Monthly Archives: August 2021

Be The Boss And The Bossy: How To Employ Yourself Part 2 With Larry Thompson

  To employ yourself means to take individual self-responsibility. It means motivating yourself to do an action you know you should be doing. John Solleder’s guest in this episode is his very own mentor, Larry Thompson, the author of The... Read More

Go With The Flow With Shauna Daddabbo

  Come and listen in on why you should seriously go into network marketing. All you need to do is to find something that you’re passionate about and that is where you’ll network market. Just go with the flow. You’re... Read More

Serve To Lead With Robert Arthur

  Do you want to be fruitful in inspiring and guiding others? Serve to lead! John Solleder’s guest in this episode is Robert Arthur. Robert discusses with John how you need to put your ego aside when you serve. We should always be... Read More

In the Zone With Bob Palmer

  Coaches always say, “You have to get in the zone before every game.” What does that really mean? Learn how to be in the zone with high-performance trainer, Bob Palmer. Bob is the CEO of SportExcel Inc. He has trained business leaders, sports leaders,... Read More