Monthly Archives: April 2022

Learn The New Word With Dan McCormick

  “Be ye therefore perfect,” but in order to be perfect, you need to be present every single day. You need “genshai”. Let that be your new word today. Never treat anyone as small, and that starts with you and... Read More

Sarry Ibrahim “Thinking Like a Bank”

  There probably is no other industry as lucrative as the banking industry. They have most of the money, which means they control most things in the world. Today’s guest went deep into how banks operate and discovered that it’s... Read More

Reza Mesgarlou Influencing Leadership On 204 Nations And Counting

  When you’re getting started on something, you have to constantly work on yourself. As a leader, you can’t just be successful right off the bat. You need to start with the basics and work your way to the top.... Read More

Joe Garcia And Keith Hooper Show The Secrets Of Longevity With One Company

  Loyalty and longevity in one single company is an uncommon thing today, with many choosing the allure or the quick fix. So what are the secrets and reward of staying with one company? John Solleder breaks things down with... Read More