Monthly Archives: October 2023

How To Lead People By Example Versus Position With Denise Stephens

  To lead people, you must develop yourself to be their example. Your team will more likely follow you if you show them what you want to see from them. Today, Denise Stephens, the Founder and CEO of ZOI Global,... Read More

How I Am Having Fun, Staying Healthy, Traveling, And Building In My Senior Years With Dale Puerini

  As we traverse into the space of time, we will enter the gate of our golden year. And like wine, life will taste better once we age with the experiences and wisdom we collect along the journey. Today, Dale... Read More

How To Be A Power (Uber) Couple With Ron Forrester And Leslie Hocker

  It takes two to tango in relationships to make it work, especially when you bring your spouse into the business. Your business success is sweet when both work and learn together. Today, Ron Forrester and Leslie Hocker, the Network... Read More