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In network marketing, it’s not about the company or the product; it’s about the vision, the words you speak, and the strong belief in your destination. Join us in this episode as Dr. Doug Firebaugh, CEO of WealthFuel, tells how to become a true legend in the world of Network Marketing. Dr. Doug touches on the several game-changing values in the industry such as mentorship, choosing the right opportunity, and developing genuine chemistry with both the company and its products. Beyond that, he also explains the importance of changing one’s self-image—how it can transform your journey as you project your vision into the future. As a bonus, Dr. Doug shares a sneak peak on his upcoming book, “Legend” that reveals the secrets to becoming a network marketing legend. Tune in now and turn your network marketing dreams into reality.

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A Conversation With Dr Doug Firebaugh On How To Become A Legend On Network Marketing

Let me welcome Dr. Doug Firebaugh, a legend and icon in the industry Chief Executive Officer at WealthFuel Home Business Training, which is a coaching corporation. You authored many books, articles, and things about our industry. You’ve been a radio talk show host and a thought leader. You’ve helped thousands of people to build seven-figure incomes and who haven’t built seven-figure incomes but built that extra nest egg money that is coming in pretty handy in this economic situation, which is probably as important, if not more so, to them because it’s all individual sport on a team basis. Let’s start at the top. How are you and how did you get in this crazy industry way back?

First and foremost, what an honor it is to be on anything you do in the discussion. Back in ’86, I was at a gym working out in Roanoke, Virginia, where I’m originally from. Now, we live in Florida. Somebody handed me one of those big honking VHS tapes. Remember those? He says, “I want you to watch this.” I didn’t even have a VH player. I was like, “Okay.” I took it over to my mom and dad. We watched it and I was like, “That is interesting.” I talked to him a couple more times about it. He says, “We’re holding a meeting next Saturday with people coming up from Virginia Beach. I would love to have you attend.”

I was like, “What is it, like a job interview or something?” “Sort of.” After I saw the meeting and met with the people, I was like, “This is interesting.” I got some product and the product I liked. About a month later, I jumped in. I don’t say this very much, but I hit the top rank and the fastest at that point in the company for nine months. It went from there, but the problem was, and you probably can relate to this, I didn’t know how to build. When I built it, I didn’t know how to keep it.

It went that way. I had a couple of years where I struggled. I slept on a buddy’s couch for about 6, 8, or something weeks with another buddy in his basement. He had a bed there. I couldn’t afford an apartment. I was broke, but I wanted to make this work because I quit my job and went full force. From there, it’s amazing how hunger can make you do things. Fortunately, I started to build and eventually figured some things out, partnered up with my partner, and as they say, the rest is history. What a great journey it’s been. In 1999 or 2000, we sold the spots that we had in the company back to this company to the number one earner. I started Passionfire, which is now a retired blog. We have been doing coaching, training, writing, and recording courses all that other stuff for many years.

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I’m a big fan of yours, but give people an idea because I know some of the people that you shared the stage with. I’ll name categories and you can fill in the blanks. Former presidents of the United States.

Bill Clinton and George Bush.

Luminary CEOs in Viet Network Marketing or traditional business.

Probably the guy that used to run the IBM and the General Electric, Jack Welch. I did this because I got invited into some of Zig Ziglar’s Motivation Motivated Events. I met many people. I shared a stage with many people. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about speaking. Also, Oprah Winfrey and John Maxwell. John is a great guy. I like them all. I was like, “Can I have your autograph? What am I doing here?” that type of thing.

I have been there a few times where it’s like, “What am I doing with this guy?”

You check some stage with some huge names.

I have, but you got the bigger ones. I met Reagan at my college commencement in 1983.

I never met him.

I was in a line of shaking his hand. Ironically, I was doing a consulting job for a company in the industry now that the company lived in Manhattan. We were having lunch at a famous restaurant. Donald Trump came in. This was pre-president. He came in, and this guy I was with had been at his wedding. I said, “That’s Donald Trump.” He goes, “Settle down. Do you want to meet him?” I’m like, “Yes.” I don’t have an iPhone back then.

I met Donald Trump and it was funny because the guy I was with knew him well enough. They had done some real estate stuff over the years, his family with them. It was funny because he said, “How do you guys know each other?” I start telling them, “My friends are trying to buy a company and I’m trying to help them in my space. I tell them network marketing.” Do you know what he said? He said, “If I wasn’t doing real estate, I’d be doing network marketing.”

Whatever people do or don’t think of the Donald, that was a pretty good endorsement. I was already in the industry a long time at that point, but I tell people that whole time, and it’s like, “No matter what you think of him as a good man and different as president, you can’t look at his business record with anything but all with what the guy has done.”

I read everything that he’s put out. Half of it is the Art Of The Deal, but there are other books as well that I got this library that has a lot of books. One of the books that impacted me probably the biggest in the ‘80s was his book The Art Of The Deal.

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Trump: The Art of the Deal

It’s a perfect segway because we have known each other for so long and so well. I didn’t write questions. I wrote a couple. You and I could probably talk for three hours without even missing a beat. It’s funny you say that because the company you and I met at was where you were doing a lot of great training for an organization a number of years ago. When I started that organization in 1996, I put together a cassette tape. You remember these things.

My son was cleaning the garage a couple of years ago. He comes into the house and says, “What is this? I found it in the garage.” He’s asking about the content. I started giving them the sales pitch on the history of the product. He’s like, “I know all that stuff he goes. What is this physical thing called the cassette tape?” It leads me to my next question. He says he ordered a deal and he’s reading that he’s a young entrepreneur and he’s doing very well in his own business.

Along those lines stuff, how has technology changed what you do as a trainer, coach, speaker, thought leader, etc? Going from cassette tapes, DVDs, and all the other stuff that you and I used. In the old days, this thing was called word of mouth because we didn’t have anything and maybe a piece of paper. How have you seen that transition and how can our readers benefit from some of these modern technologies that they can run off their phone or some other apparatus?

The biggest transition and benefit from cassettes, CDs, and MP3s is speed. It has allowed me to work at a much faster pace where we’ve gotten into AI. AI is still where Facebook was back in 2004 and AOL Dialer type of thing. I’m taking my time with that. We utilize it for copy, ads, and stuff like that, but we’re learning the ropes in a way that will work for us and our clients. How coaching and training have changed is the availability of being able to communicate. We all live in a world of conversation and communication. No matter what you do like real estate, insurance, doctor, and grocery store, it doesn’t matter. It’s all communication and conversation.

What it has allowed us to do is make very short leaps in communication time because you can record the cassette tape, then you’d have to send it off and get cassette tapes and make copies of it. You then get it back, put them in an envelope, and send them out. The same thing with CDs. CDs were a whole lot quicker than cassette tapes. Cassette tape took three times as long to duplicate.

What happened when it was moved to MP3? It made it even faster. The biggest component for network marketing distributors, as well as anybody who wants to coach, training, and all that other stuff, I believe that you can talk to more people in a shorter amount of time and create more exposure of your product and your business in a shorter amount of time, utilizing technology, and I don’t have to tell you that it’s a whole lot easier working direct selling network marketing fast than it is slow.

That’s the biggest change that I have seen because I’m able to coach more people because of Zoom and various other things in a much quicker fashion. I hope that is what you’re looking for. For the network marketer, it has sped up the ability to communicate in such a way that you can talk to as many people in a day as it used to take a week. It’s that simple.

Nothing gets broken in terms of the communication channel. That’s the other thing. To that point, we took a cassette tape. We stuck it in the bubble envelopes. You step on them and even create these great noises. I’m in the car and if you squish together, some younger people say, “What are these old guys talking about?” Most people remember it. To that point, you were hoping and praying, “Doug is living down in Florida. I’m in Texas. Let me mail this.”

I call you up and go, “I got the tape. Bad news. It got squished. I can’t listen.” “Let me send you another one.” That goes another ten days, not to mention more money, but maybe an envelope, the postage, and standing in line. Distributors are spoiled when they have an app on their phones. He could describe, “Let me tell you something.” They don’t get it. Let’s segue from that. Let’s talk about our industry because we’re at an interesting juncture in the gig economy that has taken a lot of people’s attention. Here’s what hasn’t changed since you and I started. What hasn’t changed is people’s need for that plan B, that extra money to come in.

Here are some examples and I get to a detailed question for you in a second here. My utility bill here at my house in Richardson with the pool, air conditioning, and everything else was about $500 to $700 a month since a few years ago. That same building is now coming in between $1,200 and $1,500 a month. The food store is the same, $100 of groceries. Even if it was a Whole Foods, there were four bags a few years ago. Now, that’s two bags if you’re lucky. The gas pump, we don’t even need to talk about it. If you live in California, you’re at $6 a gallon. Who knows what it’s going to be?

Even here in Dallas, it’s getting to be $380 or $390 for unleaded. We don’t need to tell people what the problem is. Those problems have existed before because the economics are relative. People may have less money and things cost less, but they make less money. Now you make more money, but they cost more. Having said all that, let me give you a hypothetical question. You’ve been in this industry a long time. I don’t know if you’re one of your Florida or Michigan houses, wherever you are. You got some neighbor who’s observed you over the last couple of years.

They go, “Doug wants to hit golf balls at 10:00 on Tuesday morning. I see him going to the golf club. He wants to ride his bike at 3:00 in the afternoon. He can do it. I see Doug and his wife out there. They’re taking a walk on a Thursday morning at times when I’m normally at work. I’ve observed that from a distance.” As you and I know, humans observe other humans. Behavior is something. Sometimes we model it, but we study it. They’ve watched you for the last couple of years. They watched you coming and going as you left your residence for a while, “Where does he go?”

They hear through the grapevine from another neighbor, “Doug is involved in that network marketing industry, somehow.” Let’s say prior to 2020, they looked at all that. They said, “That’s good for him, but pyramid schemes don’t work until they bought a distributor kit, and some company stuck it under their bed because it didn’t make any money,” etc. We hear all that nonsense all the time, but it’s real.

It’s people’s observations, but they thought, “Maybe Doug’s one of the lucky ones. Maybe Doug is one of these things. We don’t know Doug. We just know him from a distance.” Let’s characterize these people as this. It’s a 60-year-old dad and a 25-year-old son. They’ve been watching you for the last few years. They go, “During COVID, it doesn’t seem to miss a beat. Now COVID hopefully is over for some degree.” They say, “The son has his education, worked hard for his degree, spent money, maybe had school loans, etc. He started his business career in 2018 or 2019 and is still doing well, making some money, and all of a sudden, we know what happened in the winter of 2020.”

Dad was on the other end of the spectrum. Dad was in our age group. He was looking at, “More golf balls to hit, more fish to catch, more grandkids to spend time with, more churches to build,” more whatever it is that turns him on. All of a sudden, his life was impacted and he was thrown into this economic situation or downturn.

It seems like it’s got no upturn and hopefully will at some point. At the end of the day, reality is reality. They go, “We’re going to go down the street and get our gusto up. We’re going to go down. We’re going to know Doug’s story, even though we don’t know him.” They come in, knock on the door, and they say, “You got 30 minutes for us?” You say, “Sure. How are you? What can I do for you?” They ask you the question. Here’s the real question, “Why is network marketing at the tail end of 2023 going into 2024 a good time for people to get involved in this space?”

With the amazing success of Amazon and now Walmart.com and all these other different types of companies that are marketing online, it’s gotten easier to purchase products, but the problem has always been there’s not that warm and fuzzy feeling of having somebody to talk and sell it to you or at least to support you through it.

I know a lot of people who have ordered a lot of stuff from Amazon, but when they found out that they could still order stuff from a network marketing company where products generally are better, then suddenly, they realized, “I know that Amazon’s got their merchant thing that you can make 10%. You can’t build anything else. It’s an affiliate program, but with network marketing, you have the ability to be able to build something that can help people. You have the ability to be able to do what Amazon does but get paid for other people’s efforts as well.”

LNC | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: With network marketing, you actually have the ability to be able to build something that can help people.


The biggest thing is it’s taken what is popular now, even with Uber and Lyft rides. It’s one ride at a time. What if you could have that along with about 200 other people getting paid and commissions on that? Somebody was asking me, “Why network marketing?” It’s pretty simple. More and more, and thank God it is, it’s moving towards the product because the FTC is focusing and pushing that getting more into the product, which I always say, “The customers build wealth, distributors multiply it.”

The consumption of the product or usage of services has always been the driver of any and all 6, 7, or 8-figure incomes. When somebody asked me about that, it’s never been such a better time to be in network marketing because it’s starting to focus on the catalyst of what drives wealth. Probably you have seen this in your group because you have a phenomenally huge group. Many people come and go. The reason is because they were focused on the wrong thing.

That’s why when we were building, we would say that, “Your consumers are what’s going to build wealth. You’re distributors are what’s going to multiply it.” You have to have a balance. It is starting to focus on every company that I’m working with as well. They’re all starting to focus 80% on product and then 20% on multiplying the consumption through consultants, distributors, and things like that.

It’s a better chance, opportunity, and timing now than it was many years ago when everything was about builds and teams. Things got consumed on a temporal basis. I have a buddy who got 80,000 or 90,000 autoships. He does well. He is the number one earner. He is a good friend of mine. The company made the switch about a few years ago. Particularly, after COVID, he went more toward a product orientation. He says his business went like this. Straight up. The company I came from, which I’m not going to mention, but we have fruits and vegetable products in a capsule and then they expanded it. They have $600,000 to $700,000 autoships.

It’s all about the products. If it were me nowadays, it’s a long way to getting around an answer. There’s no better time to get into direct sales and network marketing than now because the focus is where it needs to be. The comp plan has been weak to the point where now they’re field-friendly. Most importantly, at the training out there, you’re one of the best trainers in the profession. The training is extraordinary to grow you.

There's no better time to get into direct sales and network marketing than today because the focus is just absolutely where it needs to be. Share on X

When we were recruiting, we would say, “The one thing I can promise you is over the course of the next 24 months, you’re going to get $100,000 value in training. It’s going to change your life.” There’s no better time than now to get into network marketing. Some people blame COVID for, “It hurt my business.” Now, it tweaked and transitioned into something much better. No better time I’ve been in this profession for many years. This is the best time to ever get into network marketing.

I’ll throw one other thing in there because of what you said. That is spot on. I could not agree more. It’ll lead me to my next question here. Let’s talk about a group of people. Let’s call them 19 to 35, out of high school or maybe in college, fairly young, and maybe having your family. What we grew up with the last many years of network marketing was building organization. My own company, you’re very familiar that you mentioned that Jeff is in both companies and are very product-focused people. There are others. The guy that I met Trump through owns a company now that’s very product-focused.

I say that to ask you this. Along those lines, you take that group of people, which is the next generation. We’re all getting old, better or worse, unfortunately. You can slow it down, but you can’t change it. That 19 to 35, to me, is the next important generation that’s coming along. My son, being one of them, for example. I love your thoughts on this. In August 2022, he was going to Dallas Baptist University. He was about to start. The then-vice president of my company called me up. I’ll never forget where I was. I was right smack in the middle of the United States. There’s a sign in Nebraska that you’re at a distance all over the United States. I was taking a picture and he called me.

I’ll never forget where I was. He doesn’t know my son. He knows I have this kid going to college that’s pretty good with the internet. He said, “What’s he going to do during college?” I said, “I have no idea, but he was playing a little hockey. He was going to school.” Like any college kid, he needs that extra money that he hopefully won’t ask me for, even if it’s a couple of hundred bucks. I said, “I don’t know.”

He said, “Would you mind if I call him?” I said, “Sure. I’ll give you his phone number. I’ll text him to let him know who you are. Give him a call. You guys talk.” This particular guy himself, at that point, was in that 19 to 35 group, about 33 years old. He did, and my son got involved all via the internet and is building customers. In some months, he’s been number one in the company. In some months, he was 2, 3, or 4.

He makes, in some months, $800, $1,200, or $1,500. He has made more than that. I’m making an income claim. You never know who’s reading this stuff. He’s done well to the point where he doesn’t ask me for money. I tell that story and not only is it real. Not to pat my son on the back, but he’s done a good job, and he’s a student of the game. He’s studying coding. He switched from DBU to SMU, but for the Baptist to the Methodist, I don’t think it’s going to get a better education or not.

Nonetheless, he is studying coding, which is another element of the internet. Whether it’s that age, it’s this form or executive who’s not 19 to 35 group, to me, that’s the sweet spot. We have to reach those people as business builders, be they trainers, distributors, owners, or whatever, we got to get those folks to look at this industry. How do you converse with them to get them not only to understand everything that we already covered here with the dad and his son but to get that 19 to 35-year-old group to look at this and say, “I don’t want to do Uber Eats or Lyft part-time? I want to get in this network marketing business that maybe they looked at as a grandma or grandpa was in XYZ company at one time.”

I don’t want to do what they did, but they look at it through the set of eyes that they’re comfortable with and recognize there’s a seated-to-table because of all this technology that they understand far better than guys like you and I did. My question is this stuff. How do you communicate with them that there’s a seat at the table and that they’re welcome to participate because they see the world differently the guys our age do or guys like us have been in the industry forever? They see a whole different lens. How do you communicate that to them to get enough attention so that they say, “Let me look at your business here because maybe I want to participate?”

You have to understand what’s important to that age group. There is a significant difference between 19 and 35 on how they view. I’m going to go from 19 to 27, and then I’m going to go from 27 to 35. I’m coaching probably a half dozen people in that first age group. Somebody asked me to coach them that I’d coach before. It’s all about understanding that they are very much in the community, humongous. Community to them is everything and they go out and help each other even if it’s crossline. That’s how they are.

When you talk to somebody as 19, 26, 27, 28 or something like that, you don’t talk to them about all the money they can make because they know they can do that because they’re sharp enough. They’ve already done their due diligence. They know what they can do and what can be made. You have to talk in a way that they can see that they will be part of a leadership team where they can go out and change their profession if they desire. When I’m working with these guys, it’s on a weekly basis. That’s the one thing that they’re always fine-tuned with. They like the idea of being part of a community that can truly help others become as successful as they want to be.

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Network Marketing: You have to talk in a way that they can see that they will be part of a leadership team. Literally they can go out and change their profession if they so desire.


They like race cars, bling, and all that other stuff, but not as much as you would think because what they’re looking for is something that a lot of them didn’t get at home or school. They are looking for that connection, conversation, and community that they feel can grow them, others, and everybody grows together and becomes seven-figure producers.

Ages between 27 to 35 are a little bit different because community is important, but during that process or age, they’re focused more so on the future. They’re more focused on, “Where am I going to be when I’m 45? Where am I going to be even going to be married? What if I’m married?” They’re very focused on making a difference, not just in the community like the youngsters are, but they are huge.

One of the guys who is number one in the company is 34 years old and I’m coaching. He is very focused on how he can take what he’s doing with his team. He’s got a substantial team and makes a difference in Ethiopia. They are opening up an orphanage and various other things like that when you’re talking to somebody between 19 and 35. You have to be aware that it is about money, but it’s not the thing. The main thing between 19 and 26 is a community, and 27 to 35 is more of making a difference in a way that potentially could multiply.

That’s what I have found through coaching these, observing, and listening. There are other things as well, but if you stay somewhere in those two worlds, you will do well because that’s what their whole focus is from 19 to 26, 27 to 35. One is community. The others are making a huge difference and carrying on and building some form of a potential future legacy.

That is an amazing answer and insight because I find the same thing. They’re more altruistic. If you talk to them about playing a Lamborghini bikini, that’s not where they live. In our generation, we did like that stuff. I’ll be very honest with you. I love that stuff at one time. I get past them and at some point, you drive the fancy car. You go, “Where are you driving? In Dallas or New York?” You can’t open it up. You made a lot of money for something you can’t use, but we’ve all done to make that mistake.

The younger people, for the most part, are more about community and all that. Let me do something. My wife doesn’t yell at me. We’ll do the same thing because your wife, I wonder, won’t yell at you. For those of you who don’t know me, but know Doug, you might want to acquire our books. Doug, you were one of the Inspirations, believe it or not, for me to put together this moving-up book a number of years ago. I put it together while we were working together. This was the last edition of it that I retired the idea of it.

This one is Leave Nothing to Chance. That’s the name of the show and both of those titles came about because of the conversations I had with you and other leadership in the industry about some things. When you’re moving up in a comp plan, leave nothing chance. Those books have lots of stories about other people. It’s not John Solleder show. It’s about the other people who are like yourself. It’s about the team. This is a team sport done on an individual basis. Let’s come back to a couple of quick questions on this. Whether you’re 19 or 62, mentorship is important. Talk about that.

I believe that mentorship is something that is an accelerator of wisdom, experience, education, and personal development growth. When you have someone who is mentoring or coaching you, it doesn’t matter whether it’s your upline or whoever, especially somebody like yourself having somebody like you. It is an accelerator that doesn’t stop. I have seen a lot of people that I’ve been blessed to coach. They have the foresight, the wisdom, the prudence, or whoever you want to call it of someone that’s been in for 3 or 4 just because I’ve been unable to pour into them, like you do, so they don’t have to make the same mistakes.

Mentorship is an accelerator. It's an accelerator of wisdom, an accelerator of experiences, and an accelerator of education. It's an accelerator of personal development growth. Share on X

Mistakes are the number one thing that slows down new distributors, as well as even 5, 6, 7, or 8 distributors. They continue to make the same mistakes or new things come up such as AI or whatever and now there are new mistakes. When you have somebody who is a mentor, a coach or somebody take you under your arm and say, “Come on. I’m going to show you the ropes,” then what you have literally is worth solid gold. I’ve had 3 or 4 powerful mentors in my life, ones that were totally life-changers. I’ve had some third-party mentors through books like yours and various other stuff like that. My mentor asked me a question one time says, “How many multimillion-dollar ideas do you need to build a multimillion-dollar business?”

I thought for a minute, “One.” He says, “Exactly, if you learn one multimillion-dollar idea for me, which I learned dozens from, you will be able to take that and go and run with it.” The greatest leaders I know, and I know a ton of number one earners, all of them have had the same thing. I wasn’t their greatest mentor. Somebody else was their greatest mentor in the company, church, or whatever. It moved them in a way that in two years, they had the experience, knowledge, savvy, and wisdom of somebody’s been an 8 or 10. That is an accelerator. That’s what it does.

Let’s talk about some of the tools because you’ve developed many great things over the years, but I’m excited about what you’re doing. Tell everybody what you are doing and how to get some of the new tools. Tell them whatever you want to tell them because your stuff is a game changer. Your books and training are game changers. I’ve seen it with Doug’s talking about. I’ve seen it in people with those coaches I worked with. Read well and tell them about the new project.

You’re better than me. I’m telling the truth. I appreciate the kind words. He’s better than I am. During the pandemic, the Lord dropped into my heart the word legend. We all understand you are a legend. There’s a lot of legends out there. I didn’t know what he meant. Sometimes, you feel your way through, and then suddenly, I knew that I was supposed to write a book called Legend. It isn’t one of those books that are nothing but stories of legends, but an actual book on seven steps on how to become a legendary network marketer. It was a lot of what I have observed over people like you and my success. There were seven very functional steps most people don’t teach.

It’s about 250 or 240 pages and my wife came up with the idea. She said, “What if you took featured legends, not their stories per se, but getting into content as well that would not only give them the proper do recognition, but also some fabulous content?” We made a list. You were obviously on that list. It’s in the book Builder or Lead, 1 of the 2, but there are seven books now. We haven’t come out with one yet. We’re going to come out with all of them at Christmas, but it’s Legend, Build, Lead, Recruit, Engage, which is about hyper-productivity, Relentless, and then Wealth.

All of them are about one thing, how do you become a legendary network marketer like John Solleder? How do you do that? I’m not interested in AI and all the other strategies and tactics. I want to know the real skinny. That’s what’s in these books, things that nobody else was going to teach you because I have a very unique teaching style. From hearing people like you and what an honor to have you in the book Recruit, everybody’s going to learn from you and a lot of the other legends.

These are true legends and popular. Some of these people have done $10 billion nobody’s ever heard of. That’s why we had a high mark volume, members, and longevity in the business and impact. Your impact on the business has been unbelievable. The biggest one was honesty and integrity. Some people should maybe be in these books. They deserve to be in there as far as volume. Their integrity kept them out. This is the best of the best as Lisa Grossman. It sounds like, to me, this is almost like an elite Hall of Fame. It’s not an elite. It’s people who have the receipts that did it versus what they say they did.

I want you to continue, but I’ll give you something here. Stuart Johnson of Video Plus is SUCCESS’ partner and all that. Stuart had an event when he bought SUCCESS magazine way back. It was a long time ago. You had to make X amount of dollars to qualify for this breakout session cocktail part. I’m standing there with my friends Dan McCormick and Jeff.

You open that door.

He is a great guy great guy and very smart. Dan, Jeff, Larry Thompson and a handful of other guy. Dawn Maloney was still alive there. He’s passed, unfortunately. He is a nice guy. I forgot a few other guys. If anybody read this that was there, I apologize. We’re standing there and all of a sudden, here comes a group of guys. About 8 or 10 guys coming together. I said to Roberti and the other guys, “Who are those guys?” We’re opening. “I don’t know these guys.” I see John Addison come in.

I knew John from the corporate time that I spent. I met him years ago when I was corporate with a company. Long story short, I went Thompson, “Are these your guys?” “Yes.” They have been in an insurance company that most people are familiar with or should be. That’s a legacy company in our industry. Those guys never left. Some of them have been here 25, 30, or 40 years and never left. The top distributors in a number of legacy companies have never left. Nobody knows their name unless you’re in that company.

To your point, to me, that’s who I want to be like. I’ve been at my current company for many years. That’s why I want to be like. They’re the people who make money in our industry long-term residually, where it comes every single month like clockwork. It becomes mailbox money, whereas the “hitter” is here today. Next week, he’s over there. Three years later, he’s over there. You go, “Maybe people know who you are because you talk a good game. You might even know what you’re doing.”

Your discretion in terms of choosing opportunities that are not only good for yourself but also, more importantly, for the people following you is not good. I’d love you to talk about that discretion and choosing the right opportunities. There are a lot of great companies, but there are also a lot of companies. What’s the difference? How do they make that determination if they’re looking at our industry and perhaps they’re not involved currently, but they’re readers?

It’s something which I call there’s got to be a chemistry between you and the product and you and the company’s vision. A lot of times, people will look at the company and see just bucks or money. They say, “I’m going to go over here,” but the problem is there’s not that chemistry that drives success. In anything, whether it’s real estate or insurance, I know a lot of people get into real estate to fail miserably because there wasn’t that chemistry. They wanted to see what they could do with it.

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Network Marketing: There has to be a chemistry between you and the product and a chemistry between you and the company’s vision.


I think there’s a lot of that in direct selling, social selling because people jump in thinking, “I can make some good money here,” but when somebody wants to do what you’ve done, somebody has done mind-blowing things in the profession. I tell them the same thing over and over, “You got to have chemistry with the company. It feels right. You got to have a passion for the product and you would buy this if it was on a shelf. You’ve got to have an incredible hunger to help people in a way that perhaps maybe they’ve never been helped.”

There are exceptions. Don’t get me wrong, because some companies, corporate, people make some dumb decisions. They do other things, but I tell everybody, “With that understanding, you need to give this a minimum of five years. Preferably, ten years if you want to do something outstanding.” A young lady whom Jody and I work with used to do a Bible study on Tuesday night when we were living in Michigan. She came with her husband. She joined this company. To get to show you how God works, they were paying change out of the change jar. That’s how they paid their bills.

She wanted to 3 or 4 times. I said, “You got to give it five years.” My wife talked her out of quitting at least three times. She was ready to go. I’m out. I’m done. Now, she’s the number one earner in this skincare company. She’s back in about $400,000 a month. That’s good money, but the thing about it is she wasn’t going to give it 5 months or even 1 year. She was frustrated.

This is why when people are looking to choose a company, look at it from the standpoint of, “Is there chemistry where you feel like this is the company that I can do something with you, like the whole feel of it, and are impassionate about the product. You like the comp plan. It doesn’t matter what matrix binary breakaway or whatever. Most importantly, can you see yourself 5 to 10 years from now walking across the stage and being in the top ten earners?”

That was the question I asked Sarah. I said, “Can you see that?” She said, “No.” I said, “We got some work to do.” This is why if somebody wants your success, which is mind-blowing, it’s going to take a commitment and decision that will take you through ups and downs. You’ll have setbacks, comebacks, and people that leave and join you, but it’s got to be focused on the long term. In 5 or 10 years, if you can see yourself walking across the stage as a top 10 earner, and that’s the litmus test I’ve always coached, “At that particular point, you’re already way ahead of 99% of people on network marketing.”

I don’t want to take too much of your time because we could probably talk about three hours on a show easily. We’ll probably get to do this again once the books are all out. By the time they read this, the books are going to be launched. Where did they get them?


You are anticipating but by Christmas.

Our goal is to have the three books that you can hold. You can order all seven as a package. They’re going to have book, courses, and video courses. Most importantly, when you have books like yours, Leave Nothing to Chance, it’s phenomenal. This is why when you have that Legend book or some other book where people have gone out and got the receipts to do it, that’s where the real wisdom is. I know a lot of people have written good books. Brian Carruthers and I were talking about this.

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Leave Nothing to Chance: 15 Principles for Success and the Stories that Inspired Them

Brian is number one in his company. He makes a comment. He said, “My net worth is more than what I’ve made the entire time I’ve been with this company.” That’s the book you want to read. Yours and Legend are the kind of book you want to read, not necessarily because of me, but because of all of the wisdom that was garnered. What you talked about and what we did during that interview, which your story being written, was gold. It was not off the hook crazy. It’s going to add that much more value to people’s businesses as they read it.

There’s no replacement for experience. The Old Testament talks about gaining the wisdom of people with gray hair. I don’t know if I say that because mine’s all gray now. That makes so much sense. What you said makes so much sense. I know some of the folks that you interviewed. We talked about some of them are friends of mine. Brian and Thompson have been friends of mine for many years. They are all great people.

Every one of those people, one, they’ve gone on the roller coaster, the ups and downs, the management changes, the economy changes, FTC and FDA on a macro level. They have all been there. They all have those sleepless nights where they’re saying, “I’m doing my job and maybe corporates are not. Maybe corporate’s doing great, but I start doing what I need to do.” We all have been there. When those guys read this, they know what we’re talking about. Final question here, how does the person who isn’t a Brian, Doug, John, Dan McCormick, Larry Thompson, Taylor Thompson, or Lisa Grossman but want to be? If there were three things that they could change now in their thinking, what would those three things be?

One, they would have to change the picture that they hold in their mind of where they’re going. We think in pictures and not words. When you think of a pink pig, you see a pig that’s pink and has a little curly tail, but you don’t see PI and KPI pig. They have to change the picture because of the picture that you hold in your mind of where you’re going with that business. You’re telling the subconscious your GPS. That’s where we’re going.

You don’t even know what damage you’re doing. If you’re looking at yourself seeing, “I’m struggling right now,” that’s all you see in your mind. You have to keep the picture of a future place of destination. The second is you have a prophecy. Some people call it Future Truth. It doesn’t matter what it’s called. Dennis says self-fulfilling prophecy. I believe that you have to speak into your future and make sure those words the declarations like what the Bible says, but you have to speak into your future so that your mind knows, “This is where we’re headed.”

Your mind listens to 100% of what you think and say. When you have a picture of going and building an eight-figure business, you’re speaking it out, and declaring over and into your life, what happens is it changes your thinking because the subconscious takes a whole thing and says, “We got to go this way. Not that way.” The third thing that a person has to change in their thinking, which is probably the most important, is they have to see themselves as already there.

Your mind listens to 100% of what you think and 100% of what you say. Share on X

Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he got into the United States, had a dream and he lived into it. I never heard that phrase before but, “Live into it.” I studied that and you have to literally get up in the morning. I get it. All of you are struggling with prospecting, social media, and everything else. All that is temporary. You start moving and living in your mind, “This is where we’re headed. This is what I’m saying. This is how I see myself.”

We call it the rule of NOPO or No Other Possible Outcome. When you have that mindset and you’re targeted to those three things, it can’t not have because all three are there. When you combine those three things, you will hit a home run every single time. Maybe not as huge as you have. You’re like in the top 1%, but it is going to be humongous what happens.

This has been a privilege and a pleasure. I cannot wait to get my hands on those. It sounds to me like Christmas week. I’m going to be doing some Doug Firebaugh reading, but that will be a great time. Great luck with the book. I know it’s going to be a home run, a best seller, and most importantly, it’s going to bless a lot of people. You walk that I’ve walked at some of the folks that we mentioned here have walked who want to have great lives and help other people because all those people we mentioned have helped a heck of the people get better.

Thanks for having me on. What a privilege and an honor because Leave Nothing To Chance is a book that will change your life. I promise you.



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