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In this day and age, network marketing, also known as the MLM industry, is one of the best ways of building wealth. But how do you actually achieve network marketing success?

If you’re currently in the industry or been in the industry, you may already know that. If you want to be in the industry or just starting out, you’re about to find out how!

Welcome to Leave Nothing to Chance! Hosted by networking marketing giant John Solleder, Leave Nothing to Chance gives you the lowdown on the network marketing space from somebody who’s actually done it.

A champion of network marketing for over 38 years, John has achieved the top rank of five different companies. Two companies awarded John the President’s award to recognize him for his unique leadership in developing both companies, and John was the winner of both as the inaugural top distributor award in both companies. He is the bestselling author of Moving Up: 2020 and Beyond, and has earned a black belt in Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Aiming for excellence across every aspect of life, John brings a unique perspective to the Price of Leadership, including the unlikely business value of a $1,000 little blue mailtruck.

John started his career in 1983 as a college student. Within a few years, he learned the skills for wealth creation and has passed those along to people around the world, having been a top distributor in five companies and over $2 billion in product sales in a 38-year career. This is unique in that John achieved the top rank in each of these companies. John has also consulted for several giants as well as top leaders in the industry who seek his council currently at all senior levels of leadership.

Success leaves clues, and Leave Nothing to Chance is your path to network marketing success. Listen to the podcast every week and pick up the directions to get onto the path of success, of entrepreneurship, and of owning your own business either part time or full-time through network marketing. Hear from people who have had phenomenal experiences that they could shed light on.

Grab this opportunity to learn from some of the finest and most successful personalities in network marketing. Discover their tips and secrets to understand what it takes to succeed. Leave Nothing to Chance. Join us today!