John started his career in 1983 as a college student. Within a few years, he learned the skills for wealth creation and has passed those along to people around the world, having been a top distributor in five companies and over $2 billion in product sales in a 38-year career. This is unique in that John achieved the top rank in each of these companies. John has also consulted for several giants as well as top leaders in the industry who seek his council currently at all senior levels of leadership.

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John Solleder:

A True Icon of the Network Marketing Industry

As with any industry, there exist certain individuals whose names become synonymous with game-changing contributions. In the Network Marketing arena, John Solleder stands tall as one of these iconic figures. As John approaches his 40th anniversary as a seasoned Network Marketing Professional on April 18th, 2023, we felt compelled to delve into his outstanding achievements and highlight his remarkable legacy in this often-misunderstood profession.