three things he taught you above all else in two years? He said, “Integrity, focus and action.” The only reason why my memory is so good on that is because I wrote it down. I’m looking at it right here in one of my little yellow stickies.” Folks, this is life-changing stuff. Let’s go back to it. Let me ask you a question. You’ve learned a lot from Brian. You’ve learned a lot from doing it. The greatest teacher of all is doing anything. What are the three things? Somebody said, “Let me set the table for you a little bit.”

For somebody sitting out there reading this, you’re successful. You’ve got a great life. You got a little obstacle going on right now that you referenced. I got a great life too, folks. Ben and I are both blessed, but people who read this are also in our circumstances, but they want to make those changes. They’re going to read Sellership and Pluck the FUD. What three things can they do when they get off this show? What are three actions that they can take to start to effectively make those changes so it takes them from point A, which they’re dissatisfied with for whatever reason, whether it’s their health and income, and get to point B, which is a preferable place and destination for them?

I have the goosies right now. I’m feeling emotional and grateful for this chance to be with you to share what I’m about to say. I’m going to let you in on a secret that has been an absolute game-changer for me. The secret is in this little black box. This is something that you can do. I have mixed in here quotes and poems. Some of them are spiritual. This one here says, “I would rather see a sermon than hear one any day.” There’s a little poem that was there.

To answer that question, there’s one more piece. It’s amazing that you asked that because when I asked Brian Tracy what’s his number one advice, he told me those things, “Continue to learn. Don’t quit.” Before he got out of the car, he said, “I asked Jim Rohn, my mentor.” Brian was mentored by Jim Rohn. “I asked Jim Rohn the same question and this is what he told me. He said, ‘You’ve got to stand guard at the door of your mind.’” I’ve listened to his books and heard him say that. That’s the advice he gave to Brian. My book Pluck the FUD Chapter 10 is called Stand Guard. Your question to me, this is what I’ve learned about how I stand guard.

What I’ve learned is you stand guard by getting rid of the FUD. You pluck it out but you’ve got to plant intentional thought into your brain. This is how you take an idea, a quote and a thought. You write it down and you commit it to memory. You put it in your brain and you plant intentional thought so that when the world tells you, you can’t, you’ve already hacked your brain. You’re flying in the direction of what it is that you want.

You’re so busy sprinting towards what you want that you don’t even hear them tell you why you can’t do it. You want to plant intentional thought. This has been absolute magic. This is something you can do right now. Pluck the FUD, plant intentional, and give yourself a kick in the Reticular Activating System, a kick in the RAS by incorporating your own little thing of what’s important to you and write it down and put it into your brain. Don’t let anybody fill your brain with things that are unintentional of why you can’t succeed. Fill it with all the reasons why you can succeed.

This stuff is golden. Another question. I call this 120001. Let me give you a little backup on this.

LNC 76 Ben | Transition Into Leadership

Transition Into Leadership: This is how you take an idea: you write it down and you commit to memory. You put it in your brain. Then you plant very intentional thought so that when the world tells you, you can’t, you’ve already hacked your brain.


I’m interested in this one.

I’ve interviewed two people and I won’t mention them right now. Folks, you can go back and read the interviews. I won’t tell you their names. One is famous and the other is a successful distributor in our industry. They’re both people in great leadership positions. If you met either one of these people because I’ve met them both over Zoom. I never met them personally but I know both of their works. Both of them had contemplated their lives at one point. It doesn’t get more profound than that decision. They’ve both referenced this.

One lady was heading down a highway in Nebraska and her daughter had been murdered. Her boss had not allowed her to go to the trial of the dirtbag that killed her daughter. She had a regular job at that time. She said, “My life is a mess. I lost my daughter.” She ran down the highway and there were two semis on each side of her. She’s thinking, “I’m out of here.” She looks in the rear-view mirror and she sees a family in an SUV behind her. She’s like, “If I kill myself, I kill them. That’s not fair. That’s not right.” She made the great decision not to do that.

The other gentlemen lost $1 million several years ago in a real estate deal in California. He had contemplated the same thing. He got access to a handgun and thought, “I’ll solve my wife’s and my kids’ problems. I’m out of here.” Both of those people told me about 120001. They told me about it in different ways. Here’s what it is, Ben and our readers. I’m bringing this up for a reason because I got a question for you because you trained and influenced so many people and you’re such a profound leader in what you do.

120001 means tomorrow is a new day. If you think about all the programs, whether it’s to stop drinking, stop smoking, stop gambling, stop overeating, or stop over-sexing, I don’t know how many other things are there. If you think about it, all of them are predicated on making it through today. One more day. Give us this day our daily bread. Not tomorrow. It’s biblical and it is profound. Ben, you’ve trained and helped thousands of people. The person out there who hopefully isn’t making any serious life decisions like those two individuals we were talking about, but maybe they’re saying, “I’ve had it. We’ve had COVID, a better economy, this circumstance, that circumstance, a war going on, all these things. I had it. I don’t know who to send this up.”

They plucked the FUD, but how do they pluck the FUD on steroids? How do they do that today? Some people can take measures, “I’ll take incremental steps. I got the time and the luxury. Maybe I got money in the bank. I got a roof over my head. I got food in the refrigerator. I’m okay today.” What about that guy or that gal or that couple who is sitting out there reading this and saying, “What Ben and John are talking about is great, but I got 30 days of money left or I got a week’s money left. How do I take that action today?”

I’ll have to answer that by Chapter 8 in Pluck the FUD. Chapters 2 through 10 are all about strategies on how to get rid of the real weeds. These weeds are real life. Life is hard. Life can be challenging. How do you get rid of this? Chapter 8 is the three W’s that is stronger than fear. Sorry, that’s a bad example. My biceps aren’t stronger, but stronger than fear. What is it that you can engage that’s stronger than any fear that we experienced or any of the realness of life? Your will, why and way.

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It reminds me of a poem. There’s a poem that I’ve memorized here. I’m going to give it to you off the top of my head right now. It’s something I’ve memorized 15 or 20 years ago. I was in the trenches and it has never left me. I haven’t thought about this in a little while. “The human will is powerful and we’re up against real obstacles in our life. You will be what you will to be. Let failure find that false content in that poor world environment, but spirits scorn and it is free. It masters time. It conquers space. It cows the boastful trickster chance and bids the tyrant circumstance. Uncrown and fill a servant’s place. The human will, that force unseen can shoo away any goal, the walls of granite intervene. Be not impatient in delay, but wait as one who understands. When spirit rises and commands, the gods are ready to obey.”

What I love about that poem and the reason I had to have that in my brain to stand guard in my own world was, “You will be what you will to be.” How bad do you want it? What do you want? How bad are you pushing for it? If your why and will is strong enough, you can overcome anything. You can overcome any obstacle. The three W’s that is stronger than fear is your Will, the human spirit or the human will. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The human spirit. You’re Why. It’s anchoring. What gets you up out of bed in the morning? Why should anybody care as Simon Sinek has trained the world on? Your Way is the way that you see the challenges in your life.

The way that you see the obstacles. Is life happening to you or is life happening for you? I choose to believe that right now with my stage three cancer, life is happening for me. It’s forcing me to bring my kids closer and love them even more. It’s forcing me to reflect on what am I spending my time doing because this time is precious. Your will, your why, and your way, in what way do you interpret the obstacles and challenges? I’ve learned one thing in my life. The obstacle is the way. Behind a mountain of challenges are more challenges in life that will change. The obstacle is the way to new growth. That was a lot and maybe a little bit heavy there, but your will, your why, and your way are stronger than fear.

The three W’s could be a book in itself.

You’ll see it in Chapter 8 of Pluck the FUD.

Two things on this. Number one, you mentioned Jim Rohn. I’ll give you a fresh Jim Rohn story. I worked for a company here in Dallas. I was vice-president of this company for a couple of years. One of the guys that I worked with had been the coauthor of The Seasons of Life. He comes into my office one day and he says to me, “Do you want to have lunch with Jim?” “Sure. Jim, who?” He goes, “Jim Rohn. He’s in town.” I go, “Jim Rohn wants to have lunch with me?” He goes, “He doesn’t know you’re coming, but he’s going to have lunch with me and Charlie who owned the company.”

We go to this restaurant not too far from where I’m talking to you right now in Richardson, Texas. We sit down with Jim Rohn and we eat lunch. We’re talking guy talk like sports or something. I don’t remember what we’re talking about. Finally, I’m about 34, 35 at the time, and these two other guys were in their 50s. Jim Rohn was probably in his 60s even. He looks at me and he says, “It’s too late for these guys but not too late for you.”

LNC 76 Ben | Transition Into Leadership

Transition Into Leadership: Don’t let anybody fill your brain with things that are unintentional of why you can’t succeed. Fill it with all the reasons why you can succeed.


I’m like, “Excuse me, one second.” You would have thought I was Usain Bolt. I picked up my car keys. I ran to my car to get my journal because I knew how religious he was about taking notes. I bring my journal back in. He referred to these two other guys, even though they were his friends in college for many years, one guy in particular. He was chastising them because they weren’t taking notes, which was unusual because they did most of the time.

It was a casual lunch, four guys sitting around, and talking about last night’s ball game or whatever event was taking place at that time. I’ll never forget that lesson about what you put on paper gets into the mind. He believed that. Here he is, your mentor’s mentor. He’s also my mentor’s mentor, Larry Thompson. He’s also Tony Robbins’ mentor, the guy who has done pretty well. There are three guys that have done exceedingly well, and thousands of others.

To that point, back to how we learn because now there’s so much information and there are so many voices. The person reading this says, “This is an applied science.” They got some strategy. They got the three W’s. One point that they’re going to get from Pluck the FUD that they’re not going to get anywhere else in anything that they read or hear now would be what?

The easy part of achieving success is learning the skills to be successful. They are duplicatable. You can figure out how to position your sentence. You don’t want to go up and in the end, you want to go down. You can learn the skills of communication and the secrets of closing. You can learn all of those skills to super achieve in your field. You can learn the paperwork and how to do it in a way that’s quick and easy. The easy part is learning the skills. The hard part, the real challenge to achieving high performance is learning to guard your mind and take action despite inevitable fear.

My best advice that I could give to anybody is you’ve got to pluck the FUD. You got to get rid of the fear, the uncertainty, and the doubt that will hold you back from becoming your best. When you pluck that FUD when you pull that weed out of your brain, there’s an empty space that you’ve got to decide, “What am I going to fill it with?” You could pluck the FUD out and then let anything enter your mind. Anything will enter your mind. You want to plant intentional thoughts like this. I talk about this in the book and I go into more detail about it as well. I want to plant intentional thoughts.

You’re not going to hear this from anywhere on the planet. It is original to pluck the FUD, plant intention, and give yourself a kick in the RAS. What it is that you want? The three-part little formula, pluck FUD, plant intentional, and kick in the RAS to focus and fixate on what you want rather than naturally focus and fixating on what you don’t want.

Pick up that little box again. Open that thing up. Folks, that looks like on the surface just a little box with some index cards. Let me give you what that is. I love your thoughts on this. Picasso sitting in a park in New York City a number of years ago, a lady comes up to him and says, “Mr. Picasso, I love your work. Would you do a drawing on me?” He said, “Sure.” She sits down and he does a pencil drawing of her and hands it to her. She’s like, “That is beautiful.” He says, “By the way, that would be $5,000.” I don’t know what year we’re talking about, but it’s a while ago. $5,000 would probably be $25,000 or maybe $50,000 now.It’s a lot of money. She says, “It’s so beautiful.” It’s Picasso that did the painting for her. She says, “It only took you five minutes.” He says, “No, it took me a lifetime.”

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What’s in that little box there is a lifetime of Ben Ward. That’s a lifetime of his experience and others’ experiences. The Brian Tracy’s, the Jim Rohn’s, the Tom Hopkins’ and all the other names that you’ve heard that are familiar to you. Hopefully, they’re familiar to you. Maybe they’re not. Probably people that you’ve never heard of.

I go back to that lunch with Jim Rohn. The one time in my life, I had an opportunity to spend time with Jim Rohn. Jim looks back at me and he says, “Let me tell you something. Do you think I’m going to say something important? I probably will, but what if the waiter says something life-changing and walks away? Are you going to remember it tomorrow?” I’m like, “No.” “Are you going to remember the waiter’s name tomorrow?” “No.” “Are you going to remember the restaurant’s name tomorrow?” “Probably.”

That’s the way that you think that I admire you so much. It’s the way that our friend Dan McCormick thinks. It’s the way that some of the other leaders that I’ve had on the show think. It is like, “I can’t know it all.” To Brian’s point, continue learning. Those notes are your learning. When you’re gone to the next life, your kids are going to go through your notes. They’re not going to care about your sofa or your television set or your computer. They’re going to care about those notes because those notes are who you became. Folks, keep good notes.

It makes me think of something else as well with that, John. Another key nugget is you wouldn’t get your journal and Jim’s like, “It’s not even the things that I’m going to say. I’ll say some good stuff.” What I’ve found is capturing bursts of thought of your own thoughts. Somebody might be reading this right now. John shares that incredible story of him and Jim Rohn and some of the things that we’re talking about and Pluck the FUD. Way more valuable to you, my friend, is a burst of thought you have that’s relative to what’s important to you in your life that might come out of nowhere. It might not be related to what we’re talking about, but is 100% related to what you need for you to achieve and become your best.

Capturing bursts of thought has been something I’ve been obsessed with personally to capture the burst of thought, write them down and take action on things that are going to move the needle. Those will come intuitively innately from your heart, from your mind or maybe outside. Call it God or the universe. I challenge you to also not only take notes. Every time I do a keynote, I always talk about note-taking and note-making. This is what I tell people. I want to tell it to you right now. This is a random page. I have note-taking and note-making.

Virtually, on every page of my notebook, I’ll draw a line down the middle and I’m looking through. These are the note-making. This is note-taking. This is note-making. I challenge you to put a line across your notes. That way you can easily sort through like, “These are the action items that have come to me that I’m going to do as a result of whatever it is I’m pursuing.” That’s the note-making. Note-taking is taking John’s wisdom, things you hear from others, and take some random notes, and then make your own notes of things that are powerful for you.

That’s the action step. I go back to what Ben Gay told me that Dr. Hill told him. He said, “Integrity in all things, focus in all things, and action is the most important of all of those three things.” That’s the action. I never thought of it that way. Note making versus note-taking. Folks, I’m not too old to learn a new concept, which I learned now and so did you. That’s right. We all take notes. What we are going to do with those notes is what note-making is. I hate to ever end this interview. I got to get my notes here myself.

LNC 76 Ben | Transition Into Leadership

Transition Into Leadership: You got to get rid of the fear, the uncertainty, and the doubt that will hold you back from becoming your best.


Let’s wrap up, but I want to give you the last word. I got to do one quick thing. I got to run my commercial. My wife gets mad at me if I don’t. That’s what your wife probably does do because we got books that we want to market too. Leave Nothing to Chance, which is also the name of our show and also Moving Up 2020. I wrote those books for the same reason that you wrote your books, which was to help people. You know what an amazing process it is.

You’re probably the 15th or 20th person that I’ve interviewed that has written one book or more. Most of them you would go, “I want to do this once,” and then the next thing you know, “I got another idea.” In your writing process, you’ve been inspired to do this because you feel like it’s part of your legacy. Let’s talk about that. Legacy is important. Fifty years from now when your grandkids say, “Who was my grandfather? What mark did he leave on the world?” What’s it going to be?

What’s important to me is I want my kids to know and feel and experience that they mattered to me. I want all my grandkids to read Sellership and have a sense of my heart. They will get a bunch of good tools for leadership. Pluck the FUD, I’ve dedicated to my three kids. I want them to have the courage to go after their dreams and pluck FUD out of their own life and take action. I want them to know on a personal level that they mattered to me. They felt it and they experienced it. I was inspired to go into work and care enough about them to not overwork, and to not forget who they are in the process of me becoming what I’m trying to become in my life.

I want them to know that they matter. My grandkids, 50 years from now, I want them to feel like they know me because I’ve written and shared stories through these books and videos. On my YouTube channel, I’ve thrown ideas and videos out. I want them to feel from my heart that I was doing this for them. I see them and for those that need it. I want them to know that they matter at a deeply profound level. They matter as human beings and their existence. They mattered to me and they’re loved by their grandpa or their dad.

Ben, this has been a privilege and a pleasure. Folks, pluck the FUD because you learned it from the man himself. I can’t say it any better than he can. It’s getting rid of all that stuff. In the last few years, no matter how positive a person you are, we’ve all had this stuff that the world has thrown at all of us cumulatively that we have to get past. We got to get rid of it. We got to move forward. Ben, the last word is yours. Go ahead.

Your shirt says it. It says, “I’ll leave nothing to chance.” Get clear on what you want and go after it. Push towards your dreams. Pluck the FUD, plant intention, and give yourself a kick in the RAS of what you want. Don’t leave it to chance what goes into your brain. Fill it with intentional thoughts. As you do, you’ll continue to enjoy fulfillment along with a lot of trials and challenges on the way towards what you’re pursuing. You’re an incredible human being, John. It has been wonderful being with you. Thank you.

Likewise, thank you so much, Ben. We forgot one thing. Where can they get Pluck the FUD?

You can pick up Pluck the FUD straight on my website, BenWard.com.


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About Ben Ward

LNC 76 Ben | Transition Into LeadershipHi, I’m Ben!

Over the past 21 years I’ve coached tens of thousands of sales leaders, helping them lead their teams to success.

Experience has taught me that being good at sales personally and being good at leading others are two totally different skillsets. It’s as though they are on two opposite sides of a canyon.

I help bridge that canyon.

I teach leaders how to:
*Successfully transition from selling to leading
*Become highly productive as a leader
*Create a thriving team culture & environment
*Grow team sales
*Recruit and Retain the right people the right way

I specialize in virtual and in-person speaking, coaching, training, workshops, digital courses and mastermind groups.

As a leader, do you want to…

💥Earn the respect of the people you lead?
💥Inspire action that drives results?
💥Develop deeper relationships of trust?
💥Get leveraged results through the efforts of others?
💥Draw out the best in the people you lead?

I’d like to help you make this a reality.

Trust me, I’ve been there—and I’ve come back for you!

Reach out to me at ben@forwardleadership.com

A little more about me personally:

I’m a husband, dad, and I love to play ping-pong. I began playing when I was in diapers, and have consistently played throughout my life. And I might always keep a ping pong paddle in the trunk of my car 😂

I’m a ‘born in the trenches’ leader starting my career building door-to-door summer sales teams while I was in college. I developed the highest producing sales region at Firstline Security, a $100 million dollar Inc.500 company. I became the #1 producer in the company of over 2,000 sales people nationwide, generating over $37 million dollars in revenue with my teams. Within 5 years I went from earning $7 an hour stringing tennis rackets, to having earned my first 7 figures in sales and leadership commission by the time I was 26 years old.

I started my own company, grew it to 2,000+ salespeople nationwide and took the company public. Since then, I have been passionately teaching leaders how to lead their teams to success!

I love to teach, and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. After my morning exercise routine, I volunteer to teach an early morning church class for high school students to help them kick off their school day in a great way learning about Jesus. This has become one of my favorite parts of each day.

I live in San Clemente CA, with my wife Sheri and three kids.
I’d love to connect with you, reach out to me here on LinkedIn, or directly at ben@forwardleadership.com.

Learn more about me at: